Destiny (MHA Next Generations) - One_Lost_Child - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)

Chapter 1

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This building was something that was extraordinary. Something that he never thought he would see. Not in his entire lifetime. Students wearing the grey and dark green accented uniform walk past. Gripping tighter to the straps of his bag, he takes a deep breath and walks through the gates.

Walking through the halls to find his classroom was like walking through a maze. After what seemed like an eternity, he had eventually found the towering door with the large, bold red printed word; 1A. sliding the door open, left him looking into the room and seeing all of the other students.

There were two wolf hybrids. Some mutant quirks and anyone that didn't seem to have mutant quirks had either transformation or emitter quirks. Finding an empty seat; second seat of the second row, he recognised the boy behind him. It was the boy that was in the same Battle Ground as him during the entrance exams...! Placing on a big smile, he turned around and made eye contact with him.


The boy looked at him. A shock expression to be exact, but quickly turned into a smile.


"You may not have seen me but, we were in the same Battle ground for the entrance exams! I'm Kaminari Hikori!"

"Harinezumi Supaiku. I think I saw you at some point. What's your quirk?"

"Electric waves!"


QUIRK; Electric Waves

He is able to produce large amounts of electricity from his hands, but if his electricity connects with another person, or group of people, he has the option to brainwash them. A downside to this is that, if he over uses his electricity, it results in numbness in his fingers and headaches with his brainwashing/


"That sounds like a very powerful quirk!"

"Thanks! What's yours?"



QUIRK; Quills

His hair is made of hedgehog quills and he is able to remove them and use them as darts. He can remove as many as he wants, but the more he pulls out, the longer it takes for them to grow back and the more fragile they are as a result./


Hikori got a good look at the boy. He had quills for hair, yeah, he had dark brown eyes and lighter patches on his skin. His head was also twitching from side to side every now and then, sometimes more violent than before.

"Are you OK?"

"Huh?! Oh yeah, I'm fine! I have Tourette's. I can also tell that you want to know why I have lighter patches all over my skin?"

"If it's not rude to ask and if it doesn't make you uncomfortable? Please?"

"It's fine. I have Vitiligo."

"What is that...?"

"It's when there is a loss of pigment in skin cells."

"Oh! That's so cool!"

"Really? I used to get picked on by other kids about it, and my Tourette's..."

"I know how that feels... But regardless! You got into the hero course! If you become a hero, then you can show people that it doesn't matter what you look like or what you are, everyone can become heroes! Prove those jerks wrong!"

"Thanks, Kaminari-kun...!"

The boys smiled at each other. Hikori was happy that he was already having a positive impression on people. As well as wanting to prove his own bullies wrong, he wants to help others to prove their own worth. The door opened, causing Hikori's gaze to drift to the front. Their teacher had arrived and it was;

"PINKY?!" the class chorused.

"Hey, kids! And yes it is I; the Corrosive Caped Crusader, Pinky! And I'm happy to be your teacher for the year!"

Hikori was shocked to see how much she had changed. Last time he had seen her, her hair was short and curly, but now it was almost down by her waist. it had been about 12 years.

"Alright! I guess you all want to know if we're going to go to the assembly for welcoming the new year, but I have something better to do. We're going to go outside and do some quirk apprehension test." Pinky held up a blue uniform with UA written down the length in white. "Go put these on and meet me in the training grounds."

The class got up and collected their uniforms to change.


In the training grounds, Pinky stood before them all with a clipboard and tennis ball in hand. Hikori looked around at all of his classmates. There were so many different people that looked like they would be more powerful than him. He wasn't paying any attention to what his sensei was saying until she brought his attention to the task.


"Huh?! Sorry, Sensei. What were you saying?"

"I was just saying that we were going to do a few tests and quirk demonstrations."


"Would you like to go first for the ball toss?"

Hikori just nodded and stepped forward. He took the ball and took a deep breath. Reeling his arm back for the throw, he tried to muster as much strength and force as possible. He threw the ball. Pinky then held up the device and the distance was measured. This was the same principal for the rest of the class. Next was a race, then finally, the quirk demonstrations.

"First up will be... Harinezumi!"

The boy walked up.

"Please state your full name and the name of your quirk."

"Uhh... My name is Harinezumi Supaiku and my quirk is quills."

Harinezumi then pulled 5 of his quills out and twirled them in his hand. He then threw them at the wall of the building and they lodged in pretty tight.

"Thank you, Harinezumi! Next will be Kirishima."

"What's up, extras! My name is Kirishima Eijitski and my quirk is explosion!"

Hikori just stared. Kirishima?! He recognises the name. but his mind was foggy as to how he knew it.


QUIRK; Explosion

She is able to create a large explosion from her body that gives off the illusion that her whole body exploded. Although it is hard to tell, Eijitski has to harden her body, first, in order to prevent hurting herself from her quirk./


"Next is Iida."

"Iida Hanna! Nice to meet you all! My quirk is called fast tape!"


QUIRK; Fast Tape

They have ankles that look like tape dispensers but they can create tape from the back of their hand at will. When using their tape, small engines emerge from their ankles that will give them a boost of speed for however long they need it and when they require it./


Once again, the name resonated with Hikori but his mind remained foggy. This was the same for the Todoroki boy. Everyone in the class had demonstrated their quirks and now it was Hikori's turn. He stepped forward and created electricity in his hands. As he was doing so, his fingers went all tingly and the feeling started to disappear. Just as he made the electricity disappear, his fingers had gone completely numb.

"As well as that, if my electricity connects with a target, then I can brainwash them to do what I want." Hikori explained, shaking out his numb hands. He hated this part of his quirk. His dad used to go 'brain dead' when he was Hikori's age but now he just passes out if he goes over his new, higher, limit. The numbness in Hikori's fingers was a bit like his 'whey mode' as his papa calls it.

"Alright! Now that is done, let's head back to class and go over what this year has in store for you all!" Pinky beamed with joy.

She headed inside and the class followed. Hikori walked behind everyone. Why were these kids familiar to him but how come he doesn't recognise them? With a sigh, he just ignored his thoughts and decided to focus on the present.

Chapter 2: Meet The Characters

Chapter Text


Iida Hanna
Quirk; Fast tape
Pronouns; They/Them
Sexuality; Non-binary, Pansexual (attraction to one regardless of gender)
Seat; 12

Kirishima Eijitski
Quirk; Explosion
Pronouns; She/Her
Sexuality; Straight
seat; 17

Kaminari Hikori
Quirk; Electric Waves
Pronouns; He/Him
Sexuality; Gay
Seat; 7

Hagakure Benjiro
Quirk; Tail
Pronouns; He/Him
Sexuality; Straight
Seat; 6

Ojiro Ichika
Quirk; Invisibility
Pronouns; She/Her
Sexuality; Bisexual
Seat; 16

Midoriya-Todoroki Irei
Quirk; Fire and Ice
Pronouns; He/Him
Sexuality; Gay
Seat; 18

Tokoyami Amen
Quirk; Dark Shadow
Pronouns; She/Her
Sexuality; Straight
Seat; 3

Takami Hinote
Quirk; Flying Flames
Pronouns; He/Him
Sexuality; Sapiosexual- (attraction based around intelligence rather than sex or gender)
Seat; 15

Togata Dai
Quirk; Permeation
Pronouns; He/Him
Sexuality; Bisexual
Seat; 10

Yaoyarozu Yua
Quirk; Music
Pronouns; She/Her
Sexuality; N/A at this current time
Seat; 20

Tori Tori
Quirk; Magnetise
Pronouns; She/Her
Sexuality; Lesbian
Seat; 2

Kendo Kaneki
Quirk; Steel Fist
Pronouns; He/Him
Sexuality; Pansexual (Attraction to a person regardless of their gender)
Seat; 9

Toga Chisuke
Quirk; Blood Clone
Pronouns; She/Her
Sexuality; Lesbian
Seat; 11

Shiro Tzatziki
Quirk; Remote Control
Pronouns; He/Them- prefers to go by 'He' more than anything and only 'They' when feeling self-conscious or when questioning his initial decision of his identity
Sexuality; Transmale (FTM)
Seat; 13

Terebigemu Adrien
Quirk; Video Game
Pronouns; He/Him
Sexuality; Straight
Seat; 14

Kinzoku Zen
Quirk; Robot
Pronouns; He/Him
Sexuality; Straight
Seat; 4

Yoi Suraimu
Quirk; Slime
Pronouns; She/Her
Sexuality; Straight
Seat; 5

Ren Keisha
Quirk; Wolf
Pronouns; She/Her
Sexuality; Straight
Seat; 1

Hasuki Surasshu
Quirk; Husky
Pronouns; She/Her
Sexuality; Straight.
Seat; 19

Harinezumi Supaiku
Quirk; Quills
Pronouns; He/Him
Sexuality; Asexual
Seat; 8

Chapter 3

Chapter Text

When Hikori sat at the lunch table, he wasn't alone. This time he was sitting with Iida. They were chatting about their fights in Ground Alpha and their partners.

"Togata is incredible! He can move through solid objects! He told me that he had inherited his quirk from his dad, whom just so happens to be Pro Hero; Lemillion! Isn't that amazing, Kaminari?! Kaminari?"

Hikori wasn't paying attention to what they were saying until his name was call for a third time.


"Huh?! What?! Sorry, Iida... Did you say something?"

"I was just telling you about Togata's quirk."

"Oh... Sorry. I was just lost in thought... Could you explain again, please?"

"Sure! Togata's quirk allows him to move through solid objects. I think he said the name for his quirk is... Permeation...?"

"It sounds a lot like Lemillion's quirk."

"That's because Lemillion is Togata's DAD!"

"That's so cool!"

"I know right!?"

A figure ran over to their table and tried to hide behind Hikori.

"Uhh... Hi...?"

"Hi! Sorry to do this to you, but please hide me!" the boy said.

Hikori recognised him. It was Deku's son. He decided to ask though.

"What's your name?"

"Midoriya-Todoroki Irei."

"I'm Kaminari Hikori and this is Iida Hanna. What's your quirk?"

"Fire and Ice."


QUIRK; Fire and Ice

His quirk grants him the ability to breath fire from his mouth, and when it connects with his target, it then freezes to ice. The only drawback that he has is the fact that he can't retract or melt the ice afterwards./

"May I ask why you are hiding?" Iida asked sweetly.

"I kinda have a death wish." Midoriya-Todoroki explained.

"Death wish?"

"Yeah. I kinda called Kirishima a bitchy Pomeranian and then proceeded to tell her to piss off."

"And she wants to kill you, why?"

"It's Kirishima. Her dad is Ground Zero. Both have really bad tempers and don't like being insulted, but don't mind insulting other people."

"Oh." Hikori said. "Hey! Mind if I call you MT? You know, instead of calling you Midoriya-Todoroki every time?"


"TODODEKU!!!" screeched a female voice. (yes I did just use Todoroki and Midoriya's ship name as Eijitski's nickname for Irei)

"sh*t...! Hide me!"

A blonde stormed over to the table. "Don't think you can hide from me you sh*thead! I can see you."

MT emerged from his hiding place and tried to hide behind Hikori, whom was sitting down.

"H-hey...! Kirishima...! Look. I apologise for what I said...kinda..."

"Good enough. Just watch your mouth. Move."

Kirishima shoved her way onto the chair next to Iida and Hikori allowed MT to sit next to him. Hikori looked at them all. Kirishima; Daughter of Ground Zero. Iida; first born child of Ingenium and Cellophane. MT; Son of Deku. And himself; Hikori, son of Chargebolt and Mind Meddler. All kids of famous pro heroes. They all shared a similar trait with each other.

"So? Who are you? I recognise Battery Box from our training exercise and TodoDeku and I are childhood friends. Explain." Kirishima said flatly, turning towards Iida.

"Iida Hanna! My parents are Ingenium and Cellophane. I also go by They/Them pronouns." They beamed.

"By the way? My name is Kaminari Hikori. My parents are Chargebolt and Mind Meddler." Hikori said with a frown.

"So what?"

"Hey!" Iida exclaimed. "We should make our own squad!"

"Why would we do that?" Kirishima barked.

"Oh shut up, Kirishima! Just listen!" MT snapped back. "As you we saying, Iida?"

"Think about it. Our parents were in squads. Cellophane, Chargebolt and Ground Zero were in a squad with Sensei Ashido and Red Riot. They were called the Bakusquad. Deku, Ingenium and their other friends, Uravity, Froppy and Shoto were known as the Dekusquad."

The other three looked at each-other.

"Wouldn't it make sense for their kids to continue with that and make a squad together?" Iida continued. "I mean my parents were in two different squads but their relationship brought the two squads together!"

Hikori smiled. It wasn't a bad idea. MT seemed to like the idea to.

"Fine." Kirishima said flatly. "But if we are to do this then we are to be called The Kirisquad."

"Of course you want the squad to be named after you." MT sighed with annoyance. "Why don't we call it The Iidasquad? Considering it was Iida's idea to form the squad."

"But I must admit," Hikori began, "The Iidasqaud doesn't really have that good of a ring to it, compared to The Kirisquad."

"I don't really care what the squad is called." Iida sighed. "As long as we settle on a name."

"Kirisquad it is then!" Kirishima beamed, revealing a set of sharp fangs.


When Hikori stepped through the front door that afternoon, he found the house empty. Walking into the kitchen, looking for something to eat, he found a note on the fridge door. He pulled it from the magnet and read what was written.

[Hey, Buddy!

Your dad and I were called out to deal with a villain attack. Not sure what time we'll be home.

There is left overs in the fridge if we're not home by dinner.

- Papa]

Hikori screwed up the note and threw it into the bin. He headed to his room, only to have Bandit wrap around his legs and Ash not far behind. Bandit had grown up to be a sleek young playful cat, while Ash had grown to become old and tired. His dads warned him that Ash may not live for much longer, being as old as she is, but Hikori believed she would last a little longer.

Sitting in his gaming chair, he patted the cats fur with long stokes.

As the night progressed, he made himself dinner and was already in bed, fast asleep by the time his parents got home.

Chapter 4

Chapter Text

Hikori entered the male changing rooms to change out of his training uniform. There, he actually decided to take notice of his male peers. A few lockers down, another boy was standing on his own. He had light hazelnut brown hair and a strong tail emerging from his back. This was the boy that sat in front of him in class.

A boy with royal blue hair, that looks kinda purple in certain light, with deep blue eyes, stood talking to a boy with orange hair, aquamarine eyes and sharp teeth. A boy with black hair, fringe covering half his face, sat on one of the benches as he tied up his shoes. A boy with white hair and a blue-red fringe was sorta dressed. He had the top buttons of his shirt undone, blazer tied around his waist and tie hanging loosely around his neck. His attention was on a hand held Nintendo switch.

There was Harinezumi, whom was having trouble with his tie. He was twitching all over the place and so where his hands, making it impossible for him to tie his tie. A boy with silver, metallic skin and hair wandered over and offered his assistance. Once he only had to do the buttons of his shirt, Midoriya-Todoroki, MT, walked over. He was completely dressed.

"Hey, Kaminari-kun!"

"Hey, MT! Man, your dad sure does know how to make training a living hell."

"You should see him at home. He's a big strong hero out in public but he's just a big teddy-bear at home, who gets frightened when a moth flies in his face."

"Really?! I can't see it. The Great All Mighty DEKU! Scared by a little moth?! Preposterous!"

"You should make you own memes...!"

"Don't tempt me, MT...!"

The boys continued to laugh as they followed the rest of the boys out of the changing rooms.

Once they entered the classroom once more. Hikori and MT sat at their desks.

"Alright everyone. As we did some simple training with quirks today, and not 1v1s, on my desk, I have a bowl with names of only half the students' names in it." Pinky explained. "I noticed that you have all found you little groups and friends and, even though you train with them is needed, you don't really know your classmates. Half of the class will come up and pick a name to pair up with. First will be Ren."

The girl walked up to the desk. She picked a name. "Togata."

She smiled and showed her pristine white fangs. She went and sat by Togata, by crouching on the floor. It went like this along the rows, in order. Next was a girl with curly brown hair, light brown skin and dark brown eyes.

"Iida!" She beamed

-(below will be the pairings)-

Iida & Tori

Kirishima & Shiro

Ren & Togata

Toga & Yaoyarozu

Takami & Kinzoku

Harinezumi & Tokoyami

Kendo & Midoriya-Todoroki

Yoi & Ojiro

Terebigemu & Hagakure

When Hikori walked up, he picked out the last name. "Hasuki...?"

He saw a short girl with silver hair, big blue eyes, wolf ears, tail and fangs smile at him, her tail wagging furiously. Hikori walked over and sat on the window sill next to her desk.

"So I'm Kaminari Hikori."

"Hasuki Surasshu!" when she smiled, her fangs were still evident.

"Nice to meet you! My quirk is Electric waves. You?"



QUIRK: Husky

She is able to turn her whole body into the form of a husky, granting her the ability of great hearing, smell and skills in, mainly, mountain or snow biomes. She permanently has her ears, tail and small fangs./

"So...? What do we ask now...?" Hikori asked, awkwardly.

"Ooh! Tell me about your parents! Because I recognise the Kaminari name!"

"Oh! Ok then... My parents are Chargebolt and Mind Meddler. I'm also related to Erasurehead, Present Mic, Eri and Water Jet (Water Jet- Kota's Hero name)"

"That is so cool! The fact that everyone in your family are Pro Heroes! I wish one of my parents were a Pro Hero..." Hasuki pouted, and Hikori must admit, it was pretty cute.

"Don't worry! I'm sure your parents are just as cool! You just need to believe in yourself. And when you think about it; you're in the hero course, training to be a hero, therefore making you the first one in your family to be a hero!"


"No problem!"

They continued to talk until the lesson was over.


When Hikori got home that night, he found his parents in the living room. A dark aura of sadness hung in the room.

"What's going on? What happened...?" Hikori asked as he dropped his bag on the couch.

"Ash passed, kiddo..." Denki replied softly.


"We're sorry buddy. We know how much you loved her." Hitoshi said, matching Denki's tone.

"Of course I loved her! You got her before I was BORN! She was my best friend! The only friend I had when everyone moved away. When the kids at school thought of me as a freak!" Hikori screamed.

Hikori ran upstairs and only the echoing sound of his bedroom door was heard. Hikori lay on his bed, back towards the door. Anyone else would be devastated if a pet died, but to Hikori, it was like he had just lost a good friend. And Ash was, even if she was a cat.


After dinner that night, Hikori went outside. His parents had told him that she was buried in the backyard, near the back fence. Wandering over to the small mound where Ash was buried, Hikori dropped to the ground. He just stared at the spot. He crawled over towards the flowerbed a picked a small purple flower, roots and all. He dug a little spot in the brave and planted the flower on top.

Getting up and brushing of the back of his pants, he headed back inside and went straight to bed, his parents watching with sadness and concern. This had really shattered their son's heart. Denki sighed and fell into Hitoshi's arms, face in the taller male's chest. Hitoshi stroked his husband's blonde hair and then placed his head on top of Denki's. a minute passed and they went to bed themselves.

One their wat to their room, they checked on their son. He had his face towards he door, blankets kicked off and he was cuddling up to their other cat, Bandit. Quietly walking in, Denki pulled the covers over their son, Bandit watching the whole time. Hitoshi stayed at the door and leant against the frame. Denki gently moved Hikori's fringe from his eyes and planted a soft kiss on the boy's forehead, before walking out, he and Hitoshi heading to bed.

Chapter 5

Chapter Text

The next day at school, Hikori wore a downcast expression due to last night's bombshell. As he sat at his desk, Iida walked over, seeing how upset he looked. Crouching down by the boy's desk and by his side, Iida placed their hand on the boy's arm.

"You Ok, Kaminari?" they asked.

"I'm fine..." Hikori said softly, trying to hold back a sob. "I'll talk to you about it during break..."

"Alright. But if you need to talk to someone, I'm right next to you."

Iida stood up and made their way to their desk as Sensei Mina walked in and grabbed the classes attention.

"So, as you all know, the sports festival is coming up." She explained. "So from here on out, training sessions will be used for you to train for the festival. It will take place in 5 weeks so that puts into perspective how much time you have to train. Your methods of training will be different from one another, but if you prefer to train against an opponent, you are free to do so."

The class nodded, Hikori's expression lightening up. After Sensei Mina allowed them to change into their sports uniforms, the class made their way out and went to change.

As Hikori made his way to the male change rooms, he watched as the blonde boy, whom sits behind Iida, wander into a different change room. The disabled change rooms to be exact. He became curious but decided not to worry about it. He made his way into the change rooms. As he looked up, a blush gripped his whole face and he threw his gaze down. Every time he walked in, he got reminded of his sexuality with a gay panic.

'Don't stare. Don't stare. Don't stare. DON'T STARE!' was all Hikori thought as he walked over to his locker to change. MT walked up to him at the current time and he looked just about ready to die. Both boys had their lockers right next to each other.

MT was mumbling something inaudible and he seemed to be having an inner panic as his body went all stiff and he was shaking like mad.

"Yo! MT! You good bro?" Hikori asked.

"G-Gay. P-pa-panic...!" MT stuttered.

"I know how you feel dude. Let me guess? Happens every time you walk into the room?"

"Y-yep. Th-that's wh-y I-I always co-me in b-be-before everyone el-se...!"

"And leave before we all come in?"

MT just nodded. Hikori shoved him.

"Don't do that to me bro! It means I have to go through a Gay panic on my own!" Hikori whined.

"Oh don't be a big baby." MT stated.

They finished getting changed and they joined the rest of their class in the training grounds. Everyone was either training with each other or training on their own. Hikori looked around and his gaze landed on the white-blue-red haired male. He had creatures around him. 5 to be exact. These creatures, Hikori realised were some of the most popular video game characters to ever exist! There was Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, Bowser, Link and Pikachu.

"Who's that?" Hikori asked his friend.

"That is Terebigemu Adrien." MT replied

"What's his quirk?"

"Video Game."


QUIRK; Video Game

By waving his hand over a game controller, he is able to bring different game characters to life, although his current limit is 5 characters at a time./

"That's so cool!" Hikori beamed.

"I know right. Wanna spar?" MT questioned.


The two boys found a spot where they could battle.


After about 30 minutes, both boys were exhausted. They were just sitting down and having a break. Hikori was lying on his back and staring at the clouds while his friend was sitting cross-legged next to him, just drawing in the dirt with his finger.

"What do you think your life would be like if your parents weren't Pro Heroes?" Hikori said randomly.

"Well, that's out of the blue...! Why do you ask?" MT questioned.

"Just curious."

"Ok then. Well, I guess I wouldn't have the initial embarrassment I get from my dad when he teaches a lesson. Or when he addresses me by my first name in the middle of class. You?"

"Probably a similar concept with my Aunt, considering she is the school nurse. She's always on my back. Whenever I cross her in the halls, she's always questioning me. Saying I have the face of someone who constantly looks like they're up to something."

"... You do."

"HuH?! What's that supposed to mean?!" Hikori sat up suddenly and glared at the other boy.

"NOTHING!" MT said in a defensive voice.

The boys laughed again and Sensei Mina called them all to go and changed. Back in the school building, Hikori sees the blonde boy from earlier walk back into the disabled toilets. Wanting an answer, Hikori approached MT once more.

"Hey, dude?"


"That blonde haired kid that we saw, pausing birds in the sky,"


"Who is he?"

"I... Dunno... Why?"

"Keep seeing him go into the disabled toilets and I'm really confused."

Little do the duo know, they were talking loud enough for the rest of the boys to hear.

"That would be Shiro Tzatziki." A new voice responded.

Looking at the owner to the voice, Hikori meets the aquamarine eyes of a tall male with wild ginger hair and sharp teeth.

"Kendo Kaneki at your service!" he beamed, sharp teeth being displayed in a large grin.


QUIRK; Steel Fist

He is able to turn both of his hands into metal and morph them into any weapon he requires, Hammer, sword, etc./

"Kaminari Hikori and this is my friend; Midoriya-Todoroki Irei."

"Nice to meet you. And as I said before; that's Shiro Tzatziki. I've talked to him a few times."

"Do you know why he uses a different change room and bathroom to us?"

"Not really. He's never said anything. He usually keeps to himself from what I can gather. The most I know about him is his quirk and his family."

"What's his quirk?"

"Remote control."


QUIRK; Remote Control

He is able to pause, rewind, fast-forward, skip, repeat, living things/people and time whenever he requires, but the longer he stays on a certain 'function' he becomes light headed and his quirk starts to were off, allowing his opponent the opportunity to break free from control./

"Sounds pretty powerful to me." Irei said simply.

"Yeah." Hikori agreed. "It was nice to meet you, Kendo."

"Wait. Kendo Kaneki... Are you by any chance related to Kirishima Eijitski?"

"Yeah...!" Kendo placed his hand behind his head. "She's my cousin. And by any chance are you related to Takami Hinote?"

"Touche. He's my cousin." Irei smirked.


QUIRK; Flying Flames

He can create blue coloured flames from his hands/body and be able to control the direction in which the flames go./

"Wait. Is anyone else here related to anyone else in our class?!" Hikori cried, regaining everyone else's attention.

"You know Ojiro?" the brunette with the tail asked, replying to the question.


"She's my twin sister."

"And who are you?" Hikori questioned.

"Hagakure Benjiro."



His tail is an extension of his body and is one of his strongest limps, being able to break through metal and other solid materials./


QUIRK; Invisibility

Unlike her invisible mother, Ichika's quirk grants her the ability to turn invisible at will and she is able to turn selected parts of her body invisible, too./

The boys finished getting changed and headed back to class to move through the rest of their lessons. When lunch break came around, Iida approached her friends, Kirishima in tow.

"Hey you two!" Hikori beamed.

"Hey, Kaminari!" Iida sat down but then went to asking questions. "You feeling a bit better, Kaminari? You were upset this morning."

"I'm fine now, Iida!"

"OK then. But you can still talk to me if you want to."

"Thanks. I'll keep that in mind."

Chapter 6

Chapter Text


He was dangling over the edge of the roof, a strong hand around his neck. The person holding him said words that were to inaudible for him to understand. He saw his dad and others below him. News crew members and other civilians. Screaming out, the only words that were recognisable were "DADDY!"

He was dropped, but felt like he was being chocked as the figure caught him once more. The feeling of falling encased him. The urge to scream rose in his throat.


Screaming, Hikori jolted up in bed and heard the thumping footsteps of two figures race into his room. his bedroom light was switched on and a figure with slender arms wrapped around Hikori's slender shaking frame. Tears traced down his face and he couldn't help but let out a sob. Denki sat on the edge of his son's bed and held him close while stroking his hair. Hitoshi sat on the opposite side.

"It's ok, Hikori. It was just a bad dream." Denki soothed.

"I didn't feel like a dream, though. It felt too real to be a dream." Hikori sobbed.

"That's dreams for you..." Hitoshi sighed.

Hikori just sat there, in his parents' arms, trying to make sense of what he had just witnessed behind his closed eyes. It wasn't a dream. He was positive. And he was also positive that his Dad and Papa were hiding something from him. But he would get to the bottom of it. Even if it killed him.


The next day at school, he marched through the school gates and found his small group of friends. He held out his hands and pushed all three of them to the side, into the bushes almost.

"The f*ck, Zap-Trap?!" Kirishima cursed.

"Whoa-!" Iida gasped.

"What are you doing?" Irei questioned.

"Listen. We were all childhood friends, right?" Hikori began.

"Yeah. We were all really close." Iida agreed, the other two nodding.

"Well, I think our parents are hiding something from us. That something being the real reason why we were all suddenly separated from each other."

"Why do you think that, Kaminari?"

"I had a... dream... last night but it didn't feel like a dream. It felt real. Like it had actually happened and it was more like a memory. Has that happened to any of you guys?"

The bell rang and the group started to head inside.

"Well," Iida began, "When I asked my parents why I changed preschools, they gave me a look like they were hiding something. That night I had a dream where my parents were arguing with some people. But the other people were like blurred shadows."

"My parents give me that type of look, too, when I ask about why my childhood memories are so fuzzy and seem jumbled up." MT agreed.

"When I ask about why my childhood was so confusing, my dad, Red Riot, just runs out the room and my other dad, Ground Zero, just tells me not to say anything like that around him before leaving the room to go and see him." Kirishima adds, the normal anger not in her words.

The group reached the class and Hikori sat at his table, his friends standing around him.

"They are hiding something from us, that's for sure." Hikori said eyes narrowing into a serious frown.

"But the question is; What. What are they hiding from us that they can't even tell us?" Iida agreed, looking at their friends, each in turn.

Pinky walks in at that moment and signals the class to sit down.


During lunch that day, the group continues their conversation from that morning.

"I think we should ask our parents again." Hikori stated.

"Why?" Kirishima questioned.

"Cause. If we ask them again, then they will see that we want answers and they might give in and tell us."

"I guess, if my parents don't want to tell me anything, then I could always ask my Grandmas, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncles." MT shrugged.

"If my parents refuse to say anything, I can just consult my Aunt Itsuka and Uncle Tetsutetsu." Kirishima adds, taking a bite of her Katsudon.

"I can ask my Uncle Tensei." Iida nods. "And you can always ask your grandpas, Aunty and Uncle, Kaminari."

"Then its settled. If our parents refuse to say anything, then we ask our other relatives in hopes they will tell us something." Hikori said sternly.

"And if they don't?"

"We will find some other way to get the information."


As Hikori walked through the door that night. He decided that he would confront his parents.

"Dad?! Papa?!" he called. "Are you home?! I need to talk to you about something!"

The adults emerged from outside.

"Hey, Hikori!" Denki smiled.

"Hey, buddy." Hitoshi added. "What did you want to talk to us about?"

"Preschool." Hikori said sternly, crossing his arms over his chest. "I want to know what happened the year I turned 4. Everything was fine with my life up until that year. What happened?"

"Stuff." Denki said, matching his teenage son's tone of voice.

"What stuff?"

"Adult stuff that you have no reason to be concerned about."

"But I do. It affected my life. I had my best friends move away never to be seen again. Was it because you had a fall out with their parents?! Being your best friends?!"

Denki just stood there, the ghost of his past still haunting him behind his eyes.

"It is, isn't it? Tell me what happened."

"Hikori. Leave him alone." Hitoshi said with a stern voice. "He's had a bad day, he doesn't need you to make things worse by bringing up the past."

"You ruined my life just because you had a fight with your best friends...!?"

"This isn't fair, Hikori..." Denki said quietly with hurt, tears seeming to form in his eyes.

"No, It Is! It wasn't fair when you took me from my friends! Maybe if we had been still together, then maybe middle school wouldn't have treated me like sh*t!"

"Watch Your Mouth, Young Man!" Denki snapped. "The only reason why you were separated from your friends was because my 'friends' thought our family was too dangerous to be around!"

Denki got right up in his son's face, making the boy feel small.

"They thought their kids were in danger because of us, after everything that had happened with the villain attack on your preschool." Denki continued. "Yeah we had a fight, yeah we fell apart, yeah we agreed that we would never want anything to do with each-other ever again. The last time we spoke was when we went to get you kids-"

"BUT THEY WERE YOUR FRIENDS!" Hikori screamed, right in his dad's face. "My friends and I talked about how you guys were inseparable! Your squad was the most known group in the school! Just because you all had disagreements, doesn't mean you had to ruin our LIVES! RED RIOT, GROUND ZERO, CELLOPHANE-"

A sharp smack met Hikori's cheek as tears gathered in the corners of his eyes, and head snapping to the side from the impact. Hitoshi gasping with shock, trying to get his husband to back off by grabbing his upper arm.

"Denki. Stop it." Hitoshi hissed with anger.

"Do not raise your voice at me and don't ever bring up their names." Denki hissed with venom and anger, completely ignoring his husbands words. "Stay away from me. You are grounded until further notice. Get your ass to your room. Now."

Hikori felt anger and sadness boil inside of him. Holding back a sob, he raced to his room. When he reached his room, he stood in the doorway and screamed at his dad.

"I HATE YOU AND I WISH YOU WERE NEVER MY FATHER! BECAUSE IF YOU WERENT, THEN MAYBE MY LIFE WOULDN'T BE A f*ckING MESS!" with a room shaking 'bang' Hikori slammed his door shut before throwing himself on his bed. He heard his dad scream at him from downstairs.


Tears raced down Hikori's face as anger boiled inside of him. He held his cheek, still feeling the sting of the smack. An idea formed in his head. Sitting up, he grabbed his school bag and stuffed in all of the essentials that were needed, emptying out everything that wasn't. Once he was done, he decided to change out of his uniform. He threw on a light grey, short sleeved shirt, purpled hoodie and grey jeans. He went through his contacts on his phone and found, MT's number. He then texted the boy.



Can I come over?]



Let me just check with my dads

They said it's all good

Any particular reason?]


I just need to get away for the night]


No problem

I can get a spare bed set up for you]


Can I get your address?]



I'll send it now]



I'll be over soon]


See you soon]

Hikori opened his window, it was a two story drop, but regardless, he still jumped out, landing on the ground with a soft thump. He took one look back at the house and frowned. He really hated his dad at the moment. Turning around, Hikori ran down the street. About an hour later, he reached the street where MT lived. He looked for the correct address. When he found it, he was faced with a large two story house with neatly trimmed bushes. It almost looked like a mansion.

Walking through the front gates, he went up to the door and knocked on the light brown wood. A few moments later, it opened and there stood, MT; wearing a half white-half red shirt with a medium green hoodie, ripped jeans and he was bare foot.

"Hey, man."

"Hey, MT. Sorry to just drop this on you."

"No problem. We're used to it. My cousin, Hinote, always just drops in. He doesn't have a really good relationship with his dad."

"You sure I'm no bother...?"

"Positive. Come on in."

The candy cane haired boy let Hikori in. Once inside, he gasped at the look of it. It was HUGE! Two adults came into view. One was his teacher, Deku. The other male had half red and half white hair, tied into a braid half way down his back with a very evident burn scar on his face; Pro hero No. 2; Shoto.

"You didn't tell me that your other dad was Shoto!" Hikori whispered with panic.

"I thought it was obvious. I have red and white hair and my last name literally has Todoroki in it."

"But there are lots of Todorokis! Todoroki Touya, Todoroki Fuyumi and Todoroki Natsou!"

"I guess I should've been more specific, heh... By the way? It's Touya Takami. He and Uncle Keigo are married and took the Takami name."

"Uh huh..."

"Irei...!" Shoto said flatly.

"Father! Uh... This is my friend, Kaminari Hikori."

"Aizawa's grandson?"

"Yep! He's the one whom asked if he could come over."

"Oh! It's a pleasure to meet you, Kaminari."

"You to Mr. Todoroki!"

"Please. Just call me Shoto."

"Come on, Kaminari. I'll show you my room."

The two boys excused themselves from the adults' presence and Hikori followed the other boy up the stairs. When he entered MT's room, he saw how bright it was and not just because the curtains were open and letting light in, but because of the light grey colour scheme.

When he entered MT's room, he saw how bright it was and not just because the curtains were open and letting light in, but because of the light grey colour scheme
"So... this is my room. you can just drop your bag on the window seat if you want." MT explained, pointing at the grey and cream coloured window seat.

"Heh..." Hikori sighed with a laugh.


"Two gay boys. 1 room. No hom*o. Right...?"

"Defiantly not! My dad would kill me and then my father would kill me! You're my best friend. Dad doesn't want me to have a boyfriend until I'm 30."

"But didn't your parents get into a relationship when they were our age?"


"Overprotective much?"

The boys got talking and soon, Shoto and Deku called them both for dinner.

Chapter 7

Chapter Text

As Hikori sat, uncomfortably, at the dinner table, MT kept looking at his friend before he sighed. He needed to know.

"Hey, Kaminari?"

"Yeah, MT?"

"Why did you come over anyways? You said you needed to get away for the night. Is everything alright?"

"You know how I said we should ask them about you know what?"


"Well I tried asking my parents and it didn't end well..."

"I'm sorry..."

"What are you boys talking about?" Shoto asked.

Hikori sighed.

"We want to get to the bottom of something. We know that our parents are hiding something from us, no offense by the way." Hikori said.

"None taken." Deku replied. "Please. Continue."

"I tried to ask my dad and he didn't like it. All I got out of it was that you guys thought my family was dangerous, that's why you guys separated all of us. He mentioned something about a fight between you all. A fall out. That you didn't want anything to do with each-other."

"That much is true." Deku looked at Shoto before continuing. "We had a fight all right. We refused to have anything to do with Denki and Hitoshi, in fears that what happened to you would happen to our children. We just wanted to keep our own kids safe."

"What happened?"

"It is something that your dad should tell you, Kaminari. Because if he knew that we told you, he would be furious. Since having you, Denki's quirk became more powerful than we ever thought." Shoto continued, both children listening with wide eyes and Deku nodding in agreement. "He use to have this... Whey mode. A drawback of his quirk were he would go brain dead. As he got older, that slowly became no existent."

"Instead he just faints after overuse." Hikori added with a sidewards glance to his friend.

"But even then, we found that it started to become less evident as a drawback."

"It seems that the more information I receive from this, the more confused I get." Hikori moaned, leaning against the back of the chair.

"I think we should just let your parents speak to you about it. It might make more sense." Deku sighed. "Speak of which..."

Deku's phone started to ring. He looked at the contact and saw that it was Hitoshi, Hikori's papa. Answering the call, Deku spoke calmly.


"Hi, Midoriya. I know it's a bit strange for me to be calling you, even after all of these years and everything that has happened, I just want to know if you have seen Hikori. He had a fight with Denki. I went into his room to speak to him but he wasn't there but his window was open."

"Oh! Don't worry about it, Kaminari. He's here with Irei."

"Oh thank All Might- SORRY! Anyways, I'm glad he's safe."

"He was talking about staying the night with Irei. Is that OK?"

"Honestly? I think that is a good choice. He and Denks aren't on speaking terms right now and I don't want them to start any unnecessary conflict. Anyway. Tell him I said hi and I'll see him when he gets back."

"Will do."

"Bye, Midoriya."

"Bye, Kaminari."

Deku hung up and looked at the boys.

"That was your Papa. He said that you can stay here. You obviously didn't say anything about your escape to him, did you?"

Hikori's gaze just turned downcast as he adverted eye contact.

After about 5 minutes the boys headed upstairs and hung out in Irei's room.


That night, Hikori woke to a cool breeze coming from the window.

"Hey, MT... Can you close the window...?" Hikori sat up from where he slept on the floor. "MT...?"

Getting up and wandering over to the window, he looked outside and saw his friend sitting outside with a boy dressed completely in black. Curious, Hikori threw on his hoodie and climbed through the window and landed on the ground. The other two boys saw him and looked over. Hikori walked over and sat down with them, forming a triangle.

"What are you doing, MT?" Hikori questioned.

"You know how I said my cousin just drops in whenever he wants?" MT explained.


"Well this is one of those times. Kaminari? Meet my cousin, Takami Hinote."

"Nice to meet you!" Hikori smiled and the boy just avoided eye contact. With a pout, Hikori leaned over to MT and whispered; "He's not exactly to social type is he?"

"It's not that. He's got anxiety and is depressed. It's a result from his past and the way people treat him and his quirk." MT whispered back.

"Oh... So! Takami? Do you have any siblings?"

"... I have two." The boy's voice was quiet and he didn't seem like the type of person who liked to talk about themselves.

"Cool! What are their names?" Hikori continued, the light of the lantern illuminating his grin.

"My younger sister's name is Rekka. My little brother's name is Tsubasa."

"How old are they? What are their quirks?"

"Rekka is 13 and Her quirk is Mighty Wings while my 10-year-old brother's quirk is Fierce Wings."


QUIRK; Mighty wings

Inherited her quirk from her Papa (Hawks)


QUIRK; Fierce Wings

He also inherited his papa's quirk but instead of red wings like Hawks and Rekka, his are blue, playing off the colour of Dabi and Hinote's quirks

The boys decided to head inside as the wind was cold on their faces and they wanted to go inside before they got caught by Deku and Shoto. Once they climbed back inside, via the trellis work, Irei, Hintoe and Hikori sat on the bed. They started talking when Hikori checked the time on his phone. 11:30 pm. When he did check, his face was illuminated by his phone screen and his eyes landed on his lock screen; A selfie of him and his dad.

Hikori turned his phone back onto suspend mode and hugged one of the red pillows he stole from the window seat, close to his chest, completely disregarding his phone by throwing it onto the blow up mattress on the floor.

"What brings you here...?" Takami asked, pointing his gaze to Hikori.

"HuH?!" Hikori asked.

"I just said; what brings you here?"

"Oh... I just need to get away from my dad for a while..."

"Is he a villain?"

"Excuse me?"

"Is he a villain?"

"... No. He is Pro Hero No.9; Chargebolt."

"Can't relate."

"What do you mean?"

"My dad; Takami Keigo is retired Pro Hero, Hawks. My father," Hinote shuddered at the name as if it was disgusting to him. "Is Takami Touya, AKA Ex-Villain Dabi. Others see a Villain that came to the good side but to me? Once a villain, always a villain."

"Hinote absolutely despises him. He actually used to look up to him, but kids would only see a villain in him due to uncle Touya's past, because his quirk is basically the same as Dabi's. Hinote never used to care but one day, he had a major panic attack and his quirk went haywire. He ended up being engulfed in flames. His crimson red hair permanently turned black. Almost as if it was burnt." MT explained. "And now he hates him with all of his existence."

"Geez that must suck." Hikori yawned. "Welp, even though it's Saturday tomorrow, I still want to get some sleep."

"Same... Would you like to stay the night, Hinote?"


After about 5 minutes, Hinote was asleep on one of the window seats under a spare blanket, Hikori was asleep on the blow up mattress and Irei was in his own bed.


The next morning the three boys sat at the kitchen table, eating their breakfast and just talking. They decided that they would train for the sports festival together. They all headed to the indoor gym that was in the basem*nt. When Hikori followed the cousins down there, he gaped at the size of it. It was huge! There were weights on racks, punching bags, climbing wall, basically everything one could use to train with.

About 3 hours went by when Shoto popped in.

"Hey, Father!"

"Hello uncle."

"Hey Mr. Shoto!"

"Kaminari? Your dad is here."

"Blonde or purple?"


The boys followed the adult upstairs. When they reached the living room, they saw Deku talking to Hitoshi.

"Hello, Papa."

"Hey, Hikori. Deku grabbed everything you brought here and gave it back to me. You ready to go home?"

"Is dad still mad at me?"

"He is. But that's beside the point. Come on."

Hitoshi headed out to wait in the car. Hikori said by to the family before joining his papa in the car.


When Hikori stepped through the door of the house, he saw his dad walk into the lounge. When the two of them made eye contact, Denki frowned and headed to upstairs, the sound of the bedroom door being slammed. Hitoshi flinched. When he relaxed, he let out a long sigh.

"Hey, papa?"


"Will dad still come to the sports festival...?"

"To be honest, yes. But he has no choice. He needs to observe the students to find someone to take for Internships."

"But aren't you both in the same agency?"

"Kinda. I'm in the Eraserhead Agency and your Dad works at Present Mic's Agency. And as your grandpa's don't come to the sports festival to choose, we volunteered to do it instead."


"Don't worry, kiddo. Hopefully this is all past him by the time the festival comes around, OK?"


Chapter 8

Chapter Text

Hikori sat at his desk at school, that Monday afternoon and thoughts just swam through his brain. He was upset that his dad was mad at him. Upset that he may not cheer him on in the Sports Festival. But apart from these negative thoughts, he was thinking about how much he was getting to know all of his classmates; Iida, Kirishima, MT, Takami, Hasuki, Harinezumi, etc. His sensei walked in at that very moment.

"Alright everyone! I have some exciting news! Tomorrow is the day that you are all going to be moving into the dorms in the 1A Height Alliance building!"

The class erupted into cheers. Hikori must admit, they were all looking forward to living in the dorms.

'plus... dad would love it enough, because he won't have to see me.'

"So make sure you all pack your bags to be ready to move in!" Pinky yelled over the noise of the class' cheers.

"But Sensei?!" a girl with light green-skin asked.

"Yes, Yoi?"

"I thought the students only moved into the dorms after the sports festival?"

"Usually they would, but as half of your classmates' parents are Pro Heroes, they had asked Principal Nezu if we could move the class into the dorms at an earlier date. And to limit any suspicion, all students will be moving in to their given dorms, too. Any other questions?"

The class shook their heads. The bell chimed for the next lesson.


"I'm so excited to move into Heights Alliance building!" a girl squealed to her friends as Hikori walked passed with his friends.

"Me, too!" one of her friends squealed.

"Ugh...! All of their joy is really sickening!" Kirishima groaned.

"Don't be like that, Kiri! It's exciting! Means we can all live with each-other!" Iida beamed.


MT laughed at his friend's sarcasm. Hikori just smiled.


That night, Hikori was packing his suitcases and bags, when his Papa came knocking at his door.

"Hey, Papa!"

"Hey, Buddy. You packing for tomorrow?"

"Yeah. I want to make sure I have everything, that way, if I forget anything, I can have time to check tomorrow morning."

"Good idea. Want some help?"

"Please. You've done this before so you will have a better understanding of what I should pack, apart from clothes."

The purple haired male wandered in and went to the boy's closet and started to take some things of the clothes hangers.

"Remember the time you came out to us? You called out to us, only for us to find your room empty and you came jumping out of the wardrobe. You literally came out of the closet."

"You got a good laugh though."

"Yeah. But I still didn't understand why you wanted to come out. You literally have two gay parents."

"I know but I wanted to feel what it was like to come out in a special way. By the way, how did you and dad come out to your families?"

Hitoshi sat on the floor with his son and started folding shirts while the boy started folding his pants.

"Well, for me, being in a family of gays, I just blurted it out to them one night at dinner. We were all eating and I just said 'I'm gay.' Dadzawa just looked at me and shrugged, while Papa Mic said congratulations. Eri just tilted her head to the side with confusion. I then proceeded to smile and say; 'and I'm attracted to loud blondes.' Dad chocked on his food and all papa could say was; 'you your daddy's son!' in a sing song voice. It was hilarious."

"Ha ha ha! What about Dad?"

"His was a little more complicated than that. He told me that he confessed to his mother the night before she died. He didn't tell his father because he's hom*ophobic."

"How old was Dad when she died?"

"He was your age."

"wow... Do you think that is why he got angry at me?"

"No it's not. But just be careful with what you say to him from now on, OK? He had a rough childhood and he has become sensitive to certain things."

"How am I supposed to know if he won't tell me about his childhood. Maybe if he told me then I won't bring it up...!"

"Hikori. It's best to just leave things for the time being. Let him cool down and piece everything back together. He has done things that have hurt him deeply."

"What things?"

"Things that he regrets doing but knew they had to be done."


Hitoshi wrapped his son in a tight embrace, Hikori groaning in annoyance.



"Your stubble! It's really scratchy!"

"Is it now? How do you like this?!"

Hitoshi then proceeded to scratch his son with the stubble on his chin, before pushing him over and tickling him. The boy let out a loud laugh that sent a wave of love through Hitoshi. It had been forever since he's heard his son laugh like this. Denki would love to hear it, but he was still furious at the boy and still not talking to him.

After another 5 minutes, the adult had stopped tickling the boy. Another half-an-hour later, they had finished packing the boy's bags.


The next day, at school, Hikori met with his friends out the front of the Heights Alliance building. Everyone had their bags and were really excited. Once they were let inside, the gasped at the sheer size of the inside. It was huge and seemed to have multiple floors. 5 to be exact. They were currently standing in the common room. Sensei Mina walked in with a large grin on her face. She had a piece of paper in her hands.

"Here I have the floor plan of the building; there are 3 floors. The floor that we stand in know is the 1A floor. That includes the common room, kitchen, etc. the boys' dorm rooms are located down the right hallway, while the girls' rooms are down the left. The second floor consists of an indoor gym. The third floor is where the common room and dorms are located for class 1B."

"Wasn't there supposed to be 5 floors, though?" Shiro asked. "And wasn't it just supposed to be a building for 1A, and 1B have a separate one?"

"Yes, there was. But as you may or may not know, there was an attack, last year, within the school due to a traitor. The villains attacked and destroyed both the 1A Heights Alliance and 1B Heights Alliance buildings. So, instead of making two brand new buildings, the school decided to combine the two, but made the floors bigger. Thus the 1A-B Heights Alliance building was created. Your names will be written on signs on the doors of your rooms."

Everyone started to head down their appropriate hallway to their dorms.

"Before you all run off! Boys will not be allowed in the Girls' rooms and vice versa." Pinky called.

"Will Ichika and I be able to go into each-other's rooms, Sensei? Considering we are siblings." Hagakure Benjiro asked.

"Well, school rules do say, and as I said before, boys can't go into girls' rooms and girls can't go into boys' rooms. But I will check the policy and double check with Principal Nezu to see if siblings and relatives can. There will be no school today as teachers are letting the students settle in. dinner will be at 8pm. Have fun you lot! And don't break anything while I'm gone. By the way, your parents will be dropping of any-other accessories that you have requested for your dorms. Lamps, computers, beanbags, etc. sometime today or tomorrow."

Hikori started to follow his male classmates down the right hallway, when he caught a glance back and saw Iida and Shiro talking to Pinky. Thinking nothing more about it, he continued on his way. Hikori had met half of his classmates, but he wanted to get to know all of them, being the friendly person he is. Running up to the boy, back pack jumping on his shoulder and suit cases trailing behind him making a wooden echoing sound on the floorboards, he managed to catch the boy before he entered his room.

"Hey, Kinzoku!" Hikori beamed.

"Oh! Hello, Kaminari-kun. Can I help with anything?" he asked, a digital like quality to his voice. His eyes were an electric blue and his skin a titanium silver.

"Oh, nothing! I just wanted to say hello and formally introduce myself, considering we're neighbours now!" Hikori smiled, pointing to the next room. "I'm Kaminari Hikori and my quirk is electric waves."

"Kinzoku Zen. My quirk is Robot." Kinzoku said.


QUIRK; Robot

As well as looking like a robot, he is able to create weapons from his hands, canons, blasters, guns, etc./

With an awkward silence to follow the conversation, Hikori excused himself and went into his room. He started to unpack. Throwing his bag on the floor and suitcase on the bed, he unzipped the large bag and started to unpack. He placed all of his clothes in the drawers that were in the room. He removed his bags and placed them in the far corner of the room. He pulled out his folded blankets and duvet. He then started to make the bed, placing the underlay, then sheets, then duvet; finishing of the job by placing his pillow on top.

He went through his suitcase to make sure he didn't forget anything. As he pulled out an extra blanket, that he forgot about, a Pikachu plush dressed up as Chargebolt and a purple cat plush dressed up as Mind Meddler, fell out, seemingly to have been wrapped up in the blanket.

'I didn't put those in here... did I? no. I didn't. then who- Ugh...! Papa...!'

Hikori mentally groaned. He sat on the floor and looked at the two toys. He hadn't seen these since he was little. They were still in good condition, as if they were still brand new.

'I wonder...'

Hikori held the two toys up to his face and breathed in the familiar scents. The Cat plushie smelt like lavender while the Pikachu one smelt like a summer rain. With a faint laugh, Hikori stood up and placed them on top of his dresser. Opening his door, he headed out to the common room, closing his door behind him.

Chapter 9

Chapter Text

Hikori sat in the common room with his classmates. Everyone had changed out of their school uniforms or had their blazers and ties off, either way, they were all wearing something more comfortable than before. Hikori jumped on the couch next to Iida and sat to casual for his own good, arms over the back of the couch and slumped down.

"I'm so excited for the sports festival!" a girl with four messy buns beamed.

"Me too. I watch it on TV with my parents every year." Replied a girl with dark purple/black hair.

"I don't want to be rude or anything, but I feel like we should get to know each other a bit more. Sure we've been at school for a few days now and we know only small things about each other, but we don't really know each other." MT said.

"Good Idea." Agreed a girl with wolf ears. "I'll go first. My name is Ren Keisha and my quirk is wolf. It allows me to transform into a large grown wolf. I have two dads and three little brothers. Their names are; Haru, Eiji and Takeo. All 3 are wolves but Takeo can also read minds."

"My name is Tori Tori! Interesting name, I know!" a girl with curly brown hair and orange eyes began. "My quirk is magnatise. It allows me to use my body like a magnet, but it won't 'attract' people with a metal based quirk."

"Tokoyami Amen. My quirk is dark Shadow, although her name is Pitch, considering I inherited my father's quirk. I have a little brother and his name is Ankoku; his quirk is Midnight Frog. He can do anything a frog can do, but his powers are amplified in the dark. He was also born blind. My parents are the No. 13 hero Froppy and No. 15 Hero Tsukuyomi." Tokoyami pushed a strand of her dark green hair from her face. Hikori noticed black feathers woven into her hair, as well.

"Kinzoku Zen. My quirk is robot."

"Yoi Suraimu! My quirk is called slime. Although it has given me a slime like appeal, I can actually split my body up into multiple copies, but each copy gets smaller and smaller. There is, as I know of, no limit to how many copies I can make." The lime green skinned girl smiled.

"Hagakure Benjiro. My quirk is tail. My parents are Tailman; No. 12 hero and Invisible Girl; No. 18 hero. Ojiro Ichika is my sister."

"Twin sister, actually. My quirk is invisibility. I can turn invisible at will. When I was born, the doctors thought I was quirkless as I wasn't born with a tail like my brother and dad and I wasn't invisible either. So when my quirk finally did manifest, I walked around, invisible, so people wouldn't assume me to be quirkless when they see our parents or my brother."

"Kaminari Hikori! My quirk is Electric waves. It allows me to create electricity from my fingers. If my electricity connects with my opponent or target, I have a split second decision to make; Brainwash them or not. If I over use my brainwashing part of my quirk, I faint. If I over use my electricity, my fingers lose all feeling. My parents are Mind Meddler; the No. 8 hero and Chargebolt, whom is the No. 9 hero. Not only that, but my grandparents are retired heroes; Erasurehead and Present Mic. Therefore, deeming the school nurse, Eri, to be my Aunt."

"Kendo Kaneki! My quirk is steel fist. When I turn my fists into steel, they will then enlarge and I can morph them into any weapon I want. My parents are Real Steal and Battle Fist, Better Known as Kendo Itsuka and Kendo Tetsutetsu, previously known by his class peers as Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu."

"I'm Toga Chisuke! My quirk is blood clone. If I ingest the blood of my opponents, I can create copies of that said person. My parents are the Ex-Villains; Toga and Twice. They went through All Might's Villain rehab program. I came to UA to prove to people that, even though my parents were villains, people can change and you shouldn't judge them by their past decisions or mistakes."

"My name is Togata Dai! My quirk is permeation, allowing me to move through solid objects. I also have a little sister named Akari. Her quirk is manifest. Anything she eats she can create characteristics on her body. My parents are Lemillion and Suneater. They used to be part of the big three during their time here, along with Nejire Chan."

"Iida Hanna. My quirk is fast tape. I can create tape from the back of my hands, while my ankles, which look like tape dispensers, have engines in them that emerge when I use my tape; giving me a big burst of speed when I require it. My parents are Ingenium and Cellophane. I also go by They/Them pronouns, please."

"Shiro Tzatziki. My quirk is remote control. Basically any function you find on a remote, I can do to people just by looking at them. My pupils will also change shape depending on which function I have activated."

"Terebigemu Adrien but you can all just call me Adrien, cause it's easier. My quirk, video game, allows me to bring a maximum of 5 different video game characters to life by waving my hand over a game controller."

"Takami Hinote. Flying Flames is the name of my quirk. I can create blue flames and control the direction in which I want them to go. I have a younger sister called Rekka; her quirk is called Mighty Wings. She had a pair or red wings on her back, while my younger brother, Tsubasa, has the same quirk but his is called fierce wings and they are blue instead of red. My Papa is retired Pro Hero Hawks while Dabi, the Ex-Villain is my other parental figure."

"Kirishima Eijitski! My quirk is Explosion. I can create a large enough explosion that conceals my body, to make it look like I have exploded. I have to harden my body first, so that I don't hurt myself or cause any more damage..." the blonde female moves her hair out the way to reveal a pair of black hearing aids sitting in her ears. "My parents are No. 3 hero Ground Zero and No. 4 Hero Red Riot

"Midoriya-Todoroki Irei. You can either call me Midoriya, Todoroki or MT, which ever you want. My quirk is fire and ice. Basically, I breathe fire but once it meets my target, it freezes to ice. My parents are No. 1 Hero and Teacher her at UA, Deku, while my other dad is No. 2 Hero; Shoto. The Takami family are my cousins. My grandpa is Endeavour, my grandmas are Rei and Inko, while Hawks, Touya, Fuyumi and Natsou are my uncles and Aunt."

"Hasuki Surasshu! My quirk is husky! I can turn into a husky at will and have advanced hearing, smell and sight. Before you ask; I am not related to Ren-san."

"Yaoyorozu Yua. My quirk is Onomatopoeia, but sound is an easier term to use and pronounce. Basically, any sound I say; meow, bang, etc. when my quirk is activated, it will be amplified 100x the volume level then what I say. It will also create a semi-invisible shield around my body; such as an animal if it was an animal noise. My parents are Creati; No.6 ranking Hero and Earphone Jack; No.16 ranking Hero."

The class continued to talk about their families and answering any questions about what it is like to have Pro Heroes as families when Pinky arrived with bags of take-out dinner. Being the hungry little monsters they were, they all followed their Sensei, the smell of the food enticing them to the table.

"I thought that, as it is your first day in the dorms, I would personally treat you all to takeaway dinner." Pinky smiled brightly.

The kids sat at the large dining table and helped unpack the food. They all chorused thank yous to their teacher before digging in.

Once it had hit 11pm, Pinky shooed them all off to bed as they would be back to classes the next morning. Once in his room, Hikori changed into his PJs, being a plain white, short sleeved top and a pair of grey and white PJ shorts. He threw his uniform onto the duffel bag he had in the corner of his room before pulling back the blankets, and climbing into bed.

Staring at the ceiling, tears pricked his eyes. He may feel a little homesick. He may miss his parents and his family, but it's just one big, permanent, sleepover... Right? But that want the reason why tears formed. The reason why they formed was because his dad didn't even say bye. Hikori had smiled and waved and said bye, but his dad had none of it.


The next morning, Hikori walked into the common room dressed in his uniform. When he saw his friends, he ran straight up to them.

"Morning, Guys!"

"Morning, Kami!"

"Hey, Dude!"

"Tch. Hey, Short Circuit."

"How did you all sleep last night?"

"A bit of a change to what I'm used to but it was alright." Iida replied.

"It was amazing for me." Kirishima said with sarcasm. "Usually I can hear papa snoring his head off. And by papa, I'm referring to Kirishima Eijiro."

"No different to what I'm used to. Hinote came into my room and he spent the night on the floor. What about you, Dude?"

"Put it this way; I got zero sleep." Hikori replied.

"But you seem like you had a great sleep!"

"Yep! That's what happens when you mix Insomnia and ADHD! Now let's head to class!"


When they got to class, Pinky was already there and going through some papers. Once everyone sat in their seats, their Sensei addressed them.

"Alright class. Just going to remind you that your parents will be coming in throughout the day to drop of some more of your things. They could arrive at any time. You will either be called to the office or your parents would come to the class. Anyways, the sports festival is almost here, a week to be exact."

Halfway through their class, a knock sounded on the classroom door.

"Come in!"

The door opened and revealed Principal Nezu. Behind him was the famous No. 5 and No. 11 heroes Ingenium and Cellophane.

"Hey, Hanta! Good Morning Tenya!" Mina beamed.

"Hey, Mina!" Hanta Sero, now known as Hanta Iida, grinned with his signature grin.

"Hello, Ashido. We've come to take Hanna. We've got some of their things to take to their dorm room." Tenya Iida replied.

"No problem. Iida? Would you like to take your parents to the Alliance building?"

"Yes, Sensei." Iida stood up and began heading towards the door.

"Oh and Iida?"

"Yes, Sensei?"

"While you're gone, think about which one of your classmates you would like to nominate for class president and vice, alright?"

"Of course."

Hikori watched as Iida left with their parents, and couldn't help but hope that both his parents would come, too. He pushed that thought aside and started to think about whom he would nominate. There had to be one male and one fe-

"THAT'S IT!" Hikori cried as he stood up, but once he realised that he had said it out loud, a furious blush spread to his cheeks as giggles went through the class.

"I see, Kaminari." Mina smiled. "Care to share your thoughts?"

"Oh! Um... You said that we need a president and a vice. You also said that they had to be a boy and a girl. So I would like to nominate Iida! They don't identify as either gender. So why don't we break the stereotypical rule of one male and one female? So yeah, my nomination and vote for class President goes to Iida."

The class mumbled amongst themselves.

"We vote for Iida, too!" the class chorused.

"Well! I guess it's settled then! Iida is going to be the Class President of 1A! Now we need to find a vice president, but I believe we should wait until Iida returns.

About 10 minutes later, Iida returned with their parents only to have the class clap as they enter the classroom.

"Congratulations, Iida. You have been nominated, voted and selected for the class President role."

Iida sat in their seat with a shocked expression.

"Th-thank you! Thank you all so much!"

"Well done, Hanna. See ya, Mina!"

"Bye, Hanta! Bye Tenya!"

"See ya!"


"Alright. Now we have to find a Vice President for the class. Anyone have any nominations?"

"I nominate Togata..." Takami said quietly. As he sat near the back of the class, the only people that could hear him were Yaoyarozu and Toga.

"We can't quiet hear you, Takami. Could you please speak up a bit?" Mina asked softly.

"If you don't mind me repeating on Takami-kun's behalf, He said that he would like to nominate Togata-Kun. For the vice President role." Yaoyorozu replied.

"Anyone else have anyone to nominate?" Mina questioned.

"Tokoyami!" Tori beamed as she shot her hand up.

"I nominate Kendo!" Kirishima said with a laid back posture and attitude.

"Anyone else?" Mina asked as she turned around after writing the three names on the chalkboard.

The class shook their heads.

"Alright then. Eyes will be closed to make the vote anonymous. Tokoyami, Togata and Kendo, you obviously can't vote for yourselves but your vote can go to one of the other two. Right! Let's begin."

The class all closed their eyes.

"Who votes for Tokoyami?"

Hands shot up and counted.

"Hands down. Who votes for Togata?"

Hands up and counted.

"Hands down. Who votes for Kendo?"

Hands up, counted and put back down. The students opened their eyes and they saw the results for the nominations.

Tokoyami and Kendo received an equal amount of votes; 6

Togata received 8 votes in total.

"Congratulations Togata on winning the nomination!"

Togata and Iida moved to the front of the class and stood before their peers. The class erupted into applause for their President and Vice President.

Chapter 10

Chapter Text

The week went by too fast for Hikori to register and before he knew it, everyone was up and early, all in their P.E uniforms. Pinky got the class together and directed them to the sports festival arena.

Once there, they all gathered in a room that had lockers, tables and chairs. This was where they would all be staying before their 1V1 matches. Mina then took them to the arch where they would wait to be called. They all hid in the shadows. A voice boomed over a loud speaker.


The class moved into the light and the sights of the crowd. Hikori recognised the voice that announced his class. He looked around at how packed the stands were and in amongst that crowd were Pro Heroes; New and Old and his Family. Eri was on standby in case accidents happened or fights got out of hand.


Hikori felt a blush heat up his cheeks when he eventually recognised the voice; His dad. Denki Kaminari. This was the first time he has heard his dad so happy for a long time. After the other classes and courses had been announced, every single one of them had been gathered together before a stage. Standing there was a man with a short frame, circular-golden rimmed glasses and dark brown, almost black hair.

"Welcome everyone to the Sports Festival! My name is Infrared! You may all be familiar with how the sports festival works, and although the students have found some things different with the school based on past years here, we have decided to keep the festival the same as much as we can. I would like to welcome up Kirishima Eijitski to say a few words." The man, Infrared, moved to the side as Kirishima walked up.

"I just wanna say that regardless of who you are or who your parents are; I'm GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!"

"I think that's enough...!" Hikori watched as Kirishima stuck out her tongue and crossed her arms over her chest as Infrared took back the microphone. "Now. LET THE SPORTS FESTIVAL BEGIN!"


Hikori stood with the other students from the other classes as they all waited for the siren to commence the race. The siren sounded and Hikori pushed through his classmates and the other students. Once he was out of the tunnel and into an open space, there were people all around him, using their quirks and everything. He stopped in place as robots, much like the ones he faced in the entrance exam, blocked their paths.

Starting to build up electricity in his hands, he stopped as he fell to his knees, much like everyone else, blocking his ears and an ear-piercing screech emerged into the chaos. Once it had died down, he looked up to see Yaoyorozu run past, other students following behind. These other students obviously stood behind her when she activated her quirk.

Standing up and shocking another robot to make it fritz, he caught a glimpse of Tori. She had her quirk activated and a magenta glow surrounded her body. Two robots rose into the air. They were getting close to her. As they were almost about to squish her, she deactivated her quirk and rolled forward, out of the way, allowing them to smash together and as a result, creating a barrier to block off some of the other students.

"Kaminari! You have to move! This is a race! If you plan on getting a good place and not get disqualified for a low placement, you have to get moving!" Tori yelled as she ran past and pulled him along.

"Thanks, Tori!"

"Don't mention it, but you owe me one!"

"Of course! Anything you want!"

The duo raced side-by-side. They reached a cavern and halted to a stop. There were wires that connected from one side to the other. There was confusion on how to get across. Glancing to his left, he watched as Adrien pulled out an old style Gameboy and waved his hand over the device. Almost immediately, a large dragon emerged with a flash. Jumping on the creature's back, he flew over the cavern.

Just as Adrien had left, Iida screeched to a halt. Looking around for a possible way across, they seemed to settle on only one other option. They ran back and Hikori watched as they went full speed towards the edge. They jumped but shot tape out of their hand, using it to swing across and army roll on the other side.

There weren't many people on the other side, maybe 10? From what Hikori could see. He watched as Tori had taken her shoes off. Her feet started to glow and she balanced her way across the metal wires, much like a tightrope walker.

"Kaminari!" came a voice. Looking to his left, he saw MT. He waved the boy over. Once Hikori reached his friend, the red-white-green haired male blew out a huge gust of fire and once it connected with the ground it froze, creating a little bridge. As the boys ran along, MT continued to blow out fire and the bridge got longer and longer.

On the other side, MT seemed winded, taking huge gasping breathes. Hikori watched as people went along the bridge. When Hikori ran to the final area, he saw people moving cautiously. There was a mine field of devices under the ground. People were setting them off and getting fired into the air with purple-pink sparkly dust. Hikori couldn't help but wince as someone landed hard on the ground, resulting in them crying out in pain.

He saw Harinezumi throwing out quills from his head and allowed them to pierce through the ground to the mines below, setting them off to distract the others. Hikori had always been quick on his feet and his stamina was one thing he had worked on leading up to the festival. He almost danced over the mines as he noticed the small hills that the mines had made when they were buried. One positive of having ADHD, for him anyways, meant that once he was set on something; he put all energy into it, but his worked slightly different. With his ADHD, he found that he is able to notice small details that others may not.

Once he reached the end of the line, he found, 3 other people racing neck-to-neck with him. A boy with light brown-blonde hair and visible dark brown roots, with freckles, piercings in his right ear and a scar running from the top of his right eye down to his cheek. A male with black hair in a mullet like style and piercing pale purple eyes had his face twisted into a frown of persistence and determination. The third had short blue wavy hair and bright yellow eyes. He was smaller than the other two and Hikori but he had just enough speed to keep up with them.

They reached the opening and with all four of them reaching out at once, they all collapsed through the tunnel at the exact same time.


All four of the boys looked up and saw that, even though it seemed that they all got there at the same time, they all came different places.


The blue haired boy collapsed to the ground with a huff. He seemed happy with his placing.


Hikori watched as this Kaiyth character, the one with the black mullet and tall frame, seemed to curse under his breathe. He was obviously in it for first place.


Hikori laughed to himself. 2nd place aint bad. Aint bad at all.


Keigo Monoma seemed to the blondish-brown haired male.


After a while the rest of the students had finished. Everyone was once again standing before the stage as Infrared stepped up and addressed the students once more.

"The next battle is called 'The Calvary Battle.' This battle will be completed in groups of 4. 1 person will be the 'Jockey' while the other three will be the 'horses' their job will be the feet. They will move around on the course. The Jockey's job will be to grab the headbands of the other Jockeys. These headbands will have point counts on them. Every jokey will have a headband with a point count of 50, for those that didn't place in the top 5." Infrared explained. "5th place, being Iida Hanna, will have a point count of 500. 4th place, Takeo Cavern, gets a point count of 1000. 3rd, Victor Kaiyth will have 1500. 2nd place winner, Kaminari will have 5000. Finally, 1st place Monoma Keigo will have a point count of 10 million points! If the Jockey falls off the shoulders of the others, their whole team will be disqualified and their headband, if they have one, will be given back to the person that they stole it from. You will have 5 minutes to form your teams! GO!"

Hikori stood on the spot as he saw a few students run up to him and started to ask to be on his team. Hikori stood there in an awkward aura. He could only choose 3 people. He wanted them to not only be strong and have great stamina but he also wants to make sure that their quirks could be of aid if needed. He had one person in mind that he wanted on his team, though.

"Hey, MT! Come here! I want you to be on my team!" Hikori cried as he and his friend ran up to each other.

"Sure! It'll be fun! Who else have you got on your team?" MT questioned.

"No one else as yet. I've got three more minutes to find two more members. Do you have anyone in mind by any chance?"

"Hmm... Why don't we get some-one from one of the different classes?"

"I want to but we don't have time to learn about their quirks. What about your cousin?"

"Sure! He'd love that! But you still need one more person... I know! How about Adrien or Shiro or Yoi?"

"Briefly remind me of their quirks again, please?"

"Adrien can bring video game characters to life, Shiro can do any function you find on a remote and Yoi can split up her body into multiple copies."

"... Let's get Yoi. If she's already on a team, then we check with the other two."

"Got it. I'll get Hinote and you get Yoi."

MT raced off to find Takami and Hikori went to find Yoi. He eventually found the girl.


She turned around and her braid smacked her in the face due to the momentum. "Hey, Kaminari! What's up? You found your team?"

"About that, want to join mine as one of the horses?"

"Sure! Who else is on your team?"

"MT and his cousin Takami."

"Sounds like fun!"

"Right. Come on, let's go."

The duo joined MT and Takami once more, just as Infrared came over with the headbands.

"Here you go, Kaminari. Are these your team members?"

"Yep! Midoriya-Todoroki, Takami and Yoi."

"Nice. Good luck!"


Hikori was now sitting on the shoulders of his team. They were going to try and win this, not just for Hikori to get to the 1V1s but also give his friends a chance as well. A siren sounded out and the teams started to run around. Hikori had to protect his headband and, at the same time, try and grab another team's headband to add up to his team's total score. They already had 5000 thanks to Hikori's 2nd place from the race.

"What's the plan, Kaminari?!" Yoi yelled to her team captain.

"Don't go straight for Monoma! We'll pick off the other teams as they will all be going for him. We'll slowly make up our total with the bandana's that we still from the other un-expecting teams."

"I love it!" MT exclaimed as Takami shifted Hikori on his arms.

As they raced towards a team, they ran past Iida and their team. Their team consisted of Togata Dai, Yoi Suraimu, Shiro Tzatziki and Kirishima Eijitski. Hikori and Iida made eye contact and it almost went in slow motion. As they ran past, Hikori cursed and apology under his breath as he reached out and snatched the headband from his friend. Hurt inched onto their face but was clouded immediately by frustration.

As his friends continued to run, Hikori tied the bandana around his head. With his points of 5000 and now Iida's additional 500, that brings their total to an amazing 5500. They continued to race. They were caught off guard when Monoma came charging at them.

"Look out!" Hikori cried.

As Monoma raced past, he knocked the team over and took hold of one of the loose ends of one of the bandanas. Crying out in fear, Hikori felt a hand grab onto his arm. Face close to the ground, he let a panicked gasp. Looking at who had saved him, he smiled a weak smile as he saw that Yoi hand created a second copy of herself and it had a hold of him. Pulling Hikori back on top, he found himself shaking as he sat on his friends' shoulders, hand gripping the remaining headband he had left. Taking it off, he found that it was the 500 band.

"You good, Kaminari?!" MT asked.

"Yeah... I'm good. Thanks for the save, Yoi!"

"No problem!" Yoi smiled. Only now did Hikori realize she had an echo to her voice.

"That was a close call. If Yoi didn't react as quickly as she did, we could've been eliminated. Monoma should be eliminated or at least have points removed from his initial score." Takami said suddenly with a flat tone to his voice.

"Your right. He should, but we still have time to regain some points. Lets-"

Hikori found himself frozen in time, but he could still slowly move. He watched as Iida's team raced towards Monoma's. It then clicked. Shiro had used his quirk. He paused time, well everyone else. What did Kendo say to him about Shiro's quirk? Right. He can do any function you can find on a remote control. What was his draw back? Something about using his quirk on a large group of people and it allows them to break free?

With a stupid thought, Hikori lifted his hand, but it felt like he was moving through water. Focusing all of his energy into his fingers, he built up some electricity. With a jolt to him and his team, electricity fire from his finger tips and shocked the other team. As soon as the electricity connected, everyone stumbled with their teams as Shiro's control was broken.

Holding his, now numb hand, Hikori looked down at his fingers. They were a painful red and were burning. Tears pricked his eyes and he had to squeeze them shut and grit his teeth to prevent from crying out in pain.

"Everything good up there, Kami?" Yoi asked.

"F-fine I-I guess... My f-fingers. They- Ahh...!" Hikori stammered, pain evident in his voice. Because he was stopped in time, the amount of electricity built up in his fingers and took longer to expel.

"Can you keep going or do you need the nurse? We can forfeit if it means you get the medical attention you need." Yoi said kindly.

"No. It's fine. I can use my other hand."

"Alright. But if you need to we won't stop you."

"Thanks. Now let's keep going."

After a further 15 minutes, the siren sounded and signalled the end of the cavalry battle. Hikori stood with his group in amongst the other 42 remaining students. They were waiting for the Cavalry Battle results to see who would move to the 1V1s.

"That looks painful, Kami." Yoi said, gently holding the boy's injured hand.

"I'll live."

"Attention students! You all did amazing but unfortunately, only the top 4 teams are able to move to the 1v1 fights. The first team that will progress with 10 million points is... Team Monoma! They surprisingly managed to keep hold of their headband. The second team to move on is... Team Iida! Team three is... Team Victor! Leaving team four, whom only just managed to squeeze in is... Team Kaminari!" Infrared exclaimed.

"Yeah!" MT high-fived Hikori, only to regret it immediately as it was his hand with his injured fingers.

"Ahh...!" Hikori hissed.

He collapsed to his knees as he held his hand. This time, the tears did fall. His hand stung like sh*t and hand somehow started to bleed. He looked up as a shadow moved before him. Through blurry eyes, he looked up to see Infrared crouched down by his side and Eri coming over.

"You Ok, kid? That looks bad." Infrared said softly.

"Hey, Hikori. Come on, I'll heal your hand before your fight." Eri said as she helped her nephew up.


After about 5 minutes, Hikori was getting prepared for his fight. He was sitting in the room when the door opened. Looking up, he gasped at the sight. His grandparents.

"Grandpa Shota! Granpa Hizashi! What's going on?! I thought you weren't coming!" Hikori fired as he walked over and gave his grandparents big hugs.

"Of course we came! We wouldn't miss it for the world, Little Listener!" Mic exclaimed.

"We also brought you something... On behalf of your fathers." Aizawa added as he handed his grandson a small package wrapped up in brown paper and tied of with twine.

"What is it?"

"Just open it up and you'll see."

Hikori did as he was asked. Inside the package was a pair of black fingerless gloves. Taking them out and putting the paper on the table, he slipped them on. He clenched and unclenched his fists a few times until he found them extremely comfortable.

"They're electricity proof gloves. They are designed to spread out the electricity you create so it can stop your fingers from going numb every time you use your quirk." Aizawa explained.

"I LOVE THEM! THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH! When you see Papa again, tell him thank you and that I love them." Hikori beamed

"Will do."

"You better get going, Kiddo. Your fight is about to start. You're the first one for the day." Mic explained with a hurried voice.

"sh*t! Thanks!"


"Japanese!" Hikori responded as he ran out of the room.

Once he got to the arch way, he waited for his name to be called.


Hikori walks out and heads for the stage, the sound of the crowd and cheers and clapping, reverberating through his bones and the back of his head.


Hikori watched as Iida matched his stance as they stood opposite of him. Out of all the people he could've been pinned against, it had to be his best friend. A signal was given and the fight began. Hikori stood where he was and watched as Iida got into a running stance. A clicking sound was barely heard as their engines emerged and locked into place. Iida then started to run around Hikori.

Trying to stay in his spot, Hikori tried to spot them, so that he could shock them with his electricity. With a grunt, tape wrapped around Hikori's waist. looking at where it came from, he saw Iida standing before him and tape coming from the back of their hand. With another grunt, Hikori pulled his hand from the bindings of his friend's tape. Wrapping his fingers around the tape, he let electricity build up in his fingers, before letting it run along the length and back to the source.

With a cry, Iida was shocked with the boy's quirk. Their arms dropped and the tape was cut off. Their eyes were a pale yellow colour. This meant that Hikori had to decide whether to brainwash them or not.

"Move to the outta side of the ring!" Hikori cried as he shook out his hands from using his electricity. He watched as they made their way outside of the ring. A minute later, Iida was out of the ring and Hikori was progressing onto the next round.



Hikori sat with his classmates and watched the next fight.


This Monoma student walked out with a crazy grin.


Yoi walked into the marked out circle and stood facing Monoma.

"I feel bad for Yoi. Hopefully she can hold off long enough not to get hurt." Tokoyami said softly.

The class nodded. Hikori directed his gaze back to the fight before him. Yoi had split into about 10 copies and had Monoma surrounded. The other boy didn't seem fazed, instead he just looked around at the crowd before his gaze landed on Hikori.

'sh*t...' was all Hikori could think.

Just as quickly as Monoma made eye contact, he shocked the slime girl's copies.

"Gather back up and leave the ring."

The girl did as she was ordered and the win was given to Monoma. Hikori slumped back into his chair with a sigh. Just as someone sat next to him. Iida.

"Hey, Iida."

"Hey, Kaminari! That was a good fight! I guess I lost fair and square, huh?"

"Yeah, but you still did really well."

"I feel sorry for Yoi, but I know how she feels about getting shocked. It hurts like hell...!"

"Heh... yeah... sorry about that..."

"No harm done!"

The next fights were interesting.

1B's Victor Kaiyth vs. Midoriya-Todoroki Irei. Kaiyth's quirk was called Animatronic. He had the ability to turn into an animatronic, much like the animatronics found in FNaF (Five Nights at Freddy's). He had black hair styled into a mullet, purple eyes. When he was in his animatronic form, he looked like a purple cat with a long tail and pointed feline ears. Kaiyth was given the win after defeating MT.

Kirishima was against Togata and she was given the win after knocking the boy out with her explosions.

There was a student from 1B that was pinned against a student from the support course. Hikori caught their names to be Asahi Eliss, from the Support Course, who's quirk is called water, allowing him to create and manipulate water at will. He had white hair and pointed elf ears. He was against a female student from 1B, called Yen Hina. Her quirk was Prehistoric Resurrection. Basically, she could bring the skeletal figures of dinosaurs to life. She had two braids down her back and orange eyes. Yen ended up winning the fight.

Takami Hinote, from Hikori's class, was chosen to fight against a student from 1B, whose name was Sara Sakura. She had light pink hair tied up into a loose plait. Her quirk is Rhythmic Echo. By moving in a certain way, she is able to create shadow like copies of herself. Takami managed to defeat her by barricading her in a torrent of fire until she passed out, therefore giving the win to the fire using teen.

Shiro was against a 1B student, too, by the name of Kuyu Himari. She had pale blonde hair with purple streaks throughout her hair. Both had powerful quirks; Shiro could pause, rewind, fast forward, repeat anyone or any living thing, while Kuyu's quirk was omnikinesis; giving her the ability to control anything that exists, will exist or has existed.

"Come on, Shiro!" came the multiple cries from not just Hikori but the rest of his class.

The two had a stand-off. In what seemed like a split second later, Shiro paused the girl by holding his middle and index fingers to his right eye. A pulse emerged and the girl was frozen in time. Shiro then did the same move and the girl started to move backwards, out of the circle. Once Shiro dropped his control, the girl was out and he had won.

The last fight for round one was against 1B student, Izuki Emerson; whose quirk is prediction. He can predict the moves of his opponent up to 5 minutes into the future. He had ginger hair in a ponytail. His opponent was a 1C student named Akio Hinata. They had pale green hair with a fringe that covered his left eye, as well as a plain black face mask. His quirk is wind. He can control the wind in short terms.

"Wow... Everyone here is going their hardest, huh? All of these quirks seem to get more and more powerful every year. It makes me start to doubt the capabilities of my own..." came the small voice of Hikori's shortest classmate, Hasuki Surrashu.

"Don't think like that, Hasuki! Your quirk is amazing in its own special way! And believe me when I say that there are people out there who are probably jealous of your quirk!" Hikori smiled.

"I guess you're right... thanks, Kaminari-kun!"

"Come on! how is this a fair fight?! How is he supposed to predict the wind?!" came the angry voice of a 1B student.

Just as the fight was about to get interesting, Infrared came into the stands and tapped Hikori on the shoulder.

"Come on, kid. You're up next for round 2."

Hikori got up and followed her to the waiting room till he was called.


5 minutes passed and Hikori was making his way to the centre circle.


Hikori stood on the spot as he watched the other male walk into the ring and into position.

'sh*t... I'm going to lose this round for sure. NO! don't think like that! You can do this; you just have to hope he hasn't chosen a quirk that is stronger than yours.'

"Hello, Kaminari! What a nice surprise for me to finally beat you!" Monoma smiled.

"You too- Wait. Did you say 'meet' or 'beat'?" Hikori asked, confusion in his words.

"You heard me."

Hikori started to build up electricity in his fingers, ready to shock the boy when he had an opening.

'Just wait until he looks for a quirk to use.'

The boy looked around and Hikori fired the electricity. It was a mistake, because just as it was about to connect, the boy made a large blanket and the electricity disappeared. With shock on his face, Monoma stood up and threw the blanket aside.

"A blanket that prevents electricity from traveling through it. Amazing don't you say? Not only that but, THANKS FOR THE QUIRK, CREATI!"

'Creati... Wait! That means he used her quirk of creation and it also means that she's in the crowd and watching!'

"Just give up! I can use any quirk I want, whenever I want! All I have to do is find the appropriate heat signal and Baddabing baddaboom! Win for ME! Loose for YOU! HaHaHa!"

"I'm not giving up that easily!"

"sigh... of course you aren't..."

"I'm going to defeat you and progress to the next round!"

"No you won't! You know why?!"


"Because you can't even use your quirk without going numb in the fingers!"

Hikori was taken aback by the remark and it struck deep. Those were the exact words that Akuma had said to him back in middle school. Tears gathered in the corners of his eyes and he gritted his teeth. His head dropped down and his fringe clouded his eyes.

~Can't even use your quirk without going numb in the fingers!

You expect to get into UA? Keep dreaming!

If you can't even use your quirk properly, you have no chance of being a hero.

Drawbacks just show how weak and pathetic you are.~

Hikori started to sob. The crowd had died down and Monoma continued to stand there. His sob could be heard to the furthest seats in the stands.

"I can do it... I can use my quirk..."

"What was that, Shock Treatment?"

That name. that cause him to snap.

"I CAN USE MY QUIRK! I CAN! I CAN! I CAN! I'M NOT WEAK! I'M NOT PATHETIC!" Hikori screamed, his head snapping up to show the anger in his eyes and the tears running down his cheeks.

"What are you on about?" Monoma asked.


With one large blast of electricity from his hands, he let out a scream and blood flew from his palms and his fingers lost all feeling. His gloves were completely destroyed and only little bits were still on his hands. The electricity went into a large beam and connected with Monoma but his skin hardened on impact, deeming Hikori's attack useless.

Swaying on his feet and hands dripping blood and sharp pains shooting through his hands and wrists, Monoma stole Ground Zero's quirk and set off a large explosion that sent Hikori flying out of the circle and crashing down the stone steps, bringing him unconscious. Monoma had won and Hikori was unresponsive.

Hikori managed to open his eyes, only slightly, to see Eri, Pinky and Infrared running to his side before he blacked out once more.


When Hikori came to, he was in a different room and a large light took over his vision. Trying to sit up, Hikori winced at the pounding in his head. He looked down at his hands and saw them wrapped up in bandages. The door opened and his three friends ran in and up to him.




"Hey, guys. What happened?"

"Dude! You went all out, like f*ck! You really messed up your hands in the process." MT cried. "There was blood dripping onto the ground and your hands were red raw."

"You really scared us!" Iida said with sadness. "You hit your head on the steps. You were bleeding from a cut on your head. I thought something more serious had happened to you...!"

"Don't f*cking scare me like that again, Sparky! I may not care for the other extras at this school but you, you idiot, got me really scared."

"I'm sorry... By the way, how did your fight go, Kiri?"

"Great! I beat that purple-robot-cat-thing and I moved to the next round. Takami lost his fight against a girl from 1B."

"And Shiro's fight is happening right now. After that, Kirishima is up against Monoma." Iida continued.

"But after seeing the damage he did to you, I'll avenge you by f*cking him up so bad, he will be wondering why his kneecap is back-to-front and around the back of his head!"

"That's an image I will never be able to forget." MT shuddered.


Hikori was allowed to go back with his friends and is currently sitting in the stands and watching the end of Shiro's fight. The person he's fighting against is Akio Hinata. Shiro had him paused and pushed dragged him out of the circle and later removed control form the boy.



Hikori turned to the sound of the voice and saw Kendo on the edge of his seat and cheering his cousin on with gusto. A large explosion took Hikori's attention back to the fight. Kirishima had created a large explosion in hopes that the smoke from it would create a smoke screen and it did. She ran out towards him and tried to land a punch on the boy, but he simply disappeared into the ground right in front of her. A split second later, he emerged behind her and grabbed the back of her collar. He then got into a running position and engines emerged from his legs, meaning he had found Ingenium in the crowd. A few seconds later, he had thrown Kirishima out of the arena.


Both students stood in the arena. Yen started the fight by resurrecting a large T-Rex from the ground. It's skeletal structure clicking together with a disturbing sound and Hikori couldn't help but shudder at the sound. Shiro held his fingers up to his right eye and a pulse emerged, and the creature stopped in its tracks before it could get to him. Yen must've wanted to use the dinosaur as a distraction as she charged at the short blonde. With a gasp, he was knocked to the ground and his control on the beast wavered, allowing the beast to move slightly. Getting back to his feet, trying to keep control on the dinosaur and trying to dodge the girl's attacks, Shiro was getting closer and closer to the edge of the ring.

"SHIRO! LOOK OUT!" Yaoyarozu cried.

Shiro looked back and seemed to wince. He held up his other hand to his left eye and pause the girl. He then turned on his rewind function and turned towards the large skeletal monstrosity before him, causing it to crumble and disappear back into the ground. Shiro staggered on his feet and started to sway. With a gasp, he collapsed to his knees and the function he had Yen under broke, causing the girl to break free. Noticing his mistake, Shiro staggered back to his feet and charged at Yen. She started to punch him in the shoulders and back as he pushed her close to the edge of the ring. Without noticing, Yen's foot hand touched the outside of the circle.


Shiro collapsed to the ground and seemed to struggle to breathe. Eri and Pinky ran over to him and picked him up, taking him to the sick bay. Not realising he was on the edge of his seat, Hikori slumped back into his chair just as Kirishima walked into the stand s and sat down next to him. She had a patch on her face and a few scratches, but other than that, she was perfectly fine.

"Good job, Kiri."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I Just hope Monoma realises that he has just made an enemy."

Kirishima pouts and folds her hands over her chest.


The final fight was before them. Monoma vs. Shiro. Hikori was nervous for his classmate. He had such a powerful quirk but so does Monoma and Hikori had learnt that first hand, but it wasn't just him that had learnt how powerful he was, both Kirishima and Yoi had learnt that too. Hikori crossed his fingers. Shiro and Monoma were facing off and they heard the signal that allowed them to fight. Shiro went to pause the other boy, but Monoma had gotten there first. He had copied Shiro's quirk and the blonde boy was frozen on the spot.

"NO!" Hikori cried, the disapproving and shocked cries of his classmates chorusing with him.

Monoma grabbed the boy by the collar but what shocked everyone the most was that, when Monoma reached for the boy's collar, Shiro moved, grabbed Monoma's arm and bent it behind him.

"You would realise this but, my quirk can't be used against me. If you pause me, then I can easily regain control and use my play function." Shiro then flipped the boy over and Monoma landed on his back, letting out a gasping cry, now clearly winded. Shiro stepped back and paused the boy on the spot. Shiro then leant down and grabbed the collar of the boy's sport uniform. He then dragged him across the ground until his upper half of his body was out of the circle.

The crowd erupted into cheers and applause.


A few minutes later Shiro, Monoma and Kirishima were on the podium. Deku walked up to them, medals in hand. He walked up to Kirishima first.

"3rd place goes to Kirishima Eijitski!" Deku cried as he placed the bronze medal around the girl's neck.

"Thanks, Deku."

"Kacchan and Eijiro would be very proud of you, you know."

"I know."

Deku then wandered over to Monoma.

"2nd place is awarded to Monoma Keigo!" Deku placed the silver medal around Monoma's neck.

"And finally! 1st place is awarded to SHIRO TZATZIKI!"

Shiro lowered his head and Deku slipped the golden medal around his neck.

"Well done, Shiro. You should be very proud of yourself."

"I am, Deku. I just hope my mother feels the same..."

"Well, she should be. Her son just won the sports festival."

Deku then turned towards the students, heroes and civilians in the crowd.


Chapter 11

Chapter Text

It had been a few days since the festival and Hikori was sitting in the common room with his classmates. It was a Saturday and everyone was exhausted from the week. They had the sports festival on Monday but still had training everyday afterwards. Hikori noticed that Shiro was sitting on the couch, clutching his stomach. He curled in one himself and tears pricked at his eyes.

"Hey, you OK, Shiro?" Hikori asked as he shuffled over.

"I-I'm f-fine... My stomach just hurts..." Shiro replied, groaning in pain.

"Do you want me to take you to Eri?"

"Move it Sparky! This isn't something you should be concerned with. Come on, Shiro." Kirishima growled as she grabbed Shiro's hand. She turned back towards Hikori. "If you really want to know what's wrong, talk to Iida. They can tell you."

"OK...?" Hikori went to find Iida. He found her coming out of her room and down the left hall. He ran up to them.

"Hey, Iida?" Hikori asked as they walked in.

"What's up, Kami?" they replied.

"What's wrong with Shiro? He said he had a sore stomach and Kirishima took him down towards the girls' dorms, even though it's against the rules."

"Look. It's not my place to say anything but, just know that he was given permission from Sensei to go into the girls' rooms if needed."

"Oh... By the way, how are you coping? You know, being segregated into the girls' dorms?"

"It's fine. When we first moved in, Sensei talked to me about it and I told her it was fine. Even though I don't identify as any gender, I assured her that it wouldn't cause any issues."

"Oh! OK then. What have you got planned for the day?"

"Nothing much. I was just going to chill in the dorms."

They both heard crashing and clashing from the floor above.

"Sounds like someone is putting the gym to good use." MT commented as he entered the common room.

"Yeah. I want to go and train there, but because we share it with 1B, I really don't want to run into Monoma or any of his classmates." Hikori replied as he thought back to his fight with the boy.

"To be honest? Neither do I." Iida added. "I saw how he won his 1v1s in the festival and I honestly don't want to become one of his victims."

The trio looked up as some of the other students walked in.

"I'm guessing we're not the only ones that have decided to stay in the dorms this weekend." Laughed a brunette. Hagakure Benjiro.

"Yeah. I think it would be best to get accustomed with our dorm building a little more before we decide to start leaving the premises." A blue haired male agreed. Togata Dai.

"I wonder when we're going to get the results for how many Pros want to take us for internships?" a blonde girl with green eyes asked no one in particular as she sat down in a chair. Ojiro Ichika.

"Neither do we, Ichika. We don't know any schedule. Remember what Sensei said; Everything will be different this year due to what happened from past experiences." Hagakure said.

Instead of a simple reply, his sister just stuck out her tongue.


The next day at school, they all sat in class while they waited for Pinky to arrive. After about a minute, she walked in with Infrared, the women that presented each round at the festival.

"Hello everyone! You may or may not remember me, but, my name is Infrared! Today, instead of your normal training, we are going to be choosing hero names!" Infrared exclaimed with joy.

The class burst into cheers. Hikori sat on the edge of his seat, he was looking forward to this, although he hadn't really thought of a solid name for his hero persona yet. Infrared handed out whiteboards and markers to all of the students. As soon as they were passed down the rows, the students immediately began to write their hero names or just sat there thinking.

Hikori watched as Yoi wandered up to the front of the class and presented her board to the class and the Senseis.

"The Slime Hero; Ooze!"

"I love it! It suits your quirk wonderfully!" Infrared gushed.

Yoi sat back down and Hagakure wandered up to take her place.

"The Karate Hero; Ninjamal." As he said this, his tail flicked from side to side.

"I'm guessing you took inspiration from your father's hero name? Am I wrong?"

"No, Infrared Sensei. I did take inspiration from my father...!"

This continued like this for a while;

Adrien- "The Video Game Hero; Plagiarise."

Infrared- "Clever!"

Ren- "The Wolf Hero; Howlette."

Infrared- "For you, it's perfect!"

Hikori Watched as Tori wandered up.

"Playing on some knowledge from Science class in Middle school, My Hero Persona is; The Magnet Hero; Balance!" Tori beamed.

"I think it extremely clever to use previous knowledge from middle school to inspire your hero name!" Infrared smiled.

Tori sat down and a girl with dark green hair with black feathers tied in, wandered up, obviously really shy.

"I want to include my Dark Shadow, Pitch. So, for my hero name, I would like to be the Night hero; Shadow." She explained.

"I think it's wonderful, Tokoyami, but maybe work on your confidence, alright?"

"Yes, Sensei..."

Tokoyami sat down. Kinzoku wandered up to the front. He presented his board and it had one single word written.

"Android. That is my hero name." He stated.

"Yes Sir!"

More and more students wandered up to the front and presented their hero names. After about 6 more students, Hikori wandered up and presented his board. He was pretty happy with his decision.

"The Static Hero; Shockwave! Electrifiying, don't you think?" Hikori beamed.

"I'm getting goosebumps!" Infrared smiled as she held her arms to emphasise her point. After a few more minutes, the rest of the students had presented their names. (listed below)

Ren- Wolf Hero; Howlette

Tori- Magnet Hero; Balance

Tokoyami- Night Hero; Shadow

Kinzoku- The Robot Hero; Android

Yoi- Slime Hero; Ooze

Benjiro- Karate Hero; Ninjamal

Hikori- Static Hero; Shockwave

Harinezumi- Dart Hero; Shaft

Kendo- Steel Hero; Iron Heart

Toga- Blood Hero; Blood Clone

Togata- Permeation Hero; Phase

Iida- Tape-Engine Hero; Jet Stream

Shiro- Remote Hero; Click

Adrien- Videogame Hero; Plagiarise

Takami- Fire Hero; Fire Starter

Ojiro- Invisible Hero; Ultra Violet

Kirishima- Explosion Hero; Grenade

Midoriya-Todoroki- Fire and Ice Hero; Spitfire

Hasuki- Husky Hero; Slush

Yaoyarozu- Sound Hero; Sound Machine

"All of these Hero names are wonderful! I love how you all either played off of your quirks, used childhood names or used knowledge to create them. They are all unique to your own selves and you should be proud. Remember; If you decide you have thought of a better name, come talk to me and your sensei and inform us of any changes, because you will be addressed by these names for your hero internships later on." Infrared explained.

The class nodded at her words to show that they understood what she was saying. The bell went and signalled for next lesson.


Hikori sat in the dorms that afternoon with his classmates when a knock on the door sounded through the room. Casually walking up to it, Hikori watched as Shiro opened it up, only to receive a jump scare from two of the students from 1B.


The two people at the door burst out laughing. One of the boys rubbed off some face paint while the other seemed to turn back into his normal form.

"So the students of 1A are just as much scaredy cats as they are losers!" the blonde-brown haired male snickered. Hikori recognised him; Monoma Keigo.

Monoma high-fived his friend.

"Oh don't look so scared...! Have you never seen William Afton before?!" Monoma laughed.

At this very moment, Adrien walked in.

"You guys are so childish. That was the worst William Afton cosplay I have ever seen." Adrien said flatly with a role of his eyes.

"Oh really?"


"As it you could do any better...!" Monoma scoffed.

"You want to see William Afton? Then I'll show you William Afton."

Adrien waved his hand over Iida's laptop, that they were using, and with a 'whoosh' like sound, a purple pixelated figure appeared.

"I'd like to introduce you to; The Man Behind the Slaughter!"

"f*cking show off...! Come on Kaiyth. Let's leave these babies to have their tea party."

Monoma stormed off and his friend followed in pursuit.

"Idiots. I don't know what persuaded them to do that." Adrien shook his head and waved his hand back over Iida's laptop and 'The Man Behind the Slaughter; William Afton,' disappeared. He crossed his arms and slumped further into the couch.

Chapter 12

Chapter Text

The next day, Hikori and his class walked the halls together. When they got to the classroom, Kirishima reached for the door handle. Noticing something the others didn't, Hikori tried to stop her from opening it, but it was too late. A bucket of blue paint fell from the door and landed all over the blonde, explosive girl, paint flying over the students that stood too close. The class heard snickering and turned to see Monoma and a bunch of his classmates snickering and laughing at the incident. Kirishima seemed ready to explode. Teeth clenched fists formed at her side and eyes shooting daggers, she slowly turned to the opposing class and growled.

Sensei Mina joined her class as she appeared from the hallway. She saw her class covered in paint. She clenched her teeth, much like the blonde teen before her. She crossed her arms over her chest and screamed at the door of 1B's classroom.


The said person moved into view not even a minute later. He had forget-me-not blue eyes, pale blonde hair and smirk. He had a white button up shirt, with the collar standing up, and black pants. The outfit was matched with a black tail coat with white cuffs on the ends of the sleeves. He had a white belt with 3 small golden pocket watches set at different times and white shoes. To finish of the outfit was an undone, light blue tie with black polka-dots.

"Hello, MiNa!" the male mocked with a psychopathic look in his eyes.

"Hello, Neito." The pink skinned female replied with a stern tone.

Hikori was surprised. Phantom Thief was the teacher of 1B?! Clearly his Sensei had a history with him.

"You better not have told them to do this. Because If you did then you know we will get you back."

"Dear Mina! Please don't tell me that you are implying our students have a prank war, now are you?"

"Why would I imply that? Especially after your class lost to my own. It simply wouldn't be fair!"

"The only reason we lost was because Itsuka and Tetsutetsu betrayed us and instead helped you."

"That's because they were Denki's friends."

"Well then. Maybe a rematch won't be so bad after all."

"Fine then. 1A vs. 1B in a prank war. We'll discuss the rules after school in the 1A dorm floor."

"Can't wait."

Phantom thief then took his students back into his classroom while Mina took her own students to get cleaned up.


Once back in class and all cleaned up, Hikori decided to ask the question that everyone was thinking.

"Mina Sensei?"

"Yes, Kaminari?"

"What was all of that about?"

"How do you know Phantom Thief?" Harinezumi asked straight after.

"And what's this about a prank war?!" Kendo joined in.

"I guess I owe you all an explanation, considering I did just drag you all into this." Mina sighed. "Phantom Thief, AKA Monoma Neito, was a student from 1B when I was your age. He always believed that his class would be superior and he would find any opening to mock us. The only person that ever kept him in line was Battle Fist; Kendo Itsuka. Once Denki moved away to live in Australia, our classes became closer due to the friendship Denki had with her."

'Why didn't dad tell me about his friendship with Battle Fist?' Hikori thought, sadly.

"In our second year, 1B started to prank us with jump-scares, almost every single day and the whole class was in on it, except Itsuka and Tetsutetsu. They didn't want to be any part of it. Once they learned that my class, 1A, was getting them back with our own pranks, they wanted to help. This got the class angry, Monoma in particular. The war went on for weeks and weeks. It wasn't until my class did the biggest prank on the class, during an assembly, did they realise that we were to never be defeated, that they stopped and we won. And I'm guessing Monoma told his son about this and so his kid wants a rematch. One that Phantom Thief is willing to join."

"Then I guess we should avenge your title, Sensei!" Iida exclaimed, the rest of the class agreed.


That afternoon, Class 1B were standing across from 1A. both Senseis were glaring daggers at each-other. The students stood awkwardly.

"The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife...!" MT whispered.

"I know...!" Hikori agreed.

"I am very uncomfortable with the energy we have created in the studio today!" Toga exclaimed after a few more moments passed.

"So? what are the rules?" Phantom Thief asked.

"No pranks are to be played if there is a risk of putting the students in danger; whether it be the class playing the trick or the class that the trick is played on. No single prank is allowed to be played more than once. So if a prank works on one class, the other class can't play that trick as payback. And the pranks have to remain within the school grounds." Pinky explained.

"How about we raise the stakes a bit?"

"How so?"

"If 1B wins, each of my students can use yours as 'butlers' or 'slaves' for the next month."

"Alright. And if 1A wins, we can do the same with your students."

"And it can be anything the winning team wants, no buts."

"Sensei? How are we supposed to keep track of the pranks and who wins?" Tokoyami asked softly.

"That is where the support course comes into play." Mina leaves for a few minutes before returning with a large cardboard box. "In this box are the watches Hatsume made our classes when we did our prank war. Every time one becomes scared or such, the watches scan the person wearing it and the surrounding area. If a prank has been played, it will add it to the point count on the watch."

"But how long will the war go for, father?" Monoma's son, Keigo, asked.

"How about this; the Internships are about 6-10 weeks away. The prank war will finish a day or two before the internships." Phantom Thief explained.

"When does it start, sensei-Ashido?" Zen questioned, attaching a watch to his wrist, much like the opposing class and his own classmates.

"It already has."

And with that, 1B leaves 1A to stand alone in the room.


The next day, as it was a Monday, Hikori walked out of his room and just closed the door, just as Togata Dai walked up to him, looking really awkward.

"Hey, Kaminari?" he asked with nerves.

"Yeah?" Hikori asked with a bright, but concerning tone and smile.

"You're close to Midoriya-Todoroki, right?"


"That means you may be close to his cousin, right?"

"I guess?"

"Could you give him this note, please? I'd give it to him myself but I can't bring myself to doing it."


Hikori took the note and noticed a small blush on the boy's face, slowly getting bigger and more furious as he spoke.

"You have a crush on him, don't you?"

"HuH?! WhAt?!"

"It's nothing to be ashamed about. I'm just surprised to be the first one to find out! Usually I'm the last person anyone would trust with that kind of secret."

"Well... I guess that changes today, then, huh?"

"Heh... Yeah. Anyways! I'll make sure Takami gets this note and I'll make sure he understands that it's not from me."

"Thanks, Kaminari. Let's head to class or we'll be late."

The two boys raced out of the dorm room and headed to class.


On their way there, the both notice how quiet it is but feel the presence of someone following them.

"Hey, Togata?"


"Is it just me or does it feel like someone's following us?"

"No it does feel like someone is following us."

"Creepy. We're almost at the classroom. Let's hurry."

After a few moments, Togata and Hikori entered the classroom.

"Sorry we're late, Sensei!" Hikori cried, out of breath.

"Exactly! I don't think it was very responsible for me to be late as I'm the class Vice President...!" Togata added.

"Don't worry about it boys. Mistakes happen. Just take your seats."

The boys nodded and sat down in their chairs. The lesson seemed to go on forever and it was driving Hikori insane. He started to tape his foot on the ground and it echoed through the classroom. Everyone was doing text book work and it was eerily quiet.

Mina looked at the boy and noticed his actions. She then reached into a draw at her desk and pulled out a small box of paper clips. She walked over and crouched by his desk.

"Sorry...! Was I being annoying?" Hikori panicked.

"No not at all. I noticed how you kept tapping your foot. So, as I have seen this behaviour before, because of your Dad, I thought you might want to play with these." Mina explained quietly.

"Paper clips?"

"Yep. Your dad used to make paper clip chains in the middle of class. It helped him and it helped Aizawa-Sensei realise that he had ADHD. I take it you inherited it from him?"

Hikori nodded. He took the small container. Mina couldn't help but notice the messy writing in the boy's book and how the text book wasn't even open. The boy noticed this and his face fell.

"You OK?" Mina asked.

"Yeah... But I can't read properly... or write..." Hikori whispered with slight panic, tears pricking in the corner of his eyes.

"Hey... It's nothing to get upset about. Have you always had this problem?"

"Yes, Sensei... I have Dyslexia..."

"Did your Middle school teachers ever help you with it?"

"No... they thought I was just making up excuses..."

"Ok then. I'm going to try the tactic we used on Denki when he was here. I'll start writing in different colours and you tell me if it helps, OK?"

Hikori nodded and thanked his sensei for the help she was willing to provide. After what felt like an eternity, the bell sounded and signalled for everyone to be directed off to their next class.

Chapter 13

Chapter Text

As Hikori sat in the cafeteria that lunch, he waited for the rest of the squad to arrive. After a few moments, he watched as Iida, MT and Kirishima wandered in. All three of them were soaked and dripping wet. They joined Hikori at the table. Iida had taken of their glasses and was cleaning them, MT was twisting the end of his shirt and squeezing any excess water out and Kirishima was shaking her head, violently, to shake the water from it.

"What happened to you guys?!" Hikori exclaimed.

"1B happened." MT said flatly with a slight hint of anger.

"We were just walking down the hall and 1B bombarded us and started to throw water balloons at us." Iida explained.

"And because we haven't played any pranks on them for revenge, 1B is now ahead of us by 3 points, as the past two pranks, being the Afton Jumpscare and the paint bucket trick, registered on the watches." Kirishima growled.

The trio sat down and continued to talk, Hikori offering them some food from his lunch tray for the group to share.

"So what are we going to do? We need to get revenge for what they've been doing to us." Hikori said as he watched Kirishima snag a few of his chips.

"Who knows but we defiantly have to get them back. We need to avenge Sensei's Prank War champion title." Iida said as they lent on their palm, with elbow on the desk.

"Yeah! We need to keep the title for 1A! We can't let 1B win!" MT agreed.

"So what do we do?" Kirishima asked.

"I think I have an idea..." Hikori smirked evilly.


Hikori had informed his class about his plan for payback on 1B but they had to wait till it got later at night. When the clock struck 10pm, 1A all got up and made their way, quietly to the 1B dorm level. Once there, they got into position. Once all hidden, Hikori gave Yaoyarozu activated her quirk and let out a shrill scream. Not even 10 seconds later, screams went through the dorms, evident from the girls, as the whole class ran into their common room.

From his hiding point, Hikori watched as a male with wavy blue hair reached for the lightswitch, only for it to not work. He looked around and saw Shiro with his quirk activated, looking at the ceiling. This meant he had his quirk activated and was pausing the light, preventing it from working.

Giving Ojiro a signal, the girl turned invisible and took off her clothes, allowing her body to be completely invisible. Hikori couldn't find her but eventually did when he saw a pot pan rise and get thrown to the floor. This caused two of the girls to hug each other; one with pink hair and another with blonde hair and a teal strip in her fringe, while screaming. Making spooky noses and Keisha howling. They managed to succeed in scaring the class as they all raced out of the room and down the hall. The 1A students stood up and started laughing and high-fiving each other.

"That was amazing, HA HA!" Tori exclaimed.

"That was a wicked idea, Kaminari!" Adrien beamed, hand on his hip.

"I know right?!" Keisha added.

Everyone started thanking Hikori for the idea.

"Alright everyone...! Off to bed in our dorm before 1B starts getting suspicious...!" Mina giggled as she hushed her students out and to bed.


Hikori lay in bed and smiled at himself. It was amazing. Suddenly, something clicked in his head.


Hikori moaned and threw his hands over his face.

'I'll have to give it to him tomorrow morning... sh*t...!'

Deciding to not dwell on it any longer, he tried to get some sleep.


The next morning, Hikori went to find Takami. He found the boy sitting on the couch in the common room.

"Hey, Takami!" Hikoir cried running over.

"Oh... Hi, Kaminari. What's up?"

"I've got this letter for you, but it's not from me. It's from someone else."


"Read it and find out...!"

Hikori then ran off, leaving Takami alone.

Chapter 14

Chapter Text

That afternoon as Hikori sat with his friends at in the cafeteria, Takami walked over. He seemed to be really nervous. In his hands was the note Hikori had given him that morning. MT looked up and smiled at his cousin and allowed him to sit. Iida waved and said hello, while Kirishima simply scoffed and rolled her eyes, continuing to eat her lunch.

"Hey, Takami! Did you read the note?" Hikori asked, already knowing that he did.

"Yeah... Who actually told you to give it to me?" He asked, drawing the attention of MT, Iida and even Kirishima in to curiosity.

"Can't say...!"

"Why? What was the note about, Hinote?" MT asked.

"It was something about someone saying how much they liked me. How they can never stop thinking about me. At the end they said to meet them at the sakura tree during lunch..."

"It sounds a lot like a love note to me!" Iida squealed.

"Love is stupid and a useless waste of time. It distracts you from doing what you dream of doing. Having a lover just gets into your head and in your way." Kirishima said flatly.

"So your parents just got in the way of each-other, huh?" Hikori teased.

"That's different, SPARKY! It's just my opinion."

"Anyways... Are you going to go and see them, Hinote?" MT asked.

"I dunno... I want to go but I don't want to reject them based on my sexuality. I also don't want to go but I don't want to stand them up. This is confusing." Takami explained with frustration.

"If you don't mind me asking; What is your sexuality, Takami-kun?" Iida asked sweetly.

"Sapiosexual. It means I don't find gender or sex or anything like that romantic or attractive. I find intelligence attractive instead."

"Oh! I've never heard of that kind of sexuality before! It must be difficult to find someone whose intelligence is attractive, right?"

"Kinda... I just sit and observe. If someone sparks my interest, then I'll proceed to find out more about them."

"Is your sapiosexuality towards males or females? Or even both...?"



"What about the rest of you?"

"I'm non-binary. I haven't really settled on my love preferences yet, though." Iida explained.

"Gay." Hikori said simply.

"Same." MT agreed.

"Straight Allie." Kirishima said without hesitation. "Now. Are you going to go and meet this person or what?"

"I guess I should. Could you guys come with me?"

"Sure! We can hide so it doesn't look like we're trying to be nosey." Hikori replied.


Once the group neared the sakura tree, Hikori, Iida, Kirishima and MT held back and let Takami proceed alone. Peeking around the corner of the building, they noticed that it was Togata. The males stood before each other and started talking. Hikori couldn't make out exactly what they were saying but whatever they said was getting one another flustered. After what seemed like an eternity, the two boys stood close to each-other and made their way over. Pretending to not know what was going on was the plan but Togata saw straight through the whole thing.

"Thanks for giving him the note, Kaminari." Togata said happily.

"Your welcome, although I did forget to give it to him yesterday...! I must've spaced out...!" Hikori replied, placing his hand behind his neck.

"It's alright. Takami would've been there alone as I sorta chickened out."

"Oh...! Heh...!"

"Congratulations, Togata! Takami!" Iida beamed.

"Thanks, Iida." Togata thanked.

The large group headed back to the classroom once the bell sounded.


The next day, as Hikori ran into the common room, he smiled as he saw the twins.

"Happy sweet 16, you two!" he beamed.

"Thanks, Kaminari!" Ojiro Ichika smiled.

"Thanks..." Hagakure Benjiro said shyly.

"Wow... Already 3 months in... Kinda." Hikori replied. "Now. Let me escort you to the class!"

Ojiro giggled and Hagakure smiled.

Once in the class, Hikori threw the door open with a triumphant stance and smirk.


"Happy birthday, twins!" the rest of the class chorused.

"Happy birthday, you two." Mina said happily. "Now can everyone get changed into their hero uniforms? We're heading to the USJ Arena."

The class nodded. Hikori waited for his friends and walked out with them.

As the class sat on the bus, heading for the USJ, Hikori took in his friends' hero uniforms. Toga was wearing a black, sleeveless turtle neck with matching short shorts. Across her hip was a dark magenta pouch while high-heeled boots moved up the length of her legs, stopping just blow her shorts. Her blond hair was tied up in 4 buns on top of her head. Her eyes were a dirty golden colour with, and Hikori only just noticed this, a small broken heart on her right cheek, almost like a birthmark.

Kaneki was wearing a black loose collared shirt with yellow accents around the rim of the collar, across the front of the shirt and wrapping around the sleeves. Matching black shorts stopped just below the knee with, once again, matching sneakers.

Sitting next to him was Adrien. He was wearing a black short-sleeved shirt with a sleeveless red cropped jacket with a yellow star on the left side of the up-turned collar. Cream coloured pants and black sneakers. A white sash was tied around his waist. A black satchel back was over his shoulder. This was where the boy kept his gaming devices.

Hikori looked to his left at Hasuki. Her hero costume consisted of a dark purple tail coat with golden accents. The jacket was done up with a simple buckle across the front while the back parted for her small tail, white shirt underneath and a peachy coloured ascot with a simple golden star. She wore a peachy skirt with golden trim. One her feet were dark purple boots with matching socks that went up, past her knees to her upper thighs.

"At least 1B can't get us here." Keisha said suddenly.

"Yeah. No pranks for a whole DAY!" Tori agreed.

The bus halted to a stop and the students climbed out. Before them was the large circular building known as the USJ. Before them, at the doors, was a medium, slightly short, woman with brown hair cut into a bob with big bright eyes. Her hero costume was a white suit with dark blue and slight pink accents and patterns. A large belt was around her waist but opened as the front. White gloves moved down the length of her arms from her elbows to hands. Big high-heeled boots were on her feet a head-piece and scarf finished off her look with the additional pink gadget here and there.

"Hey everyone!" the woman spoke with joy and enthusiasm.

"Oh My All Might! It's Uravity!" Hikori turned to the voice and saw Yoi literally about to burst with excitement.

"I'm glad you recognise me." Uravity smiled. "Hello, Mina-san!"

"Hey, Uraraka!" Mina beamed. "Everyone? In case you don't know, this is Uravity. She works at the USJ after taking the job from retired hero; 13. She's also and old childhood friend. She was in my class during our time at UA."

"And I'm looking forward to teaching you!"

The students walked in and marvelled at the inside of the building.

"Now. The USJ Arena consists of different environments; Water, mountain, abandoned building and cliffs." Uravity explained, pointing at each one in turn. "And in those domes over here are the stormy city; in the dark blue dome and in the red one is the fire challenge in which consists of a range of buildings that have been set alight with remote controlled lighters and extinguishers. Everyone will be grouped up and placed in different environments. There will be dummies situated and hidden around; on in each, that you have to find and rescue as a team."

They were now standing in the middle of the arena. As Uravity continued to talk about the history of the USJ and her time training there with her class and, later; 13, a black wispy portal opened up. Noticing the replay of historic events, Uravity and Pinky ordered the children behind them. From the portal emerged a group of-

"Villains...!" Hasuki cried.

"Stay back." Uravity ordered.

The villains ranged from mutant quirks to the transformation and emitter as some were activating their quirks.

A girl with brown hair with blonde streaks emerged. She had a strange desire in her eyes. She was wearing a black outfit where her shirt stopped just below her largish chest. Short sleeves attached to the shirt. Light grey gloves began at her elbows but ended at her wrists where black spiked gloves covered her hands. Chain linked rings on her right hand and her left glove completely exposed one of her fingers. She was wearing matching short shorts and Steal capped ankle high boots. A cape like piece of clothing was attached to her shorts.

A male next to her had extremely pale silver, almost white, curly hair with dark rings under his blue eyes. He wore a white collared shirt with a black sleeveless jacket and black dress pants. Around his neck was a dark teal coloured tie.

Emerging between the two was a tall male with soft brown skin, dark greyish hair in a half-shaved style with a simple chunk of hair left for his fringe. Tattoos peeked out of his collar. He had white rabbit ears and tail. He was wearing a costume completely in black with the occasional light teal accents. To finish off his look he had twin piercings under his bottom lip and one on the side of his nose. His piercing red eyes challenged the group.

"Well, well, well...! Look at what we have here...! A group of students that believe they can be heroes all because their mummies and daddies are...!" the rabbit male teased with a booming voice.

"If we get to choose, I want the little puppy...!" the girl said, a psychopathic tone to her voice. Hikori watched as Hasuki's tail fell between her legs, ears flattened against her head and her eyes filled with fear and Ojiro disappeared.

"There will be no need for that." The rabbit snapped his fingers and all of the students disappeared.

Hikori opened his eyes, as he closed them when he disappeared, and found himself in one of the many environments around the USJ. Looking across the Arena from his advantage point, he found himself in the cliff section.

'Wasn't Dad thrown here when his class was attacked...?'

A shrill scream echoed in his ears. Looking around, he found Yaoyarozu standing against the cliff, protecting someone. Hikori finally decided to take in her appearance; Dark purple hair tied in a ponytail with two thick strands of hair framing her face. A beauty mark under her left eye. Her hero costume was a combination of black and grey with red accents. Her shoulders were bare but the collar reached up the length of her neck, stopping just below her chin. Red, slightly baggy pants; left leg tied with a white piece of material, black shin protectors seemed to be attached to her ninja like ballet flats.

She was protecting a blonde. Shiro. His costume was simple; Black shirt with a grey jacket, black pants and boots with buckles along the length. A pair of high-tech goggles were on his face. He was holding out the collar of his shirt with a red flushed face, seemingly struggling to breathe.

Yaoyarozu was trying to hold back the villains but she was running out of breath and her voice was turning hoarse. Hikori didn't know what he was thinking but he let out a large blast of electricity, shocking the villains, making them fall over the side of the cliff. Fingers immediately going numb, Hikori ran over to check on the duo.

"You guys alright?" Hikori asked, shaking his hands.

"I'm fine but Shiro is finding it hard to breath." Yaoyarozu replied, pointing to the male. "We need to get him to Sensei and Uravity."

Hikori simply nodded. He placed one of Shiro's arms over his shoulder while Yaoyarozu, whom was taller than both of them, helped by placing Shiro's other arm over her own shoulder. They started to make a careful decent down the cliff.

As they made their decent, Hikori's foot slipped and, with a sudden curse, slid down the cliff, scratching up his bare arms. He, unfortunately, dragged the other two with him. Once they came to a stop on one of the bottom ledges, they stood up, groaning in pain. Assessing their injuries, Hikori noticed Yaoyarozu had a large gash on her right shoulder and grazes on her face. Hikori has multiple cuts on his arms but they weren't as bad as Shiro. Hiding under his hair line must've been a large cut as blood trickled down from his forehead. Helping each-other up, they continued to make their way down the rest of the cliff, carefully this time.

When they had managed to get down the cliff, they saw a few of the Pro Heroes, ones Hikori noticed; Deku, Infrared, obviously Pinky and Uravity, as well as a few he didn't notice. There were villains everywhere. Trying to find somewhere they can tend to their wounds and help Shiro, they made their way through. As they walked, Hikori found his Sensei fighting against the male with curly hair, Uravity fighting the psychopathic looking girl, while Deku fought against the rabbit looking male. Infrared seemed to be looking for the other students, to see which ones would require additional assistance, as her eyes were glowing red and a pulse looking aura was around her.

"Shiro? You OK?" Hikori asked, setting the boy against the wall of the entrance.

"Apart from struggling to breath and what feels like my chest being crushed, I'm absolutely fine...!" The boy's words were laced with sarcasm.

"What do you mean by; your chest feels like it's being crushed, Shiro?"

"Can I tell him, Shiro-Kun?" Yaoyarozu questioned, earning a hesitant nod by the blonde. She turned to Hikori. "It's his binder. He needs to take it off but he'll be completely exposed if he does."

"I'm still really confused..." Hikori stated.

"I'm Transgender. Female-to-male." Shiro sighed, with a gasp. "I'm not allowed to train with my binder on as it hurts my chest. I forgot to change it. Not to mention, the only people that know are Sensei and the girls in our class."

"And now me... I promise I'll take this secret to my grave...! No one will know unless you tell them."

"Thanks, Kaminari."


After what seemed like an eternity, Hikori's class was back together, some injured, much like himself, Yaoyarozu and Shiro, while some weren't.

"Is everyone OK?" Infrared asked, she had Hasuki in her arms. The small girl seemed to have passed out.

"Father...!" MT cried as he ran over to his injured father.

"I'm fine, Irei. Let's just head back to the school."

Chapter 15

Chapter Text

The students sat in their common room, Eri and Pinky in there with them. Eri was using her quirk to heal the more severe injuries while Pinky simple bandaged the scratches, cuts and grazes. Hikori looked around and saw Yaoyarozu sitting on the couch, hand over the bandage on her shoulder. Pinky was wrapping a bandage around Shiro's head. The boy was wearing a baggy shirt that was too big for him. Iida was sitting down with her ankle propped up on one of the ottomans, ankle swollen. Eri was crouched by her and placed her hands on the teen's ankle, horn extending and glowing. Kirishima walked over. Her hearing aids were a plain white and her arm was in a sling.

"Didn't Eri fix your arm?" Hikori asked.

"She's only fixing the severe injuries. Besides, a dislocated shoulder isn't anything I can't handle. I used to play soccer on the weekends and after school, before moving into the dorms. A simple shoulder injury isn't that bad." Kirishima stated, taking a seat next to the boy.

"I didn't realise you played soccer...!"

"Because I didn't tell you. Do you play any sports?"


"Wanna play 20 questions?"

"Sure, but maybe not 20 questions exactly. Maybe just ask as many questions as we want...?"

"Tch. Sure. Do you have any fears?"

"... Thunder and Spiders... You?"

"I'm not scared of anything...!"

"Sure... Everyone's scared of something, Kiri."

"Nope! Not me!"

"Aw come on! There's got to be something...!"

"... Fine. There is. But if you tell anyone; I'll have your head...!"

"OK, OK...!"

"I'm not sure if it's classed as a fear as such but... I don't like being told I can't do anything because of my hearing disability. 'You can't be a hero with no hearing!' 'A deaf hero?! Who's ever heard of such a thing!' 'A hero?! Keep dreaming kid, cause that's all it's gonna be.' I hate it. I hate people doubting my abilities... I would get into fights at school because kids would say that stuff. At one point, I ended up sending one kid to the ER, with a broken arm and broken left eye socket."


"People just take one look at you and judge you just by how you look. They see one flaw and that's it. Apparently you can't do anything. You can't become a hero. You have to stop chasing your dreams..."

Hikori let the girl's words sink in. Since meeting her, Hikori thought she was this strong, feisty, hot headed, short tempered blonde, but after hearing this side, shows him that the girl has gone through so much more torment. Hatred. Bullying and all round self-crushing doubt. Without a single word, Hikori wraps his arms around her waist, causing her to cry out.

"Let go of me, Sparky!" Kirishima growled.

"Nope! Your stuck like this till I get a hug in return!" Hikori replied with cheekiness.

After a long hesitant wait, Hikori felt the arm of the girl wrap around his waist. Once she gave him the hug, he sat up, only to receive a smack to the back of the head.

"OW...! What was that for?!" Hikori cried, rubbing the, now, sore spot on the back of his head.

"No reason." The girl smirked, showing a pair of fang like teeth.


The weeks went by quickly and Hikori now stood next to his peers, across from class 1B. Why? Because the Prank War was at its end. (I couldn't be bothered writing about any more pranks so this is where it ends.)

"So in my hand I have the results for the prank war. 1B has received 30 points while my class; 1A has received a total of... 30...!" Mina revealed.

"A TIE?!" Phantom Thief exclaimed. "How are we supposed to work out who does what for who?!"

"How about we don't."

"I have an idea...!" Kendo jumped in. "Why don't we share? Like, 1A students help 1B with something when needed and vice versa?"

Pinky and Phantom thief stared at each other for what felt like an eternity before nodding their heads and agreeing.

1B said good bye to 1A, turned and left the room.

"That was a good idea, Kendo!" Hikori beamed.

"Yeah! This way, we won't have to be slaves to 1B!" Yoi added with agreeance.

"Welp. I dunno about you lot, but," Hikori let out a long yawn. "Imma go to bed for a while. Call me when dinner is ready... or don't. I don't care."

Hikori slouched out of the room, his classmates sending him 'goodnights' and 'sleep well.' Hikori just waved and disappeared down the hall.

Chapter 16

Chapter Text

Hikori sat in class the next day when his sensei walked in, a stack of envelopes in her hand. She walked around and gave them to the students, telling them not to open them, before returning to the front podium. Once she had her eyes on everyone, she allowed them to open them. Hikori turned his over and ripped it open. Pulling out a piece of paper, he saw a list of different heroes' names written in a list with the names of their appropriate agencies. Hikori suddenly clicked. These were the heroes that wanted him for internships! But he could only choose 1 to work with...

Analysing the heroes and trying to remember their quirks and what they do, he finally narrowed it down to 1... A good friend of his Dad's when he was at UA. The Hearing Hero; Earphone Jack. Satisfied with his decision. He walked up to the chalk board and, next to his name, wrote which hero he had decided to intern with. As he wrote the Hero's name, with his messy hand writing, he thought about which 1B student he'd be interning with. He really didn't want it to be Monoma. He hated that guy and was scared of him too, especially after what he did to him in the sports festival. He went and sat back down at his desk and watched others walk up and write their heroes down.

Ren- Uravity

Tori- Chargebolt

Tokoyami- Tailman

Kinzoku- Ingenium

Yoi- Creati

Hagakure- Mind Meddler

Kaminari- Earphone Jack

Supaiku- Froppy

Kendo- Ground Zero

Toga- Battle Fist

Togata- Toga

Iida- Shiro

Shiro- Okami*

Adrien- Invisible Girl

Takami- Shoto

Ojiro- Tsukuyomi

Kirishima- Dabi

Midoriya-Todoroki- Red Riot

Hasuki- Grape Juice

Yaoyarozu- Cellophane

What surprised Hikori the most was the fact that Hagakure had decided to go with his papa while Tori decided to go with his dad. As he sat at his desk, trying to read which of his classmates are interning with which hero, Yaoyarozu wandered over to his desk.

"Hey, Yaoyarozu! What's up?" Hikori smiled.

"Oh nothing, except... I noticed you decided to go and intern with my mum." She replied.

"I did?!"


"I had no idea she was your MUM! I knew Creati was because you look so much like her, but Earphone Jack?!"

"Don't you remember the conversation the class had in the common room, like, on the second day of moving in?"

"Hmm... Must've spaced out and forgotten. I have a habit of doing that, sorry...!"

"No problem!"

"Cellophane, huh?"

"Yep. I figured I'd choose a hero that would help me improve both my defence and offence moves. Cellophane can do both; he can attack by binding up enemies or protect by creating safe guards or pulling people out of danger."

"Fair enough. Good choice. Who went with your other mother?"

"Yoi. She said that their quirks were similar. My mother can create different objects from her body and Yoi can create different copies of herself."

"And I'm guessing she would've chosen to intern with Twice if he was at the Sports Festival."

"No he wouldn't..." A voice laced with sadness and hurt replied.

Hikori and Yaoyarozu turned to see Toga sitting at her desk, seemingly on the verge of tears.

"What do you mean, Toga-san?" Yaoyarozu asked.

"I mean he would've been there if he was still alive."

"We're so sorry, Toga...! We didn't know..." Hikori said softly. He felt really bad.

"It was at this time last year when he died. He was saving some people with his clones when a building collapsed on him. The heroes he was working with ran over to help him but it was too late. He had died straight after the building fell on him..."

"We're so, so, so sorry, Toga...!" Yaoyarozu said once more.

"It's fine... Nobody knew. You guys are the first people outside of my family that know."

"On a more positive conversation; Who are you interning with, Toga?" Hikori questioned, trying to lift the mood.

"Battle Fist. I want to learn some hand-to-hand combat, because at the moment, I've been relying to much on my clones to fight my battles than actually doing it myself."

"Fair point."

"I'm going to go and see my friends. Hope you have a good day, Toga. See ya, Yaoyarozu!"

"Bye, Kaminari-kun."

"Thanks, Kaminari. See ya."

Hikori wandered off to find his friends. He found them hanging around suspiciously at the back of the class.

"That's SusPiCiOuS." Hikori claimed, quoting a vine meme, successfully earning a laugh from his small group of friends.

"Hello, Kami...!" Iida giggled.

"Sup, Kaminari!" MT smiled.

"Hey, Duracell." Kirishima scoffed with a hint of laughter.

"So? Who did you guys choose to intern with?" Hikori asked.

"We wrote our heroes on the board...!" the blond girl claimed. "Can't you read?!"

"Nope! Anyways, who did you guys choose?! I wanna know!"

"I chose Red Riot." MT replied.

"MY DAD?! Then again... I chose to go with your uncle; Dabi." Kirishima added.

"What about you Iida?" Hikori questioned turning in their direction.

"Shiro. I heard she was a student in the Support Course when our parents were younger. Apparently her hair can extend to unlimited lengths and be as strong as concrete, allowing her to lift her body off the ground and be used as an indestructible shield." Iida explained.

"You've done your research...!"

"Haha! Who did you choose, Kami?"

"I'm going with Earphone Jack, one of my dad's closest friends when he went here."

The group continued to talk until it was time for the next lesson.

*Okami is the name of a friend's OC

Chapter 17

Chapter Text

Today was the day. Time for Hikori's internship. He walked with his friends and classmates, Hero Costume Case in hand, heading to the bus stop. Everyone sat on and waited for their stop to arrive.

Once he reached his stop, he saw a tall building before him. Hoping off of the bus, he headed to the doors of the building. Wandering in, he heard a voice call out to him from behind.

"Kaminari! Wait up!"

Turning around, a green girl ran up to him, braid swinging from side-to-side.

"Hey, Yoi! What are you doing here?" Hikori asked as the girl slowed to a stop next to him.

She had the biggest smile on her face and, although you couldn't quite tell her irises from her pupils, Hikori could tell they were wide with wonder and excitement.

"I'm interning with Creati! She just so happens to work here! The same as the hero you're going to work with!" she beamed.

"Oh! Cool!"

They reached the front desk and stood before the man behind the desk. His eyes and hair were constantly changing colour.

"Hi there! How can I help you two?" he asked politely.

"We're here for our internships with Creati and Earphone Jack." Yoi replied, smile still there.

"Of course. Please take a seat over there and the heroes will be here shortly. They're just in a meeting at the moment."

"Alright. Thanks, Mister!"

Yoi and Hikori wandered over to the seats the man pointed at. Sitting there were two people, both in UA uniforms. There was a student with long, pale, blonde hair tied into a ponytail wearing a male's uniform. The other person, with wild brown hair sat next to the other. Not wanting to invade their space, Yoi and Hikori sat down, three seats away.

After about 10 minutes had passed and the two Pro Heroes wandered out of an elevator and walked over. One had short, half shaved, dark purple hair with two aux cords hanging from her ears. The other woman was taller than the purple haired female and her long black hair was tied into a high ponytail.

"Sorry we took so long, Kids. You obviously know who we are; I'm Creati and this is Earphone Jack. Right. I'm taking Yoi Suraimu and Homura Kou." Creati explained, looking at the slip of paper she had in hand.

Yoi stood up, as did the brunette. They picked up their cases and followed Creati down a hall, obviously going to get changed into their hero outfits.

"So I guess you're Kaminari Hikori and Kohei Takaya. Please follow me and you can both get changed." Earphone Jack explained, and went to the elevator, both of the interns running after her.

Once Hikori stepped out of the toilets, he wandered into Earphone Jack's office and placed down his Hero Case, in which now housed his school uniform. As he waited for Kohei, Earphone Jack wandered over to him.

"You excited, Kaminari?"


"I like your Hero Costume design, simple, yet, effective for your quirk." She then held up a pale yellow folder. On the front had his school photo with the addition of a big red stamp that read; Confidential. "Everything I need to know about you is in this folder."

Just then, the door opened and in walked Kohei. Hikori thought their costume was incredible. They looked just like an artist. White artists smock that stopped at their waist with the addition of black leggings and boots. A beret on their head, and a paint pallet was attached to their right arm, paintbrushes were located in the pocket at the front of the smock.

"Looking fantastic, Kohei." Earphone Jack smiled.

"Thanks." Hikori notice they had a feminine voice.

"Now. What are your names, Hero Names and, so you both don't end up subconsciously miss gender each-other, pronouns?"

"Kaminari Hikori. I'm the Static Hero; Shockwave! He/Him pronouns."

"Kohei Takaya. The Painting Hero; Arty. He/Him pronouns."

"I just want to clear up any possible confusion, first." Kohei turned and looked at Hikori directly. "I go by He/Him pronouns because I'm genderfluid. I go by these pronouns today as a feel like a boy. Tomorrow I may go by She/Her or even They/Them. I just depends how I feel when I wake up."

"Oh...! I didn't realise."

"It's alright."

"You two ready to go?" Earphone Jack asked.

The duo nodded.


Hikori and Kohei walked either side of Earphone Jack. Hikori was a ball of excitement, nerves and, obviously, electricity. He couldn't wait to show the Pro what he was made of, outside of the sports festival and without being almost murdered by Monoma. He also wanted to see Earphone Jack in action and in person, as well as seeing what Kohei's quirk was and what skills he had.

"Hey, Earphone Jack?"

"Yes, Shockwave?"

"What sort of things do you deal with as a hero?"

"I deal with a lot of different things. When I come to work each day, I don't know what I'll have to deal with. Some days are slow and I only handle mediocre things within the agency or around the city, such as bar fights, robberies, ect. Etc. Some days I come to work but get called out straight away to put a stop to a heist, villain attack or to aid some of the other pros. Basically, the Pro Hero gig is unpredictable. You never know what you'll have to deal with."

"Oh! OK."

"What will we be doing today, Earphone Jack?" Kohei asked.

"Well, you can't always use you quirk for fighting villains. When my wife and I aren't on duty and we visit the Children's Hospital and use our quirks to play and entertain them. So, I decided we could head down there and you guys can use your quirks to play with the kids. Heroes don't need to always be associated with protecting the city. We can be there to show others that there is still hope in the world."

Hikori and Kohei nodded in agreeance. It was important to spread hope to those whom had lost it, either by being born quirkless, having their quirks stolen, losing their family, being diagnosed with a life-changing illness, etc.


Once they made it to the Children's Hospital, the lady at the front desk recognised Earphone Jack immediately and allowed the small group in. As Hikori walked the wards, he felt sorry for the people in the rooms, not matter the reason. When he stepped through a large pair of double doors, he was welcomed with a room full of children. Some were in bandages, had lost their hair, in wheelchairs, etc. as well as some kids with the obvious mutation quirk and the possibility of transformation or emitter quirks.

"Hello everyone!" Earphone Jack smiled.

"Hello Earphone Jack!" the kids chorused.

"Is Creati here?" one child asked. They had pale blue skin and glowing marks on their face with two tails attached to their lower back. Their right leg was a prosthetic.

"No, Kenta, she isn't. But! I do have two friends I'd like you all to meet. They go to UA and are helping me for the week. Would you two like to introduce yourselves?"

"I'm Ka-SHOCKWAVE! The Static Hero." Hikori smiled.

"And I'm the Painting Hero; Arty." Kohei added.

"Hello Shockwave! Hello Arty!" the kids chorused once again.

Hikori and Kohei sat down with and kids just bombarded them. Hikori couldn't help but laugh as the kids asked question after question. They asked him about UA, Heroes, his quirk, why his hair was three different colours and so many stranger questions, but Hikori couldn't answer any of them as they were fired at him at like a hundred miles per second. The Kenta kid grabbed hold of Hikori's right hand and analysed his fingerless gloves, turning Hikori's hand over and back again, a quizzical look etched on his face.

"Why do you were these gloves?" he asked.

"They're part of my Hero Uniform." Hikori smiled.

"What is your quirk?" A girl with red hair, in which seemed to be made of fire asked, and eye patch over her left eye.

"My quirk is Electric Waves. I can create electricity from my hands and I can use it to shock people or brainwash them."

"Can you brainwash me?!" Kenta asked.

"Oh! Me too!" the red haired girl added.

"And me!" A boy with large white tiger paws for hands and feet cries. He also had a matching tail and ears. His hair was a white colour but looked silver in certain light. His face was covered with a red burn on the whole left side of his face, down his arms and it stopped just below his knee.

"Me too! Oh please brainwash me too!" Came the begs of a girl whose hair was made of water, as well as her skin having a glistening affect, but with no hands.

"I don't want to hurt you guys, as I don't really have the good of control, so maybe not today, alright...!" Hikori smiled.

"Aww...!" Came the disappointed sighs of the children.

"Why down we go and see what Arty is doing, OK?"

"YEAH!" all of the kids ran off, the tiger boy pulling on Hikori's arm to drag him over.


As Hikori walked back to the agency with Earphone Jack and Kohei, curiosity became the better of him.

"Hey, Earphone Jack?" He asked, head turning upwards towards the hero.

"Yes, Kaminari?"

"What happened to some of those kids? I saw one without hands, one with a prosthetic, one with an eyepatch and another with the entire left side of his body covered in a large burn."

"Kenta was the one with a prosthetic. Creati saved him from a car crash when we were scouting the city together 2 weeks ago. The one with the burn? The Tiger boy? That was Torao Toshio. I helped Tsukuyomi save his family from a flat fire. Level 4 and down were ablaze. We only just managed to save him. Any later and he could've died. The girl with the eye patch was Saeko Hana. Abusive home. Father turned violent towards both her and her mother. Much like an old friend..."

Hikori noticed how the Pro's voice trailed off while she seemed to remember an event that impacted not just her but this particular friend.

"What about the water haired girl?" Kohei asked, wanting to change the subject back to a happier one.

"Kimi Akari. She was born without her hands and has been going through therapy, and as well as that, she needs a heart transplant at just 6-years-old." Earphone Jack explained.

"Poor things. I feel so bad for them...! How can you cope seeing them and hearing about their injuries and such, Earphone Jack...?!"

"In a way, I don't."

"What do you mean?" Hikori asked.

"Seeing these Kids make me feel somewhat bad. Makes me see how my life compared to theirs is perfect. I have the perfect life, the perfect wife and the perfect daughter. I'm a pro hero living the best life while these kids have large hurdles to jump over, just to get through school. Some of the kids in there feel like they have nothing to live for. No purpose in life. There was this one kid, about your ages; 15-16, whom had lost his arm and half of his sight from a villain attack on his school. I met him in the wards. A few days after being let out, he committed suicide. His last words will forever haunt my dreams and plague my mind..."

"What were they...? If you don't mind sharing...?" Kohei asked.

"Will there ever be hope for me? Will any one ever love me? Will I ever accomplish my dream of being a hero like this? Maybe it would be best if I wasn't a burden to the people around me... Maybe if I left, the world might be a safer place..."

Hikori and Kohei let their heads fall. Let their faces cloud over. A kid, there age, thinking he was a burden? Thinking the world would be safer without him? It was a sad thing to hear but to Hikori? It just fuelled his need to help show people that it doesn't matter whom you are, what you look like or what you've been through, they can be heroes to prove people wrong. To re-spark the fire and passion of one's dreams once more.

They had arrived back at the agency. Hikori and Kohei went to get changed back into their uniforms. Once changed, they headed back to the front lobby, said bye to Earphone Jack and Creati, whom was there also. Hikori ran over to Yoi and the pair walked out to the UA School Bus that was waiting out the front.

Chapter 18

Chapter Text

The next day, Hikori was once again working with Earphone Jack and Kohei whom, today, was going by She/Her pronouns. They were currently running alongside the pro hero. They were simply sitting in Earphone Jack's office when a phone call caused them to run out. A pro hero was fighting against a villain and needed help. The pro hero? Hikori didn't know, so he and Kohei were simply running into the unknown. The trio turned a corner and, there before them, was a villain and they were HUGE. They sort resembled what Hikori thought look a lot like Godzilla. They were towering over everything, including some of the buildings. Below the creature, being careful not to be crushed, were three other Pro Heroes; Toga, a wolf hero and a hero with white hair. With them were the students they had taken for internships. Running over, Kohei in tow and Earphone Jack joining the heroes, Hikori stopped before them, out of breath.

"Jet Stream! Click! Phase!" Hikori gasped

"Shockwave!" Phase, Togata Dai, exclaimed. "Who's this?"

"This is Arty."


"Hey." Kohei, Arty, replied back.

"KOHEI!" came the cry of an unknown voice.

Turning around, Hikori saw three other people running over. One had the head of a sphinx, another had medium length, red hair while the third had light purple wavy hair.

"Guys! What's going on?!" Kohei gasped.

"I was simply scouting with Pro Hero Shiro and Jet Stream when we saw this villain causing a ruckus." The Sphinx kid explained, pointing to the pro hero with white hair that was growing longer every second.

"Uh... Arty?" Hikori asked. "Who are these people? You seem to know them."

"Oh!" Arty turned towards Hikori. "These are my classmates; The Sphinx is Horikoshi Hatori, or Anubis,"

"I go by They/Them pronouns, even though I'm Genderfluid." Anubis added.

"The one with red hair is Yuzu Aruko, Tox being her hero name. and finally, this is Takahashi Akemi, Hero Name; Glaze."

"I'm interning with Phase and Pro Hero Toga." Glaze explained with a flat tone. Hikori realised he looked a lot like his papa with his hair.

"And that would leave me; Tox, to be interning with the Wolf Hero; Okami and the lovely 1A student; Click."

Hikori noticed Tox had a male's voice.

'Maybe she's trans...? Like Shiro...' Hikori thought. He shook his head and shook out of his thoughts.

"Shockwave! Arty! Time to show each-other what your quirks are made of!" Earphone Jack yelled.

The duo locked eyes. A cheeky smirk slipped onto Hikori's face while Kohei gave a nod. The duo ran off, the other kids following in pursuit. Building electricity up in his hands, he saw Iida run past, with Togata, Yuzu, Horikoshi, Akemi and Arty. He noticed the Pro Heroes; Earphone Jack, Okami, Shiro and Toga fighting the Godzilla villain.

Running up the leg of the creature, Hikori shocked the villain. Jumping back off, he watched as Togata moved into the ground but re-appeared near the creature's foot, landing a punch to the villain, only to be thrown across the ground, landing against a wall. Iida tried to wrap the villain's feet together with their tape but unfortunately it teared apart like wet paper.

Running over to provide assistance to Togata, he watched as Horikoshi, Anubis, sent a swarm of Scarab Beetles towards the beast, while a cloud of green toxic mist, sent Hikori's eyes watering and let out a cough. The source came from the girl with red hair. But the quirk that amazed him the most was Arty's. She was painting on the ground with orange paint. It was a large piece of art. As she twirled the paintbrush and put it back in her pocket, the lion peeled itself from the ground and charged at the villain.

It took the combined skills and quirks of 4 different pro heroes and 8 heroes in training to take down the villain and hand him over to the police. The pro heroes were giving details to the police while the heroes in training were talking and catching their breath.

"Geez...! He took forever to take out...!" Iida said, taking a deep gasping breath.

"Stupid Godzilla looking ass bitch..." Hikori muttered. "That was more difficult than what I was expecting."

"It was nice working with you guys." Yuzu smiled.


Earphone Jack and the other Pro Heroes wandered over.

"You guys can come back with me to my Agency and you guys can all catch the bus back to UA from there, OK?" Earphone Jack explained.

The kids nodded and followed the pro back to her agency.


That afternoon, as the 1A class sat in their common room, Hikori just slumped over the couch but realised to late that he was laying across MT's lap. Realising what he had done, a hot flush entered his face as a strong gay panic decided to say hello. Lifting up, he noticed that MT's face was also as red as a tomato.

"MT exe. Has stopped working." Hikori smirked.

"f*ck Off...!" MT cursed, voice resembling something of panic and covered his face with his hands and pushed Hikori off of him and the couch in the process.

"Hey...! OUCH!"

Hikori hit the ground hard. Lifting up, he placed a hand on his back and watched as Mt disappeared from the room.

"Hey! MT?!" He called but let his voice lower to a tone that implied talking to himself. "What was all of that about? Did I do something wrong?"

"Hey, Kaminari!" came a kind, cheery voice. Toga Chisuke. She stopped in her tracks when she saw the trio-hair coloured male on the floor. "Why are you on the floor?"

"I live here now." Hikori replied, smirk coming back and a playfulness at his voice.

"Oh! Ok then. Send me the address and I'll send you a letter."

The pair laughed.

"But seriously. Why were you on the floor." Toga pulled the boy to his feet.

"MT pushed me off the couch before racing off." Hikori replied.

"Oh... Do you know why?"

"I laid on the couch, not realising he was there. He told me to f*ck off and then, as I said, pushed me off the couch and raced off. He seemed to have a memory enter his mind as his voice resembles one of panic."

"That's not good... Maybe something happened in middle school that he didn't like or prefers not to remember, or maybe even something that happened during his internships."

"Maybe. You looking forward to tomorrow?"

"Yep! Even though it's only been two days, I'm actually learning a lot from Battle Fist! What about you?"

"It's great. I actually fought a villain today with Earphone Jack. We were aiding Okami, Shiro and your mother!"

"Sweet! Who's your partner? You know, the 1B student you're working with?"

"Her name is Kohei Takaya. She's Genderfluid and her quirk is amazing. I don't exactly know what it is but from what I gather; she can paint anything she wants and bring it to life...!"

"So cool!"

"What about you? Who's your partner?"

"Shimura Naoko. Her quirk is Zombie. She can have her arms or legs taken of and she simple reattaches the limp to her body and it'll be as if nothing had happened."

"Gross, but f*cking AMAZING!"

Hikori continued to talk to Toga but his mind kept thinking of MT's behaviour. He acted strange. He had never seen him act like that, even though it's only been not even a term yet, but the boy was pretty open about everything. So why was he acting differently? Shaking his head, he continued to do what he was doing.

Chapter 19

Chapter Text

Hikori was currently sitting in Earphone Jack's office, spinning slowly in the Pro's chair, while Kohei was on her phone. The Pro had been called into a meeting and, as nothing was really happening regarding her needing to be called for hero work, she had left the duo in her office to entertain themselves for an hour or so. The only thing that was on Hikori's mind was the strange behaviour that MT had shown the night before.

"Hey, Kohei?" Hikori asked suddenly.

"Yeah?" the girl asked, looking up from her phone.

"What would you do if a friend started acting strange after you did something unintentionally?"

"Depends who it is and what happened. Why? What did you do?"

"I accidentally laid across my friend's lap. It caused him to blush," Hikori sat up straight and stopped spinning, facing the girl directly before continuing. "And all I said was 'MT exe. Has stopped working' and he covered his face, told me to f*ck off, pushed me off the couch and removed himself from the room. He sounded somewhat panicked or scared. I think it was my fault, but I don't know exactly what made him act like that..."

"Hm... Try and talk to him. Maybe you can figure something out from there."

"But what if my actions make him not want to talk to me anymore...?"

"Does he have any siblings, cousins or other family that are at UA?"

"He has a cousin in our class and his dad is one of the Teachers there."

"Try talking to them first then. Talk to his dad, then if he won't say anything, talk to his cousin, or vice-versa. OK?"

"... OK. Thanks, Kohei."

"No problem!"

The girl then went back to doing what she was doing on her phone and Hikori continued to spin on the chair.

Meanwhile- Somewhere else in Japan...

A figure wandered through a door, pushing it out of the way as he walked. He entered a room that looked like a bar. A girl with two wild, brown, blonde streaked pigtails, sat in one of the booths while a male with pale silver curly hair sat at a bar stool, downing a tall glass.

"Where is Shigaraki?!" the male called to the other two.

"In his office." The girl said, sounding like she had previously been pissed off.

The male wandered across the room and walked through another set of doors and down a hallway. He stopped before a wooden door. Without knocking, he simply wandered in. The person in the room had pale, light blue hair that stopped by his shoulders. Scratches marked his skin; new and old. His red eyes seemed to have been dulled in colour. He was wearing a red and black suit with gloves that covered three of his fingers on each hand while a ruby red coat with a fur lined collar, hung from a coat stand in the corner of the room. The man sat behind a cedar desk, with gold around the edges and on the corners, in a large black leather throne looking chair.

"Haven't you ever heard of knocking?!" the man growled, looking up from his paperwork.

"My apologises, Shiggy." The other male stated with sarcasm.

"I told you not to call me that."

"What would you prefer me to call you than, Father? Crusty man? Handy-man?"

"Don't be a smartass, Valiant. You know I can easily get Rai to kill you."

"And that's because you wouldn't be able to bear the burden of killing your own son."

"What do you want anyways?"

"Some pro heroes defeated God yesterday with the help of some heroes-in-training."

"Who were they?"

"I don't know who the brats were but the pro heroes were Earphone Jack, Okami, Shiro and, you'll never believe whom else."

"Well? Spit it out, kid!"


"WHAT?!" Shigaraki stood up, pushing his chair back and slamming his hands on the desk, Valiant, not even flinching, used to his father's outbursts.

"Yep. Seems like she's taking this whole 'I'm a hero now' job seriously. Doesn't seem like she would be so easily persuaded to come back to the L.O.V."

"What about Dabi and Twice? How much have you gotten about them?"

"Turns out Toga was hiding something from you; Twice is dead. Died about a year ago now."

"And Dabi?"

"We might have a chance. He's in a very rocky relationship with his eldest son right now. Maybe if we push him towards the edge, far enough, he might reconsider his spot here."

"Alright. Do what you need to do with him. What about Deku?"

"I've actually thought about that. Turns out some of the Pro Heroes actually have children at UA."


"And, if we can capture or manipulate one of them, we can use them as a traitor or use them to get close to the heroes."

"Well? I need information on these pathetic brats so we know who to get."

"That's were Rai comes in." Valiant snaps his fingers and Rai wanders in, a small stack of files in hand. The man throws them across Shigaraki's desk. The files had a profile picture of the relevant kid that matched the correct file.

"Where did you get these?" Shigaraki asked.

"We have our ways."

"Ren Keisha... Tokoyami Amen... Hagakure Benjiro, Kaminari Hikori... Kendo Kaneki, Toga Chisuke... Togata Dai, Iida Hanna... Takami Hinote, Kirishima Eijitski, Midoriya-Todoroki Irei, Yaoyarozu Yua, Monoma Keigo? How are supposed to kidnap all of these brats?" Shiggy questioned, flipping through the files.

"We don't." Valiant continued. "We only get one."

"Midoriya-Todoroki Irei is the son of Deku and Shoto, the nephew of Dabi, Hawks, Fuyumi and Natsou and the grandson of Inko, Rei and Endeavour." A new voice adds.

The group turned around to see the two people from the bar wander in.

"Does no one know how f*cking KNOCK?!" Shiggy raged.

"Oh don't worry about it, Shiggy!" the girl replied. "We're helping you by giving you details about these bitches!"

"Mimica is right, Father." Valiant agreed, Rai staying quiet. "Information on these kids will help you to make a decision on our target."

"Whatever." Shiggy picked up Irei's file. "Irei Midoriya-Todoroki. 15-years-old. Quirk; Fire and Ice. He can breathe fire but if it connects with his target, it'll freeze to ice. Drawbacks include shortness of breath. Family; Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki. Interesting. But if we take him, Deku and Shoto will come looking for him straight away. They'll know we had taken him. We would fail before we even begin."

Shigaraki closed the boy's file and threw it onto his desk as the group nodded.

"Ren Keisha, Monoma Keigo won't be any use, they're the children of pro heroes, yes, but not as known or as popular as the other heroes." Mimica explained. "Besides, Keigo's parents both work at UA so it'll be hard to actually get to him."

"May I interrupt for a hot second?" the curly haired male questioned.

"Go ahead, Reflector." Valiant answered.

"Tokoyami, Hagakure, Ojiro, basically all of the lower ranking heroes' kids will be useless to capture, because if their parents are low ranking heroes, than their quirks are most likely to be useless."

"Your right." Valiant then moved the files to a different pile, being deemed useless, along with Irei, Keisha and Keigo's files. "What about Kirishima Eijitski?"

"No." Shiggy said simple, voice flat with zero emotion, looking through the girl's file. "I captured her father; Ground Zero back in the day and trust me, if she's anything like him, then I'd rather not."

"OK then. Not Ground Zero's daughter. You've been extremely quiet, Rai. Have anything to say?"

The group turned towards the man. He had black hair and two scars on his face, creating an X.

"In fact? I do." The man's voice was deep. He walked over to Shigaraki's table and picked up one of the files.

"Hikori Kaminari. Quirk; Electric Waves. He has the ability to create electricity from his fingers and if it connects with his opponents, he can brainwash them if he chooses. Drawbacks include fainting and numbness in his fingers."

"Sounds pretty pathetic to me." Mimica stated.

"Shut up." Rai snapped. "As I was saying... His parents are Denki Kaminari and Hitoshi Kaminari. Nephew to Eri-chan and Kota. Grandson to Erasurhead and Present Mic."

"Your point?" Shiggy asked, getting annoyed.

"What wasn't included was this; I'm also his grandpa. And by that missing information, I take it my son hasn't told the brat anything. So my plan is this; We, I, approach him, say I'll give him the full truth of his dad's past, place him under my control so he is my puppet, and get him to betray everyone, become the traitor. A villain."

"Will you really give him the truth?"

"Of course. If I tell him the truth, he might want to join us on his own terms, knowing we'll be honest with him. He'll hate his parents, his friends, the heroes. We'll be the only one he'll trust."

The group thought for a moment and let the male's words sink in, before nodding in agreeance with the villain's plan.

"So it's settled. Reflector and Mimica will enrol into UA as late students, befriend you grandson, and well? They can take it from there." Valiant ordered. All that was left to do is get into UA as late enrolments.

Chapter 20

Chapter Text

The days went by quickly and before he knew it, the internships were over. Sitting in class, Hikori couldn't help but let his gaze wander over to MT. The boy had his head in his arms, lying on his desk. Kirishima and Iida wandered over to him. Iida sat on Hikori's desk while Kirishima stood before them with her arms crossed over her chest.

"What's going on with Midoroki?" Iida asked, using the nickname they came up with for the boy.

"Don't know. He's been like that for days now." Hikori replied.

"You didn't do anything stupid did you, Sparky?" Kirishima asked.

"Huh?! Wha-NO! I didn't do anything... That I know of anyways."

"Well? What did you do that you do remember?"

"It happened 2 days ago, I think, after an internship. I went to lay on the couch in the common room, not realising MT was there. I looked at him and he was blushing like made. All I said was 'MT exe. Has stopped working.' He told me to f*ck off, then pushed me off the couch and ran off!"

"Did you notice how he spoke to you?"

"He sounded panicked, almost as if it had triggered something bad that had happened in his past."

"Since when did you become a detective, Kirishima?" Iida asked, legs swinging.

"Since my friends became part of my concern." The blonde girl then wandered over to her friend and tried to get his attention.

Hikori and Iida watched as the boy slapped the girl's hand away and tried to make himself look small. Pinky walked in and asked everyone to sit in their chairs.

"Midoriya? Are you OK?" she asked, concern in her voice.

The boy just ignored her, causing the pro-turned-teacher to become more concerned.

"Anyways... We have 3 new students that were late additions to the school, so if you see them around, be nice and introduce yourselves. Now. I would just like to say; well done on your internships! I've gotten a lot of great feedback from the pros you chose. You all did wonderfully and they are very excited to see you guys move forward with your training and getting your hero licences."


Hikori and his friends, minus MT, walked through the halls that lunch time when he crashed into the back of a figure. He fell to the ground and landed on his ass. A hand reached down to him and helped him up.

"Thanks, Iida." Hikori said. He directed his gaze to the person he crashed into. "I'm so sorry...! I didn't mean to crash into you."

The figure turned. He had black curly hair and bags under his tired looking eyes. The people with him turned to Hikori's voice. The girl had blond hair in two wild blonde pigtails. The ends of her hair were ombre dipped, resembling a look much like that of Harley Quinn. The taller, dark skinned male with them had white hair in a half shaved style. Tattoos peeked through the top of his collar. White rabbit ears stood up through his hair with a matching rabbit tail on his lower back.

"And who are you?" the curly haired male asked with a monotone voice.

"Kaminari Hikori! And these are my friends; Kirishima Eijitski and Iida Hanna! You must be the three new students that enrolled late...! What are your names?"

"I'm Ryuzu Yudaki."

"I'm Kimiko Natsuki!" the blonde smiled.

"Usagiyama Valiant." The rabbit boy added.

"Are you by any chance related to Usagiyama Rumi?" Iida asked.

"Yes. She's my mother."

"You look a little old to be in UA as a first year." Kirishima said suddenly, staring the boy down.

"Why does that matter to you, blondie?"

"Call me that again, Peter Rabbit. I dare you."

"Kiri...! We're not here to make enemies." Iida exclaimed, trying to pull the girl out of Valiant's face.

"And neither do we, Val." Kimiko said, pulling him away from the trio.

The new student trio wandered off to where ever they were heading, while Hikori and Iida dragged Kirishima the opposite way.

"They were friendly." Hikori said suddenly, one out of view from the new kids, causing Kirishima to let out a cackle. The blonde girl then gave the blonde-purple-black haired boy a sharp smack to the back of his head. "What was that for?!"

"Friendly my ASS! I don't like 'em. They give off strange vibes." The blonde said flatly.

"You've only just met them, Kiri...! Give them time! You never know, you might become friends."

"I don't think so. Just... Keep your wits about you and be weary, OK? that's all I'm saying. I'm going to go find Kaneki and Tododeku."

The blonde shoved her hands into her blazer pockets and stalked off. Iida and Hikori just looked at each other. What had just happened? The duo simultaneously shrugged and wandered to class to try and get there before the bell went.


That afternoon, Hikori sat on the floor, back against the couch, playing a game of Mario Cart with Adrien, Shiro and Tori. As Hikori swerved around a corner, he cursed as he misjudged and crashed into a wall. Adrien flew past him with Shiro and Tori not far behind. A few moments later, Tori threw her arms up in triumphant as she had placed first with her character; Princess Daisy. Adrien dropped his remote in his lap as he took third place with Mario. Shiro let out an annoyed, playful sigh as he placed 7th with Yoshi.

"I hate this game." Hikori pouted, playfulness at his voice as he came 11th with Bowser.

Hearing footsteps, he looked up and saw MT wander into the room, holding onto his upper arms and his cousin by his side. With a large smile plastered on his face, Hikori jumped up, ready to go and say hello and ask how he was feeling, when the boy just ran down the hallway, Takami in tow. Hikori stopped in his tracks and his face fell to one of hurt.

"What did I do wrong...?" He whispered with hurt. Tears threatened to fall. Throwing his face into the crook of his arm, he tried to hold back the tears.

"You OK, Kaminari?" Shiro asked, walking over, Adrien and Tori in tow.

"I don't want to play anymore, sorry." Hikori handed the boy the remote control and wandered down the hall to his room.

Opening the door and closing it behind him just as quickly, he flopped onto his bed and held onto his pillow. Turning on his phone, he saw the new picture he had set as his lock screen; the group selfie of him, Kirishima, Iida and MT. going to his home screen, he went to contacts. He went directly to his Papa's phone number. It rang for a few moments before it answered.

"Hey Hikori! What's up?" Hitoshi asked with a cheery tone.

"I think I messed up... Badly." Hikori sobbed.

"Hik. It's OK. Just tell me what's wrong. What happened?"

It took about 5 minutes of explaining everything that had happened involving MT.

"It seems to me like he needs some space."

"But I feel guilty...! Like it was my fault he's acting like this...!"

"Hikori. I assure you; this isn't your fault. You know how I know this?"


"Because your dad went through something similar with distancing himself from others."

"But how am I supposed to know that?! You never tell me anything about his past...! Only yours..."

"I know, I know... Just...Give him some space, alright? Let him work things out first and then he'll tell you. OK?"

"OK, Papa... I love and miss you. And Grandpa Shota and Grandpa Hizashi and Dad."

"I love and Miss you too. I'll make sure to tell the others that too. Bye, Buddy."

"Bye, Papa."

Hikori waited until his Papa hung up before doing the same. Letting out a yawn, he didn't realise how much energy that had taken out of him. Closing his eyes, he was immediately consumed in an abyss of sleep.

Chapter 21

Chapter Text

The next day, being a Saturday, Hikori sat in his room, not wanting to run into MT. What his Papa had said that night played over in his head. He really had a lot of questions, and it wasn't just about why MT was avoiding him, but questions about his parents' past. He knew there were a lot of things they weren't telling him, but why should he bother asking anymore? His dad already hates him and hasn't answered any of his calls or texts. So why should he risk destroying his relationship with his Papa?

He pulled himself off of his bed and headed out of his room, closing the door behind him. He walked through the common room and saw Takami lying across Togata's lap while Tori Tori was talking with Ojiro Ichika, the blonde girl blushing while the brunette seemed totally oblivious to her actions. He headed out of the room and down the hall. He walked the halls of the school until he got to Eri's office. Pushing open the door, he invited himself in just as Eri, herself, came out of nowhere.

"Hikori...! What can I do for you?" she asked, sweetly.

"Provide comfort to your nephew, whom that feels like he's about to have a mental breakdown because his dad won't talk to him and now one of his best friends are avoiding him at all costs...?" Hikori replied, tears welling in his eyes and threatening to fall.

"Oh, Hik..." the woman embraced him in a tight hug and allowed the boy to break down in her arms.

"Why do I feel like I'm the problem?! Why do I feel like Dad and MT would be better off without me?!"

"Hikori... MT is probably getting to overwhelmed, you know, being the son of two of the greatest heroes Japan has ever seen and, your Dad? He's gone through a lot of things in his life and he even told me that he doesn't want to burden you with any of it."

"But maybe if I knew then maybe our relationship wouldn't currently be in pieces...!"

"... Your dads are going to kill me for this..." Eri sighed and sat the boy on the bed. "I'll tell you what's happened, alright? I don't want to see you suffer like this anymore then you already have."

"Wait... you will...?!" Hikori asked. Finally, he was going to get some answers.

"Your dad grew up in a very toxic home. His father, you other grandfather, would beat both him and his mother until he grew tired of it then he would go out and get pissed. Your dad, as Hitoshi has told me, would come to school every-day battered, bruised and bleeding."

Hikori listened with wide eyes. A new voice entered the conversation and continued the story;

"One day, he arrived at school, only to collapse and break down crying in the classroom. Later we found out that his mother had died that morning."

Hikori looked up and saw Deku and Mina standing in the room. Deku was the one that had continued the story.

"A lot of things happened and before we knew it, Denki attempted to jump of the school roof." Mina continued, tears in her eyes as she relived the memory. "We managed to get to him in time and save him, only to find out that his father was abusive and had killed his mother. We followed him home, captured his father and handed him over to police. The next day we found out that he had no other relatives in Japan and had to move to Australia to live with his uncle. We helped him pack but nothing was the same after he had left."

"We later reunited a few years later for our class reunion party. We then found out he had moved back and was going to stay for good." Eri smiled, weakly.

"Skip forward a few more years and his father had broken out of jail and almost killed your dad. We then found out he was to get married." Mina added.

"But what made him hate you guys?" Hikori asked as he directed his gaze to the No.1 Hero.

"A villain attacked the school, under Denki's Father's orders. We noticed that the villains only attacked where ever you were, most of the time it was your preschool, where you, Irei, Eijitski and Hanna all attended." Deku explained. "We thought Denki was too dangerous to be around, we ended up having a huge fight and refused to speak to him. We took our kids and enrolled them at different schools; Irei joining Hinote, Eijitski joining Kaneki and Hanna moving and you staying where you were. A few weeks later, we decided to erase all of your memories, thinking it would be best if you didn't know anything about each-other, or anything that had happened before and after the fight. Denki even decided to erase some of your other memories, too."

"Oh wow... He did all of that to protect us...?" Hikori said quietly.

The three adults nodded.

"Maybe you should talk to your dads at some point, OK Kaminari?" Mina asked.

"I will... I'll also apologise to my dad for what I said and did to him... Thank you for telling me."


As Hikori walked to the main entrance door of the 1A/B heights Alliance building, he pulled out his phone and started to search for his Papa's contact. As he walked, he crashed into someone whom must've been coming out. Not looking where he was going, he fell on his ass and dropped his phone. He looked at the person he had rammed into and knocked over. He met the purple eyes and black hair, with the addition of cat ears, of a figure that seemed not much taller than him, or quite possibly shorter. They were holding their head like they had hit it on something.

"I am so sorry...! Are you OK?" Hikori asked, scrambling over to help.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking, but look where you're going next time." The boy had a flat, board sounding voice with sharp needle like teeth. Hikori helped the boy up and picked up his phone, that had the addition of another crack in the screen.

"What's your name?" Hikori smiled.

"Katsuki Terrance..." the boy, Katsuki replied.

"Nice to meet, ya! I'm-"

"Kaminari Hikori. I know."

"How did you know that exactly?"

"A. You were up against Monoma in the Sports Festival and you worked with Kohei for the internships a couple of days back."

"I'm guessing they're in your class?"

"No sh*t Sherlock."

"Geez. Sorry. Anyways... What's your quirk?"



Quirk; Feline

He possesses all of the traits typical to that of a cat; speed, agility, sight, etc. His appearance constantly has the black ears and tail that is used as an inference to his quirk. Sometimes, if in a certain state of mind, he can act more cat like than human- meaning he'll walk around on all fours and get onto countertops and knock things off.

"Cool! I've noticed there are a lot of animal mutation quirks in UA this year."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well? There's two girls in my class that are both Hybrids; Ren has a wolf mutation and Hasuki has a husky mutation. Then there's you who has a cat mutation quirk. You could also say that Harinezumi's quirk is almost an animal mutation, too! His hair is replaced by hedgehog quills."

"Do you ever shut up?"


"I've known you for like five minutes and you're already boring the f*ck out of me. Now if you don't mind, I have some place to be."

Katsuki then shoved past, shoving his hands in his pockets and walked off, leaving Hikori to stand there, slightly hurt by the boy's words and rudeness. He could put up with Kirishima's attitude and aggressiveness, but Katsuki was just plain cold. Not wanting to dwell on it any longer, he just walked into the building and to his class's common room. When he got to his room, he clicked on his Papa's contact.

"Hey, Papa!"

"Oh! Hey, Buddy! What's up?"

"Please don't kill them, but... Sensei Deku, Pinky and Aunt Eri told me everything... And I mean everything."

"So now you know about your Dad's past...?"

"Yeah... and what you guys did to me and my friends. I'm not mad, I'm just upset you hid this from us... From me. But I understand it was to protect us. To be honest? I would probably do something similar if I was in your shoes."

"I'm glad you understand everything, Hikori. And don't worry; I won't kill them and I won't let you Dad either."

"Heh... Thanks. Could- Could I talk to Dad? I want to apologise to him..."

"Let me get him. I'll explain everything to him first so just wait a few moments."

Hikori sat on his bed and about two minutes later, a new voice answered the phone.

"Hello?" the man's voice was flat and there seemed to be no hint of emotion.

"Hey, Dad...! It's me... I just want to say that I'm sorry... I'm sorry for being a pain in the ass," Tears rolled down Hikori's cheeks and a sob caught in his throat. "I understand I wasn't the best son that you expected me to be. I'm sorry I'm not perfect and- and- and I-"

"Just shut up for a second. Not the best son?! Not perfect?! Hikori. You are the greatest son I could ever ask for. You are perfect in my eyes, in your Papa's, Aunt Eri, Grandpa Aizawa and Hizashi's eyes and in Uncle Kota's eyes. Whomever told you that sh*t must be on something that's messed up their brains. I've just been to caged off from you. Things have been going through my mind and I know I said and did things to you, and I'm not proud of it at all, but it doesn't mean I don't love you. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, especially after how f*cked up my life was when I was your age. I went through things that no one my age at the time should've. How about we talk more tomorrow? Come home for the afternoon and we can apologise properly then. Alright?"

"Sounds like a plan. I'm so sorry and I love you so much, Dad."

"And I love you too, Hikori. Never forget that. No matter how mad or angry or closed off I get. My love for you will never become less. Only more."

"Thanks... I'll see you tomorrow."

"I'll see you tomorrow, too."

The phone hung up and Hikori sat on his bed with the biggest grin on his face that he could make. He was so happy that his dad was no longer angry with him.

'One apology down. One to go.'

Chapter 22

Chapter Text

Monday. Another school day.

Hikori was sitting at his desk, legs swinging beneath him and slightly scraping the floor. He smiled to himself as he thought about the weekends' events; He had gone to speak to his Aunty and had gotten the information he has been needing to hear regarding his dad's past and as a result; their relationship was fixed. There was something else on his mind as well; that Katsuki boy. As he thought about him, he didn't realise a hot blush move to his cheeks, until Hagakure turned in his seat to face him.

"Are you coming, Kaminari-kun?" he asked softly, his fringe completely concealing his eyes.

"Huh?! For what?" Hikori questioned.

"For our joint training with 1B? Where you not paying attention?"

"Oh no! I was paying attention."

"Well? Come on. Everyone's going to get changed into their hero outfits and meeting in Training Ground Gamma."

Hagakure left the classroom and Hikori raced after him.


A few moments later, Hikori was standing with his classmates as 1B entered the scene. Hikori couldn't help but gawk at the students from Class B, apart from their hero outfits, Hikori thought some of their quirks were pretty cool, well... from the ones that were evidently visible. Their teacher, Phantom Thief stood before them, triumphant smirk on his face, mixed with psychopathic. From the 1B students before him, Hikori recognised Monoma, Katsuki, Kohei, Horikoshi, Yuzu and Takahashi. The other students were unfamiliar to him.

"Looks like it's another fight to avenge your title, Huh, Pinky?!" Phantom Thief exclaimed.

"Well considering my class beat yours 4-0 I don't think it would be much of a challenge with my students up against yours." Pinky replied, a smirk playing at her lips.


"If that's what you hear then, Yes. Yes, it is!"

"Oh Ho! This will be fun for sure!"

"Alright everyone! Separate into teams of 4! There will be 5 rounds. Each team will watch each other fight."

The students nodded and separated into their teams;

Chisuke Toga- Blood Clone
Hikori Kaminari- Shockwave
Amen Tokoyami- Shadow
Supaiku Harinèzumi- Shaft


Akemi Takahashi- Glaze
Emerson Izuki- Future Chance
Keigo Monoma- Thermal Phantom
Aruko Yuzu- Tox

Keisha Ren- Howlette
Yua Yaoyarozu- Sound Machine
Ichika Ojiro- Ultra Violet
Adrien Terebigemù- Plagiarise


Sakura Sara- Rhytha
Kou Homura- Kou
Himari Kuyu- Oni
Ymir Yukito- Torrent

Zen Kinzoku- Android
Hinote Takami- Fire Starter
Benjiro Hagakure- Ninjamal
Dai Togata- Phase


Takaya Kohei- Arty
Tsukishiro Anno- Kale
Hatori Horikoshi- Anubis
Terrance Katsuki- Shade

Eijitski Kirishima- Grenade
Tzatziki Shiro- Click
Hanna Iida- Jet Stream
Kaneki Kendo- Iron Heart


Ryoji Kawahara- Photus
Bisco Nagisa- Pane
Hideaki Makoto- Viperon
Kaiyth Victor- Claw

Irei Midoriya-Todoroki- Spitfire
Surasshu Hasukì- Slush
Tori Tori- Balance
Suraimu Yoi- Ooze


Naoko Shimura- Z
Cavern Takeo- Corrupt
Sayo Fumi- Pango
Hina Yen- Archaeologia

Hikori waited with Toga, Tokoyami and Harinèzumi as Pinky explained what was happening. Once she had finished explaining, she directed Hikori and his team to the other side of the training ground, while the 1B team they were up against disappeared off elsewhere and the rest of the students went with the two sensei's somewhere to observe their round. As he waited, Hikori stood with his hands behind his head. Tokoyami was talking to her dark shadow in a soft, almost whispering tone of voice. Harinèzumi was twirling one of his quills in his hand. Toga wandered over to Hikori.

"Hey, Kaminari-kun?" she asked, showing her small fangs, the sun reflecting off her yellow irises.

"Oh hey, Toga! What can I do for you?" Hikori questioned.

"By any chance... Could I have some of your blood?"


"Can I have some of your blood? For my quirk? I've got vials of blood from Tokoyami-san and Harinèzumi-kun, as well as some blood from my mother and some villains she took blood from a while ago... but I was wandering if I could take some from you? You know, before the 1B students come for us?"

"Sure bu-"

The girl then punched Hikori in the face, causing his nose to bleed a little.

"What was that for?!"

"For Your Blood! Thanks by the way!"

"Why couldn't you just wait until I over use my quirk?! If I faint and hit my head, you could've gotten my blood that way! Or wait until I f*ck up my fingers and cause them to bleed!"

"I can't wait that long...!"

Hikori simply sighed at the girl's wining voice.

"Heads up guys!" Harinèzumi cried out suddenly. "They're coming, but be careful! Izuki's quirk allows him to predict up to 5 minutes into the future!"

"Thanks, Harinèzumi!" Hikori cried. "Get ready team!"

Hikori and his friends waited for a few seconds when a green mist caused their eyes to water and them all to start coughing. Through half-lidded eyes, a girl with medium length, red hair twirled out of the mist as the rest of her teammates followed in pursuit. The red-head was wearing a toxic fumes mask over her mouth but you could still hear her muffled giggle. Her Hero outfit was a full body suit of black with green accents. The unmistakable toxic hazard sign took up the whole middle of her suit.

"Cough, cough and cough some more my friends! Don't fight it and just surrender!" the red haired said in a sing-song like voice.

A male with purple wavy hair was wearing a black, sleeveless, skin tight turtle neck shirt with matching, looser, long pants. A pair of blue tinged glasses were on his face. The third male had short ginger hair and was wearing a black shirt underneath a large light blue jacket. Black pants, big brown boots that ended below his knees joined their side, hands in his pocket. The final person was unmistakable; Monoma. He was wearing a black suit with a white mouthless mask, in which was cut in half down the middle, sat on his face, only showing half his facial features. He let out a psychopathic laugh.

"1A is going to lose and 1B will become triumphant!" he cackled.

"Not if we can help it!" Hikori cried.

The two opposing classes charged at one another and began to fight. Toga was doing all sorts of gymnastic moves. When she landed on the ground, she cartwheeled out of the way of the purple haired male. When she got far enough away, she pulled out a pocket knife and charged, swinging the knife every which way, keeping the boy at bay.

Tokoyami was fighting against the dark haired male. She was trying to land hits on the boy but he kept dodging. Harinèzumi was throwing his quills at the red haired female, but she seemed to be dancing out of the way. Hikori was stationary as his friends fought around him, Monoma replicating his stance. Hikori wanted this fight to be just between him and the boy before him. He wanted to get back at the boy for what he did to him in the sports festival.

"Terrance came to see me on Saturday. Said you crashed into him." Monoma began, this caused Hikori to blush.

He had developed a crush on the cat boy so quickly. Monoma recognised this change in Hikori's emotions and his face twisted into one of anger.

"STAY AWAY FROM HIM!" Monoma charged at him, hand dripping with acid.

He had obviously copied Sensei Mina's quirk before the fight began. He started to throw acid at Hikori whom was having a hard time dodging. A drop landed on Hikori's boot. He frantically tried to shake it off but it started to melt into the steel cap. Face turning to one of fear, Hikori pulled his shoe off, only to be knocked to the ground by one angry Monoma. The blonde then copied Hikori's quirk, shocked him, brainwashed him and then dragged him over to the cage, in which had a cut out of Principal Nezu's face and arms attached to the roof and the sides. Throwing Hikori in and releasing control, Monoma locked him in.

"Stay away from Terry. He's not yours to have." The blonde wandered off.

Hikori just sat in there. He was confused about the boy's sudden change in emotion and why he would say that as well as being upset for failing so quickly. Pulling his knees close to his body, Hikori just made himself comfortable until it was time up.

Five minutes passed and Hikori's team were deemed the losers, 1B high fiving each-other with triumphant smiles. Hikori walked with his classmates all the way back to the others with a downcast face. He really let his team down by not helping and getting captured immediately. After he was caged, Harinèzumi was placed in not long after. The red head; whom Hikori recognised to be Tox, had used her toxic mist to cause Harinèzumi to collapse before he was dragged into the cage. Tokoyami had no chance of winning as it was too bright for her dark shadow, deeming her power weak, was captured and placed in with them. And that was just in the first 2 minutes. Toga had managed to hold her own for a while, but the boy with the prediction quirk predicted all of her moves to outsmart her.

They had reached their teachers and they were preparing the next group to go out. He stood stationary next to his friends and awaited their competition.

"ROUND 2!" Pinky stated. "From 1A we have Howlette, Sound Machine, Ultra Violet and Plagiarise!"

Hikori watched as Ren, Yaoyarozu, Ojiro and Adrien grouped up next to Pinky.

"And from 1B," Phantom Thief continued, "We have Rytha, Kou, Oni and Torrent."

Hikori didn't recognise any of these people. On had pink hair and eyes with freckles littered across her nose. A gold earring on each of her earlobes. He hero costume was a plain black one-piece suit with some sort of sound wave pattern across the front. The second person; Kou, had wild brown hair and had a placid expression. His hero costume was a plain black jacket with silver bands on the upper arms and across the front where is seemed to zip up.

This Oni character had blonde hair with purple streaks through it. Her outfit was similar to Rytha's except she had shorts as an addition. Fingerless gloves where on her hands but three of her five fingers were completely covered, almost as if her quirk relied on her using all five fingers. Finally, Torrent had extremely short boy cut, pale grey hair with matching coloured eyes. She was wearing a one-piece suit that had a cape attached to the shoulders with rimless glasses on her face. The students wandered off and went to take their places.

As Hikori watched the fights, he couldn't help but subconsciously cheer his classmates on. As they watched, each time one of the students used their quirks, the appropriate homeroom teacher introduced them to the opposing class. Sensei Mina did this to all four of her students and Phantom Thief did the same with his own.

Hikori watched as the pink haired girl started to circle Ren, whom was in her wolf form at the time. Hikori noticed her body making shadow like copies of herself, almost duplicating. Ren was become confused and her head was whipping from side to side with confusion and disorientation.


QUIRK; Rhythmic Echo

When she moves at a particular speed and motion, she can create multiple, ethereal like copies of herself to make it seem like she has duplicated. She uses this to mainly mess with her opponent's head to make them disoriented.}

After Yaoyarozu used her quirk, and destroyed one of the walls, the classes watched as it started to tumble onto one of the 1B students whom wasn't paying attention. When they looked up, the brown haired male had appeared and his hand glowed a silver colour once it connected with the falling debris. As soon as his hand made contact, the rubble seemed to pause for a few seconds before reversing and going back to its original form.


QUIRK; Rebuild

His quirk allows him to rebuild broken things. It can range from as small as a broken pencil to as big as a collapsed building, but the bigger the object, and the scale of how broken it is, determines how much energy he has to use to fix it.}

The girl with the blonde hair placed her fingers together, just like Uravity does, Hikori realised, and Ojiro was prevented from turning invisible and was guided to the cage. Ojiro seemed to trying to fight the girl's control but to no success. Ojiro was then locked in the cage and sat on the ground with a disappointed look.


QUIRK; Omnikinesis

She has the ability to control any living thing that has, does or will exist. This is a very powerful quirk and she has to be very careful as to what she controls as she can seriously hurt or even kill people if her concentration is taken away from her, as one wrong move could break the person's neck}

Hikori watched as Adrien pulled out a hand held switch and, as he was just about to swipe his hand over the device, a small tornado pulled the game away from the trio-coloured haired boy.


QUIRK; Tornado

She has the ability to create tornados by moving her hands or even her body, it a rhythmic way, being particular dance moves; cartwheels, etc. basically any move that cuts through the air. She can surround herself in a strong wind and almost become 'the eye of the storm'}

Hikori was left gobsmacked at these quirks. How could 1A have so many prodigal sons and daughters but 1B have much more powerful quirks? Hikori must admit, maybe he hasn't been giving 1B enough credit. All of these people have what it takes to be in 1A and yet, here they are; in Class 1B. Sure it's still part of the Hero Course, but maybe they tried so hard to get into 1A and were almost rejected, while Hikori and his friends were almost handed their placement on a silver platter, all because their parents are high ranking Pro Heroes. Round 2 finished in a tied score of 2-2.

Round 3 consisted of Android (Kinzoku), Fire Starter (Takami), Ninjamal (Hagakure) and Phase (Togata) against 1B students; Arty, Kale, Anubis and Shade. Once again, Hikori was amazed by Takaya's quirk. Their ability to paint anything they wanted and bring it to life.


QUIRK; Artist

Anything that Kohei draws/paints, on her/his/their command, will come to life in a 3D form, doing anything that Kohei orders. The down side of this quirk is that the creations won't last long in wet weather.}

One boy had pure white hair with an array of different colours in streaks. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses but when he took them off, his opponent, Hagakure, started to shake his head and stumble around everywhere, almost as if something was messing with his vision.


QUIRK; Kaleidoscope

By looking at his opponent, he can cause them to get a vision filled with constantly moving and changing colours for up to 5 minutes. The quirk will either wear off once time is up, when/if Anno removes the quirk affects or one passes out.}

The student with the head of a sphinx, whom was wearing some sort of Egyptian styled clothing, had their palms open and down by their sides, while their eyes glowed a golden yellow colour. The sky darkened and a swarm of scarab beetles flew down. They threw their hands forward and the beetles followed their command.


QUIRK; Sphinx

All though they have the head of the iconic sphinx, they have the ability to summon a swarm of scarab beetles and, if angered, they can also place curses upon their enemies}

Round 3 finished with a tied score of 2-3; 1A taking the initial win over 1B. Hikori was impressed by all of their quirks, ecspecially Anubis' quirk, although it was kinda scary at the amount of beetles they had summoned. He could hear the cries of his classmates from where he stood with the rest of his class.

"Time for Round 4!" Pinky smiled. "Participating for 1A is none other than Grenade, Click, Jet Stream and Iron Heart! They will be competing for the win against Photus, Pane, Viperon and Claw from 1B! Ready?! GO!"

Hikori watch as they all ran off to get to their positions. After a few minutes, the teams found each other and began to fight. He watched as Claw grew to 3x his original height, his skin change to a pale purple, cat ears and a tail emerge from his head and lower back, sharp claws on his hands and robotic like markings on his face. His eyes turned into a glowing purple colour as well.


QUIRK; Animatronic

He has the ability to change his whole body to replicate that of an animatronic, but with more robotic like features. He is sometimes asked by his classmates if he escaped from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria}

Hikori heard his classmates wince at the injury that Kendo took, due to the Animatronic boy's claws. They watched as Kendo held onto his right left cheek, blood seeping through his fingers, while blood stained the end of Victor's claws. Kirishima seemed to be angered by this as she jumped in between Victor's next attack and exploded where she stood, sending the boy flying backwards and crashing into a wall. He turned back into his normal form and was unconscious.

"That's not fair! You're not supposed to injure your opponents!" one of the 1B students cried.

Hikori looked in the direction of the voice and saw a figure with short ginger hair. Izuki Emerson. He was the boy that was up against Hikori and his team for the first round, but if he remembers correctly, Izuki had long hair during the sports festival.

"So what?! He hurt Kendo-Kun!" Came the small voice of Hasuki. Her ears were flat against her head in an angry manner and her tail swished angrily from side-to-side.

"Shut the f*ck up, pipsqueak!" Monoma growled, Hasuki's tail instantly dropped and she wore a look of hurt and sadness.

"OI! f*ck off! She's right, though!" Hikori growled back. "You're claiming that it's unfair that Claw is knocked out but yet, you don't hear us complaining that he just sliced Kendo's face open, do you?! Sure it's not right but maybe if you don't mess with our class then we won't mess with yours. Get that through your thick head, Asshole."

"What did you say to me, Sparky?"

"You heard me."

"Alright boys, that's enough." Pinky then pulled the duo out of each other's faces. "If you don't like your friend getting hurt then don't do it to one of my students, alright, Monoma? And Kaminari? Don't go around starting fights, OK?"

"Yes, Sensei."

"Yes, Pinky."

The class continued to watch the fights. One looked like a snake and was spitting acid on the ground getting closer and closer to the feet of his target.


QUIRK: Snake

He can spit acidic liquid, venom, from his mouth while patches of snake skin litter his body. He can also see through his eyelids

Two female students were working together; one was taking removing obstacles just by looking at them and having paper fall out of her left elbow, while the other was creating weapons out of pure glass panes.}


QUIRK: Photography

Anything she looks at, with her left eye, will disappear with a flash and clicking sound, indicating that a 'photo' has been taken. The 'images' will then be printed through a slit in her left elbow}


QUIRK: Glass Weapon

She can meld/weld glass together with her hands and create weapons from it}

The fight had ended and it was clear that 1A had one with a score of 4-0. Shiro had paused everyone long enough to get the 1B students into the cage. The last round was up. Representing 1A was Spitfire, Slush, Balance and Ooze vs. Z, Corrupt, Pango and Archaeologia from 1B. Hikori watched as Hasuki ran out of the room, ahead of her teammates.

After the signal was given for the fight to begin, Hikori took in the 1B students appearances. One looked like an actual zombie, one had a braid down her back and orange eyes; Hero Outfit looking a lot like an archaeologist's uniform. Corrupt had wavy blue hair while Pango looked like a pangolin.

Hikori watched as Hasuki, Slush, was in her husky form and bearing her fangs at the pangolin. Corrupt was glitching all over the place and fighting against Ooze's copies. Spitfire was freezing a trio of velociraptors, now skeletons, while Balance was fighting Z.


QUIRK: Prehistoric Resurrection

She has the ability to bring dinosaurs to life and have them obey her every command. The dinosaurs will only appear as skeletal beings.}


QUIRK: Zombie

While she looks like a zombie, her limbs can be removed and attached back to her body. Another name for her quirk is Detach.}


QUIRK: Pangolin

Basically she can do everything a pangolin can do, all while she also has the pangolin armour, permanently attached to her back}


QUIRK: Glitch

He can make his whole body glitch and as a result, he can move at an almost lightning speed and teleport from one place to another}

After about 10 minutes the fights had been completed and the total score was revealed to them all.

"And the winning class is... 1A!" Pinky beamed. Her whole class cheered and high-five each-other, celebrating their win. Pinky turned to Phantom Thief. "Looks like this will be one title you can't take from us, Phantom."

"Oh don't worry, Pinky. 1B did the best in the School Festival with our play. So looks like we might as well win again next time." Phantom Thief explained smugly.

"It was never a competition."

"But it proved to you and everyone else that even though you can all play instruments, and dance and make little Eri smile, we were the most entertaining."

"Whatever. As I said; It was never a competition."

Pinky then turned on her heel and took her class back to the changing rooms to change back into their uniforms, leaving Phantom Thief and his students behind.

Chapter 23

Chapter Text


Hikori was heading down the hall into the common room when Togata ran past and almost knocked him over.

"SORRY!" he cried.

Hikori noticed his voice. He sounded panicked. As he entered the common room, he saw all of his classmates, either surrounding something of interest or standing away with looks of panic. Heading closer, he heard a shaky sob coming from one of his classmates, who it was is a mystery. When he joined the small circle, he found Sensei Mina crouched down by Takami's side with Deku and Togata. Takami seemed to be having some sort of panic attack; Something Hikori has never experienced. He heard whimpering coming from Hasuki. Looking around, he saw MT sitting alone at one of the kitchen table chairs. Wandering over, he was thankful when the boy didn't push him away.

"What's happening?" Hikori asked softly.

"Hinote's having a panic attack. This is the third one in the space of two days. He had one last night, this morning before even getting out of bed and as you can tell; he's having another one now." MT explained.

"Is it bad?"

"I dunno. He never says anything about what bothers him. He just stays closed off with his emotions until they get to much for him."


"You know how I told you a while ago that he has a bad relationship with his dad?"


"Well after everything that had happened, he developed moderate anxiety, and was medically diagnosed with depression and PTSD. We have to keep a close eye on him when he's like this as he can slip into a state of suicidal thoughts."

"Man... I feel so sorry for him... And you and your family, having to go through all of that with him."

"Can I tell you something, Kaminari?"


"In middle school, as I was the son of the No.1 and No.2 Pro Heroes, people would try and force me into friendships as they wanted to be the friends of a famous, popular kid. Everyone practically acted as if Hinote was invisible."

"I know how that feels... trust me..."

"Can we go somewhere private to continue this, please?"

"Of course!"

The boys headed down to the boys' dorms and went into MT's room. They sat next to each other on the candy cane haired boy's bed.

"You know how I told you that my parents never want me to get a boyfriend till I'm 30?" MT continued.

"Yeah...? Why are you brining this up?" Hikori questioned with concern.

"Well I kind went behind their backs in middle school and got into a relationship with this boy."

"MT...! You naughty boy...!"

"Very funny. Anyways, I thought he was the most perfect person to ever enter my life. Until one day... I was simply walking with him, as I couldn't find Hinote, and he took me into one of the empty classrooms; an old music room that no one used. I thought it was suspicious of him to take me there. Once we entered, he locked the door behind us..."

*MT's Flashback*

"Rayn...? What are you doing?"

"Making sure no one can bother us, Irei."

*Flashback end*

"He advanced towards me." MT continued, tears tip-toeing down his face, knees pulled close to his chest, and chin resting on them. "He trapped me on top of one of the tables. I tried to call for help but he said the room was sound proof, and it was, he then did things to me that I didn't think I would ever experience at 14. It hurt and I felt disgusted. I never told my dads as I didn't want them to worry or take me away from Hinote... My only true friend..."

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that, MT... And I thought my middle school years were f*cked up..."

"Why? What happened to you?"

"Put it this way; I've been locked into lockers, pushed down stairs and into the dirt, bullied by both teachers and students; practically treated like sh*t by everyone in that f*cking school. I almost burnt a kid in the face with my electricity because he was being a f*cking ass."

"Wow... I guess being a Pro Hero kid comes with its negatives..."

"Yeah... Everyone treats you like sh*t because they believe you have everything you want."

"But little do they know, we don't. We're just like everyone else..."


"On another note; I'm sorry for how I've been avoiding you, Kami... I tend to avoid the person that reminds me of that time in middle school. My PTSD doesn't let anyone even bump into me below the waist..."

"Wait. You and your cousin have PTSD?!"

"Yep... Guess it runs in the family. My Father; Shoto, has PTSD from his childhood."

"Oh wow... not sure if this makes it any better but, I win."

"What are you on about?"

"I have ADHD, Insomnia and Dyslexia. So yeah. I. Win."

"Man...! And I thought for once I would've won..."

Hikori watches as his friend pretends to pout. When they make eye contact, they both start laughing their asses off. They continued to talk about random things for a little while longer before heading back into the common room to check on Takami.


In class the next day, Hikori just sat at his desk while his classmates were doing their own thing. A thought entered his mind, one that he was surprised no one had asked before.

"Hey, Sensei?" Hikori asked, grabbing the attention of his classmates.

"Yes, Kaminari?" The pro asked, looking up from some paper work.

"Could you tell us a bit about yourself, please? We barely know anything about you."

"... Alright then, what would you like to know?"

"Are you married?" Ojiro asked.

"... I'm engaged, yes."

"Who are you engaged to?" Ren continued.

"Pro Hero; Can't Stop Twinkling. AKA the sweetest person in the world; Aoyama Yuga."

"Do you have any children?" Yaoyarozu questioned.

"I have three, secret children, that not even my closest friends now about, and as Shoto would say; Secret Love Children!"

"What are their names?" Adrien asked, looking up from his switch.

"Well, my 14-year-old's name is Eli. My 13-year-old is called Allie and then there's our baby; Onyx, who is 9."

"What are their quirks?" MT continued.

"Eli's quirk is Acidic Laser; he can create a laser from his belly button but it will melt anything in it's way. Allie's quirk is glitter; her quirk is like mine but it's glittery. Onyx is quirkless."

"They sound so cool!" Hasuki smiled, tail wagging.

"I think my little sister mentioned a friend called Onyx." Togata stated.

"What school do your kids go to, Sensei?" Hagakure asked.

"Allie and Eli attend Mustafa Private Middle School, while Onyx is currently enrolled in Shōgakkō Elementary."

"I'd really like to meet them one day!" Yoi smiled. The rest of the class nodded in agreement.

The class continued to talk to their teacher for a while longer. The bell rang and the students tried to leave to head to the dorms, but Pinky stopped them in their tracks.

"I'm going to have to leave for an hour so I'm leaving Iida and Togata in charge! Don't destroy anything!"

The students nodded and raced to the dorms.

Chapter 24

Chapter Text

As Hikori sat at the dinner table with his classmates, MT and Iida on either side of him, Hikori shoved some noodles into his mouth as he listened to the multiple conversations that were being thrown around the table. Just listening to his peers talk, did he learn more and more about his fellow heroes in training. Turns out, Hikori wasn't the only one bullied during middle school; Kirishima was bullied for her hearing disability, Harinèzumi was bullied for his Tourette's and vitiligo, Takami was socially rejected due to his dad's past and MT suffered from the side effects of the actions from another student. He also learnt that if anyone ever messed with Tokoyami's little brother, then she would seriously hurt them; one time she threw 3 teenage boys into the river because they took her little brother's glasses (in which he uses to be able to see in broad daylight).

Once everyone had finished eating, Pinky asked for a list of students whom would be spending the term break with their families so she knew how many students she would have to look after in the dorms. Turns out everyone was going home. Everyone except Shiro.

"Hmm. Is there anyone you could stay with, Shiro? Because there has to be at least 5 students staying in the dorms for me to have to stay and supervise." Pinky asked softly.

"Not really... My brother is at Uni so he can't look after me... and my mother..." Shiro replied trailing off at the end.

"What if you come and stay with me and my family for the break, Shiro?" Hikori said suddenly not really paying attention to the words coming from his mouth.

"Are you sure your parents would allow me to come?"

"If you're worried about them being hom*ophobic, then there is nothing to worry about, because there is nothing straight about my family, except my Aunty and Uncle."

"Thanks, Kaminari. I really appreciate it."


The next day, all of the students had packed small bags to take home with them for the break. Hikori had made sure to talk to his parents and get clarification and actual permission and his dads said yes straight away. Now Hikori and Shiro were in the car with Eri, driving to the Kaminari family home. Once they pulled into the driveway, Hikori, Shiro and Eri made their way to the door and inside. Once in the house, Hikori was embraced by his dad and papa.

"Hikori! Oh how I've missed you!" Denki cried as he squeezed the life out of his son.

"You saw me a couple of days ago...!" Hikori squeaked.

"But it seemed like a lifetime ago!"

"Alright, Denki. Let him go before you squeeze him so tightly he pops. Besides, he's brought a friend." Hitoshi said as he entered the room, Aizawa, Mic and Kota following in pursuit.

"And what am I?! Chopped Liver?!" Eri pouted, only to be embraced in a hug from her family and a kiss from Kota.

"Oh right!" Hikori exclaimed as realisation hit him like a train. He turned to Shiro. "This is my friend; Shiro Tzatziki. Shiro? These are my parents-"

"Chargebolt and Mind Meddler...?! So cool...! It's nice to meet you!" Shiro interrupted.

"Nice to meet you too, Shiro!" Denki beamed as Hitoshi gave a nod.

"And these guys," Hikori continued "Are my grandparents; Aizawa and Hizashi. Also known as retired Pro Heroes; Eraserhead and Present Mic."

"And I'm Water Jet; Hikori's Uncle, but you can just call me Kota."

"It's nice to meet you all and I'm very thankful for you guys for letting me stay for the Term Break."

"Hey, Hik?" Eri asked, turning to her nephew.


"Could you take Shiro and your bags to your room? I think Shiro needs to tell your parents something."

Hikori nodded. He knew exactly what Shiro was going to tell them about.


That afternoon, Hikori and Shiro were sitting in the lounge room, playing Mario Cart. Hikori was in third place with Bowser while Shiro was in 4th place with Yoshi. Shiro let out playful curses as Hikori kept firing red-shells backwards. Once their game was completed; Hikori winning with 2nd and Shiro loosing with 6th, Hikori placed his remote on his lap and turned to see Shiro with his head hung and a down cast look on his face.

"Hey, man. It was only a game...! There's nothing to get upset about...!" Hikori smiled.

"It's not that... It's just that... This is the first time I've actually able to be in a place where I don't have to worry about being trans..." Shiro replied, lifting his head, tears slowly moving down his face.

"What do you mean?"

"School's OK and everything but, not everyone knows. The only people that do are you, Yaoyarozu-san, the other girls and the teachers. My own mother doesn't even accept me for who I am, nor my brother whom is a Gay, Polysexual Demiboy. Mother is hom*ophobic. She doesn't let me be a boy at home. She says that If I was born a girl then I will always be a girl. The same with my brother, Phoenix. She says that it's unnatural to be attracted to someone of the same gender; to go by 2 different sets of pronouns and to want to be in a relationship with more than one person."

"She doesn't sound like someone I'd want to know, never alone be related to."

"That's why the moment we were allowed in the dorms, I jumped at it immediately."

"What about your father? What does he think of all of this?"

"Dunno. He left when I was thirteen. He doesn't even know I'm trans. My brother is the only person helping me to transition. He got everything for me... And if I knew where he was then I might've considered that a two years ago."

"OK... On a happier note; What does your mother do for a living?"

"She's a fashion designer and, surprise surprise; She focuses on the stereotypes when she designs. Something she designs for females are classed as 'for Biological females only.' In other words; transgender females or gender-fluid people can't were them, only people that were born girls can. The same goes for her male clothing designs."

"That's disgusting. If you identify as a female, whether your born a girl or not, then you should have just enough right to were that clothing as anyone else. Males too. What you were born as shouldn't put you into a category. What you identify as currently should tell you who you are. If you're transgender Male-to-Female or Female-to-Male, then so be it! If that's what you identify as then that's who you are! Thank you for coming to my TEDTalk."

Hikori then turned back to the TV and set up a new game.

"You're a good friend, Kaminari." Shiro said softly, as he selected his character.

"And you're a good friend too, Shiro."

As the boys played their game, they didn't realise that Hitoshi and Denki were standing in the kitchen and listening to the conversation.

"That's our boy." Denki said quietly as he leaned against his husband and looked him in the eyes.

"We taught him well." Hitoshi replied as he placed a kiss on his husband's lips.


The next day, Hikori and Shiro decided to for a walk to the mall. Hikori was wearing a Chargbolt merch hoodie (Black jacket designed like Denki's hero outfit) with a pair of blue jeans and black sneakers. Shiro was wearing a simple plain black, short sleeved shirt, grey jeans and a pair of faded red sneakers with a shark tooth necklace around his neck.

"What's got you wearing a quizzical look, Kaminari?" Shiro asked as he looked at his friend.

"Just tryna remember whose birthday is next in our class. I remember everyone mentioning it one night in the common room." Hikori replied.

"We didn't end up having a celebration for Zen's birthday, now that I remember it."

"But that's because he said he didn't want a party. He's not a celebration kind of guy."

"True. Um... Yoi-San's birthday is the on the 25th, Hasuki-San's is on the 30th and then Midoriya's is on the 3rd of May, yours is on the 15th and then mine is the 31st. Trust me, I can remember everyone's birthdays, I'm just that good!"

"Thanks, for that, now I'm kinda scared about what other stuff you remember."

The boys laughed as they walked. When they eventually reached the mall, they wandered around for a while. They eventually came across a store that caused Hikori to almost burst. It was a shop called; Hero Agency. Selling only merch related to the heroes; new and old. Hikori dragged Shiro inside and they started to look on the shelves and clothing racks.

"I absolutely love this shop! And not just because they sell merch from my family, but because all of the clothing in here is designed and created by Aoyama Yuga, AKA; Can't Stop Twinkiling." Hikori explained as he looked for any possible Eraserhead or Present Mic Jackets.

"AKA; Sensei Pinky's Boyfriend." Shiro replied as he looked.

"Yeah, that two."

"Don't look now but 1B students at 2:00...!"

Hikori let out an agitated groan and tried to avoid eye contact, but the plan failed as they came right up to them.

"Look who we have here! Sparky and the sports festival winner!" Came a voice all too familiar.

"What do you want, Monoma?" Hikori asked as he gave up and locked eyes with the boy.

"Oh, I just wanted to see what the 1A students do when they're not in school, and by the looks of it; you and your little friend like to go shopping!"

"Then what are you doing in here?" Shiro added, arms crossed and turning to face the boy.

Monoma just stood there. He seemed ready to throw a fit. A boy with black hair and cat ears held onto his arm.

"Don't start a fight, Keigo. You don't want to get us all thrown out. I actually like looking in this shop." The cat boy said quietly and urgently, only now does Hikori recognise him; Katsuki Terrance.

"I won't start a fight in here for Terry's sake but you better watch your back, KaMiNaRi. I'll be coming for you when you least expect it."

Monoma then turns and walks out with his friends, whom Hikori recognised to be Takeo Cavern, Victor Kaiyth, Takahashi Akemi and Anno Tsukishiro

"He really hates you, doesn't he?" Shiro said, turning back to Hikori, whom had his gaze dropped.

"Yeah but it's nothing I've never dealt with before..." Hikori replied as he pulled a hooded jacket off the rack. It was black and written in lavender, block letters; Mind Hero and below that, in a bigger font and capital letters was; Mind Meddler across the back.

"What do you mean?" Shiro pulled out a jacket with the words Keep Twinkling across the front. The rest was a greyish marble print. Shiro tried it on as Hikori did the same with his selected jacket.

"I was bullied relentlessly back in middle school. By both students and teachers. I would 'fail' every subject, even though grandpa Aizawa and Hizashi, whom are both retired teachers, agreed that my work was a C grade or higher. But no. According to the teachers; It was an F grade."

"That's bullsh*t."

"Exactly. I was also accused of 'faking not knowing how to read' even though my Dyslexia is real and was preventing me from being able to read properly. My ADHD was classed as a form of distracting and annoying my classmates. And to make matters worse; people would hide spiders and other pranks in my locker so that when I went to get something from my locker, I would embarrass myself in front of everyone."

"How did your teachers let you go to UA?"

"My entire family paid a visit to the principle and threatened to sue the school for unfair and unjust detentions, subject failures and the DiScRiMiNaTiOn oF a StUdEnT's MeDiCaL NeEdS!"

This caused Shiro to laugh as he watched his friend imitate one of his parents. The boys paid for their new jackets and walked out with their items. They headed towards a Boba Tea shop and ordered their drinks; Hikori ordering a mango Bubble tea flavour with black tapioca pearls while Shiro ordered a strawberry tea with the same tapioca pearls. They got their drinks in under 2 minutes and were off again to find somewhere to get something to eat. They eventually reached a food court and ordered a medium sized helping of hot chips to share. Once done they found somewhere to sit and enjoyed their lunch.

After they finished their lunch, they continued on their journey through the mall, sipping on their drinks as they went. As they walked, screams echoed through the entire place. People began running away. There were no Pro Heroes to be seen. Hikori and Shiro stayed close to each other and found somewhere to hide. Not even 20 metres away were Monoma and his friends.

1 scream in particular caught Hikori and Shiro's attention. They looked around and saw a trio of girls from 1B being terrorised. The villain was approaching them and they were getting scared. There was a girl whom looked like a pangolin, another had blonde hair with an aqua streak while the third had pink hair. Hikori recognised them to be Fumi Sayo, Sara Sakura and Kuyu Himari. Without thinking, Hikori raced forward, pushed the girls out the way and shocked the villain, but it didn't work, Ivy moved from the man's fingers and wrapped around his throat. With a straggling breath, Hikori was pulled through a portal the man created. The last thing he heard was Shiro's petrified cry;


Chapter 25

Chapter Text

Hikori struggled to open his eyes, but when he did, the light stung his eyes. His head hurt and his wind pipe felt like it had a huge weight placed against it. Pulling his head up and trying to prevent it from rolling along his shoulders, he tried to move, only to find his arms tied behind him and his legs tied to a chair.

"What the...?!" Hikori whispered to himself.

A door opened and this caused him to look up from where he was only to see a group of people walk in. One had pale blue, wavy hair and scratches over his neck and face. There were three more people; one with hair similar to the man but had tanned skin, rabbit ears, piercings, tattoos and a rabbit tail on his lower back. A girl with blonde twin tails and dark brown roots stood with her arms behind her back while a boy with pale silver hair stood next to her. Another adult male with black hair and a X like scar on his face stood stationary, arms crossed over his chest. Another two males were there; one whom looked like one of those old French plague doctors Hikori had seen in movies and a man with white hair and beard stood with them.

"What do you want from me?! Let me go...!" Hikori cried, pulling on his restraints.

"AW! Isn't that cute! He's trying to pull out of his restraints!" the female smiled psychopathically.

"Do you know who we are?" the male with pale blue hair asked, his voice raspy.

"A group of f*cking dumbass who thinks capturing a kid for fun is OK?" Hikori smirked, this caused some of the other people to stifle laughter.

"I, my dear boy, am Shigaraki. One of the most infamous villains Japan has ever seen."

"In that case; Do you know who I am?"

"You are the son of Chargebolt and Mind Meddler. The nephew of Eri-Chan and Water Jet." The man with the X scar began. "The grandson of Eraserhead and Present Mic... My Grandson."

"... HA HA HA HA!" was all Hikori said as a reply. Once he stopped laughing, he continued to talk. "How are you my grandfather?! I've never met you once in my entire life, not to mention my dad said that his father was in jail."

"Well then, I guess he didn't know I broke out again..."

"Alright then, If I am your grandson, what's my name?"

"Hikori Shota Kaminari."

"When's my Birthday?"

"15th of May."

"How old am I?"

"15. Turning 16."

"Who are my friends?"

"You had no friends in middle school but now you have a group of friends that respect you and love your company and friendship, but are they loyal enough to come and rescue you?"

"Ooh~! Looks like we have a loner on our hands!" The girl teased.

"Mimica. If you don't shut the f*ck up, I'll get Plague to paralyse you and then I'll personally throw you off the top of this building." The rabbit threatened, pointing to the French plague doctor, as a way to emphasise his point.

"Wait a minute." Hikori gasped as the pieces fell into place. "You're Usagiyama, Ryuzu and Kimiko! The three students that enrolled late at UA! And you're... villains...?!"

"He's a smart one isn't he!" Kimiko smirked.

"What do you want from me?"

"Nothing much, except... for you to betray the heroes and be our little spy. A traitor." Usagiyama explained.

"I won't do sh*t for you...! I'll never betray my friends, my teachers, the heroes or my parents! I've been held down for too long, and now it's my time to show those people that bullied me relentlessly that I can be a hero, despite what they said!"

"And what a better backstory that could guide one down the path of villainy."


Usagiyama then flew a punch to Hikori's face and caused a black eye to start forming over his right eye and blood trickle down his face from his nose. Hikori spat blood on the floor. The group of villains wandered out of the room and closed the door behind them.


Hours passed as Hikori sat, tied to the chair, in the empty room. He heard the door open and looked up at whom had entered. A boy with almost completely shaved hair, except for the thick, long chunk that was styled almost like a sideways Mohawk, entered. He looked around and when he saw Hikori, his eyes widened. Slinking in and closing the door, carefully, he made his way over to Hikori.

When the boy came closer, Hikori took in his features; dark aquamarine eyes with white pupils but with the addition of another thinner circular ring around them. Dark black markings were around his eyes. He was wearing a white shirt with a grey jacket, left sleeve pulled up to his elbow while the right was down to his wrist. Black shorts and red sneakers. He looked about 11.

"Hey, are you OK?!" he asked. His voice was hurried and hushed.

"Yeah I am, thanks for asking. What's your name?" Hikori questioned.

"Aiba Vel, but you can just call me Vel. You?"

"Kaminari Hikori. What's your quirk?"

"I'm actually quirkless. What's yours?"

"Electric Waves. I can electrocute my opponents and, if I want to, brainwash them to do my bidding."

"That's so cool! I understand why they'd want you to join their league."

"Why are you here? Did they kidnap you too?"

"No they didn't. I have free range in this place. My guardian is Gentle Criminal; you know, the one with the white hair and beard?"

"Oh. I thought he was done with villainy."

"He was, but he got into trouble with the police and was accused of crimes he didn't commit. Again-. So, when the L.O.V came and asked him to re-join, he accepted. My mother doesn't know about his new secret life as she's done with villainy and has instead taken a career in film-making. She leaves me with Gentle when she works but when she's not working, she home schools me. She says it's to protect me from those who don't accept quirkless people."

"I understand that... Some people can be really harsh and mean."

"I'd help you get out of here but, Shiggy will probably have my head if he knew what I'm did but I can't just stand idly by and let them hurt you."

"Then don't. I don't want you to get into trouble for helping me, honestly. I'll be fine. My dads will come for me."

"Your dads?"

"Yeah. I have two and they're Pro Heroes. They'll come for me. Just... could you loosen the bindings a bit please...?"

"Are you sure?"


Hikori waited till the boy had loosened hands and legs back from the bindings. He let out a bright smile to the boy. Vel exchanged the smile and ran off.

"See ya, Hikori."

"Stay safe, Vel."

Hikori let out an annoyed and board sounding sigh a he was once again left alone in the slightly dark room.

Chapter 26

Chapter Text

As Shiro burst straight in to the house, the panic in his actions alarmed the family that were sitting at the kitchen table.

"Shiro?!" Eri cried. "Where's Hikori?!"

Shiro looked down at his hands; the shopping bag he had with all of Hikori's things; jumper, phone, wallet. Tears started to form and his heart started to race. His head became heavy and the room started to spin. He had run all the way form the mall to the house. With his binder on. not a very smart move. Eyes rolling into the back of his head, Shiro collapsed to the ground.

Once Shiro woke up, he found himself under a blanket on the sofa, the adults around him talking. When Denki saw him wake up, he wandered over and sat next to the boy.

"How's your breathing?" Denki asked as the rest of the adults gathered.

"It's fine. We're going to go to Kirishima's house to hang out. I decided to come and tell you guys and drop our things off while I'm at it." Shiro lied, slipping Hikori's phone into his pocket.

"I can tell you're hiding something." Aizawa said suddenly. "Where is Hikori?"

Shiro caved "... HE GOT KIDNAPPED BY A VILLAIN! I COULDVE STOPPED HIM WITH MY QUIRK BUT I FROZE! I'M SO SORRY I LIED TO YOU! I didn't want to worry you or make myself look like a bad friend or future hero..."

"It's OK, Shiro. Even the greatest heroes freeze when placed in certain situations. We'll all go look for him. What was his quirk? Did you see?"

"... Ivy."

Denki's face clouded at this.

"I should've killed him long ago when I had the chance." Denki went to storm out. "Shiro? I'm dropping you off at the Kirishimas' House."


Once Shiro got to Kirishima's house, he found out that both Ground Zero and Red Riot volunteered to help so the kids had to go to the Kendo family house instead. Now Shiro was sitting in Kendo's room with Kirishima.

"We're not letting the adults have all of the fun. We're going to rescue sparky and that's final. Who's with me?" Kirishima stated as she folded her arms over her chest.

"Kami gave me a place to stay, away from my mother, and I couldn't stop him from getting kidnapped so the most I can do is rescue him, so yeah. I'm with you." Shiro agreed.

"You're going to need someone to keep you in check, Cousin... And you'll also need some muscle...!" Kendo Kaneki replied, showing his shark teeth and flexing his muscles.

"Good. I'm going to call some people." Kirishima then pulled out her phone and scrolled through her contacts.

"What do you mean, others? Who else are you calling?" Shiro asked, confused.

"More help, now shut up."


Kirishima, Kendo and Shiro stood outside a clothing store at the mall, waiting for the other people that Kirishima had called. Shiro felt on edge as his friend was recently captured at this very place. Suddenly, a figure came bounding over with another figure close behind. Yaoyarozu and Yoi.

"We got your message! We're so sorry you had to experience that, Shiro-kun!" Yoi exclaimed as she jumped at the boy, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"So? what's the plan?" Yaoyarozu asked as she stopped before the group.

"Rescue Kaminari form the villains, without the pros or our parents finding out what we're doing." Kirishima replied.

"Ooh~! I think I know where this is going!" Yoi squealed. "Where going to need disguises!"

Yoi spun and stood in a star position as she gestured to the shop they were standing before.

Kirishima and Yaoyarozu gave each other smirking glances as they knew exactly what was happening; they were re-enacting the rescue mission their parents put together to rescue Ground Zero back in the day.

"Well?! What are we waiting for?!" Yoi exclaimed. "Let's go!"

The group wandered into the shop and started to look for clothes that would be used as disguises. After a quick 5 minutes, the group was wandering around in setting afternoon, the sky getting darker by the minute, dressed in their disguises. Kendo had simply sprayed his hair with silver hair spray and dressed in simple clothing, replicating the look of Real Steal. Yaoyarozu had done something similar to look like her mother; Creati. Kirishima had styled her hair into two messy beach buns, yellow contacts and was dressed in a light brown jumper with a blue sailor's collar and red tie with the addition of a blue skirt; representing the look of Pro Hero Toga. Shiro dressed up so he resembled the look of a gangster while Yoi tried to resemble the look of one of the retired heroes; Bubble Girl.

"You've got Kaminari's phone, right, Shiro?" Kendo asked.

"Yeah. I got it in my pocket. Not sure how much help it would be, though." Shiro replied pulling it out and staring at the black screen.

"This is so exciting! What do we do?!" Yoi exclaimed.

"First of all; SHUT UP! AND CALM DOWN! Your joy is sickening." Kirishima growled. "Second of all; We have to make sure we aren't questioned for what we're doing. The last thing we want is to get caught and our parents called."

"That's a fair point." Shiro agreed. "The second half, not the first."

"Kirishima-kun." Yaoyarozu turned to the girl. "Did your parents ever say where the old League Base was located?"

"No... But I can try and ask someone here."

Kirishima then wandered over to a random person and got their attention.

"Hey, Extra!" Kirishima yelled.

"I'm sorry. What did you just call me?" the man turned.

"You heard me. We were just wandering where the old League of Villains base was located."

"Why do you want to know. Aren't you all a little too young to be wandering around in the dark without an adult."

"We're 15 and 16 years old for f*cks sake! We don't need to be chauffeured around like children, you f*cking dumba-"

"Sorry about her!" Kendo cut in, clamping a hand over the blonde's mouth and pushing in front of his cousin. "But to answer your question; We were just wandering for a class project on the history of the League."

"Oh! Well... their hideout used to be in Kamino, in Yokohama City."

"What do you mean; used to be?" Yoi asked.

"That place was destroyed when All For One was defeated and caused All Might to go into retirement, with a bunch of other heroes and gave the heroes today their rightful ranks and popularity."

"What's there now?"

"Another building. The property was bought a few years later, which is suspicious, and a new building was built, similar to the one previously."

"Thank you, Sir."

"No problem, kids."

Once the man walked away, the group turned to each other. Without another word, they made their way to the bus stop. Once they got on, they were stopped in their tracks by the bus driver.

"Where are your tickets?" the man asked.

"We don't have any." Yoi replied.

"No ticket; no bus ride. You either get one and wait for the next bus or find another means of getting to where you want."

"ExCuSe Me?!" Kirishima began. "Do you know who we are?!"

"Nope. And I also don't care."


"I know that look...!" Kendo whispered to the group. "She's either going to do something very smart or is going to rage."

The group gulped and waited for the outcome.

"I am Kirishima Eijitski. Daughter of Red Riot and Ground Zero; the top 3 and 4 heroes. Now, you better let me and my friends onto this bus or one call to my Daddy and he will come deal with you himself. So? What will it be?"

"You're bluffing."

"Am I?" Kirishima then pulled out her phone and went to her dad's contact. She clicked the dial button and placed it on speaker.

"Eijitski? What do you want?" came the voice of Ground Zero. "We're busy at the moment and don't have time to talk, so make it quick."

"My friends and I are just trying to catch a bus back home and we forgot money for tickets, as we walked to where we are currently, and the bus driver isn't letting us on." Kirishima wined with annoyance, only saying half the truth.

"Well, you tell that extra that he either lets you guys on or when I'm done dealing with Chargebolt, I'll come and blast his bus off the road, and yes; I have the authority to do so. Now I've got to go; Chargebolt is trying to break his fist by punching a wall."

The last thing they heard was Ground Zero screaming at Chargebolt before he hung up.

"Do you think I'm bluffing now?" Kirishima smirked, deviously.

"Sorry. You and your friends can come on board." The bus driver said, clearly rattled by Ground Zero's words.

"Thank you for your cooperation."

"Where to, may I ask?"

"Kamino; Yokohama City."

Chapter 27

Chapter Text

Hikori's wrists and ankles were aching and, even though Vel had loosened the ropes, they still cut deep into his skin. His stomach growled and echoed through the empty room. His mouth was dry and he had a headache forming from dehydration.

"Is this how the L.O.V get the information out of their captives?" Hikori said to no one in particular.

He's been there for hours and he was just about to give up, when the door opened and in walked the L.O.V themselves.

"Are you ready to talk?" Shiggy asked, voice raspy.

"As I already told you; I'm not going to betray my family and friends...!"

"Would us giving you information, if I told you things about your family? To persuade you to come and join us?" the X scar man asked.

"Pfft! No thanks! My Aunt has already told me everything. There's probably nothing you want to tell me that she hasn't already. So you can go f*ck yourself for all I care." Hikori replied.

"Oh please let me kill him...!" Kimiko wined.

"No." Usagiyama said sternly.

"Who even are the rest of you?" Hikori asked suddenly. "Because I know Crusty Man, Bunny Boy, Harley Quinn and Silver hair over there."

"BUNNY BOY?!" Usagiyama cried. "My name is White Rabbit, you little insignificant piece of sh*t!"

"I'm Mimica and if you call me Harley Quinn again, I don't care what the others say; I will rip you to shreds."

"Reflector is my name and Killing people with their reflections is my game."

"Then who's the French Doctor over there?!" Hikori asked.

"That is Plague." White Rabbit replied.

"Hey buddy! 1346 called! They said you're in the wrong timeline!"

"He will kill you."

"Alright then; Who's the guy that apparently is my grandfather?"

"I am Rai. My son is Denki Kaminari."

"If my dad is your son, then what's his full name?"

"Denki Kumo Kaminari."

"... I still don't believe you. NOW LET ME f*ckING GO!"

"You don't get it; do you kid?! Your father has been lying to you your whole f*cking life!"


Rai was pissed and the rest of the League could tell. Rai extended his hand and ivy appear. Hikori's heart beat sped up and his breathing started to catch in his throat as tears welled in his eyes. He tried to crane his neck to avoid the ivy from touching him, when a loud BANG reverberated in the room. The villains turned and from the smoke emerged a group of people.

"Don't you dare lay a f*cking finger on him, Rai." Came a voice all too familiar.

The figures emerged from the smoke and revealed themselves to be the pro heroes; Chargebolt, Mind Meddler, Ground Zero and Red Riot. Shigaraki's face twisted to one of hatred.

"Oh f*ck no." Shiggy cursed as he made eye contact with the N0. 3 Hero; Ground Zero. "Villains?! Attack!"

The League obeyed their leader's orders and started to fight the heroes.

"Kaminari!" Came a voice. Hikori turned to see Kirishima, Shiro, Yoi, Yaoyarozu and Kendo.

"Guys...! Get me out of here!"

Kendo turned his hand into a blade and cut the ropes. Hikori rubbed his red wrists while Shiro untied his ankles.

"Thanks. How did you guys get here?!" Hikori questioned as they took cover under a bench, as Ground Zero started to blow things up.

"A bus, dumbass." Kirishima cursed.

"We came to look for you and your parents just so happened to arrive here the same time we did." Shiro explained.

"They weren't very happy, though. But they let us stay and help rescue you while they fought the villains." Kendo added.

"Well I'm very thankful for you guys coming to rescue me." Hikori's gaze landed on Shiro. "Hey, you OK man?"

"I just feel so bad and ashamed...'' Shiro explained, face downcast. "I wasn't able to stop the man from capturing you..."

"It's water under the bridge. You came to rescue me and that's what really matters."

"f*ckING HELL!" a voice screeched.

The kids emerged from their hiding place and say that the villains were nowhere to be seen. Chargebolt was the one that had cursed.

"Dad?! Papa?!" Hikori cried in relief. He ran into the arms of his parents.

"Hikori!" Mind Meddler gasped, wrapping his son in an embrace.

Ground Zero and Red Riot turned towards the other kids.

"You lot are in so much trouble."


"I'm very disappointed in you, Yua." Yaoyarozu Momo began. "You lied to us. You said you were going meet some friends at the mall, not to go on a race around the city to go to a villains' hideout...!"

"Your grounded for 2 weeks and your allowance is being cut off for 3." Kyoka Yaoyarozu, Earphone Jack, added, arms crossed over her chest.

"I'm sorry mothers..." Yua replied, head down.

"Kaneki." Itsuka Kendo said as she turned to her son, disappointment in her face. "Your father and I expect this erratic behaviour from your cousin. We thought you were smarter than that!"

"What your mother is trying to say is this; Your grounded for 3 weeks." Tetsutetsu Kendo added.


The Kendo family adults continued to argue about the situation with their angry son.

"Eijitski. You not only put you and your cousin in danger, but your friends and classmates as well!" Eijiro said with pure disappointment.

"You have done some pretty stupid and dangerous things, Eijitski, but this is by far the worst yet. You're grounded for a month with the addition of a technology ban and zero allowance." Katsuki finished.

Hikori watched with his parents as his friends were getting punished. He could only imagine what punishment Yoi was receiving. Shiro was taken back to Yoi's house as a way to 'Protect' him from what else could happen. Hikori felt guilty. It was his fault that his friends were getting into trouble. As the Yaoyarozus, Kendos and Kirishimas headed out the door, Hikori mouthed a sorry to each of them. The boy stood stationary as his parents began to hurriedly whisper about what had happened.

"Is it OK if I go for a walk? I need to clear my head." Hikori questioned quietly.

"Sure, bud. Just text us if you go anywhere, OK?" Denki replied before turning back to his husband.

Hikori stepped out the door and closed it softly. He wasn't quite sure where he was going but he just let his feet move him to wherever they wanted. Before he knew it, he was standing on the steps of a house and knocking on the cedar wood. He waited for a while but heard multiple voices sounding like they were having fun. The door opened to reveal a tall woman with shoulder length white hair with red streaks and black rimmed glasses.

"Hello there, young man!" her voice was cheery and light. "What can I do for you?"

"Sorry." Hikori began. "I think I have the wrong house...? I'm looking for Midoriya-Todoroki Irei?"

"Oh! No, you have the right house, I'm his Aunt. I'll get him for you."

"Thank you."

As Hikori waited for the woman to get MT, tears welled in his eyes and he tried to keep it together but it was providing a challenge. When MT came to the door, the dam broke and Hikori burst into tears.

"Woah!" MT exclaimed. "Kami! Are you alright?!"

Hikori simply just shook his head.

"Come on inside."

MT then guided the boy inside. When Hikori looked up, he saw the woman from before, an older woman with pure white hair, another short round woman with green hair, littered with grey hairs. A tall man with pure white hair, the retired hero Endeavour, Shoto, Deku, a man with red wings standing next to a man with black hair and purple like burns. Running around was a young teenage girl with hay coloured hair with red streaks and red wings chasing a little boy with matching hair and blue wings. Sitting on a couch was Takami.

"Irei!" Shoto exclaimed. "I didn't know you were expecting a visitor."

"Neither did I." Irei replied. He turned towards Hikori. "Is everything OK, man?"

"Not really..." Hikori sobbed.

He was guided to the couch and the large family sat or stood around him. MT sat on his left while Takami was on his right.

"Want to tell us what happened?" Deku asked softly.

"Well," Hikori began. "To put it simply; I was just rescued from being kidnapped by the L.O.V."

Gasps surrounded him.

"Shiggy's still at this?!" the black haired adult growled. "I thought he was done with Villainy. He's got a family for crying out loud!"

"Turns out he's a villain and his son is in the league with him."

"Poor Mirko..." The winged adult sighed. "Anything else you want to tell us about why you're upset?"

Hikori shook his head and wiped his eyes.

"In that case; Kaminari? I'd like to introduce you to the rest of my family!" MT smiled. He pointed to each person when their respective titles were announced. "This is my Aunt Fuyumi, Uncles Touya, Keigo and Natsou. My other cousins; Rekka and Tsubasa and finally; my Grandpa Enji and my grandmas; Rei and Inko."

"It's nice to meet you all. I'm Kaminari Hikori."

"I like your hair!" The young girl; Rekka, smiled. "It's a bit like Irei's!"

"Heh... Thanks!"

Hikori spent the rest of the afternoon with the Todoroki and Takami family until it reached the early hours of the afternoon, where Hikori was about to fall asleep where he stood, when Shoto offered to take the boy home. Agreeing, Hikori was thankful for the man's generosity. He should've stayed home. He knew his friends would be asleep as they were up all night trying to find and rescue him, just like their parents. When Hikori was dropped off, Denki and Hitoshi came out to thank Shoto. Denki picked up his sleeping son out of the car and carried him to his room, Hitoshi staying outside to talk and explain the situation to Shoto, before saying a final thankyou and goodbye. The purple haired male opened the front door and entered, closing it quietly behind him.

Chapter 28

Chapter Text

The term break was over in a flash and all of the students were sitting back in class and waiting for their teacher. Hikori looked around; Kirishima was sitting at her desk and staring out of the window, Yaoyarozu was talking to Hasuki, Shiro seemed like he was upset with something but wasn't saying anything, Kendo had his head on his desk, while Yoi was nowhere to be seen. Although his friends had been punished, their punishments still applied even though they were back in the dorms. When Pinky entered the class, she seemed to take in the uncomfortable atmosphere and decided to not say anything about it just as Yoi entered the classroom at that moment and took her seat.

"How was everyone's Term Break?!" Pinky beamed, only to receive mumbles from the seated students, as if no one wanted to say anything. "Well mine was great; I had to deal with a hyperactive 12-year-old who had a sugar rush and throw a 9-year-old into the mix, and my holidays were one to remember."

Hikori heard sarcasm in his teacher's words but knew she was playing around. Deciding to not be rude about it, he raised his hand.

"I had a very interesting break, Sensei. I slept the majority of the time and developed a fear of dark empty rooms to say the least."

The class seemed to laugh at this and that's exactly what Hikori was aiming for.

"Sounds like it was also one to remember. Now, we are going to be doing a joint training with other students from other schools. Can all of you grab your appropriate Hero Costume case, grab your bags and follow me out to the bus."

Pinky pressed a button on a small remote and the wall opened up to reveal their hero costume cases. The students wandered over and grabbed their case and followed their sensei out.


When the bus pulled up to their location, all of the students stepped off. Pinky had explained to them that this was the Provisional Hero License Exam and that they would be grouped with students from different schools. The purpose of the exam was to give the students lawful permission to use their quirks for hero work outside of school, whether it be stopping mild acts like robbery to saving people in danger.

The UA students gathered together in a group and seemed to not want to interact with anyone else. A large group of students wearing pale greyish blue short sleeved shirts and black pants/skirts walked past with their teacher whom had long green hair, that looked like ivy, dressed in a white roman empress gown. She walked with her hands in front of her.

After them came a school with white shirts and black pants/skirts. On their heads were black hats with their school's emblem. A third school walked past and they were all wearing dark blue blazers with red ties and white shirts, light grey pants/skirts. A fourth school, in which seemed like an all-girls school, sauntered past. They were wearing white dresses with golden accents, ties in bows, dark navy blue long sleeved shirts and leggings with white gloves and knee high boots. They too, wore white hats with their school's emblem.

"Who are those people?" Ren asked the group.

"Don't know." Zen replied.

"Alright class! Follow me!" Pinky exclaimed. "You need to change into your hero uniforms!"


After changing into their hero costumes, the students followed their teacher into the main building and the shock of the amount of schools there sent goose-bumps flooding over Hikori's skin. He didn't know what to think. He looked around at his classmates and saw Hagakure trying to make himself look small, while Takami had his head down while his chest seemed to be rising and falling much faster than normal. Hikori tried to move to the two boys, nudging MT in the process.

"What's wrong, Kami?" MT whispered.

"I think Takami might be on the bridge of a panic attack." Hikori explained pointing to the boy.

MT made his way over to his cousin just as a voice boomed through the room. Hikori looked up only to see a large hologram above the gathered schools. It was only the profile of the person; Shoulders and up. The person had long black hair and startling cobalt blue eyes.

"Welcome schools to the Biannual Provisional License Exam! My name is Ms. Tokyo or as some might know me better as The Hologram Hero; Yukyo!" the voice boomed.

She started to introduce the schools, in which resulted in cheers and clapping from the others. Hikori didn't realise how many schools were there until they were called out. Yukyo had gotten to the last few schools;

"Ketsubutsu Academy High School with their teacher Pro Hero Vine!"

The room erupted into claps and cheers. This was the class with the greyish blue uniform.

"Shiketsu High School and their Sensei; Gale Force!"

The school with the black hats.

"Isamu Academy High School with Ms. Mongoose"

Hikori looked at the holographic image of the school's class photo and took in their teacher's appearance which was almost snake like.

"Seijin High School!"

Hikori didn't see this school but now that he looks at the class photo, they all looked like some sort of samurai ninjas.

"Seiai Academy with Sensei Intelli!"

This was the all-girls school that wore the pure white uniforms.

"And finally! UA High School! With their Sensei, Pro Hero; PINKY!"

Hikori felt a blush move to his face as their class photo was displayed in the hologram. His lopsided smile, golden eyes and multi-coloured hair filled his vision. He looked like an absolute idiot.

"Alright! Before we begin, there will be two exams." Yukyo continued, the photo being replaced by her face. "The first one will be a class fight like scenario, with school vs. school. Small motion detectors will be placed on your hero uniforms and when touched by an orange ball, will it then turn to a red colour. If all of your detectors have turned red, that individual student will fail. You will have 3 hours to compete. The second exam is a Working with Children test. Students will be placed into groups made up of different schools. Your objective will be to grasp the hearts of a group of young children. Each group will have a chance to do this."

Hikori's head began to spin. It was so much information to take in and it was overwhelming. He started to fiddle with his gloves nervously as his ADHD started to act up. When the schools were let out, they followed their teacher to where they need to go. As they walked, the teacher from Ketsubutsu Academy High approached Pinky.

"Hello, Ashido." The woman said softly, her voice was calm and had a melodic tone to it.

"Shiozaki?!" Pinky exclaimed. "So this is what you're doing now a days?! I haven't seen you since UA! How have things been?!"

"They've been good." Shiozaki's gaze moved to Mina's students. "You've got a very interesting selection of students under your care, Ashido."

"Heh! Yeah, I do but they are the best class ever!" Pinky balled her hands into fists and thrust them forward to emphasis her point.

"I must say; Aren't some of them the children of the top ranking Heroes?"

"Huh? Yeah they are. What are you getting at?"

"You know the other schools will be aiming for them if they knew that much. Be thankful that my students have already left and gotten to their location, otherwise your class would be their first targets."

Shiozaki then walked off, her high heels making clacking sounds on the ground. Pinky turned towards her students.

"She's right you know. If the schools knew about you lot, then you guys won't have a chance at passing. Try and keep things on the down low if you plan on passing."

"But what if they need to know our names? Or if Yukyo reads out our names to our groups for the second exam?!" Tokoyami fretted.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. Hopefully there will be no need for names to be read out for part 1. Part 2 will be different as you have to work together with the schools and not against."


1A were crouched in a small cavern like formation in a mountain and were thinking of strategies of how to pass the first half of the exam without getting tagged.

"What if we separated into groups?" Tori asked. "That way it'll be easier to tag more people than staying as one."

"True, but then it'll be easier for us to get tagged." Ojiro added, looking her crush in the eyes, blush spreading to her face.

"Groups would be easier. We'll split into 4 groups of 5." Hikori began, talking in a low whisper. "Group 1 will be; Tori, Kendo, Toga, Adrien and MT. Group 2; Yaoyarozu, Hasuki, Shiro, Togata and Harinèzumi. Group 3; Zen, Ren, Ojiro, Yoi and Kirishima, leaving group 4 with Takami, Tokoyami, Iida, Hagakure and me. If anyone-"

"KAMINARI! LOOK OUT!" Ojiro cried.

She jumped behind the boy just as an orange ball was about to touch him. With the girl's quick thinking, Hikori wasn't tagged but, unfortunately, she was. The detector on her left shoulder turned red. Ojiro's face turned slightly downcast with fear. Each person had 5 detectors attached to their uniforms. 5 chances. Ojiro now only had 4.

"Ichika...?!" Hagakure said with a quiet voice in which was littered with fear.

"I'm OK, Ben. I just need to be more careful." Ojiro said softly, reassuring her brother.

"Thanks for saving me, Ojiro." Hikori replied.

"No problem. But now that this has happened, I think it's best to stay together. We want everyone in our class to pass, right?"

The whole class nodded in agreement.

"The it's settled; we stay together. Protect one another." Yaoyarozu said simply.

"Well, won't you look at this?!" a voice boomed.

Hikori and his friends looked up to see a group of 5 figures. They hadn't even begun to fight and schools were already finding them. The one that stood front and centre of the group had black hair with two spikes going off on each side of his head.

The other people next to him were two females and two other males. One male looked like a ghost, while the other had a black skull like marking over his right eye. The first female had pale blue hair and eyes while the second had scales along her face with cobalt blue hair and aquamarine eyes.

"So that's who I hit...!" the boy with the skull marking exclaimed with fake shock.

"Sound Machine!" Hikori cried, turning to Yaoyarozu. "Now!"

The girl pushed forward, so her classmates where behind her, ponytail flicking from side-to-side. She opened her mouth and let out a high pitched scream. This caused the students before them to cover their ears and two of them to fall to their knees.

"Click!" Yaoyarozu gasped as she drew in a breath. "Your turn!"

Shiro joined her side and paused the students just as they uncovered their ears and were frozen on the spot. Iida then took this as the perfect opportunity. A clicking sound was barely heard and Iida zoomed around the frozen students and tagged each of them.

"Run!" Iida cried.

The rest of the class ran off just as Shiro released his quirk's control. Iida wrapped him in their tape and used her engines to allow the duo to make a speedy getaway. Once they were somewhere safe, the students took time to gather their breath.

"So I guess we subconsciously thought of an affective plan, yeah?" Harinèzumi asked as he stood with his hands on his hips.

"Apparently." Toga replied.

"But it was a good plan though, right?" Adrien added.

The rest of the class nodded.

"It's settled." MT began. "We keep Yaoyarozu, Shiro and Iida safe as they can be the ones to tag the other students."

"Let's do this."


After a while the School vs. School fights were over. The schools were allowed to have a break before the second half. As the UA Students sat together to enjoy some lunch. The students they fought against wandered over with the rest of their class. The UA students looked at them, some with fearful gazes, some with judgmental.

"Hi! I don't think we had a very good introduction before." The male with the black hair and spiky side fringe. "My name is Shindo Taichi!"


Quirk: Crater

A combination of both of his parents' quirks, Taichi can cause large scale vibrations that open up into large gaping holes.}

"Nice to meet you." Hikori smiled. "I'm Kaminari Hikori."

"Wait. The son of Mind Meddler and Chargebolt?! As in those Kaminaris?!" Shindo gasped.

"Uh... Yeah."

"Wow. I'd like to introduce you to some of my friends; this is Kiyoko Emily."

This was the girl with the scales over her face.


Quirk: Siren Song

With her outstanding vocal talents, she is able to hypnotise who ever hears her voice when she sings. Just to be on the safe side; she wears a face mask to prevent anyone from falling under her control if she hums or sings quietly to herself. She has patches of scales over her body to give the inference of fish scales.}

"I'm Hikaru Hinata. My quirk is sunbeam." The girl with pale blue hair smiled.


Quirk: Sunbeam

Her quirk allows her to take heat energy from the Sun's rays and turn it into pure energy. When she uses her quirk, her body resembles the look of the sun.}

"Hey! I'm Haruto Sota. My quirk is called fear." This was the boy, Hikori realised, that had the skull marking over his right eye. It made so much more sense now.


Quirk: Fear

When his quirk is activated, the skull over his right eye will then appear over the right eye of his victim. This will cause the victim to visualise their deepest, darkest fear as if it was real. Anyone else that isn't affected can't see anything though, just the person freaking out.}

As the two schools talked and introduced themselves, they didn't know that someone from Shiketsu High School, was watching. The person then walked over with a seductive look in their eyes and an almost psychopathic smile. They approached the two schools.

"Well, it's been a while hasn't it?" the figure said, causing eyes to turn in their direction.

Hikori watched as MT turned as white as a ghost and pain etched into his eyes as if he was reliving a horrible memory.

"R-Rayne...!" MT gasped with fear and panic.

"Hello, Irei. My...! You're looking good." The figure, now known as Rayne said, talking to MT via first name. "Has it really been that long since middle school?"

"Leave me alone..."

"Aw... But I've missed you. I want to be with you again. Make up for the time we lost when we went on our break."

"It wasn't a break. It was a break up. Know the difference."

Hikori realised what was happening now; this was MT's Ex from middle school. The one that scarred him both emotionally and physically. Taking in his appearance, the boy had black hair with an undercut and narrow red eyes. His quirk was unknown at this point.

"Look. I don't know who you are and I've only just met these UA students but I can tell your trouble." Shindo began, getting up into the boy's face. "But I suggest you leave them alone. Especially this Irei."

"Oh, I'm sorry. How rude of me not to introduce myself formally; I'm Kuragari Rayne but you can just call me Rayne. It's simpler and easier. My quirk you ask? Teleportation."


Quirk: Teleportation

This quirk allows the user to ravel to any location they desire. If holding an object or has a physical contact with another person, when the quirk is activated they too, can be teleported.}

"Can you just leave me alone, Rayne? I don't want anything to do with you." MT said quietly.

Hikori looked around and noticed that the Ketsubutsu Academy students had disappeared.

"Why? I just want to see how you're going, Irei." Rayne continued. "You said that you wanted to go to UA and here you are; Participating in the Licencing Exam as a UA student."

"And here you are; a student from Shiketsu High School, acting like a real f*cking jerk whom doesn't know when he's not wanted!"

"I miss that ferocity, Rei-Rei. Why can't we continue what we had...?"

"Alright, listen here you f*cking extra." Kirishima said suddenly, causing Hikori to jump slightly. "He said he doesn't want anything to do with you and that he's done with your sh*t. So? Do what he's asking and f*ck off."

"What's going on here?" came a new voice. The students looked over to see Pinky walking with another teacher.

"This asshole isn't going to take no for an answer and leave TodoDeku alone." Kirishima explained as the teachers stopped before them.

"Master Kuragari." The male teacher began, looking at his student. "Why are you being a pest?"

"Sorry Inasa Sensei, but I thought I might just pay a visit and say hello to an old friend of mine. Once I heard that UA was coming, I was hoping Irei would be here and I was right; here he is."

"Well it is time for the second half of the exam. Come on." Gale Force began to make his departure.

"I'll see you soon, Rei-Rei. Sooner than you think." Rayne winked before he ran to catch up with his teacher.

"Who was that, Midoriya?" Pinky asked, confusion knitted into her brow.

"Just... an old friend from middle school... Nothing to worry about."

"If you say so... Come on, we better get going, too."


"WHY ARE LITTLE KIDS SO HARD TOO CONTAIN?!" Hikori cried as he was chased by a group of 5 kids; their leader waving a knife around.

"YOU THINK YOU'RE HAVING TROUBLE?!" Harinèzumi cried as some kids were literally hanging off of him. One kid had a grip on a few of his quills and was pulling. "HEY! I'M STILL ATTACHED TO THOSE!"

"You boys seriously don't know how to handle kids, do you?" Hikaru questioned.

"Not really...!" Hikori replied as he ran past. "How are you so good at it?!"

"You just need to take it slow. A good first impression will be the last." Hikaru explained as she stroked the ears of a little cat girl. While some other kids were sitting around her; one in her lap.

"Could one of you give me some assistance?!" Harinèzumi asked as he dragged himself over to the siren girl.

Hikaru nodded and helped remove the kids from the boy.

"Aren't you going to do anything here, Rayne?!" Hikori asked as he took the knife from the little kid.

"Not really. Kids aren't my best area of expertise." The boy replied as he leaned against a wall.

"But if you want to get your Hero Licence you have to at least try."

"I'd rather retake the entire exam again than do that."

"I'm not going to bother arguing with you. But I do want to say this." Hikori made sure there were no little kids around before continuing. "If I ever here that you raped MT again, I'll be the one to tell his dads, and maybe mine in the process. So how would you like to have 4 High Ranking Pro Heroes take you to court?"

Rayne just looked at the boy with an unamused expression raising an eyebrow in the process.

"That's what I thought."

Hikori turned and left the boy behind. As he headed back to Harinèzumi and Hikaru, one of the kids jumped onto his back, wrapping their 4 arms around his neck and waist. an idea sparked in his head.

"Hey kids? How about we play a game?" Hikori asked as the kids stood before him.

They all let out cheers.

"How about... Musical statues?!"

The kids cheering got louder. Hikaru then agreed that she would play some music as a music player was part of her costume. She disconnected her earphones and played the music out loud. Hikori joined in dancing, as did Harinèzumi.


Yukyo approached the UA students, cards in her hands.

"Congratulations UA students. You all passed the exams with flying colours. You all demonstrated acts of team work in the first half and, while you hit a few snags, managed to capture the hearts of the little kids. Once again; congratulations."

The Hero Licences were handed to the correct students. When Hikori received his, he looked at the image. Once again, his lopsided smile, golden eye and multi-coloured hair caught his attention first.

'Is this what people notice first when they see me?' he thought.

Shaking his head, he placed his new Hero Licence card into the front pocket of his bag, before following the rest of his class back to the bus to head back to UA.

Chapter 29

Chapter Text

Hikori had just gotten off the phone to his parents and grandparents and left his room, heading to the common room to hang with his friends and check on MT. he knew about the boy's history with Rayne and he wanted to make sure that the red-white-green haired male's PTSD wasn't causing any serious side effects. When he entered the room, he looked around until his gaze found the boy. Walking over to the kitchen bench, he plastered on his signature smile.

"Hey, man!" Hikori beamed.

"Hey." MT's voice was low and quiet, as if he wasn't sure about his words.

"Everything OK? I mean, you ran into Ray-"

"Don't say his name...!"

"... Your Ex, yesterday. I just wanted to make sure everything was alright."

"I'm doing fine... for now... but thanks for your concern."

"No problem!"

The boys sat in silence for a few moments, just watching all of their classmates interact. Takami was laying across Togata's lap while the boy had his hand on the black haired male's head, and on his phone. Suddenly, a pair of arguing voices entered the room.

"Ichika...! Just ask her out!" came a voice. The boys turned to see Hagakure and his sister, Ojiro.

"But I can't!" the girl wined. "I don't even know if she's into girls! Never alone date me!"

"Hey, guys! What's going on?" Hikori questioned.

"Ichika has a crush on Tori and she's being too stubborn to ask her out." Hagakure replied, sitting next to the other boys.

"I Am Not! I just-"

"Hey, my dudes!" Tori smiled as she wandered into the room. This shut Ojiro up completely.

"Hey, Tori?"

"Yes, Midoriya?"

"Do you like girls or guys?"

"Strange question and extremely out of the blue, buuut; I like girls and only girls."

"What's your type?" Hikori continued, following what MT was trying to do.

"Blondes with green eyes, outgoing personality. One who likes baby animals, music and kawaii themed things." Tori winked in Ojiro's direction, causing the blonde girl to turn bright red. "Anyways. See ya!"

The group watched as Tori wandered off.

"Everything she just said..." Ojiro began. "Was basically describing me, correct...?"

The 3 boys nodded. Ojiro squealed in joy and shock.

"She likes me! She likes me! SHE LIKES ME!" the girl had grabbed her brother by the shoulders and started shaking him back and forth.

"I-Chi-Ka-! Stop-Sha-King-Me-!" Hagakure said, his words splitting in time with the way his body was being shaken.

"Sorry, Ben, but; SHE LIKES MEEEE!"

"Yes we know...! We heard you the first three times."

"Well?" Hikori began, "You now know she likes you, so why don't you ask her out?"

Ojiro's face fell. She slumped over the counter and her arms draped over the other side. Her long, lemon blonde hair covering her face and laying on the bench.

"I can't...!" she wined again.

"Why not?" MT questioned.

"... I'm scared..." Ojiro lifted up and looked at the group. "I know she likes me now, yeah, but... What if she was only saying that to play with my feelings...?"

"I've interacted with Tori before," Hikori started. "And playing with others feelings doesn't look like something she would do, that's for sure."

"Hey, uh... Ojiro...?" Came a voice. The group turned to see Tori standing there, looking slightly nervous.

"Yeah...?" Ojiro questioned, standing up straight.

"Would... Would you like to go out with me this Saturday...?"

"... I would love to...! What time?"

"I was thinking, 10-ish?"

"Sounds like a plan. See you then."

"Great! See you then!"

Once the girl had disappeared once more, Ojiro looked at the group and seemed ready to burst. Her brother slinked behind MT.


The girl then started to flash between visibility and invisibility. Hagakure peeked out from behind MT, looking at his sister directly.

"Ichika. You're shifting again. You know what mum said; if you keep doing it, you'll-"

The blonde girl hit the ground with a thud, causing all attention to turn to them. Sensei Pinky ran over immediately as MT and Hikori crouched by the girl's side to see if they could wake her up. Hagakure seemed to shy away from the situation with a fearful expression.

"What happened?!" Pinky cried, trying to get the girl to regain consciousness.

"Ichika was flashing between invisibility and visibility." Hagakure explained. "Mum always warns her that if she does, then her body won't be able to cope, as she gets light headed, and she'll faint."

"Right. I'll take her to her room and she'll wake up soon."

Pinky then wandered off with the girl in her arms, bridal style and disappeared down the right hall.

"Does that happen often?" MT asked the brunette.

"Not usually." Hagakure explained, eyes still downcast. "Only when she's really excited or too full of energy. It happens subconsciously so she doesn't know when it's happened."

"That would be scary." Hikori replied. "At least I know when my quirks side effects are taking place."

As he said this, his gaze lowers to his left hand. His fingers had small lightning strike like scars along them, similar to the ones his dad wears, as a permanent reminder of his childhood. Clenching his fist, Hikori looks at his friends and lets out a big smile.

MEANWHILE- Somewhere else in Japan.


The rest of the L.O.V members turned to leave.

"Except you, Val."

The boy stopped at the man's words.

"I left you in charge of making sure these no bodies don't screw up. And what do you go and do? Screw it all up." Shigaraki continued.

"ME?!" Valiant began. "You're the one that ordered us to attack the heroes. You never mentioned anything about keeping an eye on the brat."

"I thought it was painfully obvious, YOU INTOLERENT LITTLE sh*t!"

"Calm down, old man. You're acting like a f*cking 5-year-old. You can always re-rebuild everything. It obviously didn't take you that long as the old lair looked like f*cking sh*t. A child could probably build one better with LEGO bricks."

"I'm going to give you one last warning," Shiggy got up in the rabbit boy's face. "Speak to me like that again and I'm sending you back to your mother."

"I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO HER!" Valiant screeched in his father's face. "SHE WASN'T THERE WHEN I NEEDED HER. YOU TWO WERE ALWAYS FIGHTING AND WHEN PEOPLE STARTED TO DISPISE MY APPEARNECE AND QUIRK AND FAMILY, SHE WAS NEVER THERE! I wanted to try and understand why you two divorced but all she ever did was throw it all back onto you. That's why I decided to follow in your footsteps as a villain instead of being a hero like her."

Shigaraki's face fell as he watched his son start to slightly tear up at the thought of their broken family. With a sigh, he leant against his desk as Valiant wiped his tears.

"Valiant... you know me and your mother loved each other with every fibre of our existence, right?" Shiggy began, causing his son to look him dead in the eye.

"Then why did you divorce?" Valiant asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"It's... complicated. I wasn't really accepted that much by the hero community. All anyone ever saw was a villain. So? that's what I decided to become, once more. I started with small robberies then murders then large scale attacks. Rumi wasn't happy. She wanted to make me see that I could be a hero. To set an example for you."


"You were a surprise to us. We never planned on having kids but when you came along, we knew that, although it wasn't in our plans, you were the best thing that had ever happened to us. It showed us that; despite our differences and our clashing histories together, Heroes and Villains could make something work. But not all. Sure Toga and Uravity made things work for a while, but once the hero society started going for their throats, they went their separate ways up until recently; they've started their relationship form the beginning. Dabi and Hawks worked out well, even though they're having a hard time, things are still staying together. Basically; Some relationships just aren't meant to be... an example of that is me and Rumi..."

"I'm sorry father... I won't question your authority again, nor will I fail to make the rational decisions for the League..."

"Valiant. That's not what I'm saying. I just want you to take the lead sometimes. If you believe something can be done, even against my orders, then proceed to do so. That's why you're my No.1 in this place. So own it."

"... Alright father. But you still really need to work on your anger."

"Shut up and get out."

"Um... father? One last question."

"What is it?"

"Do I have any siblings? Because I ran away at a young age to join you and I remember mother being pregnant."

"... You do. Although we're no longer together, I still looked out for her. You've got 1 brother and 3 sisters. All 7 years old now."

"Do you know their names?"

"Your brother's name is Justice. While your sisters' names are Liberty, Hope and Tamaki."

"... Thanks father."

Valiant wandered out as his father, for once, had a smile on his chapped lips and scratched face. As Valiant wandered into the bar like area, Mimica smiled at him crazily.

"So~?" she purred.

"What?" Valiant questioned.

"Did you have a fight with Mr. Crusty?"

"That's none of your concern."

"We're part of this league, aren't we?"

"Yeah? So?"

"Then we have the right to know."

"Private conversations are an exception, Mimica."

"Screw you!"

"f*ck you!"

"Reflector already did~!"

"Wait. What?!"

Mimica sat there with a playful smirk and strange look in her eyes. Valiant followed her gaze to where Reflector sat at the bar with a tall glass. Valiant stormed over and gave the 19-year-old a sharp smack to the back of his head, causing him to jump and spill his drink all over the front of his clothes. His head spun to meet Valiant.

"What the f*ck was that for?!" Reflector cursed.

"You f*cking tell me." Valiant said coldly.

"What the f*ck are you talking about, White Rabbit?!"

"Mimica told me that you two f*cked. Is that what you think this place is for?! You're f*cking 19 for crying out loud!"

"Yeah, and? I'm also drinking alcohol in an unlicensed bar with an unlicensed bartender." Reflector jabbed a thumb in the direction of Chris.

"That's beside the point. Be more quiet next time. I could hear you both from down the hall." Valiant replied with an expressionless face.

As Valiant walked out, both Mimica and Reflector turned bright red.

"I told you to you were being too loud...!" Reflector said, not looking at the girl.

"Like you can talk." Mimica pouted, crossed her arms over her chest and turned away.

Chapter 30

Chapter Text

The months went by quickly. Lots of things had happened; His and some of his classmates' birthdays, more training, more interactions with 1B and other schools and classes. The class sat in their seats as Pinky walked in.

"Ohayō everyone!" Pinky smiled.

"Ohayō, Sensei!" the class chorused.

"I would like you all to work on a class project today."

"What is it sensei?" Iida questioned.

"Well, it is for all of you to think of what you want to do for the upcoming school festival."

The students all looked at each other with excitement.

"What have classes in the past done, Pinky Sensei?" Yaoyarozu asked.

"When I was here, my class did a band with Jiro, Denki, Tokoyami, Bakugo and Momo while I taught the rest of the class show to dance. Our 1B class then did a play called; Romeo, Juliet, & the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the Kings. A combination of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Lord of the Rings; Return of the Kings by J.R.R. Tolkien. It was very interesting to say the least. There was also a beauty pageant with Kendo form 1B and Hado-chan from the 3A third Years."

"WOW! That's sounds like so much fun!" Hasuki smiled, tail wagging furiously.

"It was very fun." Pinky laughed. "Now. What do you guys want to do? It can be anything you want!"

"Wait. Sensei?"

"Yes, Kaminari?"

"You said my dad was part of the band, but who could he when he moved to Australia?"

"This was before he moved away and before we found out about everything."

"Oh. OK...! In that case; What did my Papa do? Cause I'm guessing he wasn't in the class at that time...?"

"No, he wasn't. instead, his class made a haunted house."


The students then gather together and started to think of what they wanted to do. There were so many possibilities but A) they didn't know what other classes were doing and B) they didn't want to risk copying anything from the last few years.

"How about a photo booth?" Ren asked, playing with her hair.

"Seems to simple." Zen replied.

"... How about we do something to honour our parents?" Ojiro stated.

"Like what?" Tori asked.

"And besides, how are the rest of us going to be involved? Not all of our parents became pro heroes, never alone got into UA." Adrien added.

"The how about we do something to honour Sensei's class instead?" Hikori said, changing the idea a bit.

"As I said before; Like what?" Tori asked again.

"How about some sort of Cosplay performance?" MT offered.

"I'm liking the idea...!" Yoi smiled.

"We could dress up as the heroes from the class and maybe put on a performance." Hikori continued.

"Maybe we could sing a song?" Togata added.

"Or maybe we could rap...?" came a small, quiet voice.

"What was that, Hinote?" Togata questioned as he turned to his boyfriend.

"I said maybe we could rap? We could dress up as the respective hero from Sensei's class and come up with a small rap for each of them and perform it."

"I love the idea!" Yaoyarozu beamed. "I can get my mum to help come up with the lyrics!"

"Alright. You do that and we'll get the costumes and everything else sorted." Hikori smiled. "Kirishima? Would you like to assign the heroes to all of us?"

Kirishima looked up. She seemed to have been lost in thought.

"Yeah... Sure. But an easier way to do that could be this; depending on where we sit, we could cosplay the hero that sat in that exact seat in Sensei's year."

"But that throws us into a dilemma." Iida began. "Kaminari's Dad left and his Papa took his spot after letting Grape Juice back into the class."

"So? Who'll it be, Sparky?"

All of his classmates' eyes were on him, making him feel uncomfortable.

"I'll choose my Dad, as a way to show him that, even though he had left, he's still part of the class." Hikori replied.

"Nice. Let's keep this a secret from Sensei, though. Alright?" Tori finished, her peers nodding in agreement.


The weeks flew by and a lot of work was to be done. They had created the lyrics for the rap and only had to practice that specific part. They had all asked their parents for their old hero costumes, while Yaoyarozu asked her mother, Creati, to help create the costumes of the other heroes. The group now stood in a back stage, sound proof area going through one last practice and fixing/putting on the last components of their hero costumes.

Hikori was helping Hasuki with hers. The husky quirk girl was dressed up as Grape Juice and she was perfectly OK with that, even with the lyrics.

"Are you sure you don't want to change the lyrics, Hasuki-san?" Ren asked the girl as Hikori helped put on the head piece.

"As I've said the last hundred times; I'm OK with it." Hasuki began. "I don't look up to him for nothing. He was a short person too, but now look at him! He's really tall! Sure he was a bit of a strange case back in the day, but he changed and that's the message I want to share when I tell people about him being my idol."

"All done." Hikori said suddenly. "How does that feel, Hasuki?"

"It feels great!"

"Is anyone else a nervous mess?!" Hagakure asked, nervously.


"Because I think Harinèzumi-kun might be. Look."

Hagakure pointed to the boy and Hikori noticed the boy was having a tick attack; head going every which way and strange sounds coming from his mouth. Hikori walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling brightly. This seemed to calm him down. Yaoyarozu came out of nowhere and guided the class onto the pitch black stage. They all lined up along the back and the music began to play. The audience waited in anticipation. Suddenly, MT jumped forward, dressed up as Pro Hero Deku, and began to rap;

"Call me Deku I'm starting out on this cypher. I was quirkless but by working I'm deserving something higher. It's my purpose I'm versing my present, future and my past, So I'm gonna rock the mic with a DETROIT SMASH!" The boy had the whole crowd cheering at his words. (Deku made it public that he 'developed his quirk at a very late age', so that's where the quirkless part came into play) "Taking a second I'm breaking my limit, I'm hitting with everything pain I can feel it, I'm straining my muscles I tussle with enemies, better be ready I'm more than critic. I spit it exhibit it; All night! I'm killing it chilling with All Might! A villain inhibited by my ability, in minutes you're watching my school fight!"

Mt stepped back and allowed the next student to move forward, being Adrien dressed as Tsukuyomi.

Adrien: When you cross this bird You might get to see me wield the talons. So absurd, how I'm applying subverse talents. Yes, I'm cursed, carry a demon, I'm full of malice Even worse for you when striking a bitter balance. Dark claws, harming the vermin that are below me. Start wars, armed with determination and Oni. Get back, I've been endangering those who know me; Jet black hero, they're calling me Tsukuyomi

Yoi: I'll make you float as I'm messing with zero gravity! Don't mean to gloat when I'm calculating these strategies. Rapidly climbing casually my quirk "lacks in lethality" but actually your apathy will lead straight to your casualty. I'll happily fight for justice with all of my capacity. My motive's money, thankfully that don't define morality. Reality is I'm just helping others for my family! I'm saving all humanity; don't you mess with Uravity!

Kinzoku: I've got many a twitch; that's the Tenya itch. I'm like my test scores; I got plenty of tics. Academic, educated, but I never skip leg day! Still regretful of the day that I met Stain; enraged by what he did to my brother Tensei. I didn't handle it the best way, I dare say, left my hand damaged in remembrance of fair play, I'm representing Class 1-A, they're my best mates!

Tokoyami: Ribbit ribbit! Exhibit a hero's spirit! I'm in it and so I'll win it, when I'm swimming, yeah, I won't stop! This frog's idyllic; not a gimmick in a minute, I be launching in to kill it, like a frog I'm being mad hops! My tongue's deadly; spitting and I take charge, and then I'm turning invisible with my camouflage. In the water no villain can dare to stop me, you're looking sloppy now you're facing Froppy.

Shiro: Lucky 13 is of the A-1 team; kid I spit great mixtapes, stick your team! Wraps so clean and I'm sealing all the matches, now that Cellophane will bring the pain. All wrapped up in a package, getting shipped with tons of damage, but there's no send backs! Shut you up with all my bind attacks! Get back cause you know that I'll be winnin', in this sticky situation so I think you better stick it.

Togata: You can call me wall that have ears, doors that have eyes, meaning I'm cavalier when it comes to fighting just like a spy! In close combat; my Dupli-Arms is coming for the harm and I'm laughing at you if you're trying disarm; I'll sacrifice for everybody exhausting my quirk, even when I'm down for the count. I'm disguising my smirk, you can cut off all my limbs and still coming with a burst; Class 1-A will always come first

Iida: Its ya edgy girl; Earphone Jack, utilizing my quirk in both stealth and combat. I guess I can see how you think I fell flat, but let me show you I can make up for that with punk rock attacks! When earlobes are growin', you know they whippin' N' probin'! Now, they gotchu tip toeing, finding the range that my tone is, it's not your typical motion, N' my moves don't need compression. It's just another jam session, beat you with my form of expression

Hikori: It's time to put in work; I got this cypher on lock! Look I don't need my quirk when this verse will leave you shocked! Like a battery, I got the juice, so they put me in a box! When my positive meets negative, I'm like soo watt. You don't want that static with me, homie it's fatal. I got soo much energy I'm plugged in without the cable. On the low I'll leave everybody on the scene disabled, I'm underrated but in a flash I leave you all endangered.

Takami: It's Todoroki; I chose to be cold and lonely. Nobody can hold me with the inferno; I'm overloading. From a broken home to known hero, I'm going up slowly but surely and be better than Endeavour, whether it's hot or it's snowing! Even if I'm behind, I'll be sure to make Bakugo see; I do it for all of his might or to stop Killer Stain, forget any trophy. So, now that you're immobilized and then frozen in pain, no one can approach me. Put up a wall of my ice or a wall of my flames; to build your enclosing!

Kendo: Give me 10 grams of white, then I'm activated... Wait! I'm talking bout the sugar that I took! Got a sweet tooth for taking out these villains, cause their agitating. Plus, these girlies like a guy that can cook. Call me Sato the macho; I'm saving these streets! Yeah, these nachos are not yours; I need me a treat! And this crime fighting's hard work; It can leave me beat, but like candy and cakes; Being me is real sweet

Tori: The corrosive caped crusader; Pinky here to save the day and end up taking centre stage upon these lyrics that I lay up. Easy-going, I'm passionate, in battle I'm not passive, see it flowing; I don't spit fire, I spit acid. Hypnotic fashion sense, I leave you in a trance. I'm good at fighting, my other skills are in dance. Protect my friends we're going in on advance, Mina Ashido, you don't even stand a chance.

Harinèzumi: Kirishima's here, everybody, stand down. I'm a activate a quirk and give ya chest a hand pound. With these red gun turrets, yeah the target is locked; I'm a boulder with a boner man I'm hard as a rock. I'm unbreakable, cannot penetrate this armour and I don't need a little blue pill to get harder. I'm full of energy, enemies looking dead tired. Blood running in the street, you can call it Red Riot

Toga: I'm the quiet type; Lying with the wildlife. When I'm on you wouldn't even need subtitle lines. Nervous around others, I'm the last one who would yell loud, but to be hero then I need to break this shell now! Yo it's Koda bringing massive noise flowing with that Anivoice. That timid kid with rabbit toys, no longer actin' coy, drinking honey tea, facing my fear of bugs and bees. Get a bull stampeding with the words like I'm Douglby

Ren: Never needed fame or money, I can get it later, even though it hurts my tummy when I use my navel laser. I have got finesse, snazzier than all the rest, I'm the best, nothing less. Being honest, not a flex, I'm a threat. It's getting harder to stomach, I've got the smarts, and I love it. I'm certainly perfect, it hurts just like the art of seduction. Heart of a puma, get ready to lose, I'll be spreading the truth. And y'all are stupid if you choose to fight against the Yuga.

Yaoyarozu: I've got the quirk creation, and patience to work it. Balancing equations, don't even need to research it. Sequencing elements, a testament to intelligence. You better watch out, 'cause I'm not feeling very benevolent. If a person's in trouble just wait and see what I'll do, I can literally make anything, overpowered who? Overpowered who? I meant I'll over power you. It's true, sincerely Class 1-A's; Momo Yaoyorozu.

Hasuki: Where the ladies at?! Aye! Where the ladies at?! Mineta's here peek at whamen that I'm gazing at. People thinking that I'm weak but you know what I say to that? Leave you in a sticky situation with my grape attacks. Underestimating me? You're lacking information. Incapacitation, when you're facing me, frustration, Master of flirtation, pretty much the top dog! You ain't ever coming close when I Pop-off!

Hagakure: Ojiro; The Tailman, you get what you train for. Master martial artist, black belt on my waist tho. Nobody even really understands me, got intelligence, can't predict any hit that I'm landing. A classmate you confide in with dignity; You can wear a costume all I got on is a gi. Noble attitude that's my personality, accept results that I earn with my own abilities.

Ojiro: Take you by surprise, yeah, I can do it easy. Miss me with your eyes, yeah, you can't even see me. No matter what you try, yeah, you can never beat me. Feels a little cheesy, like a wish from a genie. When it comes to action, my quirk is in light refraction. So, it has the side effect of never being a distraction, sneak up on my enemies, let me be the best assassin. Toru Hagakure; You can feel my passion.

Kirishima: I don't think you other heroes are even listening. Maybe I should focus your attention with some glycerine. You don't even get it there's really no competition, I'm lighting these rookies up, Boi I'm slaying on every mission. I'll show them once for all little Deku won't know what hit him. I will get the recognition, exploding the opposition. I will be the greatest hero, that ever took the position; So come at me little bitches, I'll make you wish that you didn't!

As Kirishima finished her part, she let off a huge explosion. Once the smoke cleared the class were posed in the way they have seen the heroes pose for photos. This got the rest of the classes, and any of the teachers and others that were present, to cry out in joy at the performance. The 1A students were smiling so widely, Hikori thought his face might break. Once they were done, they left the stage and wandered into the back room, where Pinky was there to embrace them.

"You guys did amazing! I- I have no words for how amazing it was!" Pinky gushed. "Your costumes look great, your timing and lyrics were on point to the beat of the music, just- Just WOW. I'm so proud of you all."

"Thanks, Sensei!" Iida smiled. "We actually stole these costumes from our parents from when they were our ages. With the acception of Yaoyarozu's mother making the others."

"Guess who~!" Came a new voice.

The students turned to see their parents and their old classmates. With wide eyes and faces, the hero kids ran and embraced their parents while the other heroes praised the others on how well they did.

"Did you like it Dad? Papa?" Hikori questioned.

"Absolutely." Denki smiled.

"Good Job, Hinote. Irei." Shoto smiled.

"Thanks, Father!"

"Thank you, Uncle."

The heroes talked to the students for a little while longer before they had to depart. Waving good bye and exchanging 'see you later' and 'thanks for coming' the students went to enjoy what the rest of the classes had prepared for the day.

Chapter 31

Chapter Text

Hikori lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling. This year has been so much fun and he was happy at how it had turned out so far. Suddenly, a shattering sound filled his room. Jumping out of bed, only in his PJ bottoms and a dark purple shirt with Mind Meddler written over the front, the moonlight illuminated his bedroom while the night breeze blew at his curtains furiously. Standing there, right in front of him, was a man with glowing golden eyes.

"Who are you?! What do you want?! How did you get in here?!" Hikori fired at the mysterious figure.

"Do you not remember me? Hikori?" the voice sneered.

Hikori was taken aback by the voice. Yes, he did know who it was.

"What do you want, Rai?"

"Oh you know~... For you to just accept the fact that your life will always be full of lies and regardless if you join us or not; someone will die. I visited your father before and my god was he not happy to see me. I used a quirk on him and, if you want him to live, then I suggest you sacrifice yourself for him. This way it'll be easier for him to just give up and accept his defeat."

"What did you do...?!"

"As I said; I used a quirk on him."

"What quirk?"

As Rai spoke, Hikori dialled the police and made sure that they could hear the whole conversation.

"Well... You know Thanos?" Rai continued.

"From the Avengers movies?" Hikori tried to drag the conversation on as much as he could.

"Yeah. One simple snap of my fingers and it'll slowly kill your father from the inside out. Destroying his organs in the most horrific and painful way."

"Don't you even f*cking think about it."

"Then sacrifice your life for him. Let me kill you, then he'll kill himself, then the affect will hit his... husband... and then your whole family will follow in pursuit. Badda Bing Badda Boom. The hero society will fall."


"Don't even try. I've blocked all communication, so calling you're just draining your battery."

"f*ck... You..."

"Any last words?"

"Just one."

Hikori then screamed at the top of his lungs, hoping the boys next door and/or his sensei would hear him. Rai then jumped forward and threw Hikori against the wall, causing a loud bang. Rai then started to hit the teen, as Hikori tried to fight him off.

"KAMINARI!" Came a digital like voice.


Hikori looked through a half lidded eye in the direction of the voice and saw the other boys right there; Harinèzumi, Kendo, Togata, Shiro, Adrien, Takami and MT. the boys jumped forward and tried to get the man off of their friend.

"Where's Hagakure?" Hikori wheezed as the man was pulled off of him and the rest of the boys started to fight.

"He went to get Sensei." Togata replied, helping the boy to stay steady on his feet.

"Good." Hikori then pulled out of Togata's grip and launched himself at the man, causing him to stumble and fall out of the window, both of them cutting themselves on the already broken glass on the way down. Hikori heard cries from his male friends as he fell through the window.

"LEAVE MY DAD ALONE!" Hikori screamed as he punched the man in the face.

"The control is gone, you pathetic little brat! It'll only last for half an hour if I don't snap my fingers!" Rai cursed. "And because you didn't want to cooperate, I'm just going to have to settle on killing you, instead!"

The duo tried to punch each other's lights out when someone pulled Hikori off of the man and the adult was restrained. Hikori looked around to see that his sensei had pulled him off and a police officer had Rai. The officers took Rai away as Pinky took Hikori and the rest of the students back inside.

"Are you OK, Kaminari?" Pinky asked as she cleaned the boy's wounds, causing him to hiss in pain.

"I'm fine. But he threatened to kill my dad if I didn't sacrifice myself instead." Hikori replied.

"I'm so sorry bud. But the police have got him now."

"He should be murdered for his crimes."

Pinky had finished cleaning and covering the boy's cuts.

"You can't sleep in your room tonight." Pinky continued. "You'll have to share with someone until the window is fixed."

"He can stay with me...?" a voice replied. Hikori turned to see Adrien was the one that had offered.

"Thanks, Man." Hikori smiled.

"No problem."


The next morning, during class, Principle Nezu made a special visit to the class.

"Hello, Nezu!" Mina smiled.

"Hello, Pinky." The Bear-Dog-Mouse-Thing replied.

"What can I do for you?"

"I've actually come to see young Kaminari."

All eyes were turned towards him.

"You need to pack some bags." Nezu continued. "Your parents have requested you to return home for a family matter."

"Oh...!" Hikori gasped. "O-Ok."

Hikori followed the Principle to his dorm and started to pack a bag of clothes. He then proceeded to follow the creature out of the school and up to the school gates where his Papa was waiting for him. Hikori looked through the window of the car and saw that his dad was crying while he was on the phone. Principle Nezu bid the family good-day and left; leaving Hikori to stand before his Papa.

"What's wrong with Dad?" Hikori questioned. "Why's he upset?"

"His uncle is very sick and a good friend of his from Australia has paid for us to go over and see him for a few weeks." Hitoshi explained quietly and softly.

"Oh... Isn't that the Uncle that looked after him when he had to move?"

Hitoshi simply nodded. The two of them then hoped into the car and began the drive back to their home.


Hikori was walking with his parents through an airport during the winter months of Australia. Hikori felt an overwhelming sense of fear and introversion take over. He felt really uncomfortable. He stood close to his Papa as they walked. Once they stood outside, they hailed a taxi and Denki began to speak in a foreign language to the driver.

Once the taxi pulled up to their location, it had begun to rain. Hurriedly running under the shelter, Hikori waited for his dad to unlock the door. Wait. Unlock the door?! Stepping inside, Hikori felt like a mouse in a castle the place was that huge. Looking around, Hikori's bags slipped from his hands.

"Whoah...!" the boy laughed. He looked at his dad. "You used to live here...?!"

"Yep." Denki replied. "I used to have the whole upper story of this house to myself."

"How did you unlock the door?"

"My uncle left a spare key under the doormat for me."

"Oh... So...? Where is he?"

"He's in hospital at the moment. I was going to go and see him tomorrow, but we have to go and see someone first."

The family abandoned their stuff in the lounge room and hailed another taxi to a completely different location. Once the taxi arrived, the family once again ran up to the front door and Denki knocked. A few moments later, a male with spiky Burnt Sienna coloured hair and eyes opened it up. Once he saw the blonde adult, his face lit up and he called into the house. Not even a moment later, a woman with short ash black hair and blue eyes appeared.

"Denki...?!" the woman smiled.

"Corey...!" Denki replied. "It's been a while, huh?"

"Absolutely. Come in! Come on, outta the rain!"

The family entered and gathered in the lounge room.

"You know those English lessons you always seemed to top in school?" Denki said suddenly, looking at his son.

"Yeah...?" Hikori replied.

"Well they're about to get put to good use. Part of your cultural identity is Australian. That's why you can speak it so fluently and understand it like Japanese."

"Oh...! I knew you were half Australian but I didn't know that made me half Australian, too."

"Well you are, but unfortunately for your Papa, he can't do either."

A few moments later, a girl with dark red, shoulder length hair and blue eyes entered the scene. She looked a bit confused as she didn't know who these people were.

"Denki?" Corey began. "This is our daughter; Adelaide."

"Nice to meet, you little miss." Denki smiled, looking at the girl.

"Adelaide? This is the old friend your dad and I kept telling you about...! This is Denki. He's from Japan."

"Nice to meet you!" Adelaide smiled.

"Dante? Corey?"

"Yeah?" Dante replied on behalf of him and his wife.

"You remember Hitoshi, right?"

The duo nodded.

"Well now he's my husband and this is our son; Hikori."

"Hey little man."

"Hello, Hikori."

Hikori simply nodded. The adults wandered off to talk, so Hikori followed the teenage girl upstairs after she gestured to him to follow. Hikori uncomfortably stood in the girl's room as she lay on her bed, head hanging off the end.

"So?" She began. "Not sure if you can understand me or not, so just gives me a thumbs up or something."

"I can understand you." Hikori replied.

"Far out! Your English is amazing!"

"Far out? Seriously?"

"My parents don't let me swear..."

"Really?! I swear all the time and my parents don't give a sh*t. My grandparents on the other hand jokingly scold me for it, though."

"What's your quirk?"

"Electric waves; I can create electricity from my fingers and if it connects with someone, I can choose to brainwash them. What about you?"

"Blinding Light. I can make my body emit a blinding light to stun my opponents. I can control the brightness though."

"So you're basically like a human flashlight."


Adelaide flips onto her stomach to prevent the blood from rushing to her head. She looks at the boy with a quizzical expression.

"What school do you attend in Japan?! What's it like?!"

"Woah! One question at a time...! I attend UA High School. It's one of the best hero schools in Japan. We're even taught by Pro Heroes."

"That sounds so cool!"


"If you're going to be a hero, then what's your hero name?"

"I'm the Static Hero; Shockwave."

"Come to think of it; my school is doing a Japanese learning lesson. We're being taught about the difference between Hero Schools in Japan compared to here. Our teacher is an old lady called Mrs. Coralline. Hey! Maybe I can ask my folks if they'll let you come to my school and tell us about your school! Obviously we'll ask your parents too."

"Uh... I'm not so sure, Adelaide."

"Aw...! Why not?! I also want you to meet my friends...!"

"... Fine. We can ask."


Adelaide raced downstairs as Hikori followed behind at a much safer pace. Once he reached the bottom of the stairs, he made eye contact with his dads. This was going to be an interesting few weeks.

Chapter 32

Chapter Text

Hikori was surprised that his parents had let him go. His dad had gone to the hospital to see his uncle so his Papa went with, asking Mr. and Mrs. Reef to look after him. Hikori was now following Adelaide through the school halls. Hikori liked this school. Their uniforms were black shirts with a pin stripe down one side. The girls had the option to wear either shorts or skirts, while the boys could choose between long pants or shorts. Adelaide's hair was done up in a fishtail braid. The duo had reached the class that Adelaide is situated into but Hikori stopped her in her tracks.

"Are you sure I'll be allowed?" Hikori said nervously.

"Of course!" Adelaide beamed. "My mum and dad had called the school and my teacher and they said it was fine. Don't worry about it!"

Hikori started to wring his hands with nerves. Adelaide made her way into the classroom and sat down. Hikori peeked into the room and all eyes were on him.

"Everyone?" the teacher began, looking back at her students as she gestured for Hikori to enter. "This is the temporary exchange student that will be joining us for a few days. Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?"

"My name is Hikori Kaminari." He began. "And I'm from Japan. My quirk is called Electric waves and, in case anyone is wondering; I'm half Australian, therefore I can understand and speak English fluently."

"Wait. Did you say Kaminari...?!"

"I did, miss."

"Are you by any chance related to Denki Kaminari...?!"

"He's my dad. Why?"

"I used to teach him when he attended this school."


"Does anyone have any questions for Hikori?"

One student raised their hand. He had white hair and had electric blue and onyx heterochromia.

"Zack?" Mrs. Coralline nodded.

"Are your parents heroes in Japan?"

"Yes they are, actually. They're the 7th and 9th ranking heroes. Also known as the Stungun Hero; Chargebolt and the Mind Hero; Mind Meddler."

Hikori continued to answer questions from the students until a bell sounded for change of lesson.


The lessons in Australia were completely different to the ones Hikori completes in Japan. He was walking with Adelaide when they reached a table that was occupied by some other students. One student Hikori recognised was the white haired male; Zack.

"Hey guys!" Adelaide beamed as she sat down at the table, Hikori quietly following in pursuit.

"Hey, Addie." A girl smiled. She had dark brown hair and orange eyes. "So you brought the exchange student here?"

"Yes, Kayla. I thought he might want to join me and meet all of you!"

"Alright. I'm Kayla. Nice to meet you."

"Hey. I'm Zack." The white haired male introduced.

"Imogen and this is my cousin; Vincent." A girl with blonde hair replied.

"It's nice to meet you all. What are your quirks?"

"I can manipulate Earth at will." Kayla stated.


Quirk; Earth

She can manipulate Earth at her will.

"My quirk is called smoke." Zack continued.


Quirk; Smoke

With his quirk, Zack can turn his body to smoke and mover around without any sound.

"What about you two?" Hikori asked the blonde girl.

"My quirk is a very weird one." Imogen began. "It's called blind eye."


Quirk; Blind Eye

Imogen's quirk allows her to cause people to go blind when under the influence of her quirk. This way, she and anyone else helping her, can attack their opponent/s without them knowing


Quirk; Shield

When hit with a large enough impact, Vincent's skin will deflect any damage, but if hugged, etc. then his quirk won't be at an affect.

Hikori continued to sit with the kids, talking to them about his friends in Japan, his parents and what it was like going to one of the top schools in Japan and what it was like being taught by pro heroes.


Hikori sat on one of the outside benches while the students stood on the grass and got into teams for their P.E. lesson.

"We're one student short..." Mrs. Coralline began. She turned towards Hikori. "Hikori...!?"

"Yes, Sensei?" Hikori questioned. "Oh...! Sorry!"

"No harm done. Would you like to join in? We're one student down."

"Oh... what are you playing?"

"Capture the flag."

"Um... Sure. Whose team am I on...?"

"Adelaide's team."

Hikori nodded and walked over to Adelaide. She gave him a green sash that he placed over his shoulder and under his other arm. The other team walked off, one person carrying the red cone. Hikori gathered with the students on his team. He recognised Zack and Kayla, but Imogen and Vincent where nowhere to be seen, obviously on the other team.

"Stay and guard the cone, alright?" Adelaide instructed. "You can use your quirk but if you tag anyone that isn't wearing a sash, then they'll go to jail, in which is the marked out area over there."

Hikori looked to where she pointed and nodded in response to signify that he understood the instructions. Hikori took his place and noticed Kayla standing there with him. After a while, a few students came racing towards them, being chased by other people. Hikori got ready to defend their 'flag' while Kayla darted forward and blocked herself and the other people in a barricade of earth. Once the walls lowered, she guided her classmates to their 'jail' a person with bear ears and one that looked like a bat, guarded the students.

"Who are they?" Hikori asked the girl as she re-joined his side.


"the one that looks like a bat and the one with the bear ears."

"Oh. The bear is called Yogi while the bat is called Nana."


Quirk; Bear

Name of his quirk says it all


Quirk; Bat

Once again, her quirk says it all. she is also really sensitive to loud noises.

"They look nice." Hikori continued.


"Hey, Kayla?"


"Who's your dad?"

"The Pro Hero; Avalanche."

"I did a report on him back in middle school. He was in my dad's class when he attended here."

"Well in that case; you chose a pretty f*cking good hero!"

"Heh...! Thanks!"

The duo turned back to focus on the game.


When Hikori and Adelaide returned back to the house, Hikori found his Papa talking quietly to Adelaide's parents, all three using hushed tones. When the adults heard the door open, they turned towards the kids. Hitoshi looked upset and it had Hikori confused. It also looked like his Papa had been crying. The bags under his eyes were also darker than normal.

"Papa...?" Hikori began, speaking Japanese. "What's wrong? Where's Dad?"

"Your dad's at the hospital." Hitoshi began, crouching to match his son's level of eye sight. he seemed hesitant on his next set of words. "They've had to stop giving your great uncle his chemo as it isn't making things any better."


"I've organised with Adelaide's parents, through the use of a translation app on my phone, for you to stay the night here. I need to be with your dad to make sure he gets through this, alright?"

"... alright... tell dad I love him, yeah?"

"Of course."

Hitoshi then places a kiss on his son's forehead and ruffles his hair before walking out, Adelaide's dad following so he can drive the insomniac.

"I've put your things in Addie's room, OK Hikori?" Mrs. Reef began.

"Huh...? Oh, yeah, thanks..." Hikori said quietly.

"How about we watch a movie?!" Adelaide said suddenly, trying to lighten the mood.

"OK... What movie did you want to watch?"


Chapter 33

Chapter Text

The following day, Mrs. Reef took both Hikori and Adelaide to the hospital. Now Hikori was walking with the woman through the hospital halls. After about 3 minutes, they had gotten to the room where Hikori found his parents. When Hitoshi and Mr. Reef turned, the red-haired male wandered over to his wife and child while Hikori stood stationary. Hitoshi wandered over to his son and wrapped him in an embrace. After a few moments of silence and hugging, Hitoshi guided his son over to Denki.

"Dad...?" Hikori croaked.

Denki lifted up and Hikori noticed he'd been crying and obviously hadn't slept at all.

"Oh... Hey buddy..."

"Are you alright...?"

"I'm fine. Just... Just tired. And stressed."

Hikori wasn't totally convinced but he didn't press the matter. Walking closer to the bed, Hikori looked at the man in the bed. He didn't look sick or dying but who was he to judge.

"Who's this?" the man asked, sounding as healthy as a horse.

"This is my son; Hikori." Denki replied.

"Hello sir." Hikori said with as much confidence he could manage.

"Such formality young man."


"Don't be. I'm your Dad's uncle; Damien."


"Don't be shy. If there's any questions you want to ask me, then ask. No harm will be done."

"... My Papa said that you were having chemo... What exactly is it for...?"

"Hikori...!" Denki gasped, slightly ready to scold his teenage son.

"Don't get made, Denki. He's just curious." Damien said sternly, before turning back to the boy. "I've got lung cancer. Hence why I'm strapped to a breathing machine."

"... Will you be OK?"

"Honestly? I don't know. Come to think of it. Are you OK? you've got a lot of scratches and cuts on your face."

Denki and Hitoshi look at their son; confusion on their faces.

"How did that happen, Hikori?" Denki questioned.

"Oh, that...?! I just had an accident back at UA, that's all. I fell through a window fighting off a villain that broke into my room." Hikori replied, casually.

The three adults looked at each other.

"Hey, Denki?" Came a voice.

"What's up, Corey?" Denki replied, turning towards the door.

"Dante, Adelaide and I are going to head home, OK?"

"Sure. See ya."



Hikori was laying in his Dad's old bed when he heard sobbing coming from downstairs. Curiosity taking hold, Hikori got up and went to see what was wrong. He was wearing a white shirt with a Pikachu face and black PJ pants patterned with yellow lightning bolts. Walking down stairs, he saw his Papa hugging his dad to his chest, rubbing circles on his back.

"Why's dad crying?" Hikori questioned, joining his Papa's side, his Dad's sobs echoing in his ears.

"His uncle died, Hikori..." Hitoshi said quietly, tears falling from his eyes and down his cheeks.

"What...?! But he was perfectly fine today...!"

"I know..."

Hikori broke down crying where he stood, an ugly sob causing his body to shake. Throwing his arm over his face, he cried into his elbow, not wanting to let his parents see the big fat tears that fell. He felt an arm pull his body. Removing his arm, he found himself in the arms of both of his parents. All three fell to their knees and Hitoshi held his shaking husband and son in his arms. He tried to hush soothing nothingness into their ears but it wasn't helping.

The family remained on the floor for what seemed like hours until Hitoshi felt a large weight against his body and in his arms. Looking down, he saw that Denki had fallen asleep along with his son. Trying to stand, he accidentally woke Hikori. The boy looked at him with red, half closed eyes. Hikori wrapped his arms and legs around his Papa, while Hitoshi placed a sleeping Denki on his back. Walking in to the spare room that the adults shared, Hitoshi placed Denki down and then Hikori, before he crawled into bed with them, resulting in trapping the boy between the adults.

Hitoshi stared at the ceiling. Denki had lost his mother when he was 16, his uncle now, his relationship with his father was terminated, so all he had left were Aizawa, Hizashi, Eri, Kota, Hikori and himself, along with their friends. A notification was sent to Denki's phone. Moving and reaching over to where Denki had placed it, he found it was a message from, probably either the hospital or one of his friends. Shaking his head, he placed it back down and continued to stare at the ceiling. Hitoshi thought about all of the bad things that had happened in his husband's life; abuse, death of his mother, his depression, anxiety, his attempted suicide, the bullying, his father trying to kill him and the family, the breakup of his friend group and now? The death of his uncle.

'f*ck Denki... you've been through hell and back more than once...' Hitoshi thought. 'What am I going to do with you?'

Closing his eyes, Hitoshi tried to get some sleep.

Chapter 34

Chapter Text

A few weeks passed and Hikori was sitting on his own at the funeral of his great uncle. Everyone were wearing black suits with white ties and black shoes while the females were wearing black dresses and ballet flats/heels. Hikori didn't want to interact. All he wanted to do was process what is happening in his life. All of his dad's friends had turned up to pay their respects so as a result, Adelaide, and Kayla were there. They wandered over.

"Hey, Hikori." Adelaide said sweetly.

"We're sorry about what happened. Really." Kayla added.

"Thanks, girls..." Hikori replied quietly just as an adult voice called him over. "I've got to go... see ya..."

Hikori walked over to where his parents were standing. Not even a few moments later, Adelaide and Kayla wandered over.

"Hikori?" Denki began softly, "I'd like you to meet Conan, Kalum, Jackal, Olive, Shira and Val. Everyone? This is our son; Hikori."

"Hey." Kalum replied, placing a hand on his daughter's shoulder.

"Hey, mate." Jackal said with a nod of his head.

"Hello, kiddo!" Olive beamed, Conan, Shira and Val waving.

Hikori excused himself and wandered off. He rounded the corner of a building and slumped to the ground. Tears pricked his eyes as he pulled his knees close. A figure dropped by his side. Hikori looked through tears to see his Papa next to him, one arm resting on his knee.

"I didn't even know him." Hikori sniffed. "So why am I so upset...?!"

"He's part of the family." Hitoshi sighed. "And like me; you don't like seeing your dad upset as it makes you upset. As you know; your dad has been through a lot. His uncle was the one that looked after him and helped him get through life."


"It's OK to be upset, Hikori, because it shows that you loved that person. Crying is just a natural response to pain. No matter what type of pain it is."

Hikori moved closer and cuddled into his Papa's shoulder, the man placing an arm around his shoulder.


Hikori was back at UA in no time but he was still in slight pain. All of his friends were happy to see him, as where his teachers. Hikori sat with his head in his arms and on his desk while they the rest of the class were at lunch. Hearing the door open and whispers circle through the room, Hikori looked up to see his friends; Iida, Kirishima and Midoriya-Todoroki.

"You OK man?" MT asked calmly. "We also brought you something to eat in case you were hungry."

"I'm OK..." Hikori said, showing a weak smile. "Thanks for the food."

"Do you want to talk to us?" Iida asked. Always so considerate of other people's feelings.

"... Maybe...?"

"Take your time. There's no rush."

"I went to Australia as my Dad's uncle was sick. We went to his funeral a week ago..."

"We're so sorry to hear that...!" Iida cried, MT placing his hand on the boy's shoulder and Kirishima sending him a look of sympathy.

"Thanks you guys. I really appreciate it."


Hikori sat in the common room with his classmates doing things all around him. He felt like a ghost. A figure sat on the couch next to him. Looking to his left, he saw Yaoyarozu. She had her hair down and was wearing a dark purple dress.

"Hey, Yaoyarozu."

"Hello, Kaminari-kun. Are you OK? you seem a little upset."

"I'm fine... Just trying to process a lot of things at the moment."

"Oh...! OK then. But if you ever need to vent, you know I'll always listen."

"Thanks. You're really kind."

"I guess I get that from my mother. She was always dubbed the mother of their class, so I guess it just comes naturally."

"Maybe. Do your mothers ever talk about their childhoods?"

"Sometimes. It's not something they boast about, though. All they say is that things happened to their class and some of it is best left in the past and not mentioned in the present. Mother gets very... what's the word...?! Never mind. She tends to speak in riddles at times, and it gets really confusing."

"I understand. My Dad didn't speak about his past for almost my whole life. Somethings happened when I was younger and only recently did he start to open up and accept what had happened."

"Sounds like there were things that troubled him."

"More like his whole life troubled him form what I gathered."

"I'll take your word for it."


As Hikori wandered through the common room the next day, he took in the environment. Tori was sitting next to Ojiro desk and the girls were talking and had their hands intertwined with each other's. Togata was watching something on his phone, while Takami was leaning his head against his shoulder and watching with him. Ren, Tokoyami, Yaoyarozu and Yoi were talking to one another. Adrien was playing his switch with Shiro watching over his shoulder, both of them extremely invested in the game they were playing. Hagakure was playing a game of cards with Toga, Zen, Hasuki, Kendo and Harinèzumi.

Hikori smiled as Kirishima, Iida and MT ran up to him, smiles on all of their faces. They started to talk to him all at once and Hikori tried to focus but all he could think about was what amazing classmates and friends he had. All of them had a special place in his heart and he was happy to call them his friends. He had been there for their ups and downs. He had helped give them hope for their futures and that they shouldn't dwell on the past.

Not only that but, Hikori had discovered things about himself, too. He had come to terms with his heritage and his identity. UA was full of challenges, sure, but it was also filled with hope. Hope for the future. Hope for what to expect and for what they would all become. It may only be their first year but it had already given them so much.

He continued to listen to his friends and went to sit with them on the couch. Hikori couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.

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