These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (2024)

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (1)

Do you know the flower associated with your zodiac sign? The UK's leading online florist, Serenata Flowers, has revealed the flowers that symbolise each sign of the zodiac.

'Most people will know their star sign and some of the basic attributes that correspond to them, but what they might not know is each sign of the Zodiac has an assigned flower,' says Lucia Polla, marketing manager at Serenata Flowers.

'For thousands of years people have looked to the stars to gain insight into their own being, creating clear profiles for each Zodiac by assigning colours, gemstones and elements, so it should come as no surprise that each star sign also has a corresponding flower.'

Take a look at them below...


Aries: Honeysuckle and thistles

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (3)

Symbolising new beginnings, Aries are known for their assertiveness. This is reflected by their birth flowers — thistles and honeysuckle — which bloom in vibrant and eye-catching colours during early spring.

Climbing honeysuckles are gorgeous flowers which look especially pretty growing up the side of a countryside cottage.



Taurus: Lilies

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (4)

'Sensuous Taurus loves being overwhelmed with love, so it's no surprise that their birth flower is the heavily flagrant lily,' says Lucia.

If you have a friend with this star sign, consider gifting them a bunch of breathtaking Lilies. We're certain they'll go down a treat...



Gemini: Lavender

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (5)

Geminis are sociable creatures who are most connected to purple lavender plants. Thanks to their vibrant hue and strong scent, this flowering plant is perfect to complement the character of a Gemini.


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Cancer: White rose

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (6)

Cancers will find a sense of serenity in white roses. Lucia adds: 'The delicate white petals are symbolic of Cancer's inner sensitivity. White is a significant colour for Cancer as it offers a blank canvas that allows Cancer's creativity to flourish and bloom.'



Leo: Sunflower

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (7)

Sunflowers bring instant cheer, especially for Leos. Much like a crackling fire, Leos are warm, passionate and dynamic. Why not brighten up a Leo in your life with these beautiful blooms. They're certain to spruce up even the darkest of corners...



Virgo: Chrysanthemum

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (8)

'Petit flowers such a chrysanthemums are associated with those born under the Virgo Zodiac. Virgos can enjoy these little flowers mixed with larger blooms,' adds Lucia.

Flowering chrysanthemums come in a whole host of various colours, so you'll be sure to find the right one for your home and garden.


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Libra: Blue roses

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (9)

Blue roses are often a symbol of mystery, representing air in which life is at a balance. These beautiful blooms have a special meaning for Libras and make the perfect gift.



Scorpio: Dark red flowers

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (10)

'Filled with mystery and known for being dark horses, Scorpios feel a connection to dark red flowers such as geraniums. As they are naturally academic, Scorpios could keep a bouquet of dark red flowers on their desk to add a touch of glamour to their workplace,' adds Lucia.



Sagittarius: Carnations

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (11)

Sagittarius' feel most connected with beautiful carnations. These blooms are commonly associated with weddings, making them perfect for a Sagittarius' romantic character. Their feminine touch and delicate head is sure to put a smile on any face...


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Capricorn: Pansy

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (12)

Pansies are hard-working and determined flowers which return year after year. 'Often one of the first flowers to be seen in the new year, pansies correspond to tenacious Capricorns.'



Aquarius: Orchid

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (13)

Delicate orchids share a plethora of similarities to those born under the Aquarius Zodiac. Not only do they brighten up the home but they make excellent gifts, too.



Pisces: Water Lilies

These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (14)

The classic and elegant water lilies are famous for their rounded floating leaves — perfect for those with Pisces as their star sign.

Lucia explains: 'Like a water lily, Pisces are artistic and whimsical in their approach to life. They often find themselves floating along, enjoying the ride and they share this sense of fun with everyone they meet.'


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These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (15)

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These are the best flowers to buy, according to your star sign (2024)


What is a Taurus woman's favorite flower? ›

Romantic, fragrant flowers like the lily and rose are popular flowers for the Taurus in your life. This sign's main attributes are also reflected in poppies, foxglove, lavender, lilac, and sweet pea flowers.

Are zodiac flowers a thing? ›

(If you're looking for the perfect gift for a February birthday, celebrate The Year of the African Violet and give your loved one a beautiful houseplant.) Zodiac flowers, however, represent the personality of an astrological sign. These flowers carry both the positive and not-so-positive tendencies of their star signs.

What flower is a Pisces? ›

What is Pisces birth flower? It won't come as a surprise that the water lily is the primary Pisces birth flower. Not just because they are peacefully at home floating on the water's surface, but the depths from which they grow are symbolic of Pisces' deep emotional capabilities and intuition.

What is my birth date flower? ›

What is my birth flower?
FebruaryViolet & Primrose
MarchDaffodil & Jonquil
AprilDaisy & Sweetpea
MayLily of the Valley & Hawthorn
8 more rows

What flowers represent your birth month? ›

Birth Month Flower Chart
  • January - Carnation & Snowdrop.
  • February - Violet & Iris.
  • March - Daffodil & Jonquil.
  • April - Daisy & Sweet Pea.
  • May - Lily & Hawthorn.
  • June - Rose & Honeysuckle.
  • July - Delphinium & Water Lily.
  • August - Gladiolus & Poppy.

What is Taurus spirit flower? ›

For example, Taurus (the bull) is known for being stubborn but resilient and buoyant. Its corresponding zodiac flower is the poppy, which fits that description to a T. Each zodiac flower is beautiful in its own way, so feel free to incorporate it in your garden, your home decor, and even in your wardrobe.

Who is Taurus favorite color? ›

Taurus: Green

Enhance your earthy nature and combat your need to always be in control with your favourite shade of green.

What is the official flower of Taurus? ›

Taurus, the cosmic oxen, your birth flower is the lily (though we have to admit the poppy is a very close second).

Which zodiac has natural beauty? ›

Taurus: Known for their sensual and earthy nature, Taurean women often have a natural and effortless beauty.

What birth month is a rose? ›

Roses are June's birth month flowers. The red ones symbolize love, which explains why they're often given on Valentine's Day.

What zodiac is hibiscus? ›

Hibiscus: Hibiscus blooms come in various shades of red, symbolizing love, and Scorpios are known for their deep emotional connections. These flowers represent sensuality and hidden desire, making them a perfect choice for Scorpio gardens.

What flowers do Pisces love? ›

Light blue, light green, and turquoise roses are particularly fitting for Pisces. Our specially designed Pisces flower arrangements, featuring light blue, light green, and turquoise roses, are not just visually pleasing but also carry a deeper significance.

What stone should Pisces wear? ›

The Pisces zodiac stone, aquamarine, is so soothing to look at and even more stunning when adorned on a piece of fine jewelry. It belongs to the beryl mineral group and the name literally means 'water of the sea.

What is Pisces spirit animal? ›

Pisces. Their spirit animal is fish as they have a fish like tendency. They never stop for anyone and accept what life gives them.

What is my birthstone and birth flower? ›

Birth Flowers & Stones
MonthBirth StoneBirth Flower
JanuaryGarnetWhite Carnation
MarchAquamarineDaffodil, Jonquil
AprilDiamondSweet Pea
8 more rows

Are birth flowers and zodiac flowers the same? ›

Similar to the 12 birth flowers, which are based on historic symbolism rather than personality traits, zodiac flowers are blooms chosen to represent your star sign. They're a different set of flowers than the ones that represent birth months.

What is roses zodiac sign? ›

Libra: roses (September 24 - October 23)

Libras are well known for being obsessed with all things romantic.

What is a Leo's birth flower? ›

Each zodiac sign also has a birth flower. Spontaneous Leo's zodiac flower is the big, bright, beautiful sunflower. Much like Leos, sunflowers are dominant and command attention no matter where they are. If a flower could be extroverted, sunflowers certainly would be.

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