A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 8 - Why So Serious? (2024)

The following contains spoilers for Episode 8 of A Couple of Cuckoos, "Are you going to marry him?" now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Seven episodes in, and A Couple of Cuckoos has successfully brought its audience through a series of unexpected roller coasters. Both in terms of the story, and the overall quality of the episodes. The good ones and the bad ones seem to be alternating in a linear fashion.

Episodes 5 and 6 were arguably this series at its finest. The hype was at an all-time high and everybody was eager to see the next episode. And then episode 7 came along, and the hype was forcefully suppressed to make way for a much more dramatic story. So will episode 8 continue this trend? Let’s find out in this review for the eighth episode of A Couple of Cuckoos.

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Previously on A Couple of Cuckoos

A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 8 - Why So Serious? (1)

Episode 7 focuses on the school field trip where Nagi gets the chance to be in the same group as Hiro and Erika, along with their classmate named Shion. Shion tells Erika that he is her biggest fan, so Erika decided to use this chance to let Nagi and Hiro spend some quality time together.

However, what ended up happening is Nagi cannot focus on Hiro at all. His attention was always on Erika and Shion and how they seemed to enjoy their time together. Hiro quickly picked up on this sign, and let him know that he didn’t have to spend the day with her if he didn’t want to.

Nagi couldn’t say anything back to her, so they decided to part ways and spend some time alone before heading back to the group. Nagi accidentally met Erika on the beach, and she told him that she is actually looking for someone, but he can’t tell him who that person is, because it will change his fate forever.

Are You Going To Marry Him?

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Episode 7 was rather dramatic, and episode 8 proudly carries the baton from its predecessor. However, rather than drama between Erika, Hiro, and Nagi, this episode focuses on the relationship between Nagi, Erika, and Sachi, the third harem candidate.

As the story goes, Sachi and her parents currently live in a tiny apartment because their house is still under renovation. After a quick visit to Nagi and Erika’s house, she decided to move out of her parent’s place, and live together with Nagi and Erika. Meanwhile, Nagi is dying to know who Erika refers to in the previous episode.

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Erika gladly accepts that proposal, but Nagi is furious. However, he, later on, finds out that one of the reasons why Sachi wants to live together with them is because she wants to spend more time with her brother. She feels as if Erika will take her brother away from her and there’s nothing she can do about it. So that’s why she decided to be brave and ask them to let her stay in that house.

Unsatisfying Resolution

A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 8 - Why So Serious? (3)

There are two main problems, or conflicts, in this episode. The first one, which is also the main conflict, is about Sachi moving into Nagi and Erika’s house. The second one is about Nagi wanting to know who Erika has been looking for all this time.

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Without giving out too many spoilers, let's just say that those conflicts do receive their own resolution in this episode. But both of them are just painfully unsatisfying. Nearly all of episode 8 is dedicated to building up tension, and everything is resolved in around the last five minutes of the episode. Not to mention the solution is basically just, “Well, it is what it is, right?” Good setup, but terrible punchlines.

Why So Serious?

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What makes episode 6 stand out from the rest is its brilliant ability to balance the comedy while still developing the characters and moving the story forward. After all, humor is always a big part of what makes A Couple of Cuckoos so appealing.

Unfortunately, they decided to take a more dramatic approach in episode 7, and the same thing happens in this episode as well. Sure, the story does get more complicated, but the absence of humor leaves a huge gaping hole that cannot be fixed by simply throwing more drama into the mix. Comedy is part of the identity of A Couple of Cuckoos, so hopefully we get to see it brought back in the subsequent episode.

This is an “Okay” episode for A Couple of Cuckoos. Once again, it’s not that bad, but it’s not good either. It feels like the series is trying to be more serious and presenting more conflict to make the reader root for the characters and relate to their problems.

In doing so, they mess up the balance between conflict and resolution, and humor and drama. The tension of the conflict has a long build-up, but the resolution is lightning fast. The drama can make you cry, but there is little to no trace of the humor left. Hopefully, the next one will have a more balanced episode.

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A Couple of Cuckoos Episode 8 - Why So Serious? (2024)


What did Erika tell Nagi on the beach? ›

Nagi couldn't say anything back to her, so they decided to part ways and spend some time alone before heading back to the group. Nagi accidentally met Erika on the beach, and she told him that she is actually looking for someone, but he can't tell him who that person is, because it will change his fate forever.

Has A Couple of Cuckoos ended? ›

And now, in this final episode, although it is not the best ending in the world, not even the best among the anime in this season, A Couple of Cuckoos still manage to end on a rather high note. Everything sort of culminated into a moment of pure wholesomeness.

Who does Erika end up with in A Couple of Cuckoos? ›

On the 112th fowl, Nagi and Erika will talk to Souichirou Amano so that Erika doesn't move, at that moment Nagi confesses that he fell in love with her during the time they lived together to which the father gives them an option of how it will be from now on to which they both accept to be able to continue together.

Is A Couple of Cuckoos season 2 coming out? ›

A Couple of Cuckoos Season 2 does not have an official release date, but it will likely be announced in the future. As of early April 2024, Shin-Ei Animation and SynergySP have not renewed for the sophom*ore season. However, Yoshikawa's manga series is currently ongoing and has 21 volumes.

Does Erika love Sousuke? ›

Though she initially had no romantic feelings or interest in him, Erika later on realizes she really is in love with Nagi, as she is hurt when he chooses Hiro instead of her. She nevertheless continues to have feelings for Nagi's biological older brother Sōsuke, the person she was originally searching for.

Why did Hiro break up with Nagi? ›

On this occasion, Hiro reveals to Nagi that she is already promised, someone. This event marks the official beginning of their rivalry in class. They will get a little closer during the revision camp. On the 158th Fowl, Hiro decided to break up with Nagi, assuming that she wasn't in love with him anymore.

Does Nagi have a twin brother? ›

His name is Sousuke Amano, and he is Erika's long-lost brother. What's even more surprising is the fact that he looks exactly like Nagi. Not only that, Sousuke is actually Nagi's biological brother.

Does Nagi fall in love with Erika? ›

On the 108th fowl, following the events of the M1 contest, their relationship takes a step forward as Erika kisses Nagi on the lips, resulting in a very embarrassed Nagi. On the 110th fowl, Nagi learns that Erika loves him. On the 111th fowl, Nagi tells Erika that he loves her too.

Who is Segawa Fiance? ›

Segawa, the girlfriend of Nagi Umino, and the friend of Erika Amano, Sachi Umino, and Ai Mochizuki. Her family owns a shrine, and she's in line to take it over when she grows up as head shrine priestess, although she states that she actually doesn't want to.

Is Nagi Sousuke? ›

Sousuke Amano (天野 宗助 Amano Sōsuke) is Erika Amano's adoptive and Nagi Umino's biological older brother by 5 years.

Who is Nagi Umino's wife? ›

He's a teenage boy from Megurogawa Academy who has a crush on Hiro Segawa, was arranged to be married to Erika Amano, and is the adoptive brother of Sachi Umino, the son of Namie Umino and Yohei Umino, the biological son of Souichiro Amano and Ritsuko Amano, the biological older brother of Sousuke Amano, and the ...

What happens in episode 9 of A Couple of Cuckoos? ›

Plot. Nagi goes out on a "date" with Hiro at an amusem*nt park, and later that day, Erika and Sachi spend time together at a batting center and later at a bath house. Very early, the following day, Nagi, Erika, and Sachi would be roped into going on a fishing trip by Mr. Umino.

What happened to Cuckoo in season 2? ›


Two years after learning that Cuckoo died in a climbing accident in the Himalayas, Ken is celebrating the fact that Dylan will be leaving home to attend university and Rachel moving in with staid boyfriend Ben.

Is there a Cuckoo 2? ›

Watch Cuckoo Season 2 | Prime Video.

Who does Nagi date in A Couple of Cuckoos? ›

The protagonist, the studious Umino Nagi, can't figure out his tumultuous love life when he has his fiancee Amano Erika on one side and the object of his affection, Segawa Hiro, on the other.

Did Erika have to give back the earrings? ›

' In June of 2022, Judge Barry Russell said that while he did not think Jayne 'was aware the earrings were stolen property,' she must turn them in as they were paid for with 'settlement funds from the trust account created for a class action handled by Thomas' firm Girardi Keese,' Law360 reported, according to US.

What did Erika say to Oliver? ›

Addressing the previous scandal on last season of RHOBH – when Erika drunkenly told Garcelle's younger son to get the “f**k” out of the room – Oliver suggested it was made into a bigger deal than it actually was. “My brother wasn't phased by it … I think that, you know, the drinks had been flowing.

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