AgTec 80in x 3280ft Premium White 8g Trellis Netting Plant Support – Vertical Farming, Vine Crops, Peas, Beans, Cucumbers, Tomato, Horizontal Support (2024)


  • UV stabilized polypropylene for long multiple years
  • Double reinforced edges for strength, edge visibility support cable attachment
  • Chemical resistance
  • Light in weight - easy to handle
  • 8g/sqmstrong but thin
  • Tear-resistant
  • Vertical Farming Increases yield
  • Easier harvesting
  • Provides better exposure to light and air
  • Use with Agtec monofilament cable for additional support
  • Mesh size approximately 6" x 7"

Agtec trellis support netting is a premium-grade trellis netting that can be used either vertically to support your plants or horizontally in multiple layers so your plants can grow through the netting and be supported as it grows.

Since 2010, Agtec has been the professional brand of choice for trellis across the USA and Canada. We sell everything from 328’ rolls for small operations to bulk 3280’rolls in pallet quantities for larger growing operations. We warehouse in bulk from our Maine, USA warehouse for fast shipping and availability for the North American market.

A versatile and robust solution for supporting plant growth in a variety of settings. This UV-stabilized polypropylene netting is engineered to provide reliable support for your crops throughout their growth cycle. With double reinforced edges and an 8g/sqm strength rating, Agtec Trellis Support Netting is both durable and lightweight, making it strong yet easy to handle and install.

Trellis netting provides a structure for climbing plants like peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other vining vegetables to grow vertically. It helps them to climb and spread without sprawling on the ground, optimizing space and making harvesting easier. It can be used either horizontally in multiple layers or vertically to provide added versatility, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing environments.

The netting is designed to encourage optimal plant growth by reducing ground contact, improving air circulation, and providing increased exposure to sunlight. This results in healthier, more robust plants and a more efficient use of space for easier harvesting.

The netting's mesh size is approximately 6" x 7", providing ample space for plants to grow and attach to the net without the need for additional tying. All rolls come with a cardboard core that ensures quick and easier storage and unrolling.

For optimal support and to prevent sagging of your trellis netting, we highly recommend using our 8ga monofilament support wire. This extra-strength wire can be attached along both the top and bottom of your trellis, providing added stability and preventing any potential drooping. With the use of wire fasteners and splicers, maintaining proper tension in your trellis netting is fast and easy. These accessories ensure that your netting remains taut and in place, optimizing the support it provides for your plants.

Choose Agtec Trellis Support Netting for a reliable, versatile, and durable solution for supporting the growth of your plants. With its superior strength and quality construction, you can be confident that your crops will thrive with Agtec Trellis Support Netting.

How to install trellis netting for vertical applications:

  1. Begin by setting support posts 16 inches into the ground, ensuring that they are no more than 25 feet apart. Make sure that the support posts are tall enough to accommodate your crops as they grow. For T-posts, it is recommended to predrill a hole at the top of the post and pass the cable through the hole. Stretch our 8ga monofilament between each post and then anchor to a solid post or install a ground anchor with our fastlink to hold in place and allow tensioning.
  2. To secure the trellis netting to the first support post, start by weaving string or twine around the entire length of the post and through the trellis holes repeatedly until you reach the ground. It is important to avoid fastening the netting to single points or stretching it,
  3. Attach the netting to the support cable by weaving another stretch of monofilament or string through the top meshes and around the cable in the same way that you attached the trellis to the end post.
  4. Repeat step 2 for the last support post.
  5. To provide additional support and ensure that the trellis remains taut, a second cable can be run along the bottom of the trellis as a ground wire.
  6. For heavier crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, drive a grade stake into the ground at a 45-degree angle, 3 feet from your first and last posts. Attach a line from the base of the grade stake to the top of your posts where the cable is attached. This will provide extra support and stability to the trellis netting.

How to install trellis netting for horizontal applications:

  1. Begin by erecting strong wood or metal support posts and predrilling holes in the posts for each layer of net required during the growth cycle.
  2. Set the support posts in pairs to match the width of the bed, keeping them at a maximum distance of 20 feet apart.
  3. Bolt a wooden crossbar between each set of support posts at the first level.
  4. Pull the trellis netting taut and attach or weave it to the crossbar. To attach the mesh to the crossbar, use string or small zip ties.
  5. For additional support, weave a wire along the edge of the netting and attach it to vertical support posts. If you're not using a support wire during the growth cycle of heavier crops, you can eliminate slack in the mesh by simply pulling it taut and reattaching it to the posts.
  6. Add subsequent layers of netting as the growth cycle progresses.

Ship Weight: 46 lbs

AgTec 80in x 3280ft Premium White 8g Trellis Netting Plant Support – Vertical Farming, Vine Crops, Peas, Beans, Cucumbers, Tomato, Horizontal Support (2024)
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