Sachi Umino (2024)

Sachi Umino (海野 幸, Umino Sachi) is the adopted younger sister of Nagi Umino and the biological younger sister of Erika Amano. When Sachi learns that Nagi has to leave their family home to live with Erika, she runs away from home and stays with Nagi and Erika.


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Sachi has blond hair worn in a bob cut and light blue eyes.

She wears a primarily white and secondary blue schoolgirl uniform, white knee-high socks and black shoes.


Sachi is known to be indifferent, especially toward her older step-brother Nagi; however, underneath that, she deeply cares for him, and when he's forced to leave the household realizes her feelings for him. She's also known to be super determined about things she set her mind to, an example being when Sachi was a child; she saw that Nagi won an award for the best swimmer. Wanting one herself, Sachi would vigorously do swim training until she won the same award herself.


Cooking: Sachi knows how to cook.



Nagi Umino[]

Nagi cares about Sachi very much and treats her as a typical sibling. After Nagi leaves and stays with Erika Amano, she is scared that Nagi will leave and decide to move with Nagi and Erika. It is said that she has Brother Complex (Volume 4).

Erika Amano[]

Sachi didn't exactly like Erika at first, but after getting to know her more, she started to like her and would visit Nagi and Erika's place to see Erika. She also accepts Erika as her biological sister and is pretty close to her.

Hiro Segawa[]

Ai Mochizuki[]


  • The name Sachi means "happiness, good luck/fortune" (幸).


Sachi Umino (1)


  • Sachi's Astrological symbol is Virgo.


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Sachi Umino (2024)


Who will Nagi Umino end up with? ›

On the 112th fowl, Nagi and Erika will talk to Souichirou Amano so that Erika doesn't move, at that moment Nagi confesses that he fell in love with her during the time they lived together to which the father gives them an option of how it will be from now on to which they both accept to be able to continue together.

Who does Sachi Umino like? ›

Sachi is known to be indifferent, especially toward her older step-brother Nagi; however, underneath that, she deeply cares for him, and when he's forced to leave the household realizes her feelings for him.

What anime is Sachi Umino from? ›

Introducing Sachi Umino from the anime A Couple of Cuckoos, a romantic comedy about two people switched at birth, in a bunny costume!

Who did Nagi marry? ›

That is, the idea is that Erika marrying Nagi is confirmed as more of a means than an end for the Umino parents. They ultimately just wanted more good kids, and Erika has welcomed herself so warmly into this new, effectively chosen arm of her family that they now only care for her and Nagi to be happy.

Who is Nagi married to? ›

Nagi Maehashi and her husband, Kaiji Tang, welcomed their first child, a son, in 2018.

Did Nagi kiss Sachi? ›

In the dark Nagi bumps into and kisses Erika, only for the lights to come back on and reveal he actually kissed Sachi who had just gotten home. Sachi is embarrassed but becomes angry when Nagi points out he thought she was Erika and should just forget the kiss.

Who is Sachi's love interest? ›

Sachi introduces Hiro as her boyfriend, making Hiro blush and Sachi's mother smile. On his next visit, he brings her cookies and Sachi's mother tells him to make sure that she's okay, calling him, "Mr. Boyfriend." where they appear to currently harbor romantic feelings for each other the same way Sachi feels for Toko.

Has A Couple of Cuckoos ended? ›

Conclusion. These two last episodes of A Couple of Cuckoos are quite enjoyable. Because while there's nothing remarkable happening, the fact that they manage to create a rather wholesome ending is certainly a good thing.

Are Nagi and Sousuke the same? ›

Sousuke is an older cousin and is therefore not Nagi and Erika's brother.

Do Nagi and Erika kiss? ›

On the 108th fowl, following the events of the M1 contest, their relationship takes a step forward as Erika kisses Nagi on the lips, resulting in a very embarrassed Nagi. On the 110th fowl, Nagi learns that Erika loves him. On the 111th fowl, Nagi tells Erika that he loves her too.

Who is Nagi Umino's wife? ›

He's a teenage boy from Megurogawa Academy who has a crush on Hiro Segawa, was arranged to be married to Erika Amano, and is the adoptive brother of Sachi Umino, the son of Namie Umino and Yohei Umino, the biological son of Souichiro Amano and Ritsuko Amano, the biological older brother of Sousuke Amano, and the ...

Does Sachi Umino like Nagi? ›

While the hardworking Umino Nagi is Erika's fiance, his foster sister Umino Sachi is still being rather possessive of him -- and she doubles down in Episode 11's events. Sachi's idea of familial love is getting a little weird, and it might remind anime fans of the likes of Kiss x Sis or even Oreimo and Eromanga Sensei.

Who is Sachi Umino's sister? ›

She is the adoptive sister of Nagi Umino and Sousuke Amano, the biological daughter of Namie Umino and Yohei Umino, the biological sister of Erika Amano, and the adoptive daughter of Souichirou Amano and Ritsuko Amano.

What is Sachi Umino's personality? ›

She is portrayed as a kind-hearted and empathetic person who cares deeply for those around her, including her family, friends, and Nagi.

Who ends up together in Nagi ASU? ›

In the last scene, Manaka and Hikari acknowledge each other's feelings and start a relationship, looking towards the future together. One of the students from Shioshishio.

Who falls in love with Nagi? ›

Though she initially had no romantic feelings or interest in him, Erika later on realizes she really is in love with Nagi, as she is hurt when he chooses Hiro instead of her. She nevertheless continues to have feelings for Nagi's biological older brother Sōsuke, the person she was originally searching for.

Who does Nagi date in a couple of cuckoos? ›

The protagonist, the studious Umino Nagi, can't figure out his tumultuous love life when he has his fiancee Amano Erika on one side and the object of his affection, Segawa Hiro, on the other.

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