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I want him to be mine!
—Reo, upon meeting Nagi, Chapter 23

NagiReo is the slash ship between Reo Mikage and Seishiro Nagi from the Blue Lock fandom.

The two are from the same high school (Hakuho High School) and have been classmates since before entering the blue prison. Nagi started playing soccer because of Reo and for Reo Nagi is the one who will help him fulfill his dream of winning the world cup.


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First Meeting[]

NagiReo (5)

Reo is the son of a billionaire who is bored out of his mind. At his high school, he's seen as charismatic and attractive, as well as being one of the top students. Despite this, he's bored because of how easy everything is to him and how he can get anything he wants without much work. That is, until he's introduced to football and makes it his life goal to win the World Cup. Reo informs his dad about his passion for football, but he is is less then pleased. His dad tells him that only those who are born gifted can excel and make a profit in football, implying that Reo is not skilled enough to play football for a living. As a result, Reo finds a way to prove his father wrong.

Reo is aware that since he goes to a private school focused on academics, their football team is really bad. As Reo walks up a staircase trying to think of a solution, he bumps into Nagi's shoulder, causing Nagi to drop his phone. Nagi kicks his phone up with blinding accuracy, rendering Reo speechless. Reo immediately asks him if he's on the football team, to which Nagi says he isn't and proceeds to ask Reo to give him money because he's rich. Reo tries to convince Nagi to join the team but he refuses and tells Reo that if he needs to work hard at football, then he would rather not do it at all. Reo thinks back to what his father had said about naturally talented football players and realizes that Nagi is one of them. This sparks Reo's interest, so he wraps an arm around Nagi's shoulder and promises that he won't need to work hard and that he's fine just the way he is, so they should go play football. Nagi eventually agrees, and it's later revealed in his spin-off series, Episode Nagi, that the reason he decided to join Reo was because he was the first person to genuinely care about him.

“'s because it's the first time someone has ever been interested in a slacker like me.”
— Nagi, Chapter 6 of Episode Nagi


  • First Selection

  • Second Selection

  • Third Selection

Reo and Nagi are first shown in First Selection when Kuon approaches them, attempting to influence them with backhanded tactics, which they immediately shut down. Nagi complains to Reo that Kuon is annoying him and tells him that chewing is too much of a pain and that he wants a piggyback ride. Reo protests, saying that Nagi barely touched his food but lifts him onto his back nonetheless. As they're leaving, Nagi asks Reo why Kuon is so desperate, and Reo guesses it's probably because he wants to win. Nagi replies, "Those who can't win even after putting in all the effort are just weak guys who are not worth the hassle."

NagiReo (6)

Back in their own training room, Zantetsu scolds Nagi for playing video games instead of doing exercises, to which Reo jumps to his defense, reminding Zantetsu that Nagi is the top scorer of their team and he can do whatever he wants. Zantetsu complains that Reo spoils Nagi too much, to which Reo agrees and smiles happily, calling Nagi his treasure.

At the end of Team V's match against Team Z, Reo's movements start becoming more and more limited due to Team Z's defensive formation. Reo believes that the field is being controlled by Team Z, and he starts to get worried that he and Nagi will lose. Nagi, noticing the troubled and frustrated expression on Reo's face, immediately starts running, surprising everyone as Nagi doesn't usually take initiative. Nagi calls out to Reo, telling him to pass the ball to him. With fire in his eyes, Nagi tells Reo that he'll give it his all.

“The reason why he started running at this moment, even Nagi Seishiro himself didn't understand why. Just that it was his first time seeing Reo's impatient face and the first loss lurking behind him.”
— Chapter 32

After Nagi scores, he picks himself up off the ground and faces Reo, acknowledging how interesting soccer is.

After Nagi receives the ball and is seconds away from scoring, Kuon leaps out and grabs Nagi's face in a desperate attempt to stop the striker from making a goal. This sends Reo into a fit of anger, as he nearly attacks Kuon before Zantetsu holds him back. Reo asks if Nagi is alright, seeming extremely worried. Nagi assures him that he's fine, but as they go into Extra Time, Reo asks him again if he was hurt, to which Nagi repeats that he's okay. The three of them—Reo, Nagi, and Zantetsu—all agree that they must play to cripple the other team and that tying isn't an option.

After Isagi scores the final goal, Nagi is unable to comprehend the fact that they just lost and tells Reo that they could still make it, despite there only being 20 seconds left in the game. Once the game ends and Team Z has officially won, Nagi expresses how frustrating it is to lose, even after having made an effort.

NagiReo (7)

After the first stage of Second Selection, Nagi and Reo meet up with each other and decide to pair up. Isagi and Bachira finish shortly after and decide to pair up as well. To the surprise of both parties, Nagi walks over to the two of them and asks Isagi to join his team. Reo is caught off guard by this and asks Nagi if he's sure Isagi is the one he wants on their team. Nagi says yes and that Isagi was the best player when they played against each other, so he wants to play alongside him. When Isagi rejects this offer so he can stay with Bachira, Reo seems relieved. Nagi turns to Isagi and asks him if he can join their team instead, surprising both parties. Reo seems confused and hurt by this decision, and he asks him if he was just going to leave him. Nagi tells him that although he and Reo will be the best in the world, they lost, so he needs to understand this frustration, surpass it, and figure out how to win. Reo, with an anguished expression, opens his mouth to say something before closing it and telling Nagi to do whatever he wants. Nagi tells Reo that he'll be waiting for him before walking through the doors with Isagi and Bachira, leaving Reo behind who continues to look miserable.

Bachira mentions how Reo looked really upset back there and asks if Nagi's a cold-hearted person. Nagi replies that although he'll miss Reo and will be lonely without him, he did it because he wants to improve his "ego," and playing with Isagi is the correct way to do it.

Their next interaction is in the public bath during the third stage of Second Selection. Isagi asks Kunigami if they should play against each other, to which Reo replies that they obviously should. Nagi notices Reo and walks over, excited to see him. He holds up his hand for a high-five while telling Reo about how much he's improved. Reo slaps his hand away, surprising Nagi as he's not used to this cold behavior from Reo. Reo says that they're rivals now and should act as such since he'll defeat Nagi because he left him behind. Nagi doesn't reach out to him again and looks at him blankly while Reo says this.

When discussing who should mark who with Kunigami and Chigiri, Reo decides to mark Isagi because he wants to prove to Nagi that Isagi wasn't that special. Both Chigiri and Kunigami want to pick Nagi if they win, but Reo wants to leave Nagi in the dust so he can "feel the same way [Reo] did back then."

NagiReo (8)

At the end of the match. Nagi, Isagi, and Barou emerge victorious. Nagi walks over to Reo and tells him that the last play of the game, where he was able to strain himself in order to reach the ball, was thanks to Reo. Nagi says that it's due to Reo's amazing pass that he was able to advance and score. Reo interrupts him and accuses him of changing into someone who has forgotten all about their promise to win the World Cup together. Nagi asks Reo if he would prefer it if he chose him, even if it might end up leading to them having unexciting matches where neither would grow. Nagi grows irritated and calls Reo a pain in the ass and that he doesn't care anymore, leaving Reo behind with a distraught look on his face.

Nagi realizes in the match against the top three and Bachira that it was due to Reo inviting him that fateful day that he's able to feel such an intense fire inside of him while playing. He inwardly apologizes to Reo, because now that he's gotten a taste of this thrill, he can't go back to being the same person he once was.

“I'm sorry, Reo. For not being with you. For leaving you behind and changing. For fighting alongside Isagi. For now, I hope you will forgive me.”
— Nagi's thoughts, Chapter 76

When Reo meets Isagi in the Third Selection, they chat amicably about which team to choose. Isagi says that he assumed Reo would follow Nagi, but Reo responds by saying that although that was his initial choice, he wasn't sure if he deserved to play alongside him. Reo's torn because if he misses out on this chance, he may never catch up to Nagi. After debating this for a while, Reo does decide to choose Nagi's team.

Reo and Nagi are paired up in the second game of Third Selection. Reo tells Nagi to pay attention to him during the match so he can prove that he deserves to be by Nagi's side. They trade passes at high speeds, with Reo passing it exactly where Nagi would like it. Nagi scores the first goal for the team, leaving Reo stunned by the accuracy and precision of Nagi's goal. Nagi's outstanding abilities make Reo want to strip away everything he knows and become an idiot just so he can catch up with these geniuses. Reo, determined, traps the ball and charges straight for the goal, with Yukimiya and Rin behind him. Nagi keeps up with him and calls out to him at the perfect passing point, but Reo ignores him. He instead scores the goal himself by replicating Yukimiya's gyro shot, unlocking his Chameleon ability. Nagi tells him it's a nice goal and that "copying the weapons of great such a you thing to do, with your dexterity and all. It's cool." Reo stares at him and asks him if it's enough for the football Nagi wants to play, to which Nagi replies, "No." Reo grins and tells him to keep waiting for him above, and Nagi says he will. Ultimately, Reo wants to be someone Nagi wants to chase after.


NagiReo (9)

At halftime for the Blue Lock vs. Japan U-20 match, Nagi looks around for a towel in the locker rooms. Reo instinctively knows what he needs and throws one at him while congratulating him on scoring a goal. Nagi says that he knows he can do more than just score one goal, and Reo nods in agreement, knowing Nagi better than anyone.

When Reo gets subbed in, the first thing he does is tell Nagi to score because their careers aren't over and they can do so much more. Nagi compliments him when Reo successfully blocks a shot from Shidou with his copied defense from Aiku, thinking in his head that he's so cool.

After Gagamaru blocks Shidou's shot he tells Reo to send it further from the goal, but Reo has a different idea. After having watched Nagi for so long, he's able to successfully duplicate Nagi's tap life and jumping turn in order to steal the ball, even saying to Nagi, "I know you better than anyone." The rebounded ball flies straight to Nagi, who traps it and says, "Nice one, chameleon," and begins their counter.

Reo interrupts the team to begin their next play and passes it to Nagi first. They banter as they make their way forward.

Nagi“The local train is leaving the station...”
Reo“Via the Reo-Nagi station...”
Nagi“Next stop: The goal.”
— Chapter 140

After this, Barou and Isagi start fighting over the ball, trying to see who can get it first and score a goal. This angers Nagi, and he yells at them to "Quit it, idiots! After all Reo did to get us that ball...!" showing his irritation at them for almost wasting the work Reo did to get the ball back into their possession.

During the two-week break after the U-20 game, Nagi and Reo seemingly don't directly contact each other despite being on friendly terms during the game. This can be inferred as Reo asks Bachira and Isagi, "...Where's Nagi? He's not with you guys?" when Reo's group coincidentally meets up with Isagi's group. While they haven't made up at this time and aren't as close, they aren't unfriendly as Reo joins in on poking fun of Nagi for ditching his friends in favor of going to an arcade.

Nagi ends up picking the same country as Reo—England. When Reo mentions this, Nagi says, "What of it, Reo? Doesn't matter, does it?" to which Reo has no further response.

Neo Egoist League[]

During the Manshine City vs. Bastard Munchen arc, Isagi compliments Reo, commenting that his usual playstyle was to focus on passing to Nagi, but he's now using Nagi as a dummy to head for the goal himself. Reo thinks to himself that he won't rely on Nagi any longer and he'll surpass him and become the best striker in the world. He directly shoots the ball towards the goal after, and Nagi says, "Wow, greedy."

After this, there's a flashback scene with Chris Prince and the Blue Lockers. Prince asks Reo what kind of player he wants to be, to which he pauses and says he needs time to think. Prince says he's not asking for his opinion and is instead asking how the best striker in the world that he can imagine would respond to that question. Nagi looks at him, but Reo doesn't return his gaze. Reo tells Prince that he wants to be able to control the field himself and not a player who needs someone's help to do something, referring to how he used to be with Nagi. Prince asks him what kind of play he sees as ideal, to which Reo grins and says that Prince was right and that he "must've forgotten how to live like that."

Reo notices how Isagi feels himself getting left behind and tells him how, with the right guidance, Nagi has the potential to be the greatest genius in the world.

“They're having fun with Nagi's talent. We might gets crushed because of it, but if that's what he wants, then I won't object. Besides, weren't we both entranced by his talent before? First me, then you. [...] If Chris and Agi's guidance proves successful, he may reach unprecedented levels. And it'll be the birth of the actual "Greatest Genius in the World."”
— Reo to Isagi, Chapter

Reo finishes this by telling Isagi not to get left behind because Nagi's the type of guy who can discard anything to chase what he wants.

After Kunigami scores Reo muses to himself how he doesn't ever want to be the guy that doesn't get chosen, and how he never, ever wants to experience that feeling again. This cuts to a flashback of the times Nagi left Reo, and Reo reprimands himself, saying, "Ah sh*t...why am I remembering this now...I thought I got over these frustrating memories." He tells himself to not dwell on the past and that since that loss he's only gotten stronger, and he's no longer the guy who can't win if he doesn't have Nagi. He also thinks to himself how he was wrong for pushing Nagi to tag along for his dream, how it's not Nagi's fault, and how he's the one who needs to change so they can someday play side by side as equals.

NagiReo (10)

Right after this, Nagi approaches Reo and tells him that he wants to beat Isagi. Reo looks at him, taken aback by the sudden change in behavior because, at this point, they weren't talking much. Nagi continues asking Reo what to do because Isagi is getting further and further away and that he has no idea what it means to be creative. He says to him, "Right now. Soccer isn't fun." Reo scoffs at him and says he doesn't care and that this is the path Nagi decided to choose to beat Isagi, and that it has nothing to do with him. Nagi stares at him and says he knows this. Reo continues, slightly pissed, and tells Nagi not to come crying to him just because things aren't going his way. Nagi pauses but then says, "Yeah...but...when I was playing with you, soccer was fun." Reo looks at him, shocked. He turns and starts walking away, telling Nagi that he has nothing to do with this. Nagi pleads with him to lend him his strength, saying that he needs Reo's help.

“Lend me your strength. Please Reo. I need your help.”
— Nagi to Reo, Chapter 186

Reo looks at the ground and asks him if he really doesn't have any imagination when it comes to others, to which Nagi asks him what he means. Reo looks at him with an annoyed expression, asking him if Nagi doesn't think about his feelings. Nagi remains confused and asks him what he's talking about. Reo gets more irritated by Nagi's reaction, telling him that he's had to crawl up without being chosen many times over, and now that he's finally decided to keep fighting and get stronger on his own, Nagi swoops in and acts like he can manipulate Reo with his ever-changing feelings. Nagi looks taken aback by this and tells Reo that's not what he was saying, and that ever since Reo invited him to play soccer, he's always been with him. He says that they promised they were going to win the World Cup together and that Nagi was making the best choices to make that happen. Reo's surprised by this, as Nagi hadn't communicated this at all. Nagi goes on to say that during Second Selection, he thought he would get stronger by playing with Isagi, so that's what he did, which is also why he decided to choose England. He looks at Reo and says that now it's him, and that even though they couldn't beat him before, Nagi's gotten stronger, and he thinks they can beat Isagi together. Reo looks angry, and they take turns calling each other a pain before Reo asks him if the thrill is his ego. Nagi responds and says, "No, it's my dream."

Reo“Ah—for real....You're really a f*cking selfish bastard....”
Nagi“Just imagine it, Reo. Our new soccer.”
Reo“You're a pain.....You really are the biggest pain in the ass....”
— Chapter 187

Reo realizes that at that moment, the dream that had started with his discovery has now transformed and begun to move forward, and he wants Nagi to take Reo with him and let him be a part of Nagi's dream until he becomes the best in the world. Reo calls Nagi a pain in the ass before saying to him, "Let's play soccer," as he wraps an arm around Nagi's neck and presses himself against Nagi's side.

NagiReo (11)

After Kaiser and Isagi lose the ball, Reo is quick to steal it and pass it to Nagi, and they start passing back and forth. Reo kicks the ball to Nagi once more, to which Nagi compliments his perfect pass.

Nagi“Your imagination is always worth the work.”
— Chapter 188

Ness comments on how their passing rhythm got way faster, and another player expresses their shock that they had this pass pattern up their sleeve this entire time. Agi seems displeased by this and tells Reo he's not supposed to use Nagi in his own ideas, and that by doing so, Nagi's creativity won't flourish. Reo gives him a dirty look and tells him he never managed to get anything out of Nagi and Nagi's the one that wants Reo's help. Reo thinks to himself that he thought he shouldn't want this to happen, but now he's overflowing with ideas on how he can play with Nagi. He tells himself that he'll devote his newly evolved chameleon style to helping Nagi score a goal and that this is his gateway to entering "flow." Under his breath, he says, "Let's do this, Nagi," thinking to himself that he will become Nagi's arms and legs. Nagi echos Reo, saying, "Yeah...let's do this, Reo. Our combination will reach...the most fiery place it's ever been."

Nagi and Reo continue to make one-two passes towards the goal. Two Bastard Munchen players comment on how insane those one-two passes are and how they're completely in sync. Reo thinks to himself how out of character it is that an unmotivated guy like Nagi would start saying, "I have a dream," and that even though he resented Nagi because of what he did, Nagi confessing that everything he's done was for Reo's dream is ultimately the reason Reo can still get back up again and again. Reo passes the ball back to Nagi while thanking him in his head that, as long as they're together, he feels like they can achieve anything. Nagi comments on just how good Reo's gotten and how he feels like he knows exactly where Nagi wants the ball to go and what Reo wants him to do. He recieves Reo's pass with ease, thinking about how amazing this feeling is.

NagiReo (12)

Nagi runs forward and is confronted with Isagi and Kaiser. Nagi traps the ball with his foot and passes it backwards to Reo, who realizes Nagi wants the last pass from him. In that moment, Reo momentarily unlocks metavision and passes it back to Nagi at an angle, saying to him, "Your that way, isn't it?" to which Nagi replies, "Yes, boss." Nagi receives the pass and performs 4 consecutive fake volleys, outwitting both Isagi and Kaiser. Nagi then says he's the best player in the world before awakening and scoring the "Five Shot Revolver Fake Volley" goal and tying the game.

NagiReo (13)

After Nagi scores the super goal, Reo runs to Nagi and high-fives him before jumping on his back. Reo scooches off, and Nagi wraps his arm around his waist, holding Reo up with one arm. Reo wraps his arms around Nagi's body and places one of his hands on Nagi's chest, looking delighted. Isagi comments on how Reo coming in flipped the switch, causing Nagi to evolve so explosively that it was outrageous. Isagi also mentions how Reo knew that passing in his direction would fully trance Nagi, kickstarting Nagi's rebirth and lead to a super evolution. Agi walks up to Reo and asks if he's satisfied, to which Reo replies that he is and that he's the one Nagi needs. Agi says he'll leave Nagi in Reo's care since he's no longer interested in him, to which Reo tells him that his jealousy is ugly.

Isagi says to them that there won't be any more miracles for the duo, but Reo responds by saying he'll show him their new stage, the second act of their journey to becoming the best player in the world. Reo looks at Nagi for confirmation, to which Nagi says yeah, but is internally torn because he doesn't know what comes next after beating Isagi.

After this, Prince joins the game and tells Reo that he thought he said he wanted to become the best player in the world "alone," and asks if he's given up on that ideal. Reo replies and says that it doesn't matter because his real dream is winning the World Cup and that he's fine with Nagi becoming the world's best striker with Reo as his right-hand man. Prince asks him if that's his new ideal, to which Reo responds, "No. It's my ego."

Soon after, Isagi comments on how Reo's concentration is through the roof, and it's not just so he can pass the ball to Nagi but rather because he's been consumed by his ego. Isagi mentions that Reo's ego is a story where he's the protagonist, dedicated to making Nagi the best striker in the world and sending him the final pass. Reo starts using his metavision again and says everyone's a sacrifical pawn and that he only has eyes for Nagi.

“Let's go, my treasure!”
— Reo, Chapter 197

Reo passes the ball to Nagi, who receives it with ease, commenting that it was perfect and deserved 100 points. After the game's over, Reo and Nagi are in the showers together, once again on friendly terms. Reo jumps in the water next to Nagi, saying, "Why, hello there. I'm now a player worth 40 million yen!" to which Nagi congratulates him half-heartedly. Reo splashes him with water and asks him how it feels to be valued at 88 million yen. Reo uses the title "sama" here as a way of teasing Nagi. Nagi tells him he can't wrap his head around it and asks Reo why he's so giddy after they just lost. Reo laughs and tells him he must not have seen it yet, but Nagi's super goal had gone viral.

Reo“Your super goal is already blowing up on every news and social media outlet! You're famous!”
Nagi“Oh, that's kinda lit.”
Reo“Dude, get more friggin' excited!”
— Chapter 207

As Reo dries Nagi's hair, Nagi questions why he's receiving so much praise since they lost, commenting that Isagi was insane. Reo tells him that what matters is that they showed they could compete against the world, and who cares about Isagi? Reo pats Nagi's head after he's done blow-drying it and says, "As your wingman, I can't wait to see you become a global superstar!" Nagi thanks him and mentions that he's thirsty, so Reo tosses him a bottle of coffee milk. Nagi tells Reo that he thinks it's impossible for him to quickly aim for becoming the world's #1 since he's not a motivated guy. Reo thinks about this for a moment and says that if they look at it in terms of flow, the challenge of becoming #1 is too difficult, so anxiety is winning out. Nagi pipes in that it's more a lack of motivation than anxiety.

Reo says that since becoming #1 is too difficult, they can shoot for earning 300 million yen, since Reo's aware that Nagi doesn't want to work if he could help it and that he'd rather play video games all day. Reo asks what Nagi thinks of this, and Nagi says it sounds doable. After a brief pause, Nagi says that it's been a while, to which Reo looks at him in confusion. Nagi goes on to say that it reminds him of how they were when Reo first asked him to play football and how he didn't think he would become this passionate about something. Nagi then thanks Reo for introducing him to football, to which Reo replies, astonished, asking him if he's dying because of how uncharacteristic that was for him and how it freaked him out a bit.

Reo“Eh? Are you dying or something?”
Nagi“I'm not dying.”
Reo“You got some terminal illness?”
Nagi“I told you, I'm not dying.”
— Chapter 207

Reo smiles at Nagi and tells him he's matured. Nagi responds and says he's not sure about that and that he just said what he thought. Reo excitedly gets up out of his seat and says that they're not finished yet and that this is just the beginning of their dream to lead Japan to victory in the World Cup. Reo grins and tells Nagi to be himself and become the world's #1. Nagi stays silent for a moment before saying, "Sure. Let's do it."

Episode Nagi[]

Episode Nagi, a spin-off manga that's told from Nagi's point of view, starts off with Nagi getting picked up by Reo in his limo. Nagi is initially reluctant to get in the car, but eventually concedes when Reo reminds him of his promise. Reo asks a few questions about himself and tries to convince Nagi to take soccer seriously because if he's a soccer player, he won't have to worry about money. Nagi seems intrigued by this, but says that it would be too much of a hassle. Reo gets up from his seat and clinks his soda glass with Nagi, telling him that it's his dream to win the World Cup and that they'll do it together.

“Nice to meet you again, Nagi!! Call me boss!”
— Reo, Chapter 1 of Episode Nagi

Once they're dropped off at their school, a girl goes up to Reo and asks him if he wants to go out with her. Reo slings an arm around Nagi's shoulder and says he can't because he'll be playing soccer with Nagi. A few girls off to the side gossip to each other, asking who that disheveled guy is and why Reo's so fond of him. While walking into the school together, Nagi asks Reo why he wants to play soccer so bad. Reo explains his motives for wanting to win the World Cup, getting visibly more excited causing Nagi to slip out of Reo's grasp and make a run for it. Reo calls after him and frowns, asking himself how he can persuade Nagi to join him.

Reo asks around about Nagi and people have seemingly very different opinions about him. Reo decides to sit next to him in class to observe him, looking at him in disbelief when he notices Nagi asleep. Nagi groggily wakes up and secretly starts to eat bread from underneath his desk, rendering Reo further in a state of disbelief. When the teacher reprimends him for eating in class, Reo internally calls him stupid and wonders if he really has no motivation.

NagiReo (14)

During lunch, Nagi goes up to the roof so he can play his game in peace, but much to his surprise Reo still manages to find him. Reo tries to persuade Nagi into joining by telling him that they'll be the best in the world and that he knows Nagi is destined for soccer. Nagi isn't impressed and asks him if he reads too much manga, then following that up by saying he thought there wasn't a football club at this school. Reo grins and later introduces Nagi to the football club, surprising him with how many people joined. As Reo's talking to the members of the team, they quickly realize that the first team their going up against is an extremely strong team sent by Reo's dad. Reo isn't worried and tells his team that he's found a treasure, and that he'll do anything to achieve his dreams. He ends by asking Nagi, determined, if he'll grant him his talent. Nagi just stares back, his eyes wide.

Nagi and Reo meet up with the other team they're playing against. The other team starts trash talking Reo, causing Reo to just scowl and tell them they don't know who the real genius is. The other team, pissed off by this, mocks Reo for calling himself a genius, to which Reo just replies telling them that the genius isn't him.

The game starts and Reo gets the ball relatively fast, sticking to his plan and dribbling to the goal. Before Reo can move further, a flashback scene plays in his head where he tells Nagi that he just needs to be somewhere he can score a goal from, and to just await Reo's pass. Nagi seems confused by this, and asks him if it's okay to do something so self-centered, but he's shortly cut off by Reo saying that it's fine and that he'll prove that Nagi's the best there. He tells Nagi all he needs to is trust Reo.

Nagi“Yes, boss.”
Reo“Good boy.”
— Chapter 1 of Episode Nagi

Reo kicks the ball to Nagi, who traps it with his foot using a scorpian trap, roulette volleys, and then kicks it into the goal. Reo runs to Nagi after he scores, jumping on his back excitedly. He then lowers himself and pats Nagi's head while looking at him with a pleased expression. This match up catches Anri's attention as she tells Ego about them while watching the team lift them up as Reo slings an arm around Nagi while celebrating.

Exhibition Voice Guides[]

Exhibition voice guide translations in English are here! Key moments will be provided below.

NagiI doesn't seem like something we need to worry about much. Let's go inside.
ReoWhat, if you're not interested in my answer, don't ask in the first place!
NagiHuh? Blue Lock is a place to make the world's best striker, right? [...] So I just meant that what your dad's hoping will happen, won't happen. We know that best.
ReoOh, that's what you meant! (He always seems like he’s not thinking about anything...but sometimes he says some pretty convincing things…) You're right. Guess I don't need to worry too much about my dad! Alright, let's go!
1. Prologue
ReoYou’re able to do all these things without even understanding how your own weapon works, so you're pretty broken too, if you ask me.
NagiOh no, I'll become a banned card!
ReoThis is soccer, not a card game!
2. Indivisual Strengths
NagiAh...thinking's such a pain...let's go to the next section.
ReoGeez, I know that I'm not good enough yet...If you keep saying thoughtless things like that, you'll end up hurting someone, you know!
NagiHuh? What do you mean?
ReoI meant exactly what I said! Let's go to the next part, genius!
2. Indivisual Strengths
ReoI'm no longer someone who is just a Jack of All Trades.
NagiReo, you're so cool.
ReoHuh? Are you making fun of me?
NagiNo I'm not, I really think you're cool. You look different from how you did during the 2nd selection.
ReoAnd whose fault do you think that is?
NagiHuh? What?
ReoAnyway! I changed to become stronger! End of story!
NagiEh...there's still more I want to say...
ReoI don't care! Let's go to the next part!
Nagi - "Wait Reo! I'm thirsty~ Get me some water."
ReoI said don't care! Get it yourself!
3. Rivalry Battle (2nd Selection)
ReoIt's really quite frustrating, you know.
NagiHuh? What are you talking about?
ReoI wanted to be the one to show you how fun soccer is, but you seemed like you had more fun playing soccer after you left me.
NagiWhat? That's not true.
ReoI can tell from how your face looked, you idiot. You looked like you were having so much fun getting stronger.
4. The World of Battles
ReoWhat about [Isagi] do you like so much?
NagiIt's not that I like him or anything, it's just that he's really strong, and he’s the guy I want to win against the most right now.
4. The World of Battles
NagiWow, Reo's so passionate. I'll try hard too. Moderately.
ReoThat last word was unnecessary.
NagiThen I won't try hard.
ReoHahaha, that's fine with me too! You're fine the way you are!
Nagi...I guess I will try hard then.
4. The World of Battles
ReoHmm, you know, regarding that, I think I've been spoiling you a bit too much...
NagiEhh~ why? Spoil me more~ I'm completely fine with it! In fact, I want someone to spoil me for the rest of my life. I'm the kind of creature that grows if you spoil them.
ReoShaddup! I don't mean it like that! [...] Now, you're setting your own goals and trying to grow. It's much more healthy this way. I was giving you too much.
5. A Challenge Towards Our Dream
NagiYep, Simple is Best. Let's work hard together~ So spoil me more.
ReoAlright, alright
5. A Challenge Towards Our Dream
ReoAnd there's also no guarantee that I'll always be with you, either.
NagiWhat? You won't?
ReoOf course I want to. But you never know. This is Blue Lock, after all.
NagiIt's fine, don't worry. We're going to become the best in the world together, right?
6. Life at Blue Lock


  • Reo ruffles Nagi's hair while the sleepy boy leans on the cafeteria table, annoyed by Kuon's words.
  • Isagi retorts back to Nagi when accused of needing Bachira by saying that he needed Reo as well to accentuate his skills.
  • Kunigami and Chigiri notice how Reo is sitting on his own sulkily because Nagi left him for Isagi.
  • While Reo practices his coordination with Kunigami and Chigiri, he says that he doesn't care what the other two decide, as long as he can win against Nagi in the end.
  • Nagi seems extremely relieved that Reo was in one of the last teams to advance to the Third Selection.
  • At school after soccer practice, Reo rides his bike with Nagi under the sunset
  • Reo sees Nagi sleeping in class, throws an eraser at him and then laughs sweetly at his reaction.
  • Nagi is very spoiled by Reo as mentioned by Zantetsu, to which Reo accepts this with a smile and says that he does it because Nagi is his treasure.
  • Reo asked several people at his school about Nagi to learn more about him and enrolled in the same class to be with him and get to know him more
  • The girls at his school mention that Reo finds him appealing, thinking they were referring to Nagi, then they mention that he was referring to football.
  • When they attend Blue Lock at the beginning, Nagi decides not to participate but Reo convinces him, Nagi turns off his cell phone and makes him promise that he will stay together until the end.

PWC []


“Hey Reo, soccer is interesting huh?”
— Nagi to Reo, Chapter 23
“Reo. You taught me about soccer. You and I together can become the best in the world. That's for sure.”
— Nagi to Reo, Chapter 43
Bachira“Reo looked a bit sad over there. Don't tell me you're actually cold-hearted?”
Nagi“Eh. ...Well, I'd be lying if I said I'm not feeling lonely without him.”
— Nagi about Reo, Chapter 43
Reo“I will make him say that he needs me.”
Kunigami“Is that a lingering affection you have for him?”
Reo“No. It's revenge.”
— Chapter 57
“Nagi is a treasure I found. With this match, I'll steal him back from you!”
— Reo to Isagi, Chapter 59
“Finally... I can fight by your side, Nagi!”
— Reo about Nagi, Chapter 104
Reo“You'd better... watch me closely”
Nagi“Sure. Let's go.”
— Chapter 104
“And that's exactly why they are so radiant.”
— Reo about Nagi and the geniuses, Chapter 106


NagiReo is the most popular ship in the fanbase. Many fans enjoy their closeness and how their personalities are vastly different but still remain very complimentary. Nagi is unmotivated, distant, and can come across as uncaring, while Reo is extraverted, charismatic, and very driven. Despite this, they have a very close bond, both emotionally and physically. The ship gained popularity after it was shown how they first met, with many fans describing it as a "love at first sight" moment. The ship's popularity only grew when the anime started airing, as well as when they made up during the Manshine vs. Bastard's match, which is likely due to them both growing as people and players.

Some people do think the ship is toxic due to either Reo being overly possessive of Nagi or the belief that Nagi was taking advantage of Reo, and that he would eventually leave Reo again when he finds someone else he wants to beat. However, with the Manshine vs, Bastard's arc (and chapters 12 and 13 of Episode Nagi), Nagi clears up this misunderstanding by telling Reo everything was for their dream, and Reo also admits that their relationship before was too codependent and that he should let Nagi grow individually. Due to this, the notion of NagiReo being toxic is no longer a popular opinion anymore.

On AO3, it's the most written ship in Blue Lock (anime and manga), as well as the most popular pairing for both characters. Its main rival ship is Nagisagi, but this ship is often overshadowed by NagiReo and more popular Isagi ships. It is quite a versatile ship partner, paired alongside many Isagi ships (mainly Bachisagi, Rinsagi, and Kaisagi) and also other popular pairings (ex. Kunigiri and RyuSae). A very popular trope for this ship is angst, which is demonstrated by one of their most popular fics, Afterlife, which gained a lot of popularity on social media platforms such as Tiktok and Twitter and is still widely talked about.



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Main article: NagiReo/Gallery


  • Their ship is often referred to with the "🤍💜" emojis.
  • The author left Nagi and Reo's relationship up to interpretation, you can see them as friends, teammates even "lovers" (He declared this on Nagi's birthday)
  • Kaneshiro, the author of Blue Lock, comments on an additional time in the anime where Nagi and Reo are riding a bike together in the sunset. He says, "This is my favorite vignette. It's the period shortly after Nagi and Reo meet. Even though they're just talking, they're not playing and nothing important happens, I love it."
    • Kaneshiro has also written canonically gay characters is his past manga, As the God's Will.
  • They have a height difference of 5 cm, with Nagi being 190 cm and Reo being 185 cm.
  • In Episode Nagi, the player icon for Reo is completely different from the one in Blue Lock. In Reo's Blue Lock icon, he has his hair up and has a blank expression on his face. In Episode Nagi, which is from Nagi's point of view, Reo has his hair down and is smiling.
  • In a "Day in the Life at Blue Lock," Reo mentions how Nagi refuses to let him play his video games because he knows Reo will improve quickly and get bored easily. Reo comments on how well Nagi knows him, but how it made him sad nonetheless.
  • Bonobono is Nagi's favorite manga, and he encapsulates the main character well with his passive and calm attitude, which is likely why Nagi likes this manga so much. Bono, coincidentally, has a crush on a purple otter named Reri and is often seen blushing around her a lot. Reri bears a striking resemblance to Reo, as they share a color palette and have the same shaped eyebrows.
  • In Nagi's official birthday art, Reo is beside him holding a bouquet of flowers, which are presumably for Nagi. The flowers in the bouquet are Red Gerberas, Baby's Breath, White Lilies, Pink Roses, and Pink Chrysanthemums.
    • Red Gerberas represent unconscious love or being fully immersed in love with someone. Baby's Breath symbolizes everlasting love and is typically used in weddings. White Lilies usually represent purity and second chances and are also commonly used in weddings. Pink Roses typically mean innocent, romantic love and are often used to depict teen romances. Pink Chrysanthemums symbolize attraction and romance and are frequently used to represent a first love.
  • In Reo's early birthday art, Nagi is the only character holding a bouquet of flowers for Reo. As of now, they are the only characters who have gotten flowers for each others birthdays.
    • Many fans speculate that the flowers he's holding are Craspedia's, which can mean "I can't live without you", "unchanging love/I see no one other than you", and "you are my light."
  • In Episode 15 of the anime, the additional time is labeled "Reo, a maiden in love?" and shows Kunigami and Chigiri watching Reo as he plucks out strands from a toothbrush, saying the phrase "Nagi's coming back. Nagi's not coming back." repeatedly. He then runs out of toothbrush bristles to pluck, and it ends with "Nagi is coming back." Reo then grabs another toothbrush and starts this process all over again, but with the phrase now being "I'll be cold to Nagi [when he comes back]. I won't be cold to Nagi." This is similar to the "He loves me, he loves me not" game.
  • Nagi and Reo are almost always next to each other in any official art.
  • Nagi's favorite movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Reo's favorite movie, The Truman Show, both star Jim Carrey as the lead.
  • In the Mangaka interview from the exhibition, the author of Blue Lock mentioned the devastated look Reo had on his face when Nagi left him, and that it is important to take note of.
    • The illustrator of Blue Lock also mentioned in that interview that Nagi and Reo were both very pristine in their own sense, pointing out that despite their opposing personalities, they still have traits in common.
  • The director of the Blue Lock anime said that the relationship between Nagi and Reo is like a one-sided love call from Reo and that Nagi has not yet reached the point where he shares Reo's feelings. He received a lot of backlash for saying this, and his claim seems to have been disproven with the new chapters of Episode Nagi out.
  • In an official Pop-Up Shop illustration for Blue Lock, Reo is holding a purple bouquet and a white bouquet while running to Nagi, who is asleep on the floor. The white bouquet is likely for Nagi, as all the other characters have bouquets of their respective color.
  • In chapter 12 of Episode Nagi, right after Nagi leaves Reo for Isagi, there's a panel of Reo looking devastated with a lock around his heart. Chain placement is very intentional, as seen by the Blue Lock covers, where for example, Kaiser's chains are made of glass to symbolize his fragile ego. It has not yet been revealed what the lock around Reo's heart is supposed to symbolize.
  • When leaving for Blue Lock, Nagi left his pet Cactus, Choki, with Ba-ya, Reo's personal butler.
  • Their birthdays are just nearly 100 days (99 days) apart, with Nagi's falling on the 6th of May, and Reo's on August 12th.
  • In chapter 207, Reo used 旦那 (danna) to refer to Nagi. This word means "Master," but it can also mean "Husband."
  • In the latest trailer of Blue Lock: Episode Nagi movie, it is shown Reo holding Nagi's phone in front of him with his arms crossed above Nagi's shoulders which is similar to a backhug. It is also shows in the trailer during their first meeting while Reo throws an arm along Nagi's shoulders, there are tiny visible marks indicating a blush on his cheek.
  • Nobunga Shimazaki, Nagi's voice actor has also said in an interview about Episode Nagi that Nagi does care about Reo and has the same affection towards Reo as Reo has towards him, but he has problem communicating about it. He also mentions on the AJ stream that "The movie will show the story of Nagi and Reo's relationship, from the "start of their romance" (馴れ 初め), to how it changes in bllk, to where it eventually ends up."
  • When Reo teams up with Kunigami and Chigiri, seeing them together reminds him of him and Nagi together.
  • A very famous scene that is well remembered by both is when Nagi and Reo ride their bikes at sunset after school, something that is considered a romantic cliche.
  • It is mentioned that Reo is the one who dresses Nagi for the merchandise, on one occasion he couldn't do it and was worried about whether Nagi could put on a suit on his own.
  • Reo has fed Nagi in the mouth
  • In the countdown video for the Epinagi movie, when there were 12 days left, Nagi wakes up and the first thing he does is look for Reo because he wasn't by his side.
  • In the blue lock bible, Nagi claims to be a pasifist but has come to threaten those who harm Reo
  • It is very annoying for Nagi to put on a Halloween costume but he let Reo dress him up so he could see Reo in his Halloween costume.
  • In some fanarts they are represented as a white bunny and a purple kitten.
  • Nagi has told Reo that he wants them to be together forever (PWC)
  • Nobunaga Shimazaki (Nagi's voice actor) seems to be a big fan of the NagiReo couple
  • Reo obtained the second place for the biggest love in anime of 2023 (the first place was taken by lemon de mashle, in 2022 Reo was the first place)
  • Many of Nagi's first times have been with Reo, such as being his first friend, the first person he brought to his room, on his date he ate candy apples for the first time, the first with whom he experienced many strong emotions, etc.
  • The author confirmed that before they met, both of them did not have any friends.
  • On twitter to promote going to see EpiNagi movie they wondered how many times Reo says "Nagi" (The responses mentioned around 50)
  • In an interview with Nobunaga Shimazaki (Nagi's voice actor) he wore some Nagi and Reo bracelets and he showed it off to the camera and on social networks.
  • Zantetsu describes Nagi and Reo's meeting as a once-in-a-lifetime encounter (which Nagi claims it was).
  • Shuji Kikuchi, actor of Reo in the theater play, also seems to be a fan of NagiReo, mentioning that he loves all the Nagi he has worked with, on social media he uploaded several photos with the Nagi actors, and also attended to the screening of the movie with 2 nagis and he mentioned being very excited
  • In Nagi's novel he thinks it would be great if someone carried him on his back when he was tired, after meeting Reo, Reo offered him to climb on his back without Nagi mentioning it, from then on when Nagi is tired Reo he carried it on his back
  • For Nagi's birthday, the Mikage corporation reserved all the cinemas in the city to celebrate Nagi (the voice actors of Nagi, Reo and Isagi attended) there was a birthday cake with the figures of Nagi and Reo. At the event they talked about the relationship of both
  • At the premiere of the movie, a manga was distributed about their first date, it was in Harajuku to buy soccer shoes, they ended up eating candied fruit and promised to play soccer together (the pose they make when they promise is similar to a marriage proposal) [many fans went to the place to buy candied fruit and take photos in the places where their first date was]
  • In several interviews it is mentioned that in the movie EpiNagi something very important is the relationship between Nagi and Reo, officially the movie sometimes has a "shoujo manga" style to show their feelings and emotions
  • Nagi and Reo have appeared together on the cover of several magazines
  • For the screening of the movie Nagi and Reo gave some notices to enjoy the movie, Reo was praising Nagi the whole time since according to him he only said what he thought of him
  • Nagi is the first person to visit Reo's room. When Nagi returns home, Reo thinks that he wants him and Nagi to live together.
  • In PWC Reo is upset because Nagi's letter only has 3 stars and according to him it should have at least 100 stars (There can only be a max 5)
  • Nagi and Reo were designed for each other, Nagi should have someone to take care of him and Reo someone to help him achieve his dream, even his height and hair were designed at the same time, like Reo's hair is straight and perfect Nagi's is messy and fluffy, the first design that was finished was Reo
  • In interviews it has been mentioned that they can be more than just friends
  • In epiNagi there are 2 official songs that talk about their relationship
  • In the additional time Reo has been called "maiden in love" (恋する乙女) and "wife" (女房) in both cases referring for Nagi.
  • In the novel, Hakuho's students after Reo meets Nagi, he is described as "Nagi's caring wife."



NagiReo (15)

NagiReo (2024)


Is reonagi toxic? ›

Some people do think the ship is toxic due to either Reo being overly possessive of Nagi or the belief that Nagi was taking advantage of Reo, and that he would eventually leave Reo again when he finds someone else he wants to beat.

Why did Nagi leave Reo? ›

After losing to Team Z, Nagi began investing himself more in soccer with a strong desire to get better and improve. Because of this, he began distancing a bit from Reo. Where Reo wanted to remain by Nagi's side, Nagi wanted to keep moving forward in soccer in order to pursue their dream.

How old is Nagi in Blue Lock? ›

I assumed Nagi and Reo were Isagi's age, but when I looked on the BL wiki pages, it lists Nagi as 16 (Rin's age) and Reo as 17.

Does Nagi lose Blue Lock? ›

After playing against Team Z at the end of the First Selection and experiencing his first ever loss, Nagi starts to take more initiative and deal with the frustration of losing.

Why is Reo so obsessed with Nagi? ›

Reo Mikage only looks scary as well as creepy when he obsesses over Seishiro Nagi. He basically treats him as his personal toy that only belongs to him exclusively, which makes their relationship and his demeanor toward it all kinds of weird. Reo needs Nagi and his talents by his side, no matter what.

How tall is Nagi from Blue Lock? ›

☆ Family: Father, Mother (Laissez-faire parenting) & Himself. ☆ Current height: 190 cm. ☆ Foot size: 28.5 cm.

Who is Nagi in love with? ›

Nagi has a crush on Hiro and aims to confess to her once he beats her in the school rankings. On the 122nd Fowl, Nagi beats Hiro in the midterms exams solidifying his place as Hiros Boyfriend.

Who does Nagi end with? ›

That is, the idea is that Erika marrying Nagi is confirmed as more of a means than an end for the Umino parents. They ultimately just wanted more good kids, and Erika has welcomed herself so warmly into this new, effectively chosen arm of her family that they now only care for her and Nagi to be happy.

Who is Nagi married to? ›

Nagi Maehashi and her husband, Kaiji Tang, welcomed their first child, a son, in 2018.

Is Blue Lock finished? ›

Blue Lock season two will officially debut in October 2024, which, for many, is a long time coming. The second season was immediately confirmed after the end credits of the season-one finale back in March 2023.

Is Blue Lock based on real life? ›

Blue Lock's soccer players are determined and skilled. Not only do they look to real soccer players as heroes, the characters are inspired by them. The anime Blue Lock features many talented and ambitious soccer players who share similarities with real-life soccer stars from around the world.

How old is Isagi at the end of Blue Lock? ›

Isagi was 16 at the time. - His birthday is April 1. - So it is possible for April to have passed and Isagi has turned 17, but the fandom wiki seems to say he is already 17 in the anime just right after the 2nd selection.

Does Isagi take Bachira back? ›

Isagi made a promise to reclaim Bachira and beat Rin the next time but he failed to do that, albeit barely. Even then Isagi was picked next by Rin and thus their friendship was not damaged or hindered and they kept playing football together against the World Best.

Does Isagi become number 1 in Blue Lock? ›

During the different selections, Isagi goes from 274, 265, and 267 before leaping all the way to 15 because of his early completion at the start of the Second Selection. For a short amount of time, Isagi is able to celebrate what it is like to be at the top as he is ranked number 1 during the Neo Egoist League Arc.

How does Kaiser treat Ness? ›

Kaiser is generally a physically touchy person (he held Isagi's chin, pulled his wrist, and tried to touch him on several occassions), but he also pulls and touches Ness a ton, especially by the hair. There is also the fact that he spilled the fancy drink in Ness's face, and we even got the weird arm rest.

Who is in Manshine City? ›

Chris PrinceAgiSeishiro Nagi
Junichi WanimaTaiga TsunzakiReiji Hiiragi
Kairu SaramadaraDriverRook

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