A Review of Our Terrible Cabin Experience on a Cruise Ship – Enjoying Cruising (2024)

We Just Spent 14 Nights in THE MOST STUPID Cabin at Sea!! Is this the worst cruise ship cabin we’ve ever stayed in? Join us as we show you around our cruise ship cabin, from finding something disgusting in our room to some weird design choices we let you know everything that’s wrong with this cabin. The video is sponsored by Squarespace and includes timestamps for different sections of the cabin, a tour of the conservatory, review of the room service menu, exploration of the beds and bedside power outlets, discussion on TV and movie options, and tours of other cabin types. Viewers can show their support by becoming a Patreon for exclusive access to additional content and benefits, as well as book a cruise with a trusted travel expert and join the Cruise Tips and News Channel on Patreon. Follow Cruise With Ben and David on Instagram and Facebook for more updates, and contact them via email for inquiries.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

Welcome to the comprehensive article about our experience staying in a cabin on a cruise ship. In this video review by Cruise With Ben and David, we will explore the various aspects of the cabin, including a tour, amenities, complaints, comparisons, and our overall thoughts. Throughout the article, we will provide an honest and friendly perspective on our stay. So, let’s dive in and discover the good, the bad, and everything in between!

2. Tour of the Cabin

2.1 Small Entrance and Slim Corridor

As we entered our cabin, we immediately noticed the small entrance and slim corridor. It was a bit of a challenge to navigate around with our luggage, as the space was quite narrow. However, we managed to make it work, rearranging our bags like a game of Tetris. We couldn’t help but joke that the corridor could use a few trips to the buffet to widen it up!

2.2 Spacious Bathroom and Amenities

Once inside, we were pleasantly surprised by the spaciousness of the bathroom. It was bright, clean, and equipped with numerous shelves for storage. We particularly enjoyed the luxury of the white company toiletries provided in the mini suite. The bonus of having body lotion and conditioner added a touch of luxury to our stay.

2.3 Storage Space and Closets

Moving further into the cabin, we found ample storage space and closets. It was a relief to see that there were plenty of coat hangers, as nothing is more frustrating than being limited to just a few hangers. The only downside was that the wardrobe was positioned too close to the sofa, making it challenging to access the drawers simultaneously. This was a design flaw that could have been improved.

2.4 Main Cabin Area with Desk and Outlets

The main cabin area featured a desk, mirror, chair, and outlets. The shelves provided additional storage options, and we appreciated the presence of a large mirror. The desk itself was spacious and functional, allowing us to work or organize our belongings comfortably. The availability of both European and UK sockets was a convenient touch, catering to the needs of different travelers.

2.5 Coffee Machine and Kettle

One of the highlights of the cabin was the presence of a coffee machine and kettle. We enjoyed the luxury of being able to make our own coffee or tea whenever we wanted. It added a homely touch to the cabin and allowed us to start our mornings off right.

2.6 Sofa and Bed

The cabin featured a large sofa that doubled as an additional bed. This made the cabin suitable for accommodating three people. As a couple, we found the sofa to be incredibly spacious and comfortable. It was the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring the ship.

2.7 TV and Entertainment Options

For entertainment, the cabin provided a TV with various options. We had access to a range of movies and shows, ensuring we had plenty of options for downtime entertainment. It was a great way to wind down in the evenings and catch up on our favorite TV series.

2.8 Balcony and Lack of Privacy

Lastly, the cabin had a balcony, although it lacked privacy due to the seating arrangement and proximity to other cabins. While it was nice to have outdoor space, we found ourselves longing for more privacy during our time on the balcony. This was definitely a downside of the cabin.

3. Complaints about Cleanliness and Issues

3.1 Need for Deep Clean

One of our main complaints about the cabin was the cleanliness. We felt that the cabin could have benefited from a deep clean before our arrival. While it was not dirty to the point of being unlivable, we expected a higher level of cleanliness for the price we paid.

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3.2 Lack of Privacy on Balcony

Another issue that bothered us was the lack of privacy on the balcony. The seating arrangement and proximity to other cabins made it difficult to enjoy the outdoor space without feeling like we were being constantly observed. This limited our overall enjoyment of the balcony experience.

3.3 Noise from Nearby Hot Tubs

Unfortunately, our cabin was located close to the hot tubs, which resulted in constant noise disturbance. The noise levels were particularly noticeable during the evenings when we were trying to relax and unwind. It would have been more enjoyable if the noise from the hot tubs was better controlled or minimized.

3.4 Overall Disappointment

In summary, we were disappointed with the cleanliness issues and lack of privacy in the cabin. These factors negatively impacted our overall experience and made it difficult for us to fully enjoy our stay. While there were certainly positive aspects, such as the amenities and storage space, the negatives outweighed the positives.

4. Comparison to Other Cruise Experiences

In comparison to other cruise experiences we have had, this cabin fell short in several areas. The cleanliness issues, lack of privacy on the balcony, and noise disturbance from nearby hot tubs were aspects that we had not experienced to this extent before. It was disappointing to see that this particular cabin did not live up to the standards we had come to expect from previous cruises.

5. Conclusion

In conclusion, our experience staying in this cabin on the cruise ship left much to be desired. While there were some positive aspects, such as the spacious bathroom, amenities, and storage space, the cleanliness issues, lack of privacy, and noise disturbances were major drawbacks. We hope that our honest review helps future travelers make informed decisions about their cabin choices. Remember, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before booking your accommodation.

6. Weather Improvement

After a few turbulent days, the weather began to improve. We were relieved to see the sun shining and the seas calming down. The improved weather allowed us to enjoy the outdoor areas of the cruise ship and made our overall experience more enjoyable.

7. Dark Cabin Environment

One aspect that became apparent during our stay was the unusually dark cabin environment. The color scheme and design choices made the cabin feel cozy but also contributed to a sense of the space being smaller than it actually was. For those who prefer brighter and more open spaces, this might not be the ideal cabin choice.

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8. Noise from Pub on Deck 8

Another noise issue we encountered was the noise from the pub on Deck 8. This was particularly noticeable during the evenings and could be disruptive for those seeking a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. It would have been preferable if there were better soundproofing measures in place to minimize the noise impact on nearby cabins.

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9. Expensive and Disappointing Cabin

Considering the price we paid for the cabin, we found it to be expensive and disappointing. We had higher expectations based on previous experiences with similar cabins on Deck 9. The lack of cleanliness, privacy, and noise disturbances were major letdowns and did not justify the cost of the cabin.

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In conclusion, our stay in the allegedly terrible cabin on the cruise ship left us with mixed feelings. While there were some positive aspects, such as the spacious bathroom and amenities, the cleanliness issues, lack of privacy, and noise disturbances were significant drawbacks. We hope that our honest review helps inform future travelers and allows them to make informed decisions about their cruise cabin choices.

Have you ever experienced a cabin on a cruise ship that was absolutely terrible? Well, today we want to share with you our horrific encounter in a cruise ship cabin. From discovering something absolutely disgusting in our room to encountering some bizarre design choices, we’re here to inform you about everything that’s wrong with this cabin.

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Now, let’s get started with our unfortunate cabin experience.

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A Review of Our Terrible Cabin Experience on a Cruise Ship – Enjoying Cruising (2024)
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