​February Birth Flowers and Their Meanings (2024)

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With Valentine’s Day creeping up, flowers are on everybody’s minds throughout February. Since February is the month of love and romance it may surprise some of you that therose - the flower most traditionally linked to romance - is not actually one of February's birth flowers. Instead, February’s birth flowers are the violet and the primrose. Whether you know someone special with a February birthday, or want to make your loved one feel extra special, or even want to treat yourself, we think February’s birth flowers are the perfect choice.

Keep reading to find out more about the history and symbolism of the violet and the primrose.


Violets are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring. They are known for their heart-shaped leaves, perfect for the month of Valentine’s Day, and their small but vibrant flowers that vary in shape and colour. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many are violet coloured, but they also grow in shades of blue and white.

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History of Violets

Violets were first grown by the Ancient Greeks who actually used them, not for their aesthetic beauty, but for medicinal purposes. Persians also valued violets for their medicinal properties, using them to subdue the pain of headaches, and even to calm anger! Ancient Greeks also used violets to sweeten wine. Not only this, but the Ancient Greeks also used violets in love potions for their heart shaped leaves - yet another reason why these are the perfect choice of gift for Valentine’s Day.

In the Victorian era, the violet symbolised humility and fortune and were a token of good luck. It was believed that violets kept away the evil spirits.

Today, violets are still valued for their medicinal properties, since they contain salicylic acid which is a main ingredient for aspirin and is a common ingredient in skin care products.

Symbolism of Violets

Nowadays, violets retain their meaning of humility and also symbolise faithfulness. The violet also represents spiritual wisdom.

What do violets say about February babies?

Violets suggest that those born in February are humble, innocent and wise. It is safe to say that February babies are generally moralistic and are good, honest people - definitely well-deserving of a gift of beautiful flowers!


The primrose flower was first cultivated in Europe and is also one of the first flowers to bloom in the Spring. Although these flowers look like roses, they are not actually part of the rose family. They grow in a variety of shades of white, yellow, red and blue and some are even bi-coloured.

​February Birth Flowers and Their Meanings (2)

History of Primroses

Traditionally, it was believed that if one ate a primrose, one would then see a fairy! Similarly to violets, it was also commonly believed that primroses were a token to ward off evil spirits, providing protection and safety. Luck seems to be a common theme to February’s birth flowers! Rather bizarrely, it was also believed that primroses were so lucky that if one rubbed a primrose on the udder of a cow, the cow’s milk production would increase and the butter that was made from the milk would never be stolen…

In the Victorian period, primroses were a symbol of love, excellent for Valentine’s Day. Even Shakespeare suggested to primroses alluding love - in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, he wrote that the two young lovers met each other on ‘primrose beds’.

Another similarity between the violet and the primrose is that primroses were also valued for medicinal purposes. Primroses were used in folk medicine to treat various pains such as cramps, headaches, toothache and gout.

Meaning of Primroses

Today, primroses symbolise femininity and purity. They also represent passionate love and affection.

What do primroses say about February babies?

Primrose flowers show that those born in February are loving, affectionate and caring. They are not only passionate lovers but they also make caring and supportive friends.

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​February Birth Flowers and Their Meanings (2024)
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