A Couple of Cuckoos' Foster Siblings Threaten to Venture Into Uncomfortable Territory (2024)

The following contains spoilers for A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 11, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

A Couple of Cuckoos is a rom-com anime title that made its debut in the Spring 2022 season and continues well into the Summer season, complete with more than a few twists and turns. But not everything has changed -- some of the show's most uncomfortable plot points remain the same.

This is the tale of the Amano and Umino families, and the accidentally-swapped son and daughter who link them together. While the hardworking Umino Nagi is Erika's fiance, his foster sister Umino Sachi is still being rather possessive of him -- and she doubles down in Episode 11's events. Sachi's idea of familial love is getting a little weird, and it might remind anime fans of the likes of Kiss x Sis or even Oreimo and Eromanga Sensei.

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Sachi's Borderline Yandere Love In A Couple Of Cuckoos

A Couple of Cuckoos made it clear early on that Umino Sachi is quite close to her foster brother Nagi, to the point she was deeply saddened to have him leave home and spend time with Erika in the house the Amanos had provided for them. An early episode even depicted Sachi getting inspired by a romance manga scene that showed a foster brother and sister falling in love.

Sachi isn't content to merely daydream about getting together with her beloved Nagi -- she's ready to do something about it and has sometimes chased off any girls who get too close to Nagi -- including the bookish, shrine-loving student Segawa Hiro. In fact, the two might soon become enemies by fighting over Nagi, and it's mainly Sachi who is picking that fight.

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Sachi might even be at odds with her biological big sister Erika, whom she generally trusts and admires. The sisters have really bonded by now, but Sachi still can't help but envy Erika's engagement and closeness to Nagi. Sachi can comfort herself knowing that she and Nagi will one day become in-laws, which is a start. But even so, her affection for him seems to be crossing some lines by now, and no one is trying to stop her.

She urgently wants Nagi to see her not as a sister but as a woman, a lady he can find attractive and even fall in love with. Sachi wants to be his little sister while also not being his sister, and it has almost become an obsession by now. It's the only thing she really cares about, and Episode 11 added fuel to the fire when Sachi and Nagi accidentally kissed on the mouth during a power outage -- and Sachi is bitter that Nagi didn't fall in love with her over it.

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How The Other Characters Enable Sachi's Bizarre Love

A Couple of Cuckoos' Foster Siblings Threaten to Venture Into Uncomfortable Territory (2)

Some anime depict brothers and sisters who generally get along like real-life siblings; they may annoy each other but care deeply about one another, such as Shikimori and her cool older brother Fuji or Kaguya-Sama's Shirogane Miyuki and his bratty little sister Kei. In A Couple of Cuckoos, the foster brother/sister bond between Nagi and Sachi was already a little odd to begin with -- and now the other characters are actually promoting Sachi's line-crossing feelings instead of discouraging them. At first, Nagi tried to keep her at arm's length and remind her that they are family who shouldn't love each other in that way. But then Erika donned yet another costume and took things in a different route, and Nagi went along with it.

After a brief lecture from Erika in Episode 11, Nagi went upstairs to Sachi's bedroom door and decided to do things Sachi's way. He agreed to follow Erika's advice and put Sachi's feelings first, declaring he will now see the latter as a proper young woman and not as his kid sister. While Nagi hardly made a love confession to Sachi and didn't give up on Erika or Hiro, he did enable Sachi's strange love, removing one of the few barriers between a Sachi/Nagi pairing.

Sachi goes to bed feeling satisfied and happy about this turn of events, which strongly suggests she will pursue her yandere-style forbidden feelings with renewed vigor when A Couple of Cuckoos continues. Given the current state of all the anime's entangled romances and relationships, Sachi's personal quest might soon become everyone's problem.

A Couple of Cuckoos' Foster Siblings Threaten to Venture Into Uncomfortable Territory (2024)


What happened to Nagis' brother in Couple of Cuckoos? ›

Sousuke Amano (天野 宗助 Amano Sōsuke) is Erika Amano's adoptive and Nagi Umino's biological older brother by 5 years. Not much is known about him aside that he had 'disappeared' some time before the events of the arranged marriage had taken place.

Did Nagi and Sachi kiss? ›

In the dark Nagi bumps into and kisses Erika, only for the lights to come back on and reveal he actually kissed Sachi who had just gotten home. Sachi is embarrassed but becomes angry when Nagi points out he thought she was Erika and should just forget the kiss.

Does Nagi's sister like him? ›

Personality. Sachi is known to be indifferent, especially toward her older step-brother Nagi; however, underneath that, she deeply cares for him, and when he's forced to leave the household realizes her feelings for him.

Who does Nagi end up marrying? ›

That is, the idea is that Erika marrying Nagi is confirmed as more of a means than an end for the Umino parents. They ultimately just wanted more good kids, and Erika has welcomed herself so warmly into this new, effectively chosen arm of her family that they now only care for her and Nagi to be happy.

Why did Segawa break up with Nagi? ›

Hiro Segawa

She broke up because she knew it wouldn't work it with her and Nagi if they married. She also fell in love with her fiance.

Who is Nagi Umino's wife? ›

He's a teenage boy from Megurogawa Academy who has a crush on Hiro Segawa, was arranged to be married to Erika Amano, and is the adoptive brother of Sachi Umino, the son of Namie Umino and Yohei Umino, the biological son of Souichiro Amano and Ritsuko Amano, the biological older brother of Sousuke Amano, and the ...

Has a couple of cuckoos ended? ›

And now, in this final episode, although it is not the best ending in the world, not even the best among the anime in this season, A Couple of Cuckoos still manage to end on a rather high note. Everything sort of culminated into a moment of pure wholesomeness.

Who is Erika trying to reach in A couple of cuckoos? ›

And as he suspects, the person that Erika has been waiting for all this time is indeed a man. That being said, that man is not Erika's first love or anything like that. His name is Sousuke Amano, and he is Erika's long-lost brother. What's even more surprising is the fact that he looks exactly like Nagi.

Is A Couple of Cuckoos season 2 coming out? ›

A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 does not have an official release date, but it will likely be announced in the future. As of early April 2024, Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP have not renewed for the sophom*ore season. However, Yoshikawa's manga series is currently ongoing and has 21 volumes.

When did Erika fall in love with Nagi? ›

On the 108th fowl, following the events of the M1 contest, their relationship takes a step forward as Erika kisses Nagi on the lips, resulting in a very embarrassed Nagi. On the 110th fowl, Nagi learns that Erika loves him. On the 111th fowl, Nagi tells Erika that he loves her too.

Who is Nagi shipped with? ›

NagiReo is the most popular ship in the fanbase. Many fans enjoy their closeness and how their personalities are vastly different but still remain very complimentary. Nagi is unmotivated, distant, and can come across as uncaring, while Reo is extraverted, charismatic, and very driven.

Does sachi like umino? ›

After learning that her and Nagi weren't blood related, she started to develop romantic feelings for him. She is also the friend of Hiro Segawa and Ai Mochizuki.

Who is Sachi's love interest? ›

Sachi introduces Hiro as her boyfriend, making Hiro blush and Sachi's mother smile. On his next visit, he brings her cookies and Sachi's mother tells him to make sure that she's okay, calling him, "Mr. Boyfriend." where they appear to currently harbor romantic feelings for each other the same way Sachi feels for Toko.

What is Nagi's first name? ›

Seishiro Nagi is a major character of the manga and anime series Blue Lock and the titular main protagonist of the spin-off Blue Lock: Episode Nagi.

Does Nagi live alone? ›

In volume 8, chapter 69, Nagi held a "Trap-Whatever-You-Can Championship." He lives alone (his parents travel a lot, but he has a friend-like relationship with them). He owns a cactus named Choki. He named the cactus because it was shaped like a scissor, which reminded him of the game "Rock-Paper-Scissors."

Do Nagi and Reo like each other? ›

Nagi has a very close relationship with Reo, especially so as when they first entered Blue Lock.

Is Nagi related to Erika? ›

Erika Amano (天野 エリカ, Amano Erika) is the main female protagonist of the A Couple of Cuckoos manga series. She is a popular Instagram celebrity who is the biological daughter of the family that raised Nagi.

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