Seishiro Nagi (2024)

This is the first time I've felt like this, and in order for me to understand this 'frustration,' I want to play football with this guy. I want to try... to put in some effort.

— Nagi to Reo[1]

Seishiro Nagi ( (なぎ) (せい) () (ろう) Nagi Seishirō?) is a contender for the Blue Lock Project and the titular protagonist of the spin-off, Blue Lock - Episode Nagi, who currently plays as a rightwing for England's Manshine City in the Neo Egoist League.

When first arriving at Blue Lock, Nagi was a member of Team V and was the best player in his designated stratum. After the Blue Lock Eleven played against the Japan U-20 team, Nagi was ranked as one of the top players in the project.


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Nagi is very tall with a lean but muscular build. He is shown to have medium length white hair that leaves a V-shaped fringe in between his eyes. He has gray-colored eyes with large irises.

Back in high school, Nagi wore a school uniform consisting of a white blazer with a cascading star pattern on the collar, though he wore a dark hoodie under it instead of a dress shirt and tie. He wore the dress pants and dress shoes as well.

At Blue Lock, Nagi wears the standard-issued body suit (black with gray stripes) and tracksuit. During First Selection, he wore Team V's #11 jersey, and during Second Selection, he wore Team White's #7 jersey.

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Team White Uniform

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Blue Lock Eleven Uniform

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Nagi and Reo meet for the first time

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Blue Lock: Episode Nagi - Character Key Visuals


Seishiro Nagi (8)

Nagi is a very lazy and unmotivated person with an outstanding aptitude for football. He's unnaturally talented, with amazing reflexes, good speed, and jumping skills. But he has no interest in going pro or even playing at all at first. As long as he can get a decent job and keep living a lax life, he is content with doing nothing forever and often appears lethargic in his speech and body language. Introverted to a fault, he lives by himself in an apartment his parents pay for with only a pet cactus for company. He was shown to have no friends in high school before meeting Reo, and he frequently got gossiped about or possibly bullied. Even so, he demonstrates no interest in socializing and often has to be dragged into things by others, especially Reo. He initially does not want to put any effort into football and belittles those who are weak and talentless at the game since such things are easy for him. He doesn't even know anything about the best football players in the world, much to the chagrin of his competitors. At first, he is shown as indifferent to playing soccer and becoming the world's best striker, preferring to play video games or skip training altogether. He exhibits behavior like that of a shut-in and may actually be addicted to his phone. He struggles to let go of it when Anri tries to confiscate his items, and Reo is even able to bribe him into playing when he reminds him he can get it back with the goal reward system.

Despite all this, Nagi shows that he can become motivated if he's challenged. Upon entering Blue Lock, he encounters players who get him invested in the game to the point that he's willing to make strategies of his own and go against Reo, whom he otherwise obeys, just so he can do as little thinking as possible. Nagi also has a bold side to himself that comes out around Baro the most often due to an early rivalry that started with him calling him Reo's "slave." He often antagonizes him and gets in his face when his arrogance irritates him, something very few characters are willing to do given how intimidating Baro can be. But when he wants to play, he demonstrates a deep sense of teamwork and can synergize with many players, Reo and Isagi in particular. Although Nagi comes off as an apathetic person, he is a reliable player who has some of the most unpredictable moves on the field, perhaps only rivaled by Gagamaru in terms of creativity.

After playing against Team Z at the end of the First Selection and experiencing his first ever loss, Nagi starts to take more initiative and deal with the frustration of losing. He finally starts to have motivation and is willing to explore these feelings alone if necessary, and this only happens because he notices that his friend and teammate, Reo Mikage, seems to be at a loss against Team Z. Despite his initially indifferent exterior, Nagi strives to improve his soccer skills as a result of his team's loss to Yoichi Isagi. This drive to improve follows him in later arcs, and he even tarnishes a friendship because of it. By the time of the Neo-Egoist League, beating Isagi was Nagi's most important driving force.

Nagi does seem to care about his friends and teammates, especially his best friend Reo, even though their relationship turns rocky from the Second Selection onward because of Reo's possessiveness over Nagi, which clouds his view of their shared dream of winning the World Cup. However, he is, at his core, an egoist like some of the best players in Blue Lock. He cares only about his ambition, his dream, and winning.

Nagi tends to clash with people he doesn't like. When he meets Baro after Nagi and Isagi's loss to Rin Itoshi, they immediately begin to argue and provoke each other, competing in the field about who's the best of both, challenging frequently in a 1 vs. 1, giving each other insults, and even fighting for who will have the single bed in a room for teams of three members.



  • Creative Midfielder: Creative midfielders are midfield players that can create goal-scoring opportunities for the team, often in situations where nothing seems likely. They usually have good ball control, passing ability, and movement and will be blessed with vision and on-the-ball intelligence.
    With Nagi's perfect ball control, flexible movements, and technical ability, he can breathe life into even the most difficult or hopeless plays. He alone has made the most outrageous goals in Blue Lock due to this skill, and he continues to evolve into a creative playmaker. After training with Manshine City and coming to understand his strengths and weaknesses more, Nagi is much stronger physically, has more refined trapping and ball control, and personally takes the initiative in creating his own plays instead of just being a part of someone else's.


  • Perfect Ball Control: In football, being in control of the ball is of significant importance to every level of player. The ability to control an awkward bouncing ball quickly and effectively gives the player with the ball an immediate advantage. The first touch is often the difference between success and failure in most situations during the match. Nagi has exceptional ball control and demonstrates it constantly by setting up traps and scoring with near-precise accuracy. He constantly scores high-level shots, especially in unfavorable positions, when under pressure from tough opponents. One of his most impressive feats was when he performed a fake volley shot. His ability to control the ball is only rivaled by Rin Itoshi and Tabito Karasu and is one of the few things that escapes Rin's logic. Because of his natural sense for controlling the ball with his own body, Nagi is a truly prodigal talent, being one of the top players in Blue Lock despite only having recently started playing football, shortly before the program. After undergoing analysis by Chris Prince, Nagi understands the fundamentals of his ball control and has become more refined.
    • First Touch Pass: Using his exceptional ball control, Nagi can use his first touch to make a creative pass to a teammate. Nagi often produces new ways of laying off the ball, whether it be with his chest or the tip/side/heel of his foot. What makes Nagi such a creative player is his ability to turn any kind of pass into a potential attack. No matter the quality or attributes of the pass he is sent, he can pass it effectively into a dangerous area. This skill has been demonstrated numerous times, most notably when he controlled Isagi's difficult pass during the match against the Japan U-20, using his heel to flick the ball on to a charging Isagi, over the heads of the U-20 defense.
  • Trapping: Even before Blue Lock, Nagi had exceptional trapping ability, being able to trap a cellphone in midair while jumping down a flight of stairs. This feat was so impressive that Reo immediately recognized his talent for football and decided to make him his partner. He can trap with his entire body with deadly efficiency, constantly finding ways to turn a dire situation into something favorable. Nagi has trapped the ball using his toes, heels, and even his back, demonstrating the versatility of his trapping. He can trap virtually any object, and he often uses his trapping to manipulate and confuse his opponents when making a run down the field, which combines with his spatial awareness to place himself at the best point possible for amazing traps and follow-up shots. After training in the Neo-Egoist League, Nagi's trapping has evolved, with him being able to trap while being pressured by two defenders and trap a high-power close pass while moving at great speeds.
    • Creative Trap: When Nagi approaches the ball with a defender behind him, he can use his first touch to flick the ball over their shoulder and dodge past them. Isagi described this as a creation trap that blows life into a play.
    • Black Hole Trap: Alternatively, if Nagi is not pressured by his opponents, he can use an absorbing trap, catching the ball in midair and killing its momentum. This gives him the time and space to set up his next play.
    • Trap Shot: This is his most common skill, and he frequently uses it in his matches. Nagi first performs a trap with the ball, whether it is in motion or not. From this point, he kills the velocity and momentum of the ball so he can manipulate the ball and make a pinpoint shot that breaks the defense of the opposing team and scores an effortless point.
    • Zero Reset Turn: While being pressured by multiple defenders, Nagi can hold them back while perfectly trapping an incoming ball, then turn instantly to move the ball away from the defenders and charge through them, resetting the flow of the game midplay.
    • Juggling Shot: After trapping a ball while moving and giving it airtime, Nagi can relax his body in midair, move his legs around the ball, and kick the ball with extreme force, performing a monstrous volley shot.
  • Flow State (Incomplete): Flow, as described by Ego, is the state of "total immersion" or "being in the zone". It is the mental state in which a person performing some activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.
    Nagi has entered Flow State numerous times in Blue Lock, sometimes intentionally and other times unintentionally, but he has yet to master it. His most impressive feat in Flow State was the Fake Volley Shot.
    • 2-Stage Fake Volley Shot: First performed in the rematch between Isagi's Team White vs. Rin's Team Red, when Nagi was pressured to score and prove his worth on the field in such a high-level game. Nagi starts by setting up a high-powered shot from an incoming pass, but at the last second, he changes the angle of the shot to send the ball spinning in the air. The speed of the ball's spin makes it float in place, allowing Nagi to follow up with a high-powered shot. Rin himself could not predict or counter the move, and it was good enough to provoke him into getting serious. When Anri first saw it, she described it as a miracle, but Ego suggested it was a move possible because of Flow State.
    • Five-Shot Revolver Fake Volley: Nagi first perfectly traps a pass falling in front of him while giving it some airtime, then instantly positions himself into a shooting form. He powerfully kicks the bottom of the ball in the air, killing its forward momentum and giving it a spin like his 2-Stage Fake Volley Shot, but instead of shooting it off of that play, he performs the fake volley again, giving the ball even more height in the air. Nagi performs a fake volley and juggles the ball in the air two more times to avoid defenders, and then on the fifth attempt, Nagi jumps for the ball in the air and kicks the ball with extreme force, scoring a goal between two defenders and past the goalie. The goal was so astounding that the combined defensive forces of Kaiser and Isagi couldn't stop it, and the entire field looked in pure awe and disbelief at the goal. On social media, the shot is described as the "goal of the century." Ego describes it as a goal that can never be recreated ever again.


  • His given name, Seishiro ( (せい) () (ろう) ?), means "sincere son of the samurai."
    • Sei ( (せい) ?) means "sincerity".
    • Shi ( () ?) means "samurai, warrior."
    • Ro ( (ろう) ?) means "son."
  • His surname, Nagi ( (なぎ) ?), means "calm, lull."
  • His name can thus be interpreted as "calm and sincere son of the samurai."


  • (To Reo) "If I have to work hard, I think football may be an annoying sport then."[1]
  • (To Reo) "I'll believe you but promise me one thing: Stay with me 'till the end.'"
  • (To Kuon) "Those who can't win even after putting in all the effort are just weak guys, not worth the hassle."[1]
  • (To Baro) "You sure bark a lot for a loser, King. I'll win and make you my servant."
  • (To himself) "I hate feeling frustrated, so I don't want to lose anymore. It's not fun... unless I win."[15]
  • (To himself) "Nice to meet you, Japan. I'm Nagi Seishiro."[16]


  • Majority of this information is from the official Egoist Bible, as well as Episode Nagi.
    • His zodiac sign is Taurus.
    • His hometown is Kanagawa.
    • His parents raised him using a hands-off approach.
    • His foot size is 28.5 cm.
    • His blood type is O.
    • His dominant leg is his right side.
    • He doesn't have a favorite football player since he doesn't know any of them.
    • He started playing football at the age of 17.
    • He thinks his strong points are that he's a pacifist, doesn't get into fights and doesn't get angry. He thinks that his weak point is that he finds everything bothersome.
    • His favorite food is lemon tea. His least favorite food is crab because it's a pain having to get the meat out of the shell.
    • He thinks the best thing to have with rice is anything. He doesn't want to have to think about it.
    • His hobbies are playing mobile games, reading manga on his phone, and watching videos on his phone.
    • His favorite season is spring.
    • His favorite song is 'Kiseki' by Quruli.
    • His favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
    • His favorite manga is Bonobono, a Yonkomanga series created by Mikio Igarashi.
    • His character color is black.
    • His favorite color is gray.
    • His favorite animals are sloths, koalas, and pandas because he thinks they look like they have easy lives.
    • His best school subject is History, and his worst subjects are Politics and Economics because he has no interest whatsoever.
    • He often reads the magazines Shounen Jump, Weekly Shounen Magazine, Young Jump, and Weekly Young Magazine.
    • He likes it when nobody bothers him. He doesn't like when his free time is taken away from him.
    • He received a total of zero Valentine's chocolates in the previous year.
    • He gets 8.5 hours of sleep each night.
    • The first thing he washes before getting in the bath is his whole body at once since it's a pain otherwise.
    • His most frequently used apps are YouTube, Shounen Magazine Pocket, Jump+, Comic Days, Line Manga, and several types of games.
    • The last time he cried was when he let out a big yawn that made his eyes tear up.
    • He received Christmas presents from Santa until he was 9 years old; the last thing that he asked for from Santa was 10,000 yen's worth of gacha pulls.
    • If it were his last day on Earth, he would say, "It's a pain to think about how he would spend it. Whatever happens, happens."
    • If he received 100 million yen (~$739,000), he would use it to cover all his living expenses so that he doesn't need to work.
    • He spends his days off lazing around playing mobile games, watching videos, and reading manga.
    • He can trap multiple things, even those unrelated to soccer, like Baro's shoes.
    • In volume 8, chapter 69, Nagi held a "Trap-Whatever-You-Can Championship."
    • He lives alone (his parents travel a lot, but he has a friend-like relationship with them).
    • He owns a cactus named Choki. He named the cactus because it was shaped like a scissor, which reminded him of the game "Rock-Paper-Scissors."
  • He (Episode 11) shared his English voice actor with Ikki Niko (Episode 24).
  • Nagi ranked 2nd in the first popularity poll with 2,316 votes.


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Did Nagi lose in Blue Lock? ›

After playing against Team Z at the end of the First Selection and experiencing his first ever loss, Nagi starts to take more initiative and deal with the frustration of losing.

What personality type is Seishiro Nagi? ›

In conclusion, Seishiro Nagi can be identified as an Enneagram Type 3, the Achiever. His strong drive to succeed, ambition, and desire for external validation are all indicative of this type.

Who is Nagi seishiro shipped with? ›

NagiReo is the slash ship between Reo Mikage and Seishiro Nagi from the Blue Lock fandom. The two are from the same high school (Hakuho High School) and have been classmates since before entering the blue prison.

How old is Nagi in Blue Lock? ›

I assumed Nagi and Reo were Isagi's age, but when I looked on the BL wiki pages, it lists Nagi as 16 (Rin's age) and Reo as 17.

Who is Nagi married to? ›

Married: Nagi Maehashi is married to Nobuhiko Okamoto, a fellow voice actor. Date of Marriage: The couple got married in 2017. Occupation: Both Nagi Maehashi and Nobuhiko Okamoto are voice actors. Industry: They work in the Japanese entertainment industry.

Who is the weakest character in Blue Lock? ›

Isagi himself is probably one of the weakest characters. He has a big problem, but to understand that, I have to go further. First, we need to understand how the series explains things.

What happens to Reo in Blue Lock? ›

After finally letting go of his materialistic attachment to Nagi and finally realizing what he needs to do to be strong and stay with his friend, Reo vowed to become the best striker in the world along with the top players in Blue Lock.

Is Nagi Seishiro smart? ›

Nagi is extremely smart, although he doesn't actually begin caring about soccer until Team Z defeats Team V. At this point in the series, Nagi has developed multiple signature moves that shock and awe anyone observing his playstyle.

What does seishiro Nagi's name mean? ›

Seishiro Nagi: Nagi = calm/lull, Sei = sincerity, Shi = samurai, Ro = Son, "Calm and sincere son of a samurai"

Why is Reo obsessed with Nagi? ›

6 Reo Mikage Is Obsessed With Seishiro Nagi

He basically treats him as his personal toy that only belongs to him exclusively, which makes their relationship and his demeanor toward it all kinds of weird. Reo needs Nagi and his talents by his side, no matter what.

Who does Nagi have a crush on? ›

Nagi returns to school and sees Hiro Segawa, his academic rival and crush whom he has decided to only confess to once he has beaten her exam scores as she once told him she would only date a man smarter than herself.

Do Reo and Nagi get back together? ›

In short, is it a OOC that Reo and Nagi got back together - No. While each might take a different path to reach the common goal (Nagi joining Isagi in the second selection, Reo getting ditch and being independent just to get gut), they will both reach the same end goal - 'Becoming the world cup champion together').

Does Isagi and nagi lose? ›

While Isagi and Nagi won this battle, their victory was overshadowed by Asahi Naruhaya's devastated reaction to the loss.

Who is the youngest in Blue Lock? ›

Being only sixteen years of age and the youngest of Team Z, Naruhaya was born on March 20.

Is Blue Lock finished? ›

Blue Lock season two will officially debut in October 2024, which, for many, is a long time coming. The second season was immediately confirmed after the end credits of the season-one finale back in March 2023.

Does Isagi and Nagi lose? ›

While Isagi and Nagi won this battle, their victory was overshadowed by Asahi Naruhaya's devastated reaction to the loss.

Why did Nagi leave? ›

Where Reo wanted to remain by Nagi's side, Nagi wanted to keep moving forwards in his soccer and actively pursued new opportunities to improve, such as when he decided to join Isagi and Bachira's team in the Second Selection, leaving Reo.

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