Seishiro Nagi/Relationships (2024)


  • 1 Team V
    • 1.1 Reo Mikage
  • 2 Team Z
    • 2.1 Yoichi Isagi
    • 2.2 Hyoma Chigiri
  • 3 Team X
    • 3.1 Shoei Baro

Team V[]

Reo Mikage[]

Seishiro Nagi/Relationships (1)

Nagi has a very close relationship with Reo, especially so as when they first entered Blue Lock. Reo often gave Nagi rides on his back to carry him around, in an effort to make sure Nagi had to work as little as possible.

Nagi's soccer when he first entered Blue Lock revolved greatly around Reo. Reo's main role was to set up Nagi's ball traps by giving him long range passes or setting up his attacks.

After losing to Team Z, Nagi began investing himself more in soccer with a strong desire to get better and improve. Because of this, he began distancing a bit from Reo. Where Reo wanted to remain by Nagi's side, Nagi wanted to keep moving forwards in his soccer and actively pursued new opportunities to improve, such as when he decided to join Isagi and Bachira's team in the Second Selection, leaving Reo. Where Nagi was earlier very obedient with Reo, he later began developing a harsher stance with him, telling him how their goal to become the best in the world wasn't such an easy thing to do and how Reo was forgetting their promise and not pushing forwards. He let him know that he wasn't going to just stay at the same level with Reo, but was going to improve and evolve, suggesting that Reo take these words to heart. At the end of their 3v3 match in the second Selection, Nagi even goes so far as to call Reo "a pain" when the latter showed his dissatisfaction with the changes that Nagi had underwent. Nagi felt that the soccer Reo plays is not enough for the kind of soccer he wants to play. He still, however, holds Reo in high regard and respects the decisions he has made (especially so after their match together in the Third Selection), and still considers him to be his friend.

Team Z[]

Yoichi Isagi[]

Seishiro Nagi/Relationships (2)

Nagi initially meets Isagi during the First Selection in the cafeteria when Wataru Kuon tries betraying Team Z to avoid getting expelled from Blue Lock. They have more of an interaction during the last game of the First Selection and they both witness each other's skills and presence on the field. Isagi sees Nagi's insane ball control and trapping ability while Nagi begins to recognize not only Isagi's spatial awareness ability but his potential and overall influence on the field. Isagi might be the first person Nagi fully respects because he forsakes his relationship with Reo just to play on Isagi's team because Isagi creates an opportunity for Nagi to further develop his football ability and play the kind of football he wants. Isagi can sometimes be the voice of reason when Nagi doesn't get along with others.

As teammates on the field, they have an incredible chemistry and understanding of each other. Isagi takes full advantage of Nagi's trapping skills and ball control and Nagi takes advantage of Isagi's ability to create chance opportunities sometimes pushing him to get the goal he wants. They are an unstoppable duo in the Second Selection slowly climbing up the ranks and acquiring some of the most powerful players in Blue Lock after their initial lose to Rin's Team Red. They lose a second time to Rin's Team Red in the Second Selection due only to "luck", really showing how powerful they are as a team and how much they can develop in a short period of time together. When Isagi was chosen by Rin to continue on, Nagi promised to climb up and meet Isagi along with everybody else and Nagi watched as Isagi went on ahead to face the World's Best.

They met again when Third Selection began as Nagi had kept his promised and was apart of the Second Team that cleared Second Selection. Though they did not play anymore official games together in Blue Lock they both made the Blue Lock 11 as offensive midfielders, directing supporting and attacking with Itoshi Rin. They have both steeled themselves for the Japan National Rep match

Off the field, Nagi goes back to his mostly indifferent personality and does his own thing ignoring what Isagi and everyone else says in favor of watching something or playing a video game on his phone. Though he does listen to what Isagi has to say when he is trying to speak logic on or off the field.

Hyoma Chigiri[]

Seishiro Nagi/Relationships (3)

Nagi and Chigiri only have a few panels with each other but Chigiri introduced Nagi to Noel Noa, the current best striker in the world, as well as other professional players. They appear to get along well, watching videos on Nagi's phone and talking about Chigiri's injury. They run "Nagi Seishirou's trap-whatever-you-can championship" to the dismay of Barou.

They work together well on the pitch, and were part of the second team to clear the second selection. They also both choose to go to England in the second stage of Blue Lock, continuing their time as teammates.

Team X[]

Shoei Baro[]

Nagi and Baro are rivals, though both share a goal to defeat Isagi in a game. Their first meeting is in the Team V vs. Team X match. After Baro calls a him a slave, Nagi retorts with how he is not a slave, but Reo’s partner, and begins becoming fired up. Nagi scores a goal which Baro calls boring, so the former initiates a play, something he rarely does, and deliberately targets Baro. After this goal, Team V wins 5-2 and Baro states in their next encounter, he will win.

The two next meet in the second selection in the 2v2 match. In the matching room, Baro walks in and Nagi makes fun of him, saying how surprised it is that the king was here. He challenges Baro, but due to the 24 match cooldown they are forced to wait. Once the cooldown is over, Team White (Yoichi Isagi and Seishiro Nagi) faces off against Team Red (Shoei Baro and Asahi Naruhaya). The arguments and insults once again occur between Nagi and Baro, but their scoring ability remains about even. When Team White wins 5-4, Isagi and Nagi decide to steal Baro.

As a trio now, it is made clear that Nagi and Baro simply do not get along in the slightest, especially as teammates. They break out into an argument practically as soon as given the chance. It’s revealed that Baro likes tidiness and cleanliness, much to the annoyance of Nagi. The two fight about this multiple times, in the room, baths, etc.

Seishiro Nagi/Relationships (4)

In the next match versus Kunigami, Chigiri, and Reo, Isagi and Nagi end up playing mostly as a pair which annoys Baro to no end. Once the trio wins the match, they all have different opinions as to who to take but surprisingly unanimously agree to take Chigiri.

After losing to Rin’s team in the 4v4 match, Isagi is stolen leaving Nagi, Baro, and Chigiri, the three of them deciding they would seek revenge. Back in the room, Baro and Nagi once again argue but eventually the trio agree they must evolve to reach their goal of beating Isagi. In their next 3v3 match, they win by Baro and Chigiri overcoming their weaknesses. When Nagi says he had overcame his and became mentally stronger, Baro laughs saying he had only been defiant, saying he would not change that easily. Nagi retorts that Baro was also defiant, but are interrupted with the decision to decide who to steal. The three of them agree to steal Zantetsu.

The 4v4 match with the team is yet to be seen, but the outcome is revealed that they are able to win. After this, the next time the two meet is in the Manshine City versus Ubers match. After losing, Nagi asks Baro about what his goal is- what his drive to play soccer is. Baro says it’s obvious that he wants to become the best in the world. When Nagi asks what comes after that, Baro answers he will create a new era and become the definite king. Nagi’s weak attitude annoys him, and Baro states that he isn’t even being annoying. After Nagi is confused, Baro says that his hunger is gone, and to go die at rock bottom if he does not want to properly change and find his ego.

Seishiro Nagi/Relationships (2024)


Who is Nagi's love interest? ›

Hiro Segawa

Nagi has a crush on Hiro and aims to confess to her once he beats her in the school rankings. On the 122nd Fowl, Nagi beats Hiro in the midterms exams solidifying his place as Hiros Boyfriend.

Does Nagi actually care about Reo? ›

Nagi felt that the soccer Reo plays is not enough for the kind of soccer he wants to play. He still, however, holds Reo in high regard and respects the decisions he has made (especially so after their match together in the Third Selection), and still considers him to be his friend.

Do Reo and Nagi get back together? ›

In short, is it a OOC that Reo and Nagi got back together - No. While each might take a different path to reach the common goal (Nagi joining Isagi in the second selection, Reo getting ditch and being independent just to get gut), they will both reach the same end goal - 'Becoming the world cup champion together').

What is the relationship between Nagi and Isagi? ›

As teammates on the field, they have an incredible chemistry and understanding of each other. Isagi takes full advantage of Nagi's trapping skills and ball control and Nagi takes advantage of Isagi's ability to create chance opportunities and the best plays, sometimes pushing him to the limit get the goals he wants.

Who will Nagi marry? ›

That is, the idea is that Erika marrying Nagi is confirmed as more of a means than an end for the Umino parents.

Who does Nagi have a crush on? ›

Nagi returns to school and sees Hiro Segawa, his academic rival and crush whom he has decided to only confess to once he has beaten her exam scores as she once told him she would only date a man smarter than herself.

Who is Nagi shipped with? ›

NagiReo is the most popular ship in the fanbase. Many fans enjoy their closeness and how their personalities are vastly different but still remain very complimentary. Nagi is unmotivated, distant, and can come across as uncaring, while Reo is extraverted, charismatic, and very driven.

Does Nagi actually have a brother? ›

Sousuke Amano (天野 宗助 Amano Sōsuke) is Erika Amano's adoptive and Nagi Umino's biological older brother by 5 years.

Is Bachira eliminated? ›

Bachira Gets Eliminated from Blue Lock | TikTok.

What does Nagi Seishiro like? ›

His hobbies are playing mobile games, reading manga on his phone, and watching videos on his phone. His favorite season is spring. His favorite song is 'Kiseki' by Quruli.

How old is Nagi Seishiro? ›

I assumed Nagi and Reo were Isagi's age, but when I looked on the BL wiki pages, it lists Nagi as 16 (Rin's age) and Reo as 17.

Who is Reo based on Blue Lock? ›

Reo Mikage is a contender for the Blue Lock Project, who currently plays as a center midfielder for England's Manshine City during the Neo Egoist League. Reo is the heir of the Mikage Corporation, with his total assets valued at about 705.8 billion yen or $5.3 billion USD.

What disorder does Bachira have? ›

Bachira has schizophrenia and the monster has adhd.

Is Bachira straight? ›

Bachira is canonically gay and in love with Isagi, and that's all that matters.

Why is Bachira interested in Isagi? ›

Bachira Meguru felt like he was being told "Pass to him". "This guy is the monster". That's why Bachira Meguru believes in Isagi Yoichi. Ever since then, the one who understood and enjoyed Bachira's soccer the most was Isagi.

Do Nagi and Erika kiss? ›

On the 108th fowl, following the events of the M1 contest, their relationship takes a step forward as Erika kisses Nagi on the lips, resulting in a very embarrassed Nagi. On the 110th fowl, Nagi learns that Erika loves him. On the 111th fowl, Nagi tells Erika that he loves her too.

Is Sachi in love with Nagi? ›

Sachi is known to be indifferent, especially toward her older step-brother Nagi; however, underneath that, she deeply cares for him, and when he's forced to leave the household realizes her feelings for him.

Who does Hiro end up with A Couple of Cuckoos? ›

Nagi has a crush on Hiro and aims to confess it once he beats her in the school rankings. He did this at the 122nd fowl and finally became her boyfriend.

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