A Couple of Cuckoos' Love Triangle Heats Up During the Unforgettable School Trip (2024)

A Couple of Cuckoos is a rom-com anime series with a serious love triangle at the heart of its story. The protagonist, the studious Umino Nagi, can't figure out his tumultuous love life when he has his fiancee Amano Erika on one side and the object of his affection, Segawa Hiro, on the other. That goes double during the recent school field trip.

Nagi's and Erika's parents want them to marry, but each of them is trying to impress someone else, and for that matter, so is Hiro. But who are these girls trying to impress, and what bearing will it have on Nagi? For all he knows, he's the one Hiro actually wants to marry, even if her parents demand otherwise. Now might be his time to shine.

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Is Erika Nagi's Best Friend After All?

A Couple of Cuckoos' Love Triangle Heats Up During the Unforgettable School Trip (1)

By now, the deredere Amano Erika has said and done much to establish herself as A Couple of Cuckoos' Best Girl, even if she's a bit naive about everyday life outside the comfort of her parents' home. To begin with, Erika has a tough but fair attitude about everything and soon bonded with her biological little sister Sachi. She also volunteered as a cosplay magical girl to help Nagi get together with Hiro. Overall, Erika feels content to try and be Nagi's platonic friend and roommate, but she and Nagi are still engaged -- and sometimes, they even act like it.

During the field trip in Episode 7, Erika tries to mind her own business, but she can't help but tag along with Nagi to make sure he's happy with Hiro. On top of that, Erika and Nagi visit the beach during sunset -- a classic romantic backdrop -- and take another accidental two-person selfie there. Finally, Erika writes "FRIEND" in the sand and plans to take her picture with Hiro to celebrate their new friendship, only for Hiro to be busy elsewhere. So, Nagi is Erika's best friend in this scene instead, and the tide symbolically erases "FRI" to leave just "END," suggesting that the competition over Nagi might threaten Erika's and Hiro's friendship.

Erika never planned on competing directly with Hiro over Nagi, but it just might happen anyway, and Erika will have to decide what is most important to her: social media fame or her fiancé. Most likely, the love triangle will only heat up even more from here, and more than one friendship might be in peril. It wouldn't be much of a rom-com otherwise.

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Does Segawa Hiro Want Nagi To Rescue Her?

A Couple of Cuckoos' Love Triangle Heats Up During the Unforgettable School Trip (2)

Meanwhile, Nagi's academic rival Hiro can't seem to decide if she wants Nagi in her love life or not. Recent events suggested that Hiro and Nagi are all wrong for one another, what with Hiro being engaged and her mother giving Nagi serious "go away!" signals during a visit to the Segawa family shrine. On the outside, the Nagi-Hiro romance seems hopeless, but in Episode 7, Hiro rekindles the possibility of a scandalous relationship between them. That is, a relationship that Erika herself might support as Nagi's wingman -- or one she'd reject out of jealousy.

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Hiro sends subtle but earnest signals to Nagi during the field trip that she resents her current engagement, and that she wants to marry Nagi instead and have him help her run the Segawa family shrine one day. After all, Hiro views her engagement and duty to the family shrine as a serious burden -- one that she won't even tell Erika about. However, she did tell Nagi about it, and overall, this suggests that Hiro does in fact want Nagi to steal her away, marry her and help run the shrine. It seems like a reckless, even foolish move, and it would mean stealing Nagi from his own fiancée Erika.

Erika will more than likely take issue with that and directly compete with Hiro over Nagi to push the love triangle into its most intense phase. If so, all three high school lovebirds are about to plunge themselves into some truly chaotic, possibly heartbreaking waters.

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A Couple of Cuckoos' Love Triangle Heats Up During the Unforgettable School Trip (2024)


Did Erika and Nagi get together? ›

On the 112th fowl, Nagi and Erika will talk to Souichirou Amano so that Erika doesn't move, at that moment Nagi confesses that he fell in love with her during the time they lived together to which the father gives them an option of how it will be from now on to which they both accept to be able to continue together.

Why did Hiro dump Nagi? ›

On this occasion, Hiro reveals to Nagi that she is already promised, someone. This event marks the official beginning of their rivalry in class. They will get a little closer during the revision camp. On the 158th Fowl, Hiro decided to break up with Nagi, assuming that she wasn't in love with him anymore.

Why did Hiro break up with Nagi on Reddit? ›

The reason being is that Nagi was under the belief that Hiro liked people smarter than her.

What did Erika tell Nagi on the beach? ›

Nagi couldn't say anything back to her, so they decided to part ways and spend some time alone before heading back to the group. Nagi accidentally met Erika on the beach, and she told him that she is actually looking for someone, but he can't tell him who that person is, because it will change his fate forever.

Who did Nagi marry? ›

That is, the idea is that Erika marrying Nagi is confirmed as more of a means than an end for the Umino parents. They ultimately just wanted more good kids, and Erika has welcomed herself so warmly into this new, effectively chosen arm of her family that they now only care for her and Nagi to be happy.

Who is Nagi Umino's wife? ›

He's a teenage boy from Megurogawa Academy who has a crush on Hiro Segawa, was arranged to be married to Erika Amano, and is the adoptive brother of Sachi Umino, the son of Namie Umino and Yohei Umino, the biological son of Souichiro Amano and Ritsuko Amano, the biological older brother of Sousuke Amano, and the ...

Does Nagi confess to Hiro? ›

Having scored higher than anyone else in his grade, Nagi decides to finally confess to Hiro.

Does Erika love Sousuke? ›

Though she initially had no romantic feelings or interest in him, Erika later on realizes she really is in love with Nagi, as she is hurt when he chooses Hiro instead of her. She nevertheless continues to have feelings for Nagi's biological older brother Sōsuke, the person she was originally searching for.

Who does Hiro end up with? ›

As strange as it may be, Hiro and 002 are considered to be married in the series. While there was no traditional ceremony, this happens when 002 flies through space wearing a wedding dress and announces that the two are on their honeymoon together.

Who is Hiro's first kiss? ›

Hiro's first kiss was with Zero Two, but it is unknown if Hiro was Zero Two's first kiss. By his own admission, Zero Two is the first girl Hiro as seen naked, although by accident. It was Hiro reading The Beast and the Prince to her that Zero Two learned the word darling.

Who does Hiro have a crush on? ›

He continues to maintain a civilian life and attend classes at the Tesuka Institute, although his teachers and classmates are unaware that he moonlights as a secret agent. Hiro idolizes Sunfire and has a crush on Honey Lemon.

What happened to Hiro's old partner? ›

Hiro's former partner who was hospitalized after a klaxosaur attack in which she loses an arm. After disbanding from Hiro, she was said to have disappeared. In episode 22, it is revealed she has been kept in a cryogenic state along with other children deemed unfit to pilot, looked after by Dr. Franxx.

Has A Couple of Cuckoos ended? ›

And now, in this final episode, although it is not the best ending in the world, not even the best among the anime in this season, A Couple of Cuckoos still manage to end on a rather high note. Everything sort of culminated into a moment of pure wholesomeness.

Who is Erika trying to reach in A Couple of Cuckoos? ›

And as he suspects, the person that Erika has been waiting for all this time is indeed a man. That being said, that man is not Erika's first love or anything like that. His name is Sousuke Amano, and he is Erika's long-lost brother. What's even more surprising is the fact that he looks exactly like Nagi.

Who ends up together in Nagi ASU? ›

In the last scene, Manaka and Hikari acknowledge each other's feelings and start a relationship, looking towards the future together. One of the students from Shioshishio.

Does Erika have feelings for Nagi? ›

Though she initially had no romantic feelings or interest in him, Erika later on realizes she really is in love with Nagi, as she is hurt when he chooses Hiro instead of her. She nevertheless continues to have feelings for Nagi's biological older brother Sōsuke, the person she was originally searching for.

Who is Nagi Amano's love interest? ›

First of all, Nagi already has a romantic interest in Hiro. She was his own personal goal from the moment this manga began. Then there's Sachi, whom Nagi has to constantly wrestle what his feelings are for her, whether they are familial or romantic. Then there is Ai, is very first crush who he confessed to.

Do Nagi and Erika kiss in the anime? ›

On the 108th fowl, following the events of the M1 contest, their relationship takes a step forward as Erika kisses Nagi on the lips, resulting in a very embarrassed Nagi. On the 110th fowl, Nagi learns that Erika loves him.

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