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The Litter-Robot is an ideal tool for cat owners. Instead of depending on old-school litter boxes, you can use this device to trap your cat’s waste without physically scooping the mess. As expected, this device runs on a set of preprogrammed instructions for automated cleaning.

Although it is a great product, the device might act up. When it has such issues, it notifies the users by blinking lights of various colors.

In this post, we will be talking about the blue lights on the Litter-Robot. Asides from looking at the cause of its blinking, we will also find possible solutions for dealing with this problem.

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Litter-Robot Blue Light Blinking: How to Fix

The blue light is known as the Drawer Full indicator. By design, this component can be found on the control panel of the device.

Now here are several reasons the Litter-Robot Blue might have rapidly blinking blue lights. If you check out our list, you will also discover ways to switch it off.

1. Empty the Drawer

On the Litter-Robot, you have a drawer that collects the cat litter. If it becomes full, the blue light will blink rapidly. But if you throw out the mess, the lights should go off.

Before returning the drawer to its compartment, remember to place a new liner into the container. Then hit the Reset button to get a stable blue light and stop the blinking.

2. Shake the Drawer

Sometimes a half-full drawer might be the reason for rapid movements by the blue light indicator. But before it can cause this problem, the cat litter will pile up on one side of the waste drawer.

Solving this problem is as easy as shaking the container to level its contents. Next, follow it up by pressing the Reset button on one end.

3. Perform a Hard Reset

Instead of depending on repairs, a hard reset might be the best solution for the blinking problem on the Litter-Robot. You can perform this task with the following few steps:-

  • Disconnect the plug from the power source
  • Wait for ten seconds before plugging back the Litter-Robot
  • Allow the device to complete its cycle

If the blue light stops blinking and stays still, you have solved the problem. But if the rapid movement continues, you will use other methods to stop it.

4. Contact the Customer Support

Sometimes the blue indicator might come on with the red and yellow indicator. Most times, this issue can be traced to the inability of the unit to detect the dump position.

Unlike the earlier mentioned issue, this problem cannot be solved without any professional help. For this reason, you will have to contact the Litter Box customer service desk to offer the best way that you might handle this problem.

5. Insert the Bag Properly

As you set the Litter-Robot, you should install the litter bag fully into the drawer. If you ignore this advice, the liner might get jammed and cause the blue light to blink rapidly.

To install the liner:-

  • Open the bag and roll down the liner four times
  • Insert the bag into the container with the edges on each of the tabs.

6. Wipe the DFI Lens

The DFI sensor alerts the user to a full drawer. When it gets dirty, the lens offers a blinking blue light even if the container is not full. However, a quick wipe should get the issue sorted.

Start by removing the Litter-Robot from the power source. Then remove the bonnet and the globe from the device.

To clean the lenses, you will need a Q- tip or paper towel. Then use any of these materials to wipe these components thoroughly.

Wait for the sensor to get dried. As soon as the moisture is gone, reassemble the unit and plug it into its power source. Finally, allow the Litter-Robot to cycle twice before use.

How to Solve Other Flashing Colors on the Litter-Robot

Asides from the blue bulb, other indicators can also blink on the control panel of the Litter-Robot. Normally, these blinking indicators can alert the user to any problems with the device.

1. How to Fix Blinking Yellow Light on the Litter-Robot

On the Litter-Robot, you can also find a yellow light. Due to some issues, this indicator can blink multiple times. Now here are the reasons and solutions for a blinking yellow light.

For a rapidly blinking yellow light :

If the unit blinks rapidly, it can be traced to the activation of the anti-pinch function. But you can make the light stable by switching off the unit, clearing any debris, and reassembling the device. Then power up the Litter-Robot and hit the Reset button.

For slowly blinking light:

If the yellow light blinks slowly, it might be caused by a poorly placed bonnet. Check the unit for this type of item on the Litter-Robot. If you find this problem, you will have to secure the tabs of the bonnet perfectly.

2. How to Fix Blinking Red Light on the Litter Bug

On the control panel of the Litter Bug, you can also find a red indicator. As expected, this light can also blink for different reasons. For instance, the blinking starts if the unit has too much weight. Besides, you can have the same problem if your cat does not leave the unit.

Taking out your cat is one of the easy ways of turning the light off. Another solution is to remove excess litter or heavy objects from the unit.

What Should You Do If Your Lights Keep Blinking?

Although these ideas can stop the lights from blinking on the control panel, they might not work for your Litter-Robot. If the blinking continues, you should reach out to the Litter-Robot customer desk. You can reach this service with a phone call or an email five days a week.

Furthermore, you can get more information from the Litter-Robot website. When it comes down to it, this platform has enough advice for the Litter-Robot.

Litter-Robot Blue Light Blinking: How to Fix - Techrene (2024)
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